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Raw material preparation

Clinker production

Cement production

Laboratory automation

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Process-technological inspection
– Get the best from your process optimisation

As a globally active constructor of plants and machines, we have decades of experience in

the construction of cement works. With our unique knowledge, we can help you to
optimise the processes in your plant, or to adapt them to the current state of the art.
Productivity, energy efficiency, plant availability and emission reduction are the focus of
our process-technological inspections.

Our process-technological examinations form the basis of de-

termining the efficiency of overall processes or subprocesses.
Advantages of process-technological
For this purpose, we inspect the entire process sequence with inspections:
all the key machines and units of your cement plant. Here,
 Checking of the operating parameters and
the focal point is the evaluation of current process data and
mode of plant operation
operation logs. Depending on the scope of the inspection, we
determine the following characteristic process data: tempera-  Detailed knowledge of the process-technological
ture, emissions, volume flow, material and gas composition, condition of the plant
pressure and mass flow.  Process-technological training of personnel

On request, we can also carry out local industrial measure-  Assistance in the implementation of immediate action
ments, as well as material tests in our Research and Develop-
ment Centre.

Our process-technological consultation pro-vides you with

detailed knowledge regarding the operation of your plant. On
the basis of a visual plant inspection and evaluation of the
available data material, we discuss with you possible impro-
vements and jointly work out specific solutions.

In the case of process-technological problems, we can quickly

assist you with our troubleshooting. We localise weak points
in a targeted manner and propose solutions directly on site.

Fig. 1: On-site optimisation of a grinding system by our experts

Fig. 2: Dust measurement in the preheater

Kiln systems:
Bernd Limbach
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2294

Mill systems:
Christoph Mendelin
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2274

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Inspection and maintenance
– so that the plant just keeps running and running...

Maximum plant availability is of decisive importance for the economic operation of a ce-
ment factory. In order to ensure this, we offer you regular inspections and maintenance by
our trained specialist personnel. Our range of services includes numerous measures that
can be carried out individually or combined according to your requirements. In addition,
we can provide you with assistance through our reliable repair service – even for plants
from other manufacturers.

Inspection and preventive maintenance

Advantages of inspections and
By way of preparation for repair and maintenance work, our preventive maintenance:
experts inspect your machines and plants. Our services also
include measurement, analysis and the evaluation of tempe-  Precise knowledge of the current condition of the plant
rature and vibration data. On request, we can carry out online
 Requirement-oriented purchasing of spare parts and
monitoring. Naturally, our portfolio also includes the discus- planning of plant stoppages
sion and documentation of the results, as well as the drawing-
up of repair plans.  Avoidance of consequential damage
 Increased plant availability
Repair service
We document the current condition of your plant and draw Advantages of the repair service:
up damage-elimination plans. We use original ThyssenKrupp
 Temporary operation until the spare parts arrive
spare parts both in plants from our company and plants
from other manufacturers. We supervise and perform repair  One-year warranty in the case of original spare parts
welding on critical components of rotary kilns, tube mills and
 Rapid and reliable repair service from our experts
rotary drums. What's more, our experts can offer you help
and advice during recommissioning.  Considerable reduction in downtime and
consequential damage

Tube mills Conveying systems

Crushers Static and dynamic separators
Vertical roller mills

Coolers LEPOL grates Rotary kilns

Fans Silos Blending beds

Udo Feldotto
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2986

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Non-destructive material testing
– our check-up for preventive maintenance and quality control.

Our experts use non-destructive material testing (NDT) methods to test the current ma-
terial properties of plant components that are particularly exposed to stress. This is done
without damaging the components concerned. Our processes can be used for preventive
maintenance purposes in the entire production line.

With non-destructive testing, we examine the material struc-

ture properties of end walls, supporting rollers, tyres and
Advantages of non-destructive material testing:
similar plant components. In this way, cracks and material
 Preventive checking of weld joints, end walls and
inhomogeneities are reliably detected. manholes

Our many years of experience of magnetic-particle tes-  Preventive crack testing on crushers and hammer mill
ting, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing go into our shafts, on stressed plates, tooth gearing, tyres and
on cast components
non-destructive test-ing: Magnetic-particle testing is used to
detect surface imperfections even on components with com-  Prior cleaning of the tooth gearing is not necessary
plex geometry. Ultrasonic testing reveals internal and external
 No contamination of the lubricants by testing media
imperfections, particularly in the case of weld seams, forged
pieces and castings. Eddy current testing locates surface  Assessment of the measurement results by our
imperfections or subsurface imperfections, particularly at the design experts
tooth flanks of girth gear and pinion drives.  Decision guidance with regard to further operation,
refurbishment or the best time to replace components
If damage is found by means of our various testing methods,
countermeasures can be initiated in good time. Our experts
provide decision guidance with regard to further oper-ation,
refurbishment or the best time to replace components. – This
is to ensure the operational reliability and availability of your

In the case of eddy current testing, large tooth gearing does not have to be
cleaned in advance. Our customers therefore benefit from a considerable
saving of time.

Guido Brinkmann
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2927

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PSPN – Professional Spare Parts Navigator
– Quick finding instead of long searching

Our new electronic spare parts catalogue is perfect for anyone who wants to have a full overview
of their spare parts with minimum time outlay. Thanks to the Professional Spare Parts Navigator
(PSPN), nobody has to laboriously work their way through thick documentation manuals anymore.
You can easily, accurately and, above all, quickly find the spare parts you need. You can therefore
use your precious time for more important things.

For every plant, our staff prepare a specific spare parts

PSPN advantages:
package. All the spare parts are clearly illustrated in the form
of a drawing. The method of part allocation enables quick
 Online documentation of spare parts saves time when
identification of related parts. Particularly complex spare parts searching for and identifying spare parts
can even be represented as a 3-D animation.
 A specific list is prepared for every plant
The shopping cart function enables you to draw up a direct  All the spare parts are clearly illustrated in the form of
enquiry. One especially user-friendly feature is the enquiry a drawing
history. In next to no time, this facility shows you all the parts
 Quicker order processing results in shorter delivery
that you have ever enquired about. Spare parts already orde- times
red are tagged in the PSPN.
 Updating of prices and delivery times makes spare
The PSPN always uses the agreed contractual language. parts ordering more plannable
You receive it as a CD or DVD with the option to install it on
as many computers as desired. You obtain online access by
entering your individual customer login.

Our PSPN significantly reduces order-

processing and delivery times. If desired, the prices and deli-
very times can be updated automatically. The spare parts or-
dered reach your plant more quickly. All of these advantages
put you in a position to plan the entire maintenance process
far more efficiently. So, get the PSPN. It's about time.

PSPN example

Jörg Brauckmann
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 26 22

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PlantScan 3D
– A modern tool for plant designing and wear analysis.

PlantScan 3D opens up completely new possibilities for you: existing buildings and pro-
cess systems are recorded three-dimensionally by means of a laser scanner. This means
that space coordinates accurate to the millimetre are available for new building work and
conversions, allowing two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional models to be created.
PlantScan 3D is also used for wear analysis of crushers and high-pressure grinding rolls.
With this application, maintenance work can be planned better, and service lives can be

PlantScan 3D plant design:

Advantages of PlantScan 3D:
Three-dimensional recording of the plant situation by means
 Contactless measurement
of laser scanning considerably simplifies and reduces
planning work. For the designing of plants, the data recorded  Precise documentation of the actual situation in
can be used to create 3D models, and interfering edges can the shortest time
be detected sooner.  For the designing of plants, 3D models can be created
Time-consuming and personnel-intensive re-measurements using the data recorded, and can also be combined
are not necessary. Conversion parts can be accurately with this data
planned, manufactured and installed without major  The data recorded allow tailor-made planning and
adaptation work. The risk of unplanned stoppage times is therefore a reduction in stoppage times and costs
minimised. The contactless measurement method does not
affect ongoing production and can record even inaccessible  Wear measurement by means of laser scanning helps
to optimise service lives

PlantScan3D wear measurement:

PlantScan 3D assists in analysing the wear of the roll bodies

of high-pressure grinding rolls and the crushing elements of
gyratory crushers, thanks to its complete and rapid recording
of these components by means of laser scanning. The scan
data are processed and displayed, in order to allow analysis
of wear. As a result, maintenance work and service lives can
be calculated more accurately.
PlantScan 3D produces a realistic representation of the
required areas, and is therefore an essential tool in today's

Bettina Neher Ansgar Päschke
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 38 03 Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 24 23

Thorsten Schwarz Jörn Studinski jö
Phone: +49 25 24 / 30 - 279 Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 30 87

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Remi-Cam (Remote Inspection Camera)
– Allows immediate remote support for problems on site

What do you do if your plant suddenly develops a problem? Thanks to Remi-Cam, our
experts can immediately assist you with your on-site action – wherever you are in the
world. In real time, we form a comprehensive picture of the current situation where you
are and can provide you with further assistance quickly, effectively and, above all, cost-
With our online live support, we transmit the sounds and Advantages of Remi-Cam:
images of your actions live to our experts. Thanks to a safety
helmet with a camera and headset, we can closely monitor  Expert knowledge on site
your technician´s work. In addition, a rugged tablet carried by
shoulder straps leaves hands free for working.  Rapid problem clarification and elimination
 Can be used worldwide
For example we are able to send data sheets, technical
diagrams, checklists to the tablet; you can then work on  Easy to operate
these and send them back. In addition, work can easily be  Cost-saving
documented offline by means of a video or individual photos.
 Lower stoppage times
The system offers many additional options, such as a second
high-resolution camera, which allows pictures to be taken in
areas that are difficult to access. The various system options
can be adapted to your particular requirements.




use Verbindung
Connection Internet
Internet Experte
SODALIS equipment

Jennifer Richardt
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2966

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Technical training for cement-industry personnel
– We make your employees fit for the future.

The training and development of personnel is a decisive measure when it comes to increa-
sing the profitability of your plants and machines. With a custom-tailored technical training
course, our experts systematically increase your employees' know-how. The result: a clear
boost in terms of safety in daily operations, as well as a lasting increase in motivation.
Output and product quality increase as a result, there are fewer cases of damage and your
plant is improved.
We offer our training programme for our entire portfolio for
Advantages of our technical training:
the cement sector, for all machines and processes, from
raw material to the end product. In methodological training  Training by experts and specialists from thyssenkrupp
courses, we increase the depth of knowledge of your
employees, whether they be process engineers, production  Systematic technical communication of knowledge
controllers, maintenance engineers, mainten-ance personnel,  Individually designed according to your requirements
electricians, automation staff or laboratory personnel.
The content focus of the training courses is on operation,  Integration of suppliers and outside specialists
processes and optimisation, mechanical maintenance of  Global practicability
the machines, as well as process systems and laboratory
automation. The participants are familiarised with current
developments and get to know the current state of the art. We
make your employees fit for the demands of daily operations.

From individual training courses to classic technology

forums, we offer a great variety of possibilities for training
and developing your employees in the optimal manner. Our
method-ology is innovative and is oriented to your specific

The training courses are held entirely according to your

specific requirements, at our modern training centre or at your
plants. Make use of the training courses to gain a competitive
advantage in the marketplace.
Your employees can profit from our experience, thus putting
you in the position of being able to increase plant efficiency
decisively. We can offer you the training courses in several
languages and can hold them throughout the world.
Contact us to find out just what we could do for you.

Rainer Silz
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2355

Carsten Magiera
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2861

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Centrifugal oil purifier
– the mobile answer for improved oil quality.

In a modern, shell-supported ball mill, the sliding shoes, gear unit and girth gears are
simultaneously lubricated with lubricating oil. Therefore, any impurities in the oil – such as
dirt or splash water – can quickly result in severe wear and premature ageing. This is why
we at thyssenkrupp offer a cost-effective centrifugal oil purifier that ensures optimal oil
quality and therefore a long mill service life.
Even state-of-the-art sealing systems are not absolutely leak-
Advantages of the centrifugal oil
proof during continuous operation. Tramp material can enter
the oil circuit. The result is increased wear at bearings and
tooth gearing. The components of the gear unit input stage
 Mobile system, usable everywhere
are particularly affected.
 Easy to use
Our centrifugal oil purifier significantly improves the quality of
 Can be used during operation
the lubricating oil and thus ensures increased availability of
the gear unit and therefore of the entire grinding system. It is  Free water and dirt particles are separated from the oil
especially designed for use in industries with extremely dusty (end-product fineness: 3–5 μm)
environments.  Lubricating oil quality is maintained for longer

Purification of the lubricating oil works on the principle of  Oil change intervals are extended
centrifugal sedimentation. For this purpose, the system is  Suitable for lubricating oils up to 460 cSt (viscosity)
connected to the oil supply system using the plug & play
 Wear of bearings and tooth gearing is minimised
principle. The contaminated oil is pumped into the inside.
There, the water and the dirt particles are separated. Then,  Increased plant availability
the purified oil is pumped back into the tank.
 Short amortisation period
Our centrifugal oil purifier is designed for mobile use and can  Can be retrofitted to existing lubrication systems
be used for oil purification at various locations in the plant.
The unit can be cleaned in a simple, quick and cost-effective
manner. Furthermore, it does away with the need for an
expensive filter change.

The mobile unit works using the "plug & play" principle and can therefore be
quickly and easily used with different oil supply units in the plant.

Damian Radoschowitz
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-3272

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– the modern way to analyse process gas

One of the elementary but also most difficult measuring tasks in a cement kiln plant is
the continuous analysis of the process gas. The high temperature of the process gas,
incrustation-forming alkaline dusts and corrosive gases are a real challenge for material
and technology. XTRAPOL is an innovative gas analysis system through which you can
benefit in this demanding environment of maximum precision and availability.

XTRAPOL comprises two components – a gas sampling Advantages of XTRAPOL

system and a gas analysis cabinet. A key design feature of
the system is that it is cooled with ambient air only. Hence,  High availability
there is no need for coolants such as water or oil. The
 Low space requirements
temperature of the gas sampling tube is controlled in such
a way that CO post-combustion or dropping below the acid  Thermal conditioning with ambient air only
dew point is avoided. Thanks to the functional principle of  No insertion unit
XTRAPOL, no insertion unit is required. This reduces hazards  Fully automatic cleaning
and increases the availability of measurements. Compressed  Low maintenance requirement
air is used exclusively for cleaning the system automatically.  Good accessibility
Consumption is minimal.

Our gas sampling system is permanently integrated into

the system and requires little space. The maintenance
requirement is low, accessibility is excellent. Assembly and
commissioning are performed by our experienced specialists.

Good accessibility XTRAPOL KJ gas sampling system

Heinz Bredemeier
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2720

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DIAPOL® intermediate/discharge diaphragm
- Tuning for your grinding plant.

With DIAPOL®, we have once again significantly improved the lifting diaphragm. For the
first time, the air stream and the material are separated from each other effectively. In the
case of the DIAPOL®, the material falls directly behind the diaphragm, so that the entire
mill volume is utilised during grinding. Since the individual segments are not rigidly con-
nected to each other, but can slide against each other, there is no additional mechanical
loading at the mill shell.

The greatest possible central opening ensures low air

Advantages of the DIAPOL®:
velocity and a low pressure drop. The size of the opening is
determined by the maximum grinding-media filling ratio.
 Effective separation of air stream and material
The material flow can be influenced by means of adjustable
sliders, meaning that emptying of the grinding compartment  Utilisation of the entire mill volume
is prevented.  Reduction in pressure drop of up to 20%

The DIAPOL® has a simple structure. All types are  Controlled material flow thanks to fixed and adjustable
segmented, and all wear parts can be replaced easily. lifter scoops
 Economic & rapid installation thanks to shop-ready
We use fully hardened rolled-steel plates as the wear segments
material for the slotted and backwall plates; if the application
 Easy maintenance thanks to good accessibility
necessitates it, we also use chrome chilled casting.
When using rolled-steel plates, the geometry of the slots  High operational reliability
and the free area can be chosen as desired, according to
the application. The wear plates are fastened using standard
bolts and expansion sleeves.
Thanks to good accessibility, it is very easy to change the
slotted and backwall plates. Burning-off of the bolt heads is
not necessary, because there is clear access to the expansion
sleeves and the nuts. These can easily be removed by flame
cutting. The costs for installation are low. When installing the
DIAPOL®, only a very small amount of welding work needs
to be carried out. Our lifting diaphragm is easy to set up and
simple to maintain.

There are four versions of the

It is available as an intermediate lifting diaphragm (JND), a
discharge diaphragm (DCD), a central discharge diaphragm
for double rotators (CDD), and as a pre-drying compartment
diaphragm (DRD)

Martin Frantzen
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 38 96

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– We check the condition of your teeth.

To ensure that your main drives have a long service life, we have developed a comprehen-
sive preventive check-up service: POLDRIVE®. Our experts regularly check the drive train
of your production machines. This allows us to identify possible problems at an early sta-
ge. Serious damage can thus be averted – and maximum availability of your plant is ensu-
red. This service is available worldwide.
Our POLDRIVE® staff are experts in the field of drive analy-
POLDRIVE® advantages:
sis, and have direct access to the cumulative know-how of
our group of companies. Our programme comprises visual  Regular service assignments ensure early detection
inspections, vibration measurements, checking the dynamic of damage
and static tooth contact pattern, checking the load distribu-
 Remote diagnosis is possible, thanks to knowledge
tion over the tooth faces of girth gears and pinions, detailed
of the plant history
measurement of the temperature distribution, oil analyses,
the balancing of separators and the application of electrical  Increased efficiency, thanks to the use of product
strain gauges. innovations
 Longer service life of open gear drive systems
Following our work, we provide you with a comprehensive
overview of the condition of your drives and give you custom-  Optimised spare parts inventory
tailored recommendations for their maintenance and moder-  Minimised risk of plant stoppages
nisation. After consultation with you, we immediately initiate
 Competent training of your employees
the appropriate measures.
Fig. 1
Competent training of your employees rounds off our scope of

We look forward to convincing you of its benefits.

Fig. 2

Checking the "static contact pattern" Fig. 1 - Measurements at planetary gear units with the
of large tooth gearing VIBXPERT II vibration measuring device
Fig. 2 - Wear inspection at the loaded flank of large tooth gearing

Christian Speith
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 30 48

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POLGRIND® grinding of shell-
supported ball mill slide rings
– so that slide rings run true again.

Slide rings for shell-supported ball mills have to continuously absorb large forces. Due
to irregularities in mill operation, damage to the surfaces of these components therefore
occurs over the course of time. This leads to irregularities and damage to the machines.
With our mobile POLGRIND® machining service, we ensure that the surfaces are as perfect
as on the first day of operation. This means that mills can once again operate with top

The centrepiece of our service is the systematic grinding

Advantages of POLGRIND®:
process: slide rings are carefully machined through the use of
grinding belts with different grit sizes. This means that we can
 Effective elimination of faults and surface damage
eliminate all unevenness and roughness. The result speaks of slide rings
for itself: the surfaces are once again in first-class condition.
 Documentation of the process by means of electronic
diameter and concentricity monitoring
To ensure optimum quality, our grinding device has high-
precision measuring devices. These simultaneously check  Can be used worldwide
the diameter and the concentricity of the supporting rollers.
 The service life of the slide rings and of the ball mill
Condition before and after grinding can therefore be precisely bearing is increased significantly
documented and evaluated.

POLGRIND® is available to our customers worldwide. Univer-

sal electrical devices ensure compatibility around the globe.

Circumference measuring device Grinding at the mill slide ring

Jörg Plätzmüller
Phone: +49 25 24 / 30 - 459

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POLALLOY® slotted and
backwall plates
– extremely resistant to breakage and wear.

POLALLOY® is an extremely wear-resistant material used for manufacturing slotted plates

and backwall plates. Plates made of this material have significant advantages compared to
products made of cast metals and rolled steel, because POLALLOY® offers a high level of
hardness and excellent toughness. This minimises the risk of breakage.

During the patented manufacturing process, the through-har-

Advantages of slotted and backwall
dened plate material is heated only slightly in its initial state
– its structure therefore remains unaffected. In contrast to POLALLOY® plates
surface-hardened plates, wear thus remains almost constant,
 Completely through-hardened plate material
even after the first millimetres. Moreover, when wear has been
increases wear resistance
detected, it is necessary to replace only the most affected
plate rings. POLALLOY® has a hardness of 54 to 56 HRC and  Process-related optimisations due to a specific slot
also offers excellent toughness. As a result, the risk of plate geometry contribute to an overall optimisation of
the processes
breakage can be minimised.
POLALLOY® plates are supplied in thicknesses of 40 or 50  Efficient use of the plates down to a remaining
mm; they can be efficiently used down to a remaining thick- thickness of 10 mm
ness of 10 mm.  Verifiable characteristic values of the material
As opposed to conventional systems that are worn out once
60% of the plate material has been lost, POLALLOY® plates  No slot deformation caused by grinding balls
can be used until 80% of the plate material has been lost.  Maximum resistance to breakage thanks to
excellent toughness
Our experts adjust the slot geometry of slotted POLALLOY®
plates to the specific operating conditions. In this way, we en-
sure process-related optimisation. Clogging no longer occurs
with these plates. Hence, little or no cleaning is necessary.

Cast plate after 7,450 operating hours

POLALLOY® plates with improved slot geometry POLALLOY® plate after 14,100 operating hours

Maik Bücker
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-3392

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– for high product quality with every type of fuel.

For the new POLFLAME® VN burner, numerous design features have been decisively
improved, thus setting new standards when it comes to the process firing system for rotary
kiln plants. The POLFLAME® VN can be optimally adjusted to the fuel, the product quality
and the emission requirements. High substitution rates can be achieved when using
substitute fuels, meaning that savings can be made on costly fossil fuels.
Thanks to its highly efficient primary air nozzles, the burner
Advantages of the POLFLAME® VN:
can be optimally adjusted to the ignition behaviour and
burnout performance of the individual fuels during operation.  Easy operability
The POLFLAME® VN meets all process-technological
requirements: from easily flammable fuels, such as oil,  Reproducible burner settings, thanks to patented
nozzle adjustment system
natural gas, brown coal or hard coal, via petcoke and
anthracite coal, to entrainable substitute fuels.  Long service life
In special cases, supportive CFD calculations are carried out.
 High momentum, thanks to highly efficient primary
air nozzles
The external coal dust channel ensures rapid mixing of
fuel and hot secondary air and also cools the outer shell of  Great effect on ignition behaviour and burnout
performance of the fuel, and thus on product quality
the burner, which means that additional cooling air is not
required.  High substitution rate; reduction of costs for fossil fuels
 Short delivery time, thanks to modular design and
Thanks to removable connecting elements, the nozzles and a high level of standardisation
parts of the mouthpiece can be easily replaced, if required.
Fig. 1

5 2


Fig. 2

1 Pulverised fuel / Cooling air across 4 UV/IR flame detector

concentric duct

2 Ignition/Pilot burner 5 Oil/Liquid secondary fuels

3 Primary air nozzles 6 Solid secondary fuels Fig. 1: CFD calculation

Fig. 2: Burner tip

Christian Hempel
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2446

engineering. tomorrow. together. Cement - 201

– We check your rotary kiln geometry.

POLSCAN® is a highly accurate optoelectronic measuring method that can measure

rotary kilns quickly and precisely during operation. It allows us to reliably diagnose vertical
and horizontal deviations of the rotary kiln axis, as well as the deformation, eccentricity
and ovality of the kiln shell. Availability of the rotary kiln is therefore significantly higher,
because damage is detected early.
Our experts can measure rotary kilns of any make. measurements) concerning mechanical plant optimisation.
Assignment time and financial expenditure can be calculated Plant owners around the world find that our service represents
in advance. Our range of services comprises various options convincing choice. Since POLSCAN® was launched, we have
– precisely according to your needs: measured more than 2,000 rotary kilns in 56 countries.

Option 1: Advantages of POLSCAN®:

We check the rotary kiln axis and carry out various further
measurements – among other things, the concentricity of the  All measurements take place while the plant is in
supporting rollers is checked. operation
 Defects are detected early
Option 2:
We record the deformation and eccentricity of the kiln shell,  The availability of the rotary kiln is increased
including further measurements such as the axial runout of  Optimisation of preventive maintenance through
the tyres. precise analysis of the measurement results
 Assignment time and financial expenditure can be
Option 3: calculated in advance
We determine kiln shell ovality.
 Rotary kilns of any make can be measured
Option 4:
Following possible adjustment of the supporting roller
bearings based on adjustment distances previously
determined by us, we carry out a re-measurement of the
rotary kiln axis.

If requested, adjustment of the supporting roller bearings can

be carried out by ThyssenKrupp.

All measured values are stored and are available

for subsequent calculations. After completion of the
measurements, documentation with informative reports is
generated on site, discussed with the customer and handed
over. In addition, a written report is prepared that contains
explanations regarding the measurement records, as well as
recommendations (determined within the framework of the

Ansgar Päschke
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 24 23

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POLGRIND® grinding of
rotary kiln tyres
– so that tyres and supporting rollers run true again.

Tyres and supporting rollers for rotary kilns have to continuously absorb large forces. Over
the course of time, geometric faults and damage therefore occur on the surfaces of these
components. This leads to irregularities and damage to the machines. With our mobile
POLGRIND® machining service, we ensure that the surfaces are as perfect as on the first
day of operation. This results in a decisive improvement in the operational reliability of the
rotary kiln.

The centrepiece of our service is the systematic grinding pro-

cess: kiln tyres, supporting rollers and slide rings are carefully
Advantages of POLGRIND®:
machined through the use of grinding belts with different grit
 Effective elimination of faults and surface damage of
sizes. This means that we can eliminate all unevenness and tyres and supporting rollers
roughness. The result speaks for itself: the surfaces are once
again in first-class condition.  Documentation of the process by means of
electronic diameter and concentricity monitoring
To ensure optimum quality, our grinding device has high-  Can be used worldwide
precision measuring devices. These simultaneously check
 The service life of the tyres and of the supporting
the diameter and the concentricity of the supporting rollers.
rollers is increased significantly
Condition before and after grinding can therefore be precisely
documented and evaluated.

POLGRIND® is available to our customers worldwide. Univer-

sal electrical devices ensure compatibility around the globe.


One of our experts carrying out grinding at a rotary kiln. Through the use of POLGRIND, tyres and supporting
rollers run true again.

Jörg Plätzmüller
Phone: +49 25 24 / 30 - 459

engineering. tomorrow. together. Cement - 203

– We check the condition of your teeth.

For long life of your large tooth gearing, we have developed a comprehensive preventive
check-up: POLDRIVE®. Our experts regularly check the pinions and girth gears in the drive
train of your clinker kiln. This allows us to identify possible problems at an early stage.
Serious damage can therefore be averted – and maximum availability of your plant is
ensured. This service is available worldwide.
Our POLDRIVE® staff are experts in the field of drive analysis,
Advantages of POLDRIVE®:
and have direct access to the cumulative know-how of our
group of companies. Our programme comprises visual  Regular service assignments ensure early detection
inspections, vibration measurements, checking the dynamic of damage
and static tooth contact pattern, checking the load distribution
over the tooth faces of girth gears and pinions, detailed  Remote diagnosis is possible, thanks to knowledge
of the plant history
measurement of the temperature distribution, oil analyses,
the balancing of separators and the application of electrical  Increased efficiency, thanks to the use of product
strain gauges. innovations
 Longer service life of open gear drive systems
Following our work, we provide you with a comprehensive
overview of the condition of your drives and give you  Optimised spare parts inventory
custom-tailored recommendations for their maintenance and  Minimised risk of plant stoppages
modernisation. After consultation with you, we immediately
initiate the appropriate measures.  Competent training of your employees

Competent training of your employees rounds off our scope of Fig. 1


We look forward to convincing you of its benefits.

Fig. 2

Checking the "static contact pattern" Fig. 1 - Measurements at planetary gear units with the VIBXPERT II
of large tooth gearing vibration measuring device
Fig. 2 - Wear inspection at the loaded flank of large tooth gearing

Christian Speith
Phone: +49 (0) 25 25 99 - 30 48

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Pneumatic kiln inlet and outlet seals
– keeps leaks away.

Many conventional kiln inlet and outlet seals made of spring plate often do not meet the
increased requirements of some customers, their products or their fuels. Our pneumatically
operated designs an excellent alternative. Even with radial and axial movement of the kiln,
they offer an excellent seal. The low-wear design ensures a long service life. Retrofitting of
this system can be carried out by our Service Department in a very short time.
Kiln inlet seal
Our development prevents false air from entering the
Advantages of the pneumatic kiln inlet seal and
preheater, by separately sealing the axial and radial outlet seal:
movements of the rotary kiln. Rotary kiln inlet sealing is
 Considerably less false air in the process
ensured even in the event of eccentricity.
 Separate sealing of axial and radial movements
Any feed material entering the seal area is returned to the
 A sealing function is also provided in the event of
kiln by the scoop ring. Pneumatic cylinders ensure uniform eccentricity of the rotary kiln inlet
contact pressure in the case of temperature-induced varying
axial expansion of the rotary kiln.  Graphite block lubrication ensures a long service life
of the wear rings
Kiln outlet seal  Uniform contact pressure in the event of axial expansion
Separate sealing of the axial and radial movements of the of the kiln shell, thanks to a pneumatic cylinder
rotary kiln almost completely eliminates the penetration of
 A dual-circuit pneumatic system allows servicing
false air. Efficient sealing is provided even in the event of work with minimum downtime
eccentricity of the kiln shell.

The integrated graphite block lubrication of the wear rings

ensures a long service life. Pneumatic cylinders ensure
uniform contact pressure in the case of varying expansion of
the kiln shell.

1 Inlet segments 1 Rotary wear ring


2 Inlet end section 2 Stationary wear ring

3 Rotary wear ring 3 Pneumatic cylinder

4 Stationary wear ring 5

4 Cooling jacket
1 6
5 4
5 Sealing cord 2 7
5 Slip ring
6 Pneumatic cylinder 3
6 Cord
6 7 Heat shield 7 Support ring

Pneumatic kiln inlet seal 8 Scoop for the discharge of raw Pneumatic kiln outlet seal
8 Heat shield
meal penetrating the sealing

Jens Opperbeck
Phone: +49 (0) 2525 99 - 2753

engineering. tomorrow. together. Cement - 207

Rotary kiln outlet with
graphite block seal
Effective sealing, designed for easy mounting

In the service sector, short delivery times and simple assembly concepts are essential.
As a plant engineering company, we take up the challenges of the market and are
developing a new type of kiln seal that meets modern requirements.
Here, operational reliability is the top priority.

In close cooperation with the R&D Division, the Service and

Advantages of the graphite block seal:
Spare Parts Division is developing a new graphite block seal,
with the intention of expanding our service portfolio.
 Shorter delivery times

The familiar pneumatic outlet seal shall remain and shall  Effective design
additionally be further developed with regard to ease of  Easier mounting
servicing. As a result, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions shall
in future be able to offer two  The kiln shell end section does not have to be
different sealing concepts, in order to meet the respective replaced
customer requirements.  No need for a compressed-air system
 Axial and radial clearance can be compensated for
 Low-wear graphite blocks
 Low-maintenance, thanks to the low number of
mechanical components

1 Graphite block
2 Slip ring
3 Cooling jacket/Kiln


Jens Opperbeck
Phone: +49 (0) 2525 99 - 2753

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KTS – kiln temperature measuring system
and combustion chamber camera
– state-of-the-art measuring system for a comprehensive picture
of kiln & cooler.

Monitor your process visually or thermographically, or even both at the same time, using the KTS
measuring system. The kiln scanner records the temperature of your kiln shell continuously and
in a non-contact manner, even at places that are difficult to access. The combustion chamber
camera gives a complete view of the thermal process both in the kiln and in the clinker cooler
visually and thermographically.
The kiln shell temperature scanner records the with the aid of the cooler combustion chamber camera up, to
temperature of the rotary kiln surface continuously and in a non- the end of the recuperation section. You can therefore constantly
contact manner by means of thermal radiation. Special sensors monitor the clinker distribution and can initiate adequate safeguards
ensure a high thermal and geometric resolution even at places that in the case of abnormal operating conditions, such as in the case of
are difficult to access. Interfering shadows are a thing of the past. "blowthroughs" or the formation of a "red river" or a "snowman".

The measurement data are thermographically visualised, either as Depending on the task to be fulfilled, you can choose video cameras
two-dimensional or three-dimensional diagrams. In addition, the or thermographic cameras. Application-specific selection of the
maximum, minimum and average temperature profiles across the spectral sensitivities in the wavelength range from 320 nm (UV) to
longitudinal kiln axis and for selected sections of the kiln periphery 14000 nm (LWIR) achieves the optimal quality of the image and
are shown. Critical or abnormal areas can be monitored selectively measurement data. Combinations of up to three spectrally different
via freely definable monitoring zones, and measures can be initiated cameras are possible. Here too, you can observe critical or abnormal
automatically. An integrable camera provides additional information areas via freely definable monitoring zones and can automatically
on the condition of the kiln and the measuring system. initiate measures.

All measurement data are stored on a cyclic basis in a database. Advantages of the kiln shell temperature scanner:
This means that all information regarding the state of your rotary kiln
shell is available to you at any time and from any location within your  Continuous temperature monitoring of the rotary
kiln shell
 Detection of "hotspots" and refractory lining damage
The measuring system can be installed as an independent
standalone solution or can be integrated into your network. For  Detection of possible coating rings
integration into existing master control systems, an OPC server is
 Continuous storage of thermographic images and
available. temperature profiles
A database for easily administration of your refractory lining  Upgradable at any time, thanks to modular design
including wear calculation is integrated even in the basic version.

Advanced refractory lining management and modules for the Advantages of the combustion chamber camera
comprehensive analysis of heat losses are optionally available. A systems:
tyre slip measuring system can be installed for a rotary kiln with
 Inspection of the process at any time
loose tyres.
 Early detection of abnormal operating
The kiln combustion chamber camera offers you a view of the conditions, e.g. coating rings, "air
inside of the rotary kiln. So, you always have your burner under blowthroughs", "snowman" or "red river"
control and can assess the flame shape, the clinkering zone and
 Combination of video and thermographic
the flow of material. You observe the inlet zone of the clinker cooler cameras possible

Heinz Bredemeier
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2720

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Hydraulic axial thrust system
– always in the right direction.

The hydraulic axial thrust system is a system which ensures continuous movement of the
kiln. The installation of our system results in a forced uphill and downhill movement of
± 15 mm. This prevents uneven wear of the contact surfaces of tyres and supporting
rollers. To reduce wear, the contact surface of the thrust roller is lubricated by means of a
graphite block lubricator. This system is in use at more than 200 rotary kilns worldwide.

The hydraulic axial thrust system is arranged downhill relative

Advantages of the hydraulic axial thrust system:
to the tyre. It counteracts the downhill force of the inclined
rotary kiln. The system is driven by a fully pre-assembled
 Continuous, reliable axial kiln movement
hydraulic unit located in direct vicinity of the tyre station.
Adjustable proximity switches are used for limiting the range  Lower axial loading of the supporting roller
of movement. A distinguishing feature is that the design is bearing assembly
matched to the respective rotary kiln, which means that the  Less wear of supporting rollers and pinions
probability of failure is very low.
 Reduced need for spare parts
The installed hydraulic accumulators compensate for pressure  Specially matched to the respective kiln
afluctuations that can occur due to wobbling tyres. All the
supporting rollers can be set parallel or at a slight angle to
counter the downhill force. As the system ensures uniform
loading of the supporting rollers and pinions, spalling and
edge contact is prevented.

We supply both the unit and the related components.

Assembly, installation and inspection are carried out by our
experts. Up to two systems are installed, depending on the
kiln size. Our range also includes the alignment of the thruster
relative to the centre line of the rotary kiln, as well as the
adjustment of the supporting rollers for compensating the
downhill force.

Jens Opperbeck
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2753

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The loose tyre fastening system
– for smooth running.

Today, our loose tyre fastening system is renowned worldwide as the benchmark for
quality. It makes a decisive contribution towards ThyssenKrupp kiln systems reaching
their full potential when it comes to plant safety and availability. However, plants of other
manufacturers can also be converted to our system. Our Service Department has already
equipped numerous kilns of our competitors with our loose tyre fastening system.

The loose tyre fastening system compensates differences in

Advantages of the loose tyre fastening system:
diameter between the kiln shell and the tyre, said differences
in diameter arising due to temperature differences caused by  Adjustable ovality thanks to tyre pads
operating conditions. Here, TKIS selects the design clearance
such that the ovality of the kiln shell reaches minimum values  Radial tyre clearance easily adjustable
under normal conditions. This is an essential prerequisite for  Compensation plates and tyre pads
a long service life of the refractory lining. easily replaceable
 Optimised weld seam geometry on the
Even after a long period of operation, the clearance between
kiln shell
tyre and tyre pads can be optimally set by means of
compensation plates. The alternate arrangement of the axial  High plant availability and safety
stops makes the replacement of compensation plates and  Cost-effective tyre fastening system
tyre pads particularly simple.

The welding stresses of the retaining elements on the kiln

shell are kept as low as possible. Thus, the risk of cracking at
the axial and radial stops is minimised. The circumferential
stops transmit axial loads into the axial stops and efficiently
protect the tyre from wear.

3D drawing – Loose tyre fastening system

Jens Opperbeck
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2753

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DOROL Expert Service
– breathes new life into tired mills.

With more than 400 units worldwide, our DOROL double-roller mill is a true success story.
With, in some cases, several decades of production behind them however, many of these
mills no longer achieve their maximum performance. Often, the reduced throughput of
the mills results in a decrease in the productivity of the upstream and downstream plant
sections, as well as a considerable increase in specific energy consumption.
The DOROL Expert Service stops this development and
The benefits of DOROL Expert Service:
ensures a decisive improvement in mill operation.
 Professional inspection of the grinding plant by
To achieve this, our specialists from the fields of process thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions service experts
technology and mechanical systems, as well as service,
 Increase in plant capacity
analyse the entire mill system. In addition to the mill, they
examine the separator, the coarse feed valve, the fan, the  Minimisation of energy consumption
cyclone and the filters.
 Optimum mill operation
We carry out measurements during operation and inspect  Increased service life for mechanical elements
the grinding compartment during a stoppage. Only in this
 Assessment of wear parts
way can one gain a complete picture of the mechanical
condition and the specific operating conditions of the plant.  Recommendations for further optimisation steps
Following the analysis, clear statements can be made  Analysis of causes
concerning the grinding bed depth, the quantities of false air,
the air velocity in the nozzle ring, the gas flow volumes and  Advice and training for your personnel
the wear.  Spare parts recommendations

On this basis, we can immediately identify optimisation  Calculable stocking of spare parts
potential for the plant and can increase both performance
and availability. Together with the customer, we draw up a
detailed emergency plan and put it into practice directly
on site.

With our measures, we can increase production, minimise

energy consumption and increase the service life of the plant

According to experience, an increase in production and a

reduction of the energy requirement of 5 to 25 percent can
be expected in just one week – which is the time we need in
order to inspect and optimise the mill.

Markus Bachmann
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 34 27

Jens Rüsch
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 29 73

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Coarse feed valves for raw material,
slag and coal
– effective protection against false air.

Our coarse feed valves form the airlocks upstream of the mill and thus minimise the effect
of false air in the negative-pressure grinding process, even though the coarse-grained
material is continuously fed and passed onwards. However, the material has to be sup-
plied to our coarse feed valves at a regulated feed rate – e.g. via conveyor belts or bucket
Distinguishing features of our coarse feed valves are their inspection covers and cleaning ports in the housing. The drive
low overall height and their extreme robustness. The units has a safety coupling in order to disconnect the motor from
are primarily used upstream of vertical mills and ball mills. the gear unit in the event of a blockage.
They are excellently suited to supplying coarse-grained bulk
materials with grain sizes from 0 to 200 mm to the grinding Advantages of the coarse feed valves:
system – such as limestone or coal.
 Airlock upstream of the mill
The coarse feed valves have heatable ducts. When moist or  False air in the grinding process is minimised
highly sticky materials are used, incrustations on the vane
rotor are thus avoided.  Continuous delivery of the feed material
 Especially low overall height
We offer two different types according to the application in
question: on the one hand, we offer a coarse feed valve for  Extreme robustness
raw material and slag; on the other hand, we offer a coarse  Heatable no matter whether the conveyed material
feed valve for coal. is moist or sticky
 Depending on the design, for grain sizes from
Our coarse feed valves have a robust design and a long 0 to 200 mm
service life. To protect the vane rotor, the feed material first
falls onto an impact table. The sealing strips at the vane  Easily installation
rotor and the cylindrical housing section are made of wear  Wearing parts and spare parts can easily be replaced
protection plate. To make maintenance easier, there are
 Low-noise

2 1 Hot gas inlet/ Hot gas outlet

Inlet flange
Combined spur and bevel gear unit with motor and
3 safety coupling

5 Base frame with outlet flange


Inspection cover (from size III)


4 Housing with cylindrical housing section made of

6 wear-resistant steel

View of a coarse feed valve

Petra Rottkord
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2962

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POLGUIDE self-aligning kiln drive
– because long-term operational reliability is a question
of perfect spacing.

POLGUIDE is a future-oriented girth gear and pinion drive. The girth gear and pinion al-
ways have the same spacing, both in radial and axial direction. This ensures optimal mes-
hing of the teeth under all operating conditions. All rotary kilns can be equipped with our
drive system, irrespective of the number of stations.

POLGUIDE ensures optimal meshing conditions and low

Advantages of the POLGUIDE self-aligning kiln
wear, because it reliably compensates all disturbances
caused by the operating conditions. For this purpose, a self-
aligning pinion is fitted to the movably-mounted pinion shaft.
 Optimal tooth gearing under all operating conditions
Moreover, we have designed the base plate of the girth gear
and pinion such that the pinion constantly follows the radial  Low wear
movement of the girth gear. In order always to keep the radial
 Double-pinion operation possible
and axial spacing the same, the girth gear and pinion are
each equipped with two guide rings.  Can be used for all sizes of rotary kilns
 Suitable for two-support, three-support or multi-
With POLGUIDE, you can implement two-support kilns with support kilns
greater length/diameter ratios than is the case with the
classic girth gear/pinion concept. Furthermore, in the case
of three-support and multi-support kilns, our drive concept
significantly increases the service life of the girth gear and

1 Girth gear
2 Plain bearing
3 Self-aligning pinion
2 3
4 Gear unit
5 Oil sump
6 Cover
7 Torque support
8 Mechanical support

8 9 Adjustable base frame

Jens Opperbeck
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2753

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POLYCOM® wear protection programme
– so that rolls can reach their full potential.

Since the introduction of the POLYCOM® high-pressure

Advantages of our POLYCOM® wear protection
grinding roll, we have continued to further improve the wear
protection of the rolls. ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions has
designed a wear protection both for forged, hardfaced rolls
 Customer-specific material options
and for chill cast tyres made of compound casting. This wear depending on the required hardness and
protection offers optimal and reliable solutions for a wide resistance to wear
range of requirements.
 Very high service lives are possible,
depending on the design
For moderate wear conditions, forged rolls with hardfacing
are used as a cost-effective standard solution for all sizes. For  Drastically reduced maintenance costs
high loads, chill cast tyres made of compound casting are a
 Easy replacement in the event of changed
convincing choice thanks to their long service life. However, conditions
chill cast tyres are limited to certain operating conditions.
 Monolithic roll solution for use at high
grinding temperatures
Current evaluations impressively prove the very high service
lives: Without changing the chill cast tyres made of compound  Continuous further development of the
casting, a POLYCOM® high-pressure grinding roll achieved programme
a service life of more than 70,000 operating hours when
grinding raw material with a high quartz content. The high Forged body with
degree of reliability allows a drastic reduction in the amount of hardfacing Compound casting
maintenance required for existing grinding plants. Thus, the
efficiency of the POLYCOM® high-pressure grinding roll can
fully be ultilised.

Profiling Profiling

Hardfacing Hardfacing
Base metal Base metal

Bernd Kripzak
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-3095

engineering. tomorrow. together. Cement - 301

POLYCOM® Expert Check
– prolongs the service life of POLYCOM®
high-pressure grinding rolls.

In order to ensure consistent and reliable performance, as

Advantages of the POLYCOM® Expert Check:
well as an extended service life of the POLYCOM® roll units,
regular inspections are required. Our POLYCOM® Expert
 Inspection by ThyssenKrupp
Check and Expert Check plus programmes are ideally suited experts
to maintenance and servicing of the rolls. The feed material
pull-in capability, the formation of autogenous wear protection  Detailed condition recording
and the smooth running of the overall POLYCOM® unit are all  Early detection of damage
largely dependent on expert maintenance of the roll bodies
and their profiling. The right profile care is therefore always  Training of employees
our priority when servicing the machine.  Avoidance of loss of production
 Increase in material throughput rates
The basic package: POLYCOM® Expert Check
• Inspection of your high-pressure grinding roll by a  Longer service life of the POLYCOM® roll
qualified service expert units
• Wear measurement and check of the wear profile of
the roll bodies
• Condition examination of further mechanical main
components (base frame, hydraulic system, drive etc.),
as well as mechanical and process-technological basic
settings (gap between the rolls, feed material guide,
pressures etc.)
• Recommendations on optimal operating conditions for
optimal service life
• Comprehensive status report and set of measures

Additional option: POLYCOM® Expert Check plus

• Seal replacement: Checking of the bearing seal and
replacement of worn-out or old V-seals, without removal
of the roll units
• Surface care: Mechanical re-profiling, manual intermediate
profiling, repair of local damage, optimisation of the edge
zones by grinding and repair of the wear surfaces by
removal and re-welding of the hardfacing/profiling
POLYCOM® high-pressure grinding roll
The seal replacement and surface care are both performed
together with your team so that we can transfer the
necessary know-how for effective repair action and optimal

Joachim Kleen
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-3917

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Modernisation of existing
POLCID® control systems
– our upgrade brings you up to date.

We offer all users of POLCID® C/DC or older Windows-based POLCID® systems a cost-
effective modernisation solution. With little expenditure, you can benefit from the many
advantages of a new version of POLCID®.

Within the framework of a given modernisation project, we

Advantages of the modernisation of existing
replace either all or part of the control system, while the plant-
specific application program is retained or extended. The field POLCID® control systems:
and signal cabling is also kept during the upgrade.
 Client-server structure
POLCID® uses user-friendly software tools based on current
Windows operating systems and is optimally configured for  PLC control system
use in the cement industry. The control level has a client-
 Field bus technology
server architecture with an Ethernet network.
The coordination level can be equipped with PLCs or industrial  Redundancy options
PCs. All software functions are managed centrally. POLCID®
 Standard interfaces (DDE, OPC, OLE, ODBC etc.)
has highly effective safety and diagnosis mechanisms. It has
a modular system configuration and, if required, can include  Central engineer's workplace
redundancy options.  System library for plant displays and interlock
 Security access control and recording of all activities
 Immediate access to current and historical
process information
 Logs and records can be structured as required
 Data export to Office programs
 Decentralised management workplaces
 Process optimisation modules
 High-performance engineering tools
 Complete plant automation from a single source

Section of plant display

Manfred Schertel
Phone: +49 (0)2525 99-2709

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Services for the POLAB® laboratory
automation system
– our regular inspection offers you greater reliability.

If the production monitoring system fails, this often means a loss of production. This is why
it is so important to have your POLAB® system checked. Continuous system maintenance
and servicing are the recipe for success when it comes to making sure that the availability
of quality assurance is of the highest level. What we offer is specially tailored to your
automation system and is carried out by our specialists within the framework of the agreed
Our services ensure high reliability and cost effectiveness
of your laboratory automation system. Central components
Advantages of our services for the POLAB®
of what we offer are continuous system maintenance laboratory automation system:
and servicing, rapid supply of spare parts, up-to-date
 Continuous system maintenance and servicing
information, as well as comprehensive training measures.
 Integration of new and further developments
During our assignment, we check your POLAB® configuration
 Safeguarding of the availability of your POLAB® system
for functional reliability; in the course of this, all parts
that are sensitive to wear are checked and, if necessary,  Rapid provision of spare parts
replaced. If you wish, we can also integrate new and
 Up-to-date information
further developments into your system. As a result, current
experience and state-of-the-art technology can automatically  Comprehensive training courses
be included in your installation.

For every system, we offer a customised package of spare

parts that can be stored on-site. This allows you to carry
out repairs quickly and without problems. If, nevertheless, a
particular spare part is missing, we arrange for delivery as
quickly as possible.

Our newsletter informs you of further developments and

optimisation potential. This keeps you up to date and allows
you to draw up long-term, forward-looking investment plans.

We would be pleased to train your staff in all aspects

of application, maintenance and servicing. One of our
specialities is on-site seminars that are tailored to your
specific applications.

Dr. Christian Frenck
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 3071

Klaus Daldrup
Phone: +49 25 25 / 99 - 23 42

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