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Co-Altria tab Ajanta Pharma Relief of symptoms

CO-ALTRIA Montelukast Na 10 Phil associated w/ seasonal

ALLERGY & IMMUNE SYSTEM mg, levocetirizine & perennial allergic
Antihistamines & Antiallergics diHCl 5mg. rhinitis.
Brand Name Generic Name Manufacturer Use
AERIUS Desloratadine Merck Sharp & Perennial allergic Co-Altria Ped
Dohme rhinitis CO-ALTRIA Chewable tab
ALLERKID Cetirizine diHCl Pediatrica Symptomatic relief of PED Montelukast Na 5
allergic conditions mg, levocetirizine
including rhinitis diHCl 5 mg
ITERAX Hydroxyzine diHCl GlaxoSmithKline Symptomatic relief of
ALLERTA Loratadine United Lab Relief of symptoms allergic conditions
SYRUP associated w/ allergic including rhinitis &
rhinitis. chronic urticaria
ANTAMIN Chlorphenamine ADP Pharma Food & drug allergy,
maleate bronchial asthma
VIRLIX Cetirizine diHCl Relief of nasal & ocular
BENADRYL AH Diphenhydramine Johnson & Perennial & seasonal symptoms of seasonal
HCl Johnson allergic rhinitis & perennial allergic
CELESTAMINE Per tab/ 5ml syrup Merck Sharp & Dermatologic allergies rhinitis; symptoms of
Betamethasone 250 Dohme urticaria
maleate 2 mg XYZAL Levocetrizine diHCl GlaxoSmithKline Symptomatic treatment
of seasonal & perennial
allergic rhinitis
CLARICORT Loratadine 5mg, Bayer Perennial allergic including persistent
betamethasone 250 rhinitis allergic rhinitis &
mcg chronic idiopathic
ZYKAST Levocetirizine diHCl 5 Ajanta Pharma Relief of symptoms
mg, montelukast Na Phil associated w/ seasonal
CLARITIN Loratadine Bayer Relief of symptoms & 10 mg & persistent allergic
signs of chronic rhinitis
urticarial & other
allergic dermatologic
Vaccines, Antisera & Immunologicals hepa B virus
ACT-HIB Haemophilus Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of FAVIRAB Rabies Ig F(ab’)2 Sanofi Pasteur Immunization against
influenzae type b H.influenzae type b fragments of infection caused by
polysaccharide infection for infants equine origin known subtypes of
conjugated to from 2mth hepatitis B virus.
tetanus protein FAVIRAB Rabies Ig 2 Sanofi Pasteur Seroprophylaxis in
AVAXIM 160 Inactivated Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of fragments of individuals exposed
hepatitis A vaccine infection caused by equine origin to rabies virus
containing 160 Hepa A virus FLUQUADRI Quadrivalent flu Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of flu
antigen units vaccine disease
AVAXIM 80 Inactivated Sanofi Pasteur Active immunization GAMMA I.V Ig, normal BSV Bioscience Immunodefiency
hepatitis A vaccine against infection Phils syndrome
containing 80 caused by Hepa A GARDASIL Quadrivalent Merck Sharp & Prevention of
antigen units virus in children human Dohme cervical, vulvar,
BERIBAB P Human rabies Ig CSL Behring/ Post-exposure papilomavirus vaginal and anal
Pharmalink prophylaxis of rabies cancer
infection. HAVRIX Inactivated GSK Active immunization
BOOSTRIX Diphtheria-tetanus GSK Vaccination against hepatitis A vaccine against infections
toxoids & acellular diphtheria, tetanus, caused by HAV
pertussis vaccine pertussis HEPABIG Human hepatitis B Green Cross Corp Prophylaxis of Hepa
DENGVAXIA Dengue Sanofi Pasteur Protection against Ig B after exposure to
tetravalent vaccine dengue disease HBsAg
(live, attenuated) HEPLIV Hepatitis B vaccine Bharat Biotech Immunization against
EASYFIVE TT Diphtheria toxoid Panacea Biotec Active immunization infections caused by
20 Lf, tetanus against diphtheria, known subtypes of
toxoid 7.5 Lf, tetanus, pertussis, HBV
inactivated, whole Hepa B and HEXAXIM Diphtheria toxoid Sanofi Pasteur Against diphtheria,
cell Bordetella H.influenzae tetanus, pertussis,
pertussis vaccine inferctions Hepa B, poliomyelitis
12OU, HBsAg and disease caused
10mcg, by H.influenzae
Haemophillus HUMOGLOB Ig, normal SK Chemicals For patients with
influenzae type B primary antibody
conjugate vaccine deficiencies
10mcg IG TETANO Human tetanus Ig Kedrion/ New T of tetanus
ENGERIX-B Hepatitis B Vaccine GSK Active immunization Marketlink
against HBV infection IG VENA Human normal Ig Kedrion/ New T of insuffienct
EQUIRAB Equine antirabies Bharat/ New Passive immunization Marketlink antibodies
Ig Marketlink against rabies IMMUNOREL Normal human Reliance/ Ambica Replacement therapy
EUVAX B Hepatitis B vaccine LG Life Sciences/ Immunization against immunoglobulin in primary
recombinant Sanofi Pasteur infection caused by immunodeficiency
IMOJEV Live- attenuated, Sanofi Pasteur Prophylaxis of vaccine,polyvalent, Dohme pneumococcal
recombinant Japanese encephalitis 25 mcg of each disease
Japanese polysaccharide
encephalitis virus type
IMOVAX POLIO Inactivated types Sanofi Pasteur Immunization against PREVENAR 13 Pneumococcal 13- Pfizer Prevention of
1,2,3, poliomyelitis poliomyelitis valent conjugate invasive disease,
vaccine vaccine pneumonia and
INFLUVAC Inactivated Abbott Prophylaxis for flu acute otitis media
influenza vaccine caused by Strep
I.V-GLOBULIN SN Human normal Ig Green Cross Corp Therapy for severe pneumoniae
bacterial or viral PRIORIX Attenuated GSK Against measles,
infections Schwarz measles, mumps, rubella
JAPAN BCG Live attenuated Japan BCG Lab Prevention of TB mumps, rubella
VACCINE bacilli from a strain PRIORIX-TETRA GSK Against measles,
derived from the mumps, rubella &
Calmette- Guerin varicella in patients 9
strain mth-12 yr.
MENACTRA Meningococcal Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of QUINVAXEM Purified diphtheria GSK Protection against
polysaccharide invasive DPT, Hepa B and
diphtheria toxoid meningococcal invasive illness
conjugate vaccine disease caused by HIB
MEVAC-A Vaccine, Hepatitis Zheijang Pukang Against Hepa A RABIPUR Inactivated rabies GSK Against rabies
A freeze dried live infections virus
attenuated virus ROTARIX Live attenuated GSK Prevention of
MEVAC-VARI Live attenuated Changchun Against varicella human rotavirus gastroenteritis
varicella virus caused by rotavirus
MORCVAX Vabiotech Against cholera ROUVAX Live attenuated Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of
PENTAXIM Diphtheria toxoids, Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of vaccine against measles
tetanus toxoids, invasive infections measles
Bordetella caused by SERO-TET Tetanus immune Green Cross Corp Against infection
pertussis antigens H.influenzae type B, globulin caused by
diphtheria, tetanus, Clostridium tetani
pertussis and SHANCHOL Killed bivalent Sanofi Pasteur Against Vibrio
poliomyelitis whole cell oral cholerae
PNEUMO 23 Purified capsular Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of cholera vaccine
polysaccharides of pneumococcal SPEEDA Lyophilized Liaoning Chengda Against rabies
Strep pneumoniae pneumonia and inactivated Biotechnology
of 23 serotypes systemic purified rabies
pneumococcal vaccine prepared
infections on Vero cells
PNEUMOVAX 23 Pneumococcal Merck Sharp & Against SYNFLORIX Pneumococcal GSK For infants & children
polysaccharide, 6wk-5yr against inactivated)
adsorbed non- disease caused by VEROBAB Inactivated Sanofi Pasteur Pre- & post-
typeable H. Strep pneumoniae purified rabies exposure
influenzae protein vaccine prepared immunization against
D conjugate on vero cell line rabies
vaccine VINRAB Equine antirabies Vins Bioproducts Prevention of rabies
TETAGAM P Human tetanus Ig CSL Behring/ Against tetanus Ig
Pharmalink V-Z VAX Live attenuated Green Cross Corp Active immunization
TETRAXIM Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of varicella-zoster against varicella
diphtheria, tetanus, virus vaccine
pertussis & ZADAXIN Thymosin alpha-1 Getz Pharma Treatment of chronic
poliomyelitis (thymalfasin) hepatitis B in
TRIMOVAX Live attenuated Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of patients > 18 yr w/
measles, mumps & measles, mumps and compensated liver
rubella vaccine rubella. disease & hepatitis B
TWINRIX ADULT Combined GSK For use in non- virus…. Adjunct to
hepatitis A & B immune adults and chemotherapy
vaccine 720 ELISA adolescence > 16 treatment in
u who are at risk of immunosuppressed
both Hepa A & B cancer patients > 18
infections yr.
TYPHIM VI Purified Vi capsular Sanofi Pasteur Prevention of ZOSTAVAX Live attenuated Merck Sharp & Prevention of herpes
polysaccharide of typhoid varicella-zoster Dohme zoster (shingles) &
Salmonella typhi virus (Oka/ Merck postherpetic
VARILRIX Live attenuated GlaxoSmithKline Against varicella of strain) neuralgia (PHN)
Oka strain varicella healthy subjects from
–zoster 9 mth onwards;
(propagated by susceptible high-risk
MRC-5 human patients & their
diploid cell culture) susceptible healthy
virus close contacts.
VARIVAX Varicella virus Merck Sharp & Vaccination against
vaccine, live Dohme varicella in
individuals > 12 mth.
VAXIGRIP Per pre-filled Sanofi Pasteur Prophylaxis against
syringe inactivated flu
influenza cvaccine
(split virion).
Per multidose vial
Influenza vaccine Immunosuppressants
(split virion, ARPIMUNE Ciclosporin PPC Prophylaxis of graft
rejection; in severe REMICADE Infliximab Johnson & Johnson Treatment of RA in
forms of atopic combi. w/
dermatitis, psoriasis methotrexate.
or RA 7 in nephrotic RENOCELL Mycophenolate InnoGen Prevention of graft
syndrome. mofetil Pharmaceuticals rejection
ATAJEC Mycophenolate Cathay Drug Prevention of graft SANDIMMUN Ciclosporin Novartis Healthcare Prevention of graft
mofetil rejection & has also NEORAL rejection in kidney,
been tried in various liver, heart,
diseases w/ an combined heart-lung,
autoimmune lung or pancreas or
mediated component allogenic transplant.
BENLYSTA Belimumab GlaxoSmithKline To reduce disease SCAPHO Secukinumab Alcon Moderate to severe
activity in adult plaque psoriasis in
patients w/ active adults who are
autoantibody +ve SLE candidates for
who are receiving systemic therapy.
standard therapy. SIMPONI Golimumab Johnson & Johnson Treatment of
CERTICAN Everolimus Novartis Healthcare Prophylaxis of organ moderate to severe,
rejection active RA in adults
CYFEN Mycophenolate Sandoz/ MPL Prophylaxis of acute SIMULECT Basiliximab Novartis Healthcare Prophylaxis of acute
mofetil transplant rejection organ rejection in de
receiving allogeneic novo renal
renal, cardiac or transplantation in
hepatic transplants adults & childn.
GILENYA Fingolimod HCl Novartis Pharma Therapy for patients STELARA Ustekinumab Johnson & Johnson Treatment of adults >
Stein w/ relapsing multiple 18 yr w/ moderate to
sclerosis to reduce severe plaque
the frequency of psoriasis
relapses & delay the THYMOGLOBULI Rabbit anti- sanofi-aventis Immunosuppression
progression of NE human in transplantation.
disability. thymocyte Ig Prophylaxis &
IMURAN Azathioprine Aspen To enhance the treatment of graft
survival of rejection.
transplants (renal, XELJANZ Tofacitinib citrate Pfizer Moderate to severe
cardiac & hepatic) RA
RAPAMUNE Sirolimus Pfizer Prophylaxis of organ
rejection in patients
receiving renal
transplant including
patients w/ high
immunological risk.
NUTRITION Lactum 6-12 Mead Milk sup for infants
Infant Nutritional Products Johnson 6-12 mnth
Brand Name Generic name Manufacturer Use Nutrition
Bonamil Wyeth Milk supplement Nan Al 110 Lactose Nestle Dietary mngmt of
Nutrition from 6-12 mnths Free Formula diarrhea and LI
Bonna Wyeth Infant formula for Nan Optipro Hw One Nestle Partially hydrolized
Nutrition 0-6 mnth whey protein infant
Enfamil A + Catch Up Mead Nutritional formula formula gor 6-12
Johnson for infants 0-12 mnth
Nutrition mnths Nan Optipro Hw Two Nestle Partially hydrolized
Enfamil A + Gentlease Mead Nutritional formula whey protein infant
Johnson for infants 0-12 formula gor 12-36
Nutrition mnths mnth
Enfamil A + One Mead Infant formula for Nan Optipro Two Nestle A follow up formula
Johnson 0-6 mnth designed for infants
Nutrition from 6-12
Enfamil A + Two Mead Milk supplement Nan Optipro Three Nestle A follow up formula
Johnson from 6-12 mnths designed for infants
Nutrition from 10-24 mnths
Enfamil A + One Mead For dietary Nan Sensitive Nestle A special formula
Lactose Free Johnson management of for the dietary
Nutrition lactose intolerance mangnt of infants
in infant 0-6 mnth with minor GI
Enfamil A + Two Mead For dietary problems
Lactose Free Johnson management of Nestogen Classic Nestle Infant formula for 0-
Nutrition lactose intolerance 12 mnth
in infant 6-12 mnths Nestogen One Infant Nestle Infant formula
Enfamil A + Premature Mead Formula for special Formula suitable for infants
Johnson medical purposes from 0-6 mnth
Nutrition intended for Nestogen Two Follow- Nestle A follow up formula
premature infants up Formula suitable for infants
0-12 mnth 6-12 mnths
Frisolac One Alaska Milk Infant form for 0-6 Nestogen Three Nestle A follow up formula
Corporation mnts Follow-up Formula suitable for infants
Frisolac Two Alaska Milk Milk sup from 6-12 12-36 mnths
Corporation Nutramigen A+ Mead For dietary
Lactum 0-6 Mead Milk sup for infants Johnson improvement of
Johnson 0-6 mnth Nutrition infants 0-12 mnth
Nutrition w/ cow’s milk
allergy or soy
protein allergy or
Pre-Nan Nestle Special formula for
infants of low
Promil LF Gold Wyeth Milk sup for special
Nutrition medical purposes
intended for infants
6-12 mnths. For
dietary mngmnt of
lactose intolerance
s-26 Comfort Gold Wyeth Infant formula for
Nutrition special medical
purposes for infants
0-12 mnth
s-26 Gold One Wyeth Infant formula for 0-
Nutrition 6 mnth
s-26 Gold Two Wyeth Milk supp for 6-12
Nutrition mnth
s-26 HA Gold Wyeth Infant formula from
Nutrition 0-12 mnth
s-26 LF Gold Wyeth Infant formula for
Nutrition special medical
purposes for infants
0-6 mnth
s-26 One Wyeth Infant formula from
Nutrition 0-6 mth
s-26 Two Wyeth Infant formula from
Nutrition 6-12 mth
Enteral/ Nutritional Products isocal Nestle Dietary mngmnt of
Aminoleban oral Otsuka Dietary sup esp for malnutrition
pxs with liver Juvenaid Westmont Dietary mngmnt of
impairment ptx who are fatigue
Amino-max Schnell Nutritional sup of due to surgery or
protein and vit need to build up
deficiencies lean body mass
Aqiva Wyeth Powdered milk drink Lactum 1-3 MJN Milk sup for chldn 1-
Nutrition formulated to meet 3
nutritional rqmnts Lactum 3+ MJN nutritionally
of growing chldn MT (vitaminized) balanced milk sup
or equal 3 yrs for chldn 3-5
Bonakid Wyeth Milk sup for chldn 1- Lactum 6+ MJN nutritionally
Nutrition 3 yrs (vitaminized) balanced milk sup
Bonakid Pre- School Wyeth Powdered milk drink for chldn MT or
Nutrition for chldn >3 yrs equal 6
Enfagrow A + Four Mead Nutritional sup for NANKID Optipro Four Nestle Powdrd milk drink
Johnson childn >3 yrs for pre-schollers >3
Nutrition yr
Enfagrow A + MJN Milk sup for chldn 1- Nankid Optipro HW Nestle Partiallt hydrolized
Gentlease 3 Four protein milk for
Enfagrow A + Three MJN Nutritional sup for chldn >3
chldn 1-3 Nestokid four Nestle Growing up milk for
Enfagrow A + Three MJN For dietary mngmnt pre-schoolers >3
Lactose free of LI in chldn 1-3 Nido 3+ Nestle Preschool powd
Enfamama A+ MJN Nutritional milk milk drink for chldn
drink w/ DHA, 3-5
choline and folic Nido 5+ Nestle School-age
acid for pregnant powdered milk sup
and lactating for childn MT or
mthers equal 5 yr
Enplus gold NutiFood Adult nutritional Nido Junior Nestle Milk sup for chldn 1-
powd milk 3
Frisomum AMC Mik drink for Nutren diabetes Nestle Nutritionaly
pregnant and blanced, gluten- &
lactating mothers lactose free,
Friso three AMC Milk sup from1-3 complete diet for
Friso four AMC Powd milk drink for tube or oral feeding
chdn >3 for ptx w/
Igco Bell-Kenz Nut supp hyperglycemia, DM
Pharma types 1 & 2 and
impaired glucose Nutrition for chldn >3
tolerance Promil gold four Wyeth Powdrd milk drink
Nutren fibre nestle Complete and Nutrition for chldn >3 yr
nutritionally Resource Thicken up Nestle Ptx requiring
balanced diet for Clear thickening of liqd or
tube and oral use food for the
designed for mngmnt of
optimal diet fxns for dysphagia due to
ptx with normal conditions eg stroke
digestive fxns S-26 Promil Gold Wyeth Milk sup for chldn 1-
Nutren junior Nestle Dietary mangmnt of Three Nutrition 3
malnutrition for S-26 Promil Three WN Milk sup for chldn 1-
chldn >3 yr due to 3
prolonged poor Sustagen Premium MJN Nutritional milk
appetite, inability to drink for adults w/
eat due to multi defense
swallowing system to help
difficulties strengthen body’s
Nutren optimum Nestle Dietary mngmnt of resistance against
malnutrition in the common conditions
elderly that comes with
Oral Impact Nestle Dietary mngmnt of aging
surgery in cancer
ptx; oral
Peptamen Nestle For dietary
mangmnt of
critically ill ptx &
those w/ impaired
GI fxn
Promama Wyeth Nutritional milk
Nutrition drink specially
formulated to
dupport women
during pre-
pregnancy and
Promil Aqiva Wyeth Milk sup for chldn 1-
Parenteral Nutritional Products
Nutrition 3
Aminogen-S L- isoleucine Taiwan Supplement for
Promil four Wyeth Powdrd milk drink L-leucine
Biotech protein, nutrition &
L-lysine water contraindicated
Kanzomin Tablets Prevention of
L-threonine (India) nitrogen loss in
L-valine parenteral nutrition
L-arginine Lipidem Medium chain B Braun Supply of fats
triglyceride, soya
Aminoleban Infusion 8% w/v amino acid otsuka Mngmnt for hepatic oil, omega-3-acid
Soln soln with 3% w/v encephalopathy due triglyceride
branched chain to acute or chronic Lipofundin MCT/LCT Lipofundin B Braun Source of calories
amino acids 10% and essential fatty
liver disease
content acids
Aminol RF Nutramedica To prevent nitrogen MG TNA-PERI Chamber MG co Supply of h2o,
loss elytes, aa, & calories
Aminoplasmal B Braun Aminoplasmal B B Braun Supply of amino Moriavit Tai Yu Nutritional supply
5% E Braun acids forpre- & post-op
Aminosea-20 Aminosea Tablets (India) Prevention of hypoproteinemia &
nitrogen loss in malnutrition
parenteral nutrition Neoparen No. 2 Otsuka Provision of water,
Aminovit Taiwan Supplement for elytes, cal, aa & vit
Biotech protein, nutrition & in pxs who require
water central venous
Bfluid Otsuka Mild malnutrition nutrition bec oral or
due to inadequate enteral nutrition is
oral intake, before inaequate
& after surgery Nutriflex Lipid Nutriflex Lipid Special B Braun Supply of daily req
Celemin Nephro Claris Parenteral nutrition Special/PERI of energy, fatty
Lifesciences supplement in acids, aa, elytes and
conditions eg acute fluids
& chronic renal Stalmino Stallion Labs Supply of aa in
insufficiency acute & chronic
Combiflex Lipid JW Pharma For adults & chldn renal insufficiency
Central >2 yr when or oral TNA/TNA PERI Claris Parenteral nutrition
enteral nutrition is Lifesciences in adults when oral
impossible, or enteral nutrition
insufficient or is inadequate
Combiflex Lipid Peri JW Pharma For adults & chldn
>2 yr when or oral Electrolytes
enteral nutrition is Calcinate Ca gluconate Tianjin Mangmnt of
impossible, Kingyork hypocalcemia
insufficient or Cerelyte Precooked rice Raptakos T of dehydration
flour due to diarrhea sulfonate Corp
Nacl Rhea Sodium Chloride NaCl Philusa P and T of heat
Na citrate KCl cramps that result
Zn Sulfate under conditions
Cholyte Plus w/ Zinc Nacl, K, Mg, Zn, Pediapharma P & T of mild to intense perspiration
Cl, moderate Sodalite-75 Trisodium citrate Pharmacare T of dehydration
citrate,gluconate, dehydration dehydrate, KCl, due to diarrhea
glucose and anhydrous
sucrose glucose
Elin Potassium KCl Elin Source of K and Cl Solunate Na Bicarbonate Dai Han Pharm Correction of
Chloride ions metabolic acidosid
Elin Sodium Chloride NaCL Elin Replenisher of the associated w/
extracellular fluids cardiac arrest in pxs
electrolytes w/ pre-existing
Glucolyte Plus Nacl, trisodium ADP Pharma For replacement of acidosis
citrate fluids and Sylvite KCl Furen Phrama P and T of K
dehydrate, kcl, electrolytes depletion &/or
anhydrous hypokalemia
dextrose Vivalyte Electrolytes, Taisho Maintenance of
Glucost R Na, K, Cl, citrate, Dyna drug Rep of elytes and na,K, carbs, sugar good hydration
dextrose fluids due to
Kaligen KCl Lloyd P or T of low K
Kalimate Ca polystyrene DeGa P & t of
sulfonate hyperkalemia
resulting from
acute or chronic
renal failure
Kalium durules KCl TopRidge Prophylaxis during t
Pharma w/ diuretics
K-Chlor KCl Ultramed P and T of
K-Lyte KCl ACME/Euro P and T of
Generics hypokalemia
Orazinc Zn gluconate Medhaus Supplement for zn
Phil Ca gluconate Harson T of calcium def due
Pharmawealth/harson to tetany,
calcium gluconate hypoparathyroidism
Resincal Ca polystyrene Macropharma T of hyperkalemia

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