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The Invitor/sponsor nameComplete Adress of invitorCity, PostCodeThe date of letter written

Visa OfcerAustralia EmbassyINDONESIARe: Application For Australia Visitor Visa or:

Name of Birth:
.... (the visa applicant’s name)
D a t e o f B i r t h :
.... (applicant’s birthdate)
P a s s p o r t N o :

.... (the passport n mber of applicant)

Dear Sir / Ma am! "#is is a statement letter rom

the invitor name

re$ar in$ t#e application or%isitor %isa o
applicant’s name
&e ully support
applicant’s name
's application o r % i s i t o r % i s a t o % i s i t A u s t r a l i a o r a s # o r t # o l i a y
t h e d a t e w h e n applicant arrive/enter until depart/exit Australia
)I a m p e r m a n e n t r e s i e n t / A u s t r a l i a n * i t i + e n )
The applicant’s name
therelationship between invitor and applicant
an I (oul li,e to #a%e
stay (it# us or a s#ort #oli ay in Australia -
or the city in A stralia
.! an allo(
t#e opportunity to e perience t#e i%erse cultures o Australia) &e (ill ullys u p p o r t
applicant’s name
0s li%in$ e penses or t#e uration o
stay inAustralia! an pro%i e
(it# accomo ation)Follo(in$ ocuments are enclose #ere(it#:

*opy o my passport

1an, statements I you #a%e any 2ueries re$ar in$ t#is statement please eel ree to
contact me on
the invitor’s contact number.
Re$ar s!
(invitor’s si!nat re)The Invitor/sponsor nameComplete Adress of invitorCity,
A stralia"#$%%%%% (invitor’s contact n mber)