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holiday. We had booked two days Last holiday, My family was on vacation. We
went to Malaysia. We used a travel agent to manage our tour Malaysia. We went
Malaysia by plane. The travel agent had booked the ticker fou us. The flight wes
only one hour from Jakarta.On the plane, the cabin crews were very friendly and
they werevery handsome and beautiful. They gave us some direction before the
fligh.our plane, Garuda Indonesia had very complete facilities to accompany
passengers during the journey, such as movies player, music player , newspaper ,
magazine ,etc. We had a very pleasanet flight.On arrival kuala lumpur, We had to
go to customs and immigration. The oficters were pleasant. They checked the
document carefully but their manners wee very polite. After that, the travel agent
brough us to petrones tower and took some photos there. In the afternoon, We
went to the hotel to take a rest. The hotel was a well known five star hotel. The
room had a perfect view of the city. One the third floor, there was a restaurant
serving America, asia European food. They had a variety of food. IN the next day,
we went to sepang circuit to watch MotorGP race. I wanted to watch directly my
idola valentine rossi and took photos with him. During the race. I was surpised
because thet was my first time I saw motorcycles ran fast up to 300 km/hour in
front of my eyes. In the ending of the reca, Rossi was the first rider who touchad
the finish line. I was so happy. The two days in Malaysia went by fast. At the and
of the second day, we were quite tired but we felt very happy