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176 SKYFALL from the Motion Picture SKYFALL Words and Music by ADELE and PAUL EPWO! Slow, mysterious Dm(add9) Dm Play 3 ti L Bb ——— Hold your breath and | count ____ Feel the earth Dm Bb Gm7 . and then hear my heart | burst Cepsight © 2012 MELTED STONE PUBLISHING LTD. an EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD. A Rights or MELTED STONE PUBLISHING LTD. the US, nd Cana Con! sn Amrit UNIVERSAL ~ SONGS OF POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL. INC "A ih for El MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD. Admire by SONY/ATV MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, 428 Church Soot Sue 1200, Nahe, TN 37219 ‘Ris Resend Use by Perio T've drowned and dreamt this Swept a-way,— I'm | stol stand tall, to-geth-er. Let the | sky When it | crum - bles, To Coda €)- 7 Dm Gm7 E79 A Bb all to - geth - er F Sky-fall is | where we start,