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Infrastructure as a Service - Sebastian Segura Rodriguez 2

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It is the cloud model that best shows the difference
between the infrastructures of information
technologies and the cloud-based infrastructure
It is the capacity that is given to the consumer by
providing processing, storage, networks and other
computing resources in which it is able to deploy

Infrastructure as a Service - Sebastian Segura Rodriguez 3

and run specific software that can include operating

systems and applications.
Its main characteristic is that the consumer does not
manage and does not control the fundamental
infrastructure of the cloud, but despite this, the user
has control over the operating systems, storage,
deployed applications, and in some cases has control
over some specific components of the cloud. the
The main suppliers of this type of services are
Amazon through its services EC2, S3, SimpleDB
provided through Amazon Web Services, in turn
IBM, Oracle, Acens, Strato, participate with their
own portfolio in the computer market in the cloud.
In practice, the client of this type of services rents
computer resources in their own data center, instead
of buying and installing them. In this way, it
manages its information systems, makes use of
information technologies and reduces costs by
making use of the fundamental principle of
specialization in the work in a relatively new market
and that in the future will make possible a greater
degree of connectivity in areas as in the internet of
things, making smart cities possible too.

Infrastructure as a Service - Sebastian Segura Rodriguez 4