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Juan Sanchez

Mr. B

POLS 1100

May 3, 2018

Reflective Writing for POLS 1100

This class has really taken my perspective of the political institutions to a different level.
With class discussions and debates, I was able to notice that we are all surrounded for
American government institutions that affect our everyday routine. I’m Juan Sanchez, I’m a
Mechanical Engineering major, and I have been in Salt Lake Community College for over two
years. In all this time, I have been focused most of my interest and time into the engineering
courses, which I’m fascinating with. As part of the requirements at school, I have to take an
American Institution class in order to graduate. I was completely close minded about the course
just right before this semester started. Why would a Mechanical Engineer care about American

Of course, the course throughout the semester proved me wrong. During the course I
was able to understand the political institutions, how they work around the society and how
close anybody can relate to it. One of the classes I took a couple years ago was an Intro to
Criminal justice; a requirement for Social Science. In that course we went through the fourth
amendment quite often which state the right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated. In
this class I have learned that this amendment is part of our civil liberties which are limitations
on the government power. These limitations are in favor to protect us: the citizens.

We also talked about the political science, a concept that focuses in the study of political
relationships in a society. It’s a basic concept that can be applied to many different applications.
This semester, I have been taking a Manufacturing Engineering class, where we have learned
the manufacturing process of different parts and mechanical pieces, to study the process in
how to maximize production and how to minimize our cost. While there’s many variances to

these problems, as team, we had to come to the best performance solution to whatever
product we are manufacturing; where the understanding of three faces of power that we study
in this class would have been extremely helpful to help the team decide the best interest and
the best position for the problem and achieve a good team relation overall.

By the time I get my bachelor’s degree, I’m expecting to go out and start working in the
field I have been preparing for all this time. It sounds as exciting as challenging. As hopefully
this goal- dream comes true, this class will help me to understand the fundamentals and history
of the principles and form of government and economic system of this country. I believe all
these concepts are crucial of understanding on any field you go, which provides the basis for
responsible citizenship we all need as college students.