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Jacob Schronce

Ms. Jizi

UWRT 1103-012

8 April 2018

Annotated Bibliography

Feeding America. “Hunger in North Carolina.” North Carolina Food Banks, 2015,

This article provided a great source of facts. It provided several statistics that showed

how severe hunger in North Carolina actually is. This is relevant to my inquiry because

North Carolina is in the Southeastern United States and can be a representation to how

this area is affected by hunger. Furthermore, it gives statistics concerning children which

is directly what my inquiry is about.

This source is credible because it is a government website. Furthermore, the research that

was done to obtain this data was done by Feeding America which is a non-profit

organization that takes the money that has been donated and uses it to supply soup

kitchens, food banks, and other helping services as these. Also, the other companies who

are supporters and partners are all companies who share the same goal as Feeding

America—to provide food to those in need. This source is credible and provides accurate,

current data.

Kirkpatrick, Sharon I.; Mcintyre, Lynn; Potestio, Melissa L. “Child hunger and Long-Term

Adverse Consequences for Health.” Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, vol.

164, no. 8, 2010, doi:10.10001/archpediatrics.2010.117.

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Although this study was done in Canada and not the Southern United States, it is still

relevant as the study was done on the effects that hunger has on children which will be

universal effects. This journal article will be great for my research assignment as it will

help show the effects that children who are food insecure are facing. Also, this source

provides good data of what hungry children are facing.

This is a credible source because it was not funded by a group searching for a certain

outcome. It was supported by the "Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research and

the Canadian Institutes of Health Research" which are two organizations that were trying

to discover the health effects on food insecure children. Also, this source was published

by the "Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine" which is a medical journal whose

goal is to produce articles on current health research for the betterment of people.

No Kid Hungry. Briefing Book 2016 Childhood Hunger in America. No Kid Hungry, 2016.

From this source, I learned about their severity of Child Hunger that is in America. Not

only that, but I learned the issues that can result because of child hunger such as how it is

a health, education, constituent, and economic issue. This is relevant to my inquiry

project because I will be able to use this source to show how child hunger plays a role in

not only the lives of the children who are facing hunger, but the society as a whole as


This is a credible source because it is produced by a non-profit organization whose goal

is to help end child hunger. Because it is non-profit, they receive their funding through

donations and corporate partners. After examining their partners, no partners will benefit
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from children going hungry, so no-one is funding this company to produce false

information. Some of this organizations corporate partners are Amazon and Kellogg's,

both of which are very well known and respectable companies.

United States, Congress, Economic Research Service, and U.S.D.A. “Food Security in the U.S.”

Food Security in the U.S., 2016.


This government report shows various statistics that directly relate to my topic. These

statistics can help illustrate the point that I am making. Furthermore, they will show the

severity of child hunger within the Southern United States. Also, this source shows

extensive research that was done on not only the severity of child hunger in the United

States, but also the causes of this problem.

The biggest reason this is a credible source is because it was conducted by the

government of the United States, specifically by the United States Department of

Agriculture. This department of the United States government is held with esteem as truly

exhibiting the truth. This report was not funded by any corporation that would want to

have the evidence falsified as well. Lastly, this report has been recently updated as of the

fall of 2017. This shows that they want to keep their information relevant and recent and

proves there credibility more.

U.S.D.A. “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).” Food and Nutrition Service,

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From this source, I learned what a "SNAP" is and how it can help those who are facing

hunger. This source will help me to explain how there are several solutions to the

problem of child hunger and how parents can become a part of this to help the hungry

children. Also, it shows the benefits of SNAP and how it helps those who are a part of the

program. SNAP is a great way for people who truly need help to provide food for their

family, provide that food.

This is a credible source because “SNAP” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

is a government run assistive program. This source is directly from the United States

Department of Agriculture’s website and, since it is from the government, is a credible

source. Also, the information on the website was uploaded within this year, 2018,

meaning that it is current information.