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Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 1

What’s wrong with Vaccines?

Miguel A. Cortez

University of Texas at El Paso

Christopher Herrera
Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 2


Time and science are two things that are closely related because the time never

stops, and that is the same case of science. With the pass of the time science have made

several discoveries that had changed society, in this case, the improvement that will be

discussed are the vaccines because nowadays most of the society knows what a vaccine

does or what is the purpose for this invention. The vaccine was invented in 1796 and was

created with the purpose to eradicate the smallpox disease, the scientist founded the cure

for this disease by an analysis in the blood of the cows that were related to the virus that

caused the disease. The Vaccines nowadays is known as a substance that contains dormant

or killed viruses that are injected to the humans with the purpose to help the immune

system to create antibodies that will prevent the body to get sick.

However are they really necessary for the body, this is a question that is being

circulated among the scientist because there were some cases where the people who got

some type of vaccine died after receiving the vaccine because the virus infected the people.

Within the paper, it will be analyzed an image and a video that fits into the Iconography

genre which almost all resources that come from the media such as Videos, posters,

cartoons, photography, corporate logo, etc.; The image and the video clearly convey the

disapproval of the vaccines which supports the main idea of the article. The analysis helps

to show what resources the creators of the image and the video used to convey a clear idea

of what is their point of view about the topic.

Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 3

Structure and Delivery.

The video that is being analyzed last 9:17 minutes and it is provided by a YouTube

channel called Scishow which is most known for videos that talk about scientific topics.

During the video, the audience can appreciate how he explains about the vaccines and why

the people are concerning about this and how the Anti-Vaccine movement has been

growing , the idea for making the video was to change the point of view about the vaccines

and try to let the audience know some of the consequences that the vaccines have. With the

image is something similar because it also provides some diseases that are consequences of

some vaccines, this type of images is to alert the people about the bad effects that the

vaccines have.

When anyone is porting a video an image, even a document the first thing that needs

to be analyzed as if it will have some effect and what it will be. In the case of the image and

the video it seems to express their opinion effectively because in the video the use of

animations help to catch the attention of the audience so they don’t get bored with a video,

if the video provides a lot of information the people will not wait till the end because it is

too much information and they will not catch the idea of the video. The video uses the help

of cartoons to give a clearer idea of what the presenter is talking about and define more the

topic, it also uses some animations to highlights the things the audience should focus on,

some soundtrack help also to catch the audience attention and don’t make the video boring.

In the case of the image it is also effective because it goes directly to the point by showing

some diseases that occur as a consequence of the vaccines, also the use of the color red to

highlight their idea makes it easy to the audience catch what is the author point of view.
Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 4

Audience and Purpose.

In both cases, the intended audience is young adults such as college students and

adults that will be interested in the topic and will find some relevance in the information

that the video and the image are providing and increase the desire of the audience to learn

more about the concerns of the topic. Everything that is posted on the media or documents

related to some topic is created for certain purposes that in this case, the purpose of the

image and the video is to convey relevant information about the topic and give a better idea

of what the topic is about. The is eason for both is to informed the audicene in a way the

will be interesting in the case of the video or fast to read in the case of the image, for the

video it is harder to explain the infromation in a way that does not lose the audience

attention, because there are some things that might affect the attention of the audience such

as the duration of the video, if is too much infromation, if the voice is monotone, etc.; this

is some reason why convay some idea with a videa can be harder, but that does not mean

that making an image is easy. Creating an image can be also hard but not as hard as a video

because the image must be attractive for the audience, it must contain only relevant

information but in really simple word or sentence that conveys everything clear, etc.


The video was published by YouTube channel called Scishow presented by Hank

Gren which is really known by the people for their videos that talk about scientific topics,

they have a really good reputation because the majority of the professors in High School

use his videos for educational purposes which gives him enough credibility and gains the

trust of his audience. In the image, the author Catherine J Frompovich is a known activist

that does not support the all of the scientific resources and follow more the natural made
Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 5

medications. She has a good reputation as an activist against the vaccinations and even has

written her book related to the vaccines topic called “Vaccination Voodo What do you

know about vaccines”. It seems that the video and the image came from well-known

sources that can be trusted by the society.


In the video, the information that it's being provided are true facts that the people

can easily remember, the use of cartoon, animations, a colorful background, a calm

soundtrack that catches the audience attention were relevant to the video because it made it

interesting to the audience and also helped to highlight relevant information throughout the

video. The use of big words and the color red to remark the idea of the image worked

because it uses a color that the eyes will instantly look at that word first, also the use of a

colorful background made it interesting for the audience, as well as the use of photo of

babies that automatically the audience will make a connection with the audience that the

topic that is being exposed affects the little kids or the newborns. The video does not seem

to evoke any type of emotions because it is only informing what are the vaccines, how they

work, and the new movement that has been growing for the Anti-vaccination, this type of

video does not always evoke emotions because their purpose is to inform the society about

a certain topic. Although the video does not evoke any type of emotions, the image do

because in the image it mentions some diseases that are caused as a consequence for some

vaccines and this type of information may cause the feeling of worries among the audience

primarily with the adults that want to have babies or adults that already had their baby.

Apparently, it seems that both reach their goal that consisted in informs and advertises the

audience about the bad effects of the vaccines.

Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 6


The video was a little bit too long because it almost last about 10 min that for some

people can be boring, the video had the advantage that it uses another resource to

complement the video and not make it boring. The information that was provided with the

two genres were true facts and accurate information that helped the audience to understand

the main idea of both the video and the image and what was their topic about. The video

was very well structured because he had an order in which he was explaining everything

carefully so the audience could understand it, the presenter always tried to maintain the

audience attention by changing the sound of their voice and also making it more expressive

so the audience could see the variety of importance of the things, that also help the

audience to determine in which situations the should pay more attention to the things he

was saying.

Compare and Contrast.

It is very important to compare and contrast because that is the way in how two

things can be analyzed by finding their similarities and their difference. In this case, the

similarity that the video and the image share was that both convey the negative effects that

the vaccines have, also the format they had because in both is used the help of some photos,

big words, the variety of colors, and a colorful background. However, they had differences

in which the video used soundtrack, it also used cartoons to explain the information, and

also a big difference between them is that in the video there was someone explaining the

information, and in the image, it was only what the audience could understand form few

points. A strong similarity that both have is that both could well explain what the topic or

the problem that will try to be addressed, both seem to be really good sources the anyone
Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 7

who is conducting a research about the topic or want to learn more about this idea could

learn from them.


At the end, both genres achieved their purpose because both share their point of

view about the topic of the vaccines, also that both used really good things to catch the

audience attention. In both cases, they give information about the topic that might influence

the audience decision or change their point of view related to the topic. Although both

genres were really clear at the moment of conveying information, the one that will have

more effect on society will be the image because the video was too long and if someone

who does not know anything about the topic it wouldn’t be really interested in watching a

long video for something they don’t know, also because an image is easier to spread faster

with the society because it only takes about a minute to watch it and because anyone can

tell what is the main idea and the purpose of the image right after watching the image.
Running Head: What’s wrong with Vaccines 8


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