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MA in CTE Portfolio

Program of Study: Sasha M Keighobadi

Fall 2014

▪ Course Title: ECT 6661 Current Trends in CTE

Description: This course is designed to provide an overview of the field of CTE,
including its purpose, history, and current trends. An emphasis will
be on forces significantly shaping the field of CTE and its
relationship with workforce education and K-12 academic
Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ECT 6197 Enhancing CTE Curriculum

Description: This course discusses curriculum development as well as trends
and issues impacting a wide array of programs, courses, and
student experiences in career and technical education (CTE) school
reform at the K-12 and postsecondary level.
Grade: A

Spring 2015

▪ Course Title: ECW 6205 Administration of Local Programs: Voc Ed

Description: The purpose of this course is to help participants develop a
working understanding of the roles and functions administrators
need to organize and operate career and technical education
programs. In addition, participants will develop an understanding
of administrative strategies/best practices that work under current
program designs for career and technical education.
Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ECT 5386 Preparation and Development for Teaching

Description: Students in this course will examine a broad range of related topics
to enrich their knowledge of issues impacting the teaching
profession. Students will synthesize an array of issues and best
practices involving the teaching and learning, study student-
centered approaches, and examine program planning and
development at both the P-12 and postsecondary educational
Grade: A

Summer 2015

▪ Course Title: EDF 6211 Psych Foundations of Ed

Description: The catalog description of the class is “Selected topics in
psychology of human development and learning, related to schools
and educational settings.” This course focuses on the psychological
aspects of learning and teaching. The major theories in educational
psychology will be discussed. The main goal is for students to
learn to understand and apply theories and research in situations
with children and adolescents in daily life. The course provides an
overview of research in the field of educational psychology,
contexts of learning and development, models of learning, and
applications to the teaching process. Classroom management
techniques and the characteristics of effective classroom
instruction are also taught. Students in this class will learn to
recognize others’ theoretical perspectives and will better
understand why different educators recommend different
educational programs.

Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ECT 6695 School-Community Relations

Description: Maintaining positive relations between career and technical
education programs and stakeholders, enhancing CTE image,
interacting positively with customers, positive relations with
businesses and marketing the program. Open to majors and non-
Grade: A

Fall 2015

▪ Course Title: ECW 6696 Equity & Access in the New Economy
Description: This course explores equity and access issues related to gender,
race, class, sexual orientation, special needs and age through
reflective practice and research analysis with implications for
workforce education, the new economy, and personal and systems
change. Open to majors and non-majors.
Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ECW 6206 Supervision of Local Programs: Voc Ed

Description: The goal of the course is to help students develop an understanding
of supervisory approaches and practices underlying effective
administration of education and-work programs in the context of
career and technical education programs in school and non-school
Grade: A

Spring 2016

▪ Course Title: ECT 6767 Improving CTE Programs
Description: This course is designed to facilitate the development of essential
understandings of the nature and use of research strategies as a
means to support improvement strategies, involving data
collection, analysis, and dissemination/reporting/presentation.
Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ECT 6766 Emerging Workplace Competencies

Description: This course provides an interactive exploration of emerging
workplace competencies through analysis, research, and work-
based experiences for the purpose of professional development and
program improvement. The goal of this course is to examine what
skills are necessary for success in the 21st century workforce. It
also explores whether entrants to the workforce, graduates of high
school, graduates of two-year and four-year higher education
institutions have the skills needed to be successful.
Grade: A

Summer 2016

▪ Course Title: ECT 6948 – Practicum in CTE

Description: The practicum seeks to facilitate the production of a capstone self-
assessment report using the totality of our coursework and
experience participating in the program and the
implications for professional practice upon completion of
the master's degree in career and technical education.
Grade: A

▪ Course Title: ADE 6385 The Adult Learner

Description: This course focuses on the identification of principles and practices
as well as a review of research on adult learning. The course
investigates the physiological, psychological, and psychosocial
changes in the adult life span and the implications these changes
have for adult learning.
Grade: A