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Joseph Lande-O’Malley


California Jury System

A. A trial jury, or normal jury, has between 6 and 12 people. This is the jury that decides if a

defendant is guilty or not guilty. A Grand Jury is made up of somewhere between 16 and

23 people and decides if a case should be brought to trial.

B. The Sixth Amendment grants US citizens the right to a trial by jury. To go a little deeper,

it grants people the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer,

the right to an impartial jury, the right to know who your accusers are, and to know the

charges and evidence against you.

C. California pays its jurors $15 starting on the second day of their service. The only

exception is government employees who still get full pay and benefits from their

employers, meaning the courts don’t pay them. Additionally, all jurors will receive at least

34 cents for every mile they travel to the court, one way travel only. This also,

unfortunately, also starts on the second day of service. Some courts may even pay you

an amount equivalent to what it costs to take mass transit.

D. Since I live in Santee, 92071, I would report to jury duty at the East County courthouse.

This court house is located at 250 E Main Street #1, El Cajon, CA 92020.

E. The courts get people’s names for jury duty from a countrywide list maintained by the

Department of Motor Vehicle and the local registrar of voters. It is possible to get called

for jury duty even if someone isn’t registered to vote, since it is a combination of two


F. The most interesting part of 12 Angry Men was when they were arguing about the knife,

and one of the jurors stabs the knife into the table. This scene was made much funnier

when Juror 8 pulls out a knife of his own and stabs it into the table next to the first knife.
The fact that his knife was nearly identical caused at least one juror to change his mind.

There are many things that happened in the movie that would not be possible today. To

begin with, a number of the jurors were smoking constantly throughout the movie, which

they would not be able to do in a jury room now. Additionally, they men asked to see the

murder knife, and were given the knife. Nowadays, there is no way that they would be

allowed to have a knife, or anything that even slightly resembled a weapon, at least

without an armed security officer in the room.

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