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Logan Null 
Null  1414 N Avon St 
Burbank, CA 91505 
Film Director  (707) 782-2234 
Applying for the position of director of the upcoming 2034 film, ​The 
Kingdom Keepers​, based on the book by Ridley Pearson, ​Kingdom Keepers: 
Disney after Dark​, produced by Walt Disney Studios. 


Summary  Young, ambitious, and determined director who, having been amazed and 
involved with the entertainment industry his entire life, knows exactly 
what the public wants to see. Will see to the cast and crew’s every need, 
and will make the best possible project if given the opportunity. Creative 
and charismatic, the best fit for this job. 


Experience  Disney ABC Television Group / ​Director - Disney Channel 

Original Movies 
March 2029 - PRESENT, Burbank, CA 
● Worked with the research department to track kid and tween 
interests, values, and pop culture 
● Created detailed analyses on potential material for TV movies 
● Worked with VP’s Development to help oversee all creative 
aspects of production 

DreamWorks / ​Director’s Assistant 

August 2028 - January 2029, Glendale, CA 
● Worked independently, as well as with others inside and outside 
of the company 
● Multi-tasking in a fast-paced work environment 
● Solved problems in a resourceful manner 

Warner Bros. / ​Film and Television Intern 

April 2028 - June 2028, Burbank, CA 
● Created and maintained lists of available actors, writers, and 
directors for projects 
● Covered desks of executives, rolling calls and scheduling 
● Tracked competitive projects 

Hollywood Casting and Film / ​Screenwriter Internship 

August 2023 - November 2023, Los Angeles, CA 
● Short film scriptwriting 
● Wrote, directed, and edited four 4-6 minute short films 
● Worked hand-in-hand with accomplished film producers 
● Received letters of recommendation from Hollywood Casting 
and Film 


Education  University of California, Los Angeles / ​Master of Fine Arts: 

September 2024 - June 2028, Los Angeles, CA 

University of California, Los Angeles ​/ Bachelor of Arts: Film and 

September 2020 - June 2024, Los Angeles, CA 


Skills  Extensive experience with Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Calendar, 
  Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides, Adobe Acrobat. Familiar with 
Photoshop and Outlook. Can operate a Panavision Genesis digital 
camera. Has a thorough understanding of camera angles and 
cinematography. Proficient in screenwriting. 


References Thomas F. Denove / ​Professor; Area Head, Cinematography 

University of California, Los Angeles 
Los Angeles, CA 
Office: 225C East Melnitz 
Email: ​  
Phone: (310) 825-0294 

Becky J. Smith ​/ Professor; Vice Chair of Production 

University of California, Los Angeles 
Los Angeles, CA 
Office: 232I Macgowan 
Email: ​  
Phone: (310) 206-3398