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“The Future is Female” Boeing Education Workshop

Set-up: Each team leader will be placed at a table for a group of 4-6 educators. Educators will be divided
by grade level as follows: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-10th, and 11th-12th. Ideally, round tables will be used for
ease of discussion and reflection. The tables should be separated enough as avoid distraction during


Educator “Toolkit” (for each Educator) - Binder which contains all resources that will be used in the
workshop and alternative-related activities

“Build a Bridge” Tools (for each Team) – 30 pieces of printer paper, Roll of masking tape, Two cups of
Playdoh, 10 Pencils, and Weight

Lesson Outline:

1. Introductions –
a. Team Leaders will introduce the activity and provide an example by introducing
b. Ask the participants to include the following:
i. Name
ii. Personal Education
iii. Years of Teaching
iv. Current Teaching Position (School, Grade, etc.)
v. What do you hope to get out of the workshop today?
2. Build A Bridge –
a. Team Leader will introduce and explain the activity to their individual table:
i. Overall goal: To encourage teamwork and problem solving with an emphasis
on the stages of planning.
b. Team Leader will ask participants to turn to page 2 of their Toolkit.
c. Team Leader will walk through the basic stages of planning; Identifying the Problem (s),
Brainstorming Ideas, Choosing Concept, Modeling (2D or 3D), Building, and Testing.
d. Teams will be given an increment of time (found in the activity form) for each planning
section for their particular scenario. Team Leader will keep track of time and give
updates at important intervals (Teams may also keep time if they so choose).
e. After each step, teams will be given 2-3 minutes to “de-brief” on the positives and areas
of improvement they saw in that particular step.
3. Cross the Line –
a. Teams will have 5-10 minutes to discuss as a team: “What have been your greatest
struggles as a female in an academic environment?”
b. Team Leaders will introduce and explain the activity to their individual table.
i. Overall Goal: To address and understand the ways in which the participants’
experiences as educators is similar or distinct from one another (specifically in
regards to STEM education).
c. Team Leader will ask participants to turn to page 3 in their Toolkit which will contain the
“Cross the Line” activity form. They will fill out the form. (Note: each Toolkit will contain
two copies of the activity form so they can utilize the blank one for later use)
d. Team Leader will now collect each form and re-distribute them at random around the
e. Once each team is prepared, determined by the proctor of the event, all “teams” will
proceed to the front of the room with their new form and stand in a large circle facing
towards one another.
f. Either the proctor or a chosen Team Leader will proceed to facilitate the remainder of
the activity.