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POW 6 - On Patrol

Andrew Munroe

Problem Statement
The highway patrol needs to set up a patrol station that is equal distance from all highways.
Where can the station be set up so that it is equidistant from all lines?

Visual Representation(s)
Crossing, Intersections, Separate

Two Lines: The best place for a point where it will be equal distance from two line segments is
along the dotted bisector. The reason being is that the lines are a perpendicular bisector and if a
45-45-90 triangle is created by the dotted line than it is equidistant.

For the point that needs to be equidistant from three bisectors, I had to get a little creative in
how they crossed. If there are only two bisectors than they can be separated from each other or
together, however, once a third bisector is introduced, than at least two lines have to intersect. If
the lines intersect at their midpoints it is impossible to have a point equidistant from every
bisector. It seems that the general rule for these bisectors is that if two lines intersect with equal
angles than it is possible to have a point equidistant from them, as long as a third bisector is
attached in a way that the two original lines create equal angles with the third line. An example
is that if two bisectors cross and create a perpendicular bisector, like in the first image, than for
a point to be equidistant from three bisectors, the third bisector must intersect the original two
bisectors in a way that similar angles are created, such as in the third image and the forth.

A point can be equidistant from any two bisectors.
A point can be equidistant from any three bisectors as long as the first two intersect with the
third and create similar angles.
A point can be equidistant from any number of bisectors as long as they all share similar angles
and do not intersect at their midpoints.

I found this POW to be similar to the last one we did, Equally Wet, so I feel like I wasn’t invested
in the problem itself completely. I think I would change the wording of this problem, as when I
was reading it, I was confused on what it was asking. It seemed very vague. I don’t think this
POW was super challenging because, again, it didn’t involve any mathematics. I still think it was
a good problem to work on for learning about angles and distances, however, I do feel like there
might have been a better problem.

As I am not 100% sure about my answer, I feel that I deserve a average or low A. I feel like I did
the work and provided a complete answer and therefore deserve an A, however, I do not know
the accuracy of my answer so that should lower the final grade if it is indeed incorrect. I feel like
by thinking critically and providing context to my answers could be the makings of a high A, but
that is up to the discretion of the teacher.