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Balbhim Ramchandra Patil

Mobile: +91 9130745046


Aiming for challenging career opportunities in Sql Database & Big data Development with

an organization of high reputation


 2 Years of extensive experience in Sql database development and Big Data Development.

 Currently working with Aceinvent It Solutions ,Baner, Pune.

 Experinece in Sql database Queries solve problem using mysql server.

 Hands on experience in writing sql Databse queries in sql server.

 Good understanding of unix shell scripting commands.

 Hands on experience in writing sql DML,DDL AND DCL queries.

 Good work experience in sql database like Hive.

 Good work experience in Nosql column oriented database like Hbase.

 Hands on experience in installing , configuring and using ecosystem components like Hadoop-

Mapreduce, HDFS, Hbase, Hive , Pig.

 Good understanding of Hadoop Map-Reduce concepts and HDFS.

 Having good knowledge of Scoop, Hive,flume.

 Skilled in management of hadoop applications administration ,monitoring debugging,

performance tunning.

 Worked on single & Multi Clusterd environment and setting up oracle virtual machine Hadoop


 Good communication skills, interpersonal skills , problem solving skills , a very good team

player along with can do attitude.


From Jun-2016 to April-2017 as Hadoop Developer with Tech-Zealous Software Solutions,


From Apr-2017 to till date as Hadoop Developer with Aceinvent It Solutions,Baner Pune

Operating Systems : Windows XP/7, Linux,ubatu 14.04

Languages : shell scrpting,sql ,basic of java.

RDBMS : SQL , mysql ,

Big Data Ecosystem : Hadoop , Mapreduce , HDFS , Hive , flume, pig ,hbase

IDE : mysql server 5.5.59,sql server 2005.


The purpose of project is to store and process lage data set generated by compony to

analysis and generating reports . Bar graph , Line graph , Pia-chart , Tabular Records are

generated according to client requirement using Hadoop Mapreduce and SQL.


 Currently working on Report generation project using IBM Biginfosphere and Rstudio

 Report and Analyzing according to user requirements using R

 Analyzed large data sets by running Hive queries and Pig scripts

 Written the pig scripts to process the HDFS data

 Developed multiple MapReduce jobs in java for data cleaning and preprocessing

 Involved in loading data into HDFS, Responsible for managing data from multiple sources

 Designed and developed using Hadoop Mapreduce

 Developed various methods for recommendation system like Item to item , User behavior,

Context based.

 Developed workflows using different kind of tasks and sessions.

 Developed all required algorithm using Mapreduce.

 Worked on change requests and enhancements to the already existed dataset.


 BigData-Hadoop Certificate of Merit(ISO 9001-2015) for successful completion of

the course in “mind script sucess simplified” Certification.
 conducted C-tantra(Workshop)in Kaizen 2k12 held RIT College Islampur on 16

and 17th February 2012 Certification.

 Ehtical Hacking Workshop AIESEC IIT Kharagpur Kyrion Digital securities(P) Ltd

on 18th & 14th sept 2012 Certification.

 Code X Factor(c) Event of INGENIOUS 10 at state level Certification.

 “Interview Skills and personality Development” on 19 th March 2017 from career Zone



 BE (IT) from Shivaji Univesity, Kolhapur (Maharashtra), 2013 with First class.

 ME(CSE) from Solapur university,solapur(Maharashtra),2016 with Distinction.


 Name : Balbhim Ramchandra Patil

 Date Of Birth : 24 April 1991
 Father’s Name : Ramchandra Annappa Patil
 Sex : Male
 Marital Status : Single
 Language Known : English, Hindi, Marathi
 Nationality : Indian
 Permanent Address : A/P:Hajapur ,Tal:Mangalwedha,Dist:Solapur,Pin 413305.
 Current Address : karvenagar,pune-411052
 Hobbies : Playing cricket,listening to music.


I hereby, declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.
(Balbhim Ramchandra Patil)