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Child Rearing Practices of Teenage Mothers in Burgos, Isabela

I. Respondent profile

Direction: The Questionnaires of some information about you. Please check (√ ) on the space
that corresponds to your best answer. Please do not leave any items unanswered.
13-14y/o________ 15-16y/o:_________ 17-19y/o:________
Educational Attainment
Elementary Undergraduate_______ Elementary Graduate________
Hight School Undergraduate_____ Hight School Graduate______
Collage Undergraduate ________ Collage Graduate _______
Vendor______ Farmer______ Businessman _____ Housekeeper_____
No. of Children
2 &below_____ 3-4 ______ 5-6 ______ 7&above ______
Civil Status
Single_____ Married_____ Separated ______ Widow_______

II. Child Rearing Practices of Teenage Mothers in Burgos, Isabela

Please check (√ ) the number that corresponds to the rating
5- Always 4- Often 3-Sometimes 2-Rare 1- Never


Indicators 5 4 3 2 1
Handling the infant
1. I wash my hands before handling my baby.
2. I make sure to carefully support my baby’s head and neck.
3. I’m careful not to shake my baby, whether in play or in frustration.
4. I handle my baby with utmost care and gentleness.
Bonding and Soothing Practice
5. I cradle my baby and gently stroke him or her in different patterns.
6. I do massage to enhance bonding and help with the infant growth
and development.
7. I play music to stimulate my baby’s hearing.
8. I sing nursery rhymes for my baby.
9. I swaddle my baby to keep him or her warm, secured and
Bathing Practices
10. I bath my baby regularly.
11. I make sure to use Luke-warm water for my baby’s bath.

12. Throughout the bath, I poor water gently over my baby’s body is
he or she doesn’t get cold.
13. I use washcloth to wash his/her face and hair.

14. I gently massage my baby’s scalp with the pads of my fingers or a

soft baby hairbrush.
15. When I rinse the soap or shampoo from my baby’s head, I cup my
hand across the forehead so the suds run toward the sides and the
soap doesn’t get into the eyes.
16. After the bath, I wrap young baby in a towel immediately making
sure to cover his or her body.
Feeding Practice
17. I demand my baby on demand basis- whenever he/she seems
18. I breastfeed my baby regularly.
19. If in formula feeding, my baby will most likely take about 2-3
ounces at each feeding.
20. I make sure that my baby will burp after feeding.
Sleeping Care Practices
21. I keep the lights low by using a nightlight.
22. I reserve talking and playing with my baby for the daytime
23. When my baby wakes up during the day, I try to keep him or her
awake a little longer by talking and playing.