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Here are the matters/topics discussed during the meeting of the DEANS with Justice Lucas P. Bersamin
on the 2017 Bar

Examination Syllabus:

Jurisprudence cut-off is JUNE 30, 2017

Deans are encouraged to submit proposed questions and suggested answers through the PALS
Secretariat, which will be forwarded to JLPB. We will be setting a deadline for submission. All proposals
must be submitted to JLPB before August.

POLITICAL LAW - please take note of the additions in the coverage

Page 1, III. A, No. 4 The President under a martial law rule or revolutionary government

Page 3, V. D, No. 1 Judicial and Bar Council (Note the case of Chavez vs JBC G.R. No. 202242; April
16, 2013)

Page 7, VIII. F, No. 1 Citizenship: Foundlings

***take note also of the League of Cities cases

LABOR LAW - please take note of the following additions in the coverage

Page 5 VIII Jurisdiction and Remedies

CIVIL LAW - please take note of the following additions

Page 2, Adoption

Page 3, Use of Surname

Page 5, Confusion/Merger of Rights

Page 6, Sec. 133 ONLY of RA 10142 (the rest of the provisions may in commercial law)

Page 8, III Subsequent Registrations

Torts and Damages

Page 9, V

***guardianship, support, adoption and other special proceedings will not be asked in Remedial Law but
the principles will be asked in Civil Law

***expect computation in succession

TAXATION LAW - please take note of the following additions

Page 4, Income Tax of Corporations

Page 6, III, 3d, Destination Principle/Cross Boarder Doctrine

Page 7, h and k

Page 8, IV, V, VI

Page 11, Community Tax

Page 14-15, B, C,D

***Revenue Regulations are included since SC decisions use them as basis.

***Some of the Deans raised that the coverage for Tax is too long but JLPB said that some of the
provisions are negligible additions.

***there will be no computation

COMMERCIAL LAW - other than the statement that the remaining provisions of RA 10142 will be asked
in commercial law, no other significant additions where discussed.

CRIMINAL LAW - please take note of the following additions

Page 2, penalties, range, application, Arts. 64 & 65 (JLPB said that lawyers must know how to compute

Page 3, Trust Receipt and Cyber crime

ISLAW (Martin Simon case)

Anti-Alias Law

***JLPB said that the examiner is not an academician but a practitioner

REMEDIAL LAW - please take note of the following additions

Page 3, Real Party in Interest vs. Locus Standi

Page 9, Final Judgement Rule; Participation of OSG during appeal

Page, 10 Dismissal, Reinstatement and Withdrawal of Appeal; Dual Function of Appellate Courts and The
"Harmless Error Rule" in Appellate Decisions

Page 25-26, Nos. 8&9 Writ of Kalikasan; Memo Decisions

***NO mediation, JAR and Arbitration



There will be practical exercises on basic forms i.e. affidavit, quitclaim, verification, etc.


1.Same documentary requirements will be submitted;

2.Same rule of entry and egress (will look into the possibility of opening all gates during egress);

3.Those who will be needing special assistance/needs must submit their requests early.

4. There will be NO TIME EXTENSIONS.