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Choral Programme Series Consultant Editor: Simon Halsey MAMMA MIA! 7 and other ABBA hits FOR MIXED VOICES MONEY, MONEY, MONEY - I HAVE A DREAM THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL MAMMA MIA! - SUPER TROUPER (SATB/piano) ARRANGED BY LIN MARSH FABER ff Music CONTENTS Mamma Mia! Super Trouper I have a dream page Ie Money, money, money page 21 The winner takes it all page 26 Al songs and arrangements © 2005 by Bocu Music Li This collection first published in 2005 by Faber Muste Lt. 3 Queen Square London WCIN 3AU Music processed by MusicSet 2000 Printed in England by Caligraving Ltd All rights reserved x ISBN o- To buy Faber Music publications or to find out about the full range of titles 2% s:12b\e please contact your local music retailer or Faber Music sales enquiries Faber Music Limited, Burnt Mill, Elizabeth Way, Harlow, CM20 2HX F Tel: +44 (0)1279 82 89.82 Fax: +44 (0)1279 82 89 83) Mamma Mia! Words and music by Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson & Bjorn Ulvaeus Moderato PIANO since 1 don't know when ‘2 > bout things that you do, — must come to an end | shat Tee od you wee taeugi, t == —S—: = ty e Sa = = . look at me_now,. will 1 ev - er learn? I don’t know how and. hen You go_— whan you slam the door, think you ew 7 LE fgg ee, $5 5 ss ~ — as — ————— but 1 sud-den-ly lose" con - tol, that you won't be a - way too long — te $$ | - ta my soul jst one took and 1 — that strong.— Ue + = look and [forget ev = ‘ry - thing, af SS 3rd time to Coda a 7— — _ ee ee Moma moe aan * yy, why — —= yh why Gd 1 we let you got = why, why er a - 7 * ha = 4 git 1 now [realy know, my, my, |__couldne-verletyou go = ————y now I real-ly know, my, my, L_—enuldne-veretyou gp. now I real-ly know, a ae now I real-ly know, my, my, L__couldne-verletyou go. i = : J S=5 = 2 ne a _ . . e-ven if 1 say bye rs leave me now or ne - ver. eae bebe ie nen ee a tee =e ey ee eer 7 Go from to and then to Coda SS} Mam-ma mi-a, it's a game we play, bye = bye does n't mean for-ev - er. i's a game we play, its a game we play, Tt mean for-ev - er. Go from to ‘and then to Coda its a game we play, bye - bye copa Mam-ma mi-a, now! real-ly know, my, my, L_couldne-ver et you go. Mam -ma mi-a, now! real-ly know, my, my, ——couldne-ver let you go. Mam-ma mi-a, ‘now! real-ly know, 1__“touldne-ver let you go. SS could ne-ver let you go. -Q Mom-ma mine now! real-ly know, my, Super Trouper Words and masiby ny Andersson &e Bom Ulvaeus Moderato (J=112) eee St SOPRANO « E = a Su - per Trouper beams are gon-na blind ALTO > Sq - per Trou-per beams are gon-na blind. St TENOR ¥ Su per Trouper beams are gon-na_ blind 1 won't feel blue pass [PFE = PIANO" ‘cause some-where in the crowd there's you. ‘eause some-where in the crowd there's you. ‘cause some-where in the crowd there's you. “cause some-where in the crowd there's you. mf leggiero en Ped. 2 * Small notes re or rehearsal ue only {©Copyright Bocu Music Ltd 1 Wyndham Yar, London WH 2QF by permission. This arrangement © 2005 Bocs Msc Ld : E = 2 ——z = ===: = 7S = Twas sick and tired of ev'ry - thing when I called. Fa-cing twen-ty thou-sand of your fends how can a= = a —S—= 13 = -nycone beso lone > ‘ly? Part of 2 suc-cessthat ne~ver ends, still Tm think 10 glad to hear you're com- ing, think Im go> ing cra-zy, sud-den-ly I feel al - right, but its gon-na be al - right, Glad_t0 hear you're com ~ ing — Think I'm go. ing and it's gon -na %0 ev = ‘ty-thing will be 0 ‘cay

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