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Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions

given below: Mr and Mrs Khanna has one son and two daughters and all are married.
Mr Khanna invited his entire family for dinner. All eight persons are sitting
around a rectangular table � three on each longer side and one on each smaller
side. Mr Khanna sits on the smaller side of the table. Rohit and Shilpa represent
one of the couples. Kalpna sits on her son�s immediate right. Ritesh sirs between
Roshni and Shilpa. Gunita is not the wife of Deepak. Each man sits between two
women. Roshni is daughter-in-law of Mr Khanna, who is not the neighbor of his

Who among the following is husband of Roshni?

A. Ritesh
B. Deepak
C. Rohit
D. Either Deepak or Ritesh

What is Kalpna�s position with respect to her husband?

A. Immediate right
B. Second to the left
C. Immediate left
D. Third to the right

Who sits opposite Mr Khanna?

A. Deepak
B. Ritesh
C. Gunita
D. Rohit

How is Kalpna related to Ritesh?

A. Wife
B. Sister
C. Mother-in-law
D. Sister-in-law

If all the males interchange their positions with the persons on their immediate
right and all the females interchange their positions with the persons on their
immediate left, then who among the following is third to the right of Deepak?
A. Gunita
B. Shilpa
C. Roshni
D. Ritesh