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N° 227 - April 2018


© Jean-Jacques Bernard / HI
India, April 2009. Photo by Jean-Jacques Bernard, published as a tribute to our former colleague who died
on 13 March. Discover some of his best photos
Laethicia Lamotte –

Editorial Figure
The Sidcom would like to join those paying tribute to Jean-Jacques Bernard,
The fundraising target
who died on 13 March aged 51 years old. From 2004 to 2010, Jean-Jacques
for the 2018 Sport
was responsible for corporate partnerships at Handicap International before
Ensemble (sport
becoming a very talented professional photographer. He produced a number
together) event, a
of high-quality photo reports for the organisation, notably in Senegal, Mali,
sponsored race which
Mozambique, Libya and France where he regularly covered the Shoe Pyramid events.
will be held by HI
We will always remember Jean-Jacques as an extremely personable colleague, with high
France in three cities
professional standards, and a great sense of humour which was resolutely tongue-in-cheek.
in May and June
Our thoughts and best wishes go to his family and friends.
The Sidcom team

1 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

Backstage Front of house FEDERAL NETWORK NEWS
National associations
MARKETING DIVISION Six months after the election in Germany, the new government
Pauline Pierrot, under Chancellor Angela Merkel was sworn in on 14 March. The
21 years old, is a Federal Foreign Office, responsible for German humanitarian
third-year student aid, received a new Minister with Heiko Maas (SPD, on the pic-
studying for a ture opposite) replacing Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). The Ministry for
bachelor’s degree Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) continues with
in Public Relations at the Gerd Müller (CSU) as its Minister. HI Germany does not expect a
Haute École Albert Jacquard, in massive change in Germany’s international assistance strategies. Given the delay in
Namur, Belgium. After spend- forming a government, though, the federal budget is not expected to be approved
ing five months in Canada before July 2018 meaning a delay in the approval of new projects.
with the Erasmus programme, Eileen Schuldt –
she joined HI Luxembourg on
12 February for a four-month GERMANY: PHOTO REPORT
internship in direct marketing. Once again German photographer and jour-
Pauline’s ambition is to set up nalist Till Mayer visited an HI program in a
a voluntourism firm and write a situation of severe crisis. In South Sudan
blog on the subject to combine he met people who are carrying physical
her interest in travel with her and psychological wounds from the war.
enthusiasm for humanitarian Focus of his media reports will be the HI
work and photography. Highly project on mental health, but some photos
motivated, HI offers an excellent and testimonies will also be used for a new
first opportunity for her to dis- exhibition on EWIPA to be produced by HI
cover the aid and development Germany in 2018. See some pictures
sector. We wish her a very Eva Maria Fischer –
warm welcome!
From 11 March to 1 April HI Canada pre-
sented the exhibition “Drought makes
us equal” by the photographer Adrienne
Surprenant, in partnership with the MDD. At
the opening of this exhibition which exam-
ines the issue of drought in Somaliland, we
organised a fringe conference on the impact
of climate change on vulnerable populations.
The event was facilitated by Julien Fouilland
and Annie Lafrenière, HI Technical Advisors. They were ably assisted by L’Œuvre
Léger and Mathieu Simard, PhD student at McGill University.
Gabriel Perriau –


In January, Washington, DC’s Metro board told us that
our ads could not run on their network because the
ads were attempting “to influence the public regard-
ing an issue on which there are varying opinions are
prohibited,” and “to influence public policy.” In March,
after weeks of trying to get DC Metro to change its
mind, local news outlets picked up the story. Jeff Meer
spoke to the Washington Post and to Fox5 about the
viewpoint discrimination the Metro showed in denying
the ads of NGOs like HI, while agreeing to run ads

2 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

from major weapons manufacturers and casinos. Metro has also denied ads from
Amnesty International.
This month’s events
Mica Bevington –
4 April International Mine
On 2 March, a Charter of Commitment for the HI Circle 5 April Humanitarian work,
of Ambassadors was signed in Lyon. This is a network of sex and ethics: between
economic and society influencers co-opted to work on a exemplarity and fallibility (Paris,
pro bono basis for our organisation. Through their commit- France)
ment and energy, they form a precious circle of people with the expertise required
7 April World Health Day
to expand our influence and our regional
and national activities. Objective: 11 April HI’s 35th anniversary
improve awareness and the image of HI celebrations at Le Sucre (Lyon,
locally, create influencer networks and France)
promote our fundraising campaigns. 30 April World Day of
Photo of the first seven ambassadors Mobility and Accessibility
signing the charter of commitment
alongside Xavier du Crest (Director HI
France) and Manuel Patrouillard (MD of
the HI Federation).
Xavier du Crest –


A sponsored race bringing together runners with and with-
out disabilities, Sport Ensemble (sport together) promotes
the values of sport, tolerance and sharing. Several options
are open to participants: a 10 km race to push your limits,
a 5 km race to meet a challenge, and a 5 km walk to make
the most of the day! The Sport Ensemble Village will also
put on a range of disability sports: blind soccer, wheelchair
basketball, obstacle courses with prostheses etc. The funds
raised by participants will be used to finance our work in the
field. Sport Ensemble will be held in Nice on 19 May for the
first time, followed by Lyon on 9 June, then Paris on 16 June.
Save the date! Information and enrolment at
Anaïs Lorenz –


“Leave no-one behind - Towards a
society more inclusive of vulnerable
populations, including people with
disabilities.” This is the full title of our
new framework agreement signed on
26 February by Pierre Delandmeter, The Sidcom team
Chairperson of the HI Luxembourg Interfaces de La lettre mensuelle
BoT and Romain Schneider, Minister of Pascale Jérôme: field programmes
Cooperation and Humanitarian Action. Gilles Lordet: lean unit, strategy and
A budget of more than €600,000 was alliances
Aurore Van Vooren: Handicap
allocated by the Ministry of European
International Foundation
and Foreign Affairs (for a total budget
Frédéric Gruyer (LM coordination):
of almost €760,000) to raise the technical resources, national
awareness of, and mobilise, the population of Luxembourg - in particular young associations, FCD, human resources,
AIR, logistics/GS, IT service, finance,
people - around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from the perspective of
federal network staff movements
caring for vulnerable people.
Thanks to Kim Barrett for translating
Claude Briade –

3 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

Martin Lagneau, Director of HI
 FROM HI OR ELSEWHERE Luxembourg answered ques-
tions from RTL TV on the situa-
#BODYCANTWAIT, THE MOVIE tion in Syria. He raised the issue
of access to international aid,
“Ensuring humanitarian access,
means allowing the humanitar-
ian actors already in the field
and those who want to enter
the zone, to carry out their work
safely and allow the injured to
On 6 March, HI France, in part- be evacuated; but this zone is completely closed off, and there is a total disregard
nership with the communica- for the principles of humanitarian law.” Martin also spoke about the bombing and
tions agency Herezie, fitted stat- the issue of Explosive Remnants of War which pose a permanent threat to the pop-
ues across Paris with fake pros- ulation. See the interview (Martin answers in French).
theses. The aim of this symbolic, Camille Barbi –
ephemeral campaign entitled
general public’s awareness of
At 9pm on Wednesday 7 March,
the needs for prostheses across
Lumngen, a section commander
the world, and of how 3D print-
for one of our demining teams
ing can be used for orthopaedic
in Laos, was the focus of a 10
fitting for patients in countries
minute feature on BBC One, the
in the global South. The event
UK’s most popular TV channel.
received extensive media cover-
The feature was part of an epi-
age, including overseas. See the
sode of a series called “Earth’s
video with English subtitles
Natural Wonders”. The episode
Yasmine Silem –
was called “Surviving against the
odds” and there has been a great
response from supporters who
watched the programme. Filming
in Laos took place over several days in June 2017 and one of the challenges was to
make a film to be broadcast after the rebrand but filmed seven months before. HI
UK would like to say a big Thank You to Lumngen and all the Laos team as well as
colleagues in the DCC who supported the filming. Watch part of the film
Marlene Sigonney –


With the introduction of our new visual identity, we decided to
refresh our donor magazine. This new-look Vivre Debout is the
result of consultations with our donors, who gave their opinion via
a dedicated questionnaire. Same format, same number of pages,
only the content has changed with three sections: our work in the
world, a special report and testimonies. Download the PDF
Marie Bro –


On the occasion of the Paralympic Winter Games in
Pyeongchang, we asked our athlete ambassadors and members
of HI Switzerland to speak about their experiences as sporting
champions on our social network channels. Silke Pan (photo),
hand-bike vice world champion and Céline van Till, who took part
in the Rio games, both agreed to take up the challenge.
Marie Bro –

4 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

Stage left LIVE FROM THE FIELD Glossary
AFGHANISTAN: SPECIFIC NEED sion of excluded young people” was
ASSESSMENT launched at the start of 2016 and there
are now 1,289 direct beneficiaries. ADRA: Adventist Development and
Relief Agency
Recently, a training session on network AFD: French Development Agency
practices and campaigning techniques BoT: Board of Trustees
was set up for managers of not-for-profit CDRRMO: City Disaster Risk
organisations. The aim was to familiarise Reduction Management Office
CS: Christian Social Union in Bavaria
participants with the principles, meth-
DPO: Disabled People’s Organisations
odology and benefits of working within
DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction
a network and to improve the impact of EU: European Union
their campaigns through effective part- FSD: Swiss Foundation for Mine
On 14 December, Specific Need nerships. Forty civil society organisations Action
Assessment (SNA) was done by HI took part in this training course across HI: Humanity & Inclusion / Handicap
MEAL Coordinator. The overall objective four wilayas (Annaba, Béchar, Oran HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
of the SNA was to identify the specific and Khenchela). These organisations IDRM: Inclusive Disaster Risk
needs of Internal Displaced Persons will share the lessons learned at future Management
(IDPs), host communities & refugee events set up to share good practices IFS: Internal Security Forces
returnees from Pakistan in access to between actors (private sector, public MAG: Mines Advisory Group
humanitarian services. SNA was carried MD: Managing Director
institutions, civil society, etc.).
MDD: Sustainable Development
out in Herat and Kandahar provinces. Hugo Chéné – Centres
No such survey has been carried out MEAL: Monitoring, Evaluation,
in the country on specific needs. 1,344 BOLIVIA: SOCIOECONOMIC Accountability and Learning
households and individual were inter- PRODECO: social welfare, demining
viewed, in which 736 IDPs, 202 host In order to promote the implementation PSS: Personalised Social Support
families and 415 individual returnees of the new Law 977 on labour market RMS: Rehabilitation Management
from Pakistan. Major drivers of dis- integration and economic assistance for
placement of IDPs are armed conflict, SDG: Sustainable Development Goals
persons with disabilities in Bolivia, the SECADEV: Secours Catholique et
poverty, unemployment, insecurity in Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Développement
the areas where the IDPs have fled has created a coordination space with SNA: Specific Need Assessment
their origins. Since beginning of 2017 institutions that develop activities for SPD: Social Democratic Party in
until 9 December, a total of 34,162 Germany
persons with disabilities in the field of
TVET: Technical and Vocational
undocumented refugees returned from employment, including the HI Andean Education and Training
Pakistan. Surveys will help us to better Countries programme. One of the first UNOCHA: United Nations Office for
take into account the needs of the pop- results is the integration of the job pro- the Coordination of Humanitarian
ulation in our intervention strategy, and file into the virtual job search platform, USAID: United States Agency for
to provide better arguments and infor- a pilot experience that will help identify International Development
mation in our proposals for fundraising the job skills of people with disabilities.
issues. Valérie Beauchemin –
Beni is a remote region of the Bolivian
Amazon Basin which receives little sup-
port from international cooperation. The
opening of a clubfoot clinic at Trinidad’s
Maternal Infant Hospital with the sup-
port of HI and its partner Miraclefeet
therefore meets a critical need for chil-
dren who suffer from these conditions
and will now be able to access quality
care provided by trauma specialists
trained by Mexican experts on the
The NASIJE project “New development Ponseti method last month.
initiatives for the socio-economic inclu- Valérie Beauchemin –

5 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

CAMBODIA: REHABILITATION ETHIOPIA: EMERGENCY collected, a report including an action
PROTECTION plan will be submitted to the relevant
Benjamin Randrianarisoa


A refresher training on the services

provided in Kampong Cham Physical
Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) and the Following Ethiopia Somali-Oromo eth-
referral pathway was g provided nic border conflict, with more than 1.7
to 23 persons active at community million persons displaced, HI launched
level: Village Health Support Group, on 20 February an emergency Child
Local Authorities and Referral Users. Protection (CP) and Gender Based
The training aimed to improve their Violence (GBV) protection project
knowledge and skills on the identifi- jointly with HelpAge International. In February, RMS (Rehabilitation
cation and referral of persons needing Key government actors and NGOs Management Systems) were officially
the services of the Cham Physical operating in the region attended the launched in three regional hospitals
Rehabilitation Centre. 96% of partici- launching workshop. The project will partnered by HI. Haiti is the twelfth
pants who participated in the training be implemented Oromia Regional country in which HI has been work-
improved their knowledge and skills. Government of East Hararghe Zone ing to put into place RMS. This tool
Hiep Phan – administration of Babile and Kersa aims to promote quality standards for
districts and will respond to protection physical rehabilitation and help service
ETHIOPIA: INCLUSION OF YOUTH issues of 11,000 internally displaced providers to strategically manage their
persons and host communities. The services. Large numbers of our part-
project will focus on general protec- ners are interested in testing the RMS,
tion, child protection, GBV and main- to date three centres have been scored
streaming of gender/disability in other and received an action plan.
humanitarian actors working on CP/ Genèse Raymond Dimanche
GBV, also granted with UNOCHA
On 13 February, our Inclusive
Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund scheme.
Employment project conducted an HAITI: SOCIO-ECONOMIC
Tewodros Gossa –
Inclusive Employers Award cere- INCLUSION
mony. Three private companies were HAITI: IDRM
awarded “best inclusive employ-
ers of the year”: The Mosaic Hotel,
Passion Agro Furniture, and KootKeet.
The event was attended by 108
Government officials, DPO leaders,
employers and interns, human right
activists, and representatives from the
medias, ILO, NGOs and persons with
disabilities. The general objective this Ongoing support for Inclusive Disaster The socio-economic inclusion project
award event was to enhance the vis- Risk Management (IDRM) is being ran a training session on personalised
ibility of companies who hire persons provided with the participatory social support (PSS) from 27 February
with disabilities, towards customers assessments of three community to 2 March, targeting members of the
and local authorities. It was also the civil protection committees (CCPC) in RANIPH (national network for the
occasion to pass on clear message Bombardopolis, Baie de Henne and inclusion of people with disabilities),
on the role youth with disabilities can Mole Saint-Nicolas. These workshops a partner in the project, in the Nord
provide in the Ethiopian Society. The were organised at the request of the department. Following this training
event was broadcasted on national FM local town councils who had observed course, one male and three female
radios. failings within these committees. The support staff were selected and jointly
Anteneh Darsema assessments were conducted by the approved by HI and RANIPH to pro- project team. After analysing the data vide personalised social support for

6 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

150 project beneficiaries with disa- HI’s work to relieve and prevent psy- between our operational teams and
bilities in the Nord department (Cap chological distress in prison settings, the programme’s technical unit.
Haitien). was praised at the official opening Andriamahazosoa Joela
Fanor Gustave – of the exhibition by the General
Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice.
KENYA: INCLUSION & PROTECTION Ramanankilana Hary Cylia


In response to the drought in Northern Among its advocacy activities, HI

Kenya, HI is providing technical sup- organized a training on photo sto-
port in Inclusion and protection of ry-telling for the volunteers and ben-
persons with disabilities to Bright eficiaries of the Victim Assistance
Kevin, Alessandro and Jyoti from Centres (VAC) in South East Myanmar,
consortium partner ACTED in imple-
Clowns Without Borders Belgium, which HI supports with the Myanmar
menting an unconditional cash transfer
joined our inclusive education team in Physically Handicapped Association.
program in Mandera and Samburu
Mahajanga and Antananarivo to bring The story of Su Su Moe, one of the
Counties. The capacity building sup-
a smile to the faces of the children in volunteers from Kawkareik, won the
port will ensure the cash transfer
the schools we work with, the educa- first prize of the amateur section dur-
process is inclusive to persons with
tion centres for children with disabili- ing the Yangon Photo Festival. Her
disabilities, the elderly persons and the
ties and even in the detention centres. photo story was screened in Yangon
marginalized persons in the targeted
Using their book entitled “Learning city centre in front of hundreds of peo-
communities. On 3-4 March, HI con- through laughter”, training for trainers ple and many international stakehold-
ducted a two day capacity building and shows, they shared learning strat- ers. Su Su and HI team had the oppor-
training on Inclusive Social Protection egies based on three essential points: tunity to speak in front of the audi-
approaches in Emergencies for ACTED children must move a lot, breathe, and ence, and to introduce their work and
and partner agencies in Mandera. have their imaginations stimulated. the activities of the Victim Assistance
Jeroen Stol – Even in our offices were ringing with Centres.
laughter thanks to their surprise shows Carla Vitantonio
MADAGASCAR: PRISON and musical instruments. Thanks to
POPULATIONS Clowns Without Borders!
Ramanankilana Hary Cylia NEPAL: PINKATHON

The programme has stepped up a gear
for the Anjaratsara project which aims
to improve access to health care for
people with epilepsy. Another huge
As the multi-country programme leap forward has been made with the
“Touching Minds, Raising Dignity” organisation of planning workshops HI Nepal’s female colleagues together
winds down and our “Quartiers d’ave- for setting up support activities for the with over 2,000 women from Nepal
nir: from detention to inclusion” project project’s direct beneficiaries. These participated in the 2nd Kathmandu
closes, the focus has shifted to the workshops aim to define the project’s Pinkathon in February 2018. The
prison population. From 26 February interventions in the community, and Pinkathon is more than a race, a seed
to 2 March, around fifty photos taken the role and intervention methodol- of change, carried forward by a com-
by Robin Hammond in a prison in ogy of the civil society organisations munity of empowered women, with
Madagascar, representing the harsh responsible for its implementation. the objective of spreading awareness
reality of prison life, were exhibited at This process once again demon- about women’s health related issues,
the Alliance Française in Antananarivo. strates the close working relationship breast cancer in particular. Urban

7 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

women including young school girls HI organized a learning workshop Last February, a ToT for Adventist
to retired professionals participated of its health system strengthening Development and Relief Agency
in the event with great enthusiasm. venture jointly with Leprosy Control (ADRA) staff was conducted by HI’s
The key message of the event is to Division, the government counterpart. DRR and inclusion advisers. Training’s
encourage women to take care of their The presenters highlighted the need key objective was to equip ADRA with
health; respecting and understanding of rehabilitation services to ensure technical and facilitation skills on how
the value women bring to the family independent life for people with to conduct inclusive child-centred
and society. Wearing white and pink chronic diseases, disabilities, injury DRR training. The ToT was followed
t-shirts with “I am a Pink Sister” writ- and functional limitations. HI’s services by a training for teachers on inclusive
ten, the participants raced to promote provided through its physiotherapy child-centred DRR, co-facilitated by
a social cause. and rehabilitation units at district hos- ADRA and HI and was participated
Reena Shakya – pitals in 6 most earthquake affected by around 50 teachers from 5 public
districts with support from the Ministry schools. The 2 trainings were organ-
NEPAL: COORDINATION of Foreign Affairs, Luxembourg was ized within the BATANG READY
acknowledged. As the Nepal Health (Children Ready) Project funded by
Sector Strategy Plan, 2016-2021 has Aktion Deutschland Hilft. HI will also
incorporated rehabilitation service in support ADRA in enhancement of
a basic health package, the service the BERT Module (disaster prepared-
providers were requested to support ness in schools) of the Department of
for expanding rehabilitation services Education to make it more inclusive of
throughout the country. children with disabilities.
Prajwol Shrestha – Carissa Galla
Under the organization’s inclusive live-
lihood initiative, HI Nepal organized
a district level coordination meeting
30 members of the Roxas City DRR AND JOB FAIR
with the government stakeholders and
Management Council were trained
representatives from local levels for
on inclusive drill facilitation last 23
enhancing access of people with dis-
February 2018 facilitated by HI iRe-
abilities to inclusive employment. The
store DRR Team. Key learning include:
meeting was jointly organized with the
the need to update contingency plan
National Federation of Disabled Nepal,
and have a more organized early
a national cross disability umbrella
warning system and evacuation flow
body of above 300 organizations. Post
from the barangay to the city level,
sensitization and exchange of ideas,
identification of specific functions per
the meeting was concluded with total
thematic for relevant agencies, and
of 28 participant’s commitment for
developing a simulation script for an HI participated in the nationwide
high priority on income generation
inclusive drill. In April, the CDRRMO enrolment & job fair conducted by
activities for people with disabilities.
will have an opportunity to observe the Technical Education and Skills
Since past 6 years, HI is working on
first how to facilitate an inclusive drill Development Authority (TESDA) in
promotion of the decent employment
and then to actually facilitate the drill partnership with Capiz TESDA Schools
opportunities for people with disabil-
for the 4 iRestore communities in Association last 27–28 February 2018
ities in Nepal with support from the
Roxas City, Capiz. held at Robinson’s Place, Capiz where
Menchie Lacson – pm_livelihood_panay HI had the opportunity to advocate for
Bishnu Kumar Bamma the inclusion of persons with disabil-
ities to TVET education and employ-
PHILIPPINES: INCLUSIVE DRR IN ment. It was also a venue for some
SCHOOLS of iRestore trainees to experience for
the first time an actual job interview.
Those who have completed skills train-
ing, 514 to-date, were also invited to
participate in the job fair. Out of the 56
job seekers hired on the spot, 13 were
HI beneficiaries.
Menchie Lacson – pm_livelihood_panay@

8 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018

RWANDA: OPEN DAYS bility, acceptability and quality. tional advocacy around the social par-
Gallican Mugabonake ticipation of people with mental health problems in four countries, including
Togo. On 25 January, a delegation
from the AFD (our main donor) con-
ducted an exchange visit to the Paul
Louis-Renée mental health centre in
Lomé. One of the project partners they
met with was AVL (Association Vie
Libérée), which provides general and
Three open days were held on 14-16
psychological support for centre users.
February in the Rutsiro district. HI
Aude Bausson –
communicated on its new brand and Learning through playing is a central
its projects to 657 people. 46 other part of HI’s Growing Together project, TOGO: PRISON
people, mostly with disabilities, were and to advocate for its importance in
able to benefit from a consultation children’s life, for the first time in coop-
with the multi-disciplinary team from eration with other NGOs, HI celebrated
the Murunda hospital. 849 people con- the Children’s Day in three temporary
sulted the teams from two health cen- shelters along the Thai-Myanmar bor-
tres specialised in HIV, non-commu- der. HI took the opportunity to intro-
nicable diseases and family planning. duce to a wider audience, project’s
At a similar event in Kicukiro held on activities and promote access to these
22-26 February, 150 members of the services. Besides, fun activities such
general public were informed about as drawing, painting, quiz and games
access to full rehabilitation services. were organized for 1,368 children with
The activities deployed under phase
and without disabilities, advocating for
Gallican Mugabonake II of the project “Quartiers d’ave- the importance of inclusion from an
nir – Prison” were launched with a
early stage.
visit to the civil prison of Lomé on 3
RWANDA: EMERGENCY CARE Woranuch Lalittakhom
March. Overseen by the penitentiary
From 22 November to 22 December administration department, HI and its
2017, a continuous training on Basic- TOGO: MENTAL HEALTH partners ANASAP (the national san-
Emergency Obstetrical and Neonatal itation agency) and the NGO Village
Care was carried out for 33 nurses Renaissance have produced a situ-
from Murunda District Hospital and ation update of prison infrastructure
17 Health Centres in Rutsiro district. and “cabanon” (prison medical units)
As responsible for mother and child requiring renovation. At a cost of
health services in their health services, around 330,000 Euros, this emergency
all participants covered the national work, funded by the European Union
training package for 16 working days as part of its programme to support
delivered in 6 sessions of 2 days and the justice sector, will help improve
4 days each in residential setting and prison conditions in Togo.
mentorship respectively. This model The 2018-2021 phase of the mental Philippe Alolé Amouzou
promotes services availability, accessi- health project aims to develop interna-

9 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018



35 years after the civil war and the Libyan invasion, the
contamination of the land and roads in the north of Chad
continues to pose a threat to the population and to hinder
socio-economic development. As the lead in a consortium
with MAG, SECADEV and the FSD, HI works in the north
of the country and in N’Djamena, deploying an integrated
approach combining demining, social welfare, and inclu-
sive livelihoods (the PRODECO project). The central focus
of this approach are local committees supported by HI to
implement productive social protection systems, develop
economic activities and secure the land. The PRODECO
projects in figures: 74,200 people benefiting from social
services; 177 people from governmental structures and
ISF trained; 3 million square metres of land released in
Borkou, Ennedi Ouest, Tibesti and the Lake Chad region.
Clément Meynier –

10 La lettre mensuelle 227  April 2018