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Javier, Mark Florence M.

November 05, 2017

PSY 1-T Reflection about My Personality (INFJ) Introversion-Intuition-Feeling-Judging



First of all, I’m very proud to be an INFJ (one of the 16 personality types according to
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test) because it is the rarest type of personality around the world
(more or less than one percent of the population). Known as, “The Advocate” according to google
dictionary it is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. INFJs
are reserved and tend to be quiet. They don’t generally prefer interacting with a wide circle of
acquaintances because they like to socialize to few close friends this is mainly because they prefer
introversion than extroversion. They also preferred intuition than sensing, due to it INFJs tend to
be more abstract than concrete. They focus on future possibilities and big picture rather than
immediate realities and small details. When making decisions, social implications is more
important than the logic behind it which means that they value personal considerations above all
that is why they preferred feeling over thinking. Lastly, they preferred judging over perception,
because through predictability they derive a sense of control and, they tend to make decisions and
plan their activities in advance.

INFJs although soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and for an idea they believe in
they will fight tirelessly for it. They are strong-willed and decisive, and that energy will rarely use
for personal gain; also, to create balance these people will act with conviction, creativity,
imagination and sensitivity not to create advantage to others. To INFJs, inequity filled our world
and it doesn’t have to be. INFJs just need to remember that taking care of themselves is also
important while busy taking care of the world. Famous person with INFJ personality are Martin
Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa; in fiction is Jon Snow (Game of Thrones). INFJs
strengths are creative, insightful, inspiring and convincing, decisive, determined and passionate
and altruistic and its weaknesses are sensitive, extremely private, perfectionistic, always need to
have a cause and can burn out easily. INFJs are also known as, “The Cautious Lover” when it
comes to romantic relationship. Also, the careers that are possible matches for individuals with the
INFJ personality are: Counselor, Clergy, Therapist, Writer, Missionary, Psychiatrist, Psychologist,
Social Worker, Educational Consultant, Child Care, Child Development, Church Worker, Teacher,
Musician, Photographer, Professor, Librarian, Artist, Chiropractor, Actor/Actress, Medical
Doctor, Consultant, Designer, Human Resources, Marketer, Trainer.

All in all, I conclude that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test is very accurate in finding
or matching the best personality types of a particular person. I’m satisfied with the result of mine
which is that I’m classified as an INFJ because it really suits my personality. The best lesson that
I learned is that even though all the people around the world differ in personality type, we must
not be divided but instead we must be united as whole, and we must have learned to respect each
other despite differences in beliefs, opinions, principles and many more.