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HALCRO dm38 stereo power amplifier

dm38 stereo power amplifier

Specifications and Features
Specifications and features

POWER • Operates from 90 to 140V RMS, supply to minimize E.M.I. and

45-65Hz, or 200 to 240V RMS, voltage transients, which improves
Power output into 4ohms resistive 45-65Hz. reliability and power efficiency
> 350W • Less than 100 parts per million
Power output into 8ohms resistive mains hum and ripple on the COMPARTMENTS
> 180W amplifier power rails
• Conforms with all current emission There are 3 heavily shielded
DISTORTION (Footnote 1). and safety standards compartments:
A power supply unit
At full power output, all harmonic OVERLOAD (Footnote 3). An input amplifier section
distortion orders A power amplifier compartment
THD <-110dB (<3000 parts per Recovery from hard overload at
billion) up to 20kHz (100kHz B.W.) at 20kHz into 4ohms: 1us. F I LT E R I N G
350W into 4 ohms.
THD @ 1kHz <-130dB (<300 parts PROTECTION Series and common mode EMI
per billion). filtering is present
For sum of 19 and 20kHz tones, The amplifier protection: on the mains input
each delivering 100W into 4 ohms = • Is short-circuit proof between the amplifier and power
peak power 350W, intermodulation • Has over current limiting supply
products each <-110dB relative to • Will cut out if temperature is High frequency filtering is present at
output. excessive the inputs and output.
SMPTE-IM intermodulation products • Will cut out if a continuous D.C.
each <-110dB relative to output. offset appears on output DIMENSIONS
• Will cut out if output current
INPUTS exceeds 10A average continuously Weight: 120 lbs. or 55 kg
over a period of a few minutes Height: 31 inches or 79 cm
There are 3 input modes: • Is protected against most input Width: 16 inches or 40 cm
• An unbalanced voltage mode input overloads Depth: 16 inches or 40 cm
with an impedance of 10kohm Shipping weight:
• A balanced voltage mode input The power supply protection: 187 lbs. or 85 kg
with an impedance of 10kohms + • Will cut out if most common faults
10kohms are detected in the power supply FOOTNOTES
• A current-mode input with a (e.g. over-voltage, master clock at 1 THD specifications of our typical
60ohm input impedance to minimize incorrect frequency, excessive best competitors are, 200,000 parts
cable reflections (to be fed from an temperatures etc) per billion.
infinite impedance current source) • Is protected against most mains 2 Unique to the best of our
Voltage gain of the balanced and transients knowledge.
unbalanced inputs is 30V/V 3 Indicates no excessive negative
The gain of the current mode is COMPONENTS feedback.
5V/mA (Footnote 4). 4 “Industrial” grade is a higher
grade than the “commercial” grade
NOISE All semiconductors are at least used by most manufacturers.
industrial grade in both the power
The equivalent input noise at the supply and amplifier, for reliability
input is 5nV/sqrt(Hz) for the voltage All electrolytic capacitors are
modes and 6pA/sqrt(Hz) for the exceptionally long life industrial
current mode. grade in both the amplifier and
power supply
SLEW RATE LIMIT Only highly linear resistors and the
= 100V/us lowest impedance polypropylene
capacitors are employed in the
P O W E R S U P P LY critical audio path
(Footnote 2). 6-layer PCBs are used in the power
amplifier to minimize stray magnetic
Active power factor correction fields and to accurately define
minimizes mains current harmonic voltages
distortion 4-layer PCBs are used in the power