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(Mentor College Teacher’s) name : Mouza Alayyan

MCT Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name: Shamma Marwan

Grade Level: KG 2
Unit/Lesson: Science/ Living World
Date: 12th March. 2018

E= Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory

Competency Area E G S M US

Professionalism and Understanding X

Professional growth
Planning for learning X
Planning activities and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning X
Language and delivery
Classroom management X
Communication skills X
Monitoring and Assessment X
Critical Reflection X

Strengths of the lesson:

 Shamma begins very enthusiastically, with a big smile and a very positive attitude

 Shamma starts asking about the (flower), she asks the students to tell the parts of
the flowers.
 Shamma asks the students to stand up and she plays a video song, she starts to
sing with the students and acting the songs with the leaner. Excellent Shamma 
 Then she asks the students to read the words related to the plants.
 Shamma created an activity on A3 paper and hanged on the white board.
 Shamma asks the meaning of (plants parts and plants need), she does a quick
review before assigning the activity to the class.
 Shamma does the activity with the whole class, she asks the student one by one
to come and put the correct picture under the correct area of (plants parts -
plants need) and highlight the word too.
 Shamma is always making eye contact with her students.
 Shamma promote students when they answers, by saying “Good Job Ayesha”.
Great way of rewarding Shamma 
 Shamma asks to the students to read loudly the answers in the whole class. Good
job Shamma.
 Shamma reads a story to students, Shamma does a great job in displaying the
story, I like the way she planned to put the pages in the PowerPoint, instead of
holding the book, the students are interactive and listening to Shamma.
 Shamma created flashcards (pictures of seed (parts of the plant). Shamma while
reading the story when the keyword appear in the story she show the picture of
the word. Excellent Shamma.
 Shamma presents another activity to the learners, she asks the students to match
parts of plants to the correct word. Well-done Shamma 
 Shamma rewards the learners by giving them a starts.

Areas for development:

Shamma must set a long term goal of developing her English language skills. Luckily,
Shamma is already very fluent and very comfortable communicating with her students
and her colleagues in English. Now, she must focus on making less grammatical errors
when she speaks.

Final comment:

Overall, Shamma is doing an absolutely fantastic job! She has learned and applied a
tremendous number of strategies. A very big congratulations goes out to you Shamma!!!!
Please keep up the fantastic work until the very end of TP. You will be a fantastic

It was a real pleasure seeing you in class today 