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Self Portrait Assessment Rubric

Student Name: Class Hour:

Project Description: Date Completed:

Circle the box that best shows how

well you feel that you completed that 4 3 2 1 Rate Teacher’s
criterion for the assignment. Yourself Rating

Craftsmanship of the artwork is The work wasn't The artwork needs a Some effort has The work was
aligned to the expectation stated in rushed and was little more execution and been made, but the rushed and lacks
the classroom. carefully executed/ thought. work could be effort/ thought
thought about further thought
about/ executed

There were clear (explainable) The student is able The student is The student can The student
choices made by the student in the to explain the somewhat able to explain at least one cannot explain
artwork. overall intention/ explain the intention/ thing about their their work
meaning of their meaning of their portrait work

The artwork clearly references the Several artistic Some artistic decisions Hardly any artistic No decisions
interests listed on the Who am I? decisions have have been made decisions have been have been made
Handout. been made referencing the handout. made referencing using the
referencing the the handout. handout.

The artwork includes The work includes - - The work does

embroidery/stitching ….. embroidery/ not include
stitching embroidery/

The artwork includes 2 different The artwork - - The work

media. includes 2 or more includes less
additional media. than 2 media.