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Joshua Greene

Professor Blair

UWRT 1103-021

5 May 2018

ePortfolio: Reflection Letter

Throughout my time in university writing 1103 I feel I have developed a deeper

understanding of my writing techniques, and other techniques that I should use to further my

skill in writing. Alongside these techniques, I feel that through the inquires we have discovered

in this class help me now understand how to ask the right questions that lead to a good

brainstorm to help aid in the writing process. During the conclusion of this course I feel that I

am a better writer overall and that through the understanding of writing techniques and asking

the correct questions during inquiry I now feel like a more confident writer.

Before the term had started I did not follow any good writing techniques other than

having a standard intro, body, and conclusion paragraph. This had helped me through my

writings a little, but as I wrote in the first reflection I still felt like I went off on too many

tangents. Now, through using discrete claims within the intro to summarize the body paragraph

topics, I feel that my writing has stayed more on track and that I don’t go off on any large

tangents. Additionally, I feel that my writing has a lot more flow, which make it easier and more

pleasing to read. Lastly, I feel that it can be a little easier to write on topics when they are

broken down into smaller subtopics.


When writing I always felt a struggle to write about something that I am unfamiliar

about. I had even mentioned it in my first reflection paper when I stated that “I will scavenge to

find the most basic of info.” During the duration of the semester this struggle has started to

make its way past with the help of inquiry. I had never put too much though into inquiry before

this semester and when starting a paper, I would try to familiarize myself, but ended up not

answering many questions that some will have about the text. I now critique articles and ask

inquiry questions to myself to help my brainstorming. Whenever I read an article to critique it I

now think about Nancy wood and other articles that have enlightened me to distinguish the

difference between good and bad writing. By using these inquiry, I now find it easier to write

about unknown subjects because I know which writing to trust and which to critique.

Before the semester began I was not a very confident writer and had even mention it in

my first reflection with a compliment, at best descent writing. I now feel that my level of writing

has increased and that I had a deeper knowledge of the discourse of writing. Additionally, I

have gained some meta-knowledge through the techniques and inquiry. I believe this meta-

knowledge of writing will help me to further my skills in writing, as I have just started to

experiment my new skills I have learned to write in a better manor. Through the help of my

professor and the university course I have now furthered my education in writing and can now

share this with others.