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Intern Name: Brianna Anderson

Topic/Title of Lesson: Telling time: to the hour

Grade: K
Length (time) of Lesson: 30-40 min
In this lesson…
Overview I will teach the students how to recognize an hour on the analog clock.
Standard(s) of K.9 The student will tell time to the hour, using analog and digital clocks.
Students will be able to…
● Recognize the time to the hour on an analog clock

Learning Target I can… tell time to the hour using a clock.

● What a clock is
Prior Knowledge
● What an hour is
Required ● Numbers
1. Minute hand
2. Hour hand
Key Vocabulary or
3. Clock
Concepts 4. Time
5. Connecting the hour and minute hand to create one time
● Paper plate
● Marker
Materials ● Minute and hour hands
● Fastener
Introduction/ Read the kids a story about Big Mama Cat that introduces hours.
1. Have the students talk with a partner about what they do at different hours in
the day and then share with the class.
2. Have them volunteer to come up to a poster and match what mama cat did to
Instructional the correct time she did it
Activities 3. Show the students my example “My Analog Clock”
4. Give them materials and guide them in making their own “My Analog

Accommodations None needed

Ask the kids to show me different times on their clock
Closure Activity
Assessments Assure the kids can correctly make the clock
1. Book “Telling Telling Time With Big Mama Cat”
Resources 2. Poster