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Hazards Control The Critical Monitoring procedures Corrections Responsible Records

identified measure parameter limit Method Frequenc Responsible Corrective actions Corrective
monitored y actions
Biological: conducting Bacteria NTG Plate count Determinati At each analyst Isolate contaminated Technologist Data control
Receiving an checks at the somatic cells, at 30 °C (per ons at own reception milk as possible; milk at
inadequate milk reception; acidity, ml): laboratory Separation reception
with primary density, pH, ≤ 100 000; or external containers
microflora. The laboratory Non-compliant milk is
Contamination contents of State not received.
before the somatic veterinarian Avoiding milk
Reception cells (per checks of collection from
ml): the route suppliers unsure
≤ 400 000 that unrated.
Chemicals: Tests for the Antibiotic Negative Rapide Quarterly analyst Refusing to Technologist Data control
Receiving an detection of residues tests or processing milk with milk at
inadequate milk antibiotics and pesticides whenever antibiotics or reception
with antibiotic substances necessary neutralizing
residues. neutralizing substances.
Contamination each collection
before route