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Angela Poblano

I currently attend Carson Senior High School in Carson, CA.
● GPA: 3.916 (Weighted)
● Class Rank: I stand 19th in a class of 374.
● For Fall Semester 2017 I was enrolled in the following classes:
Yearbook SH A
American Government
College Peer Counseling A
AP English Literature A
Journalism 2A
Drill Team
AP Computer Science Principles A

● For Spring Semester 2018 I am enrolled in the following classes:

Yearbook SH B
College Peer Counseling B
AP English Literature B
Journalism 2B
AP Computer Science Principles B
Sociology 1 (College Class)

● Editor-in-Chief for the Trailblazer: The Trailblazer is the Carson Complex School
Newspaper. We write about interesting topics that are the perfect combination of serious
and entertaining. I was a staff writer for the 2016-2017 school year, and am now the
Editor-in-Chief for the 2017-2018 school year.

● Editor for the School Yearbook: As an editor for Carson High School’s Yearbook, I
help organize ideas such as the overall theme, layout, photos, and aesthetic for the
yearbook. I became a staff member and editor in the Fall Semester of 2017, and plan to
assemble this year’s yearbook as the best one yet.

● Color Guard/Drill Team: I am a member of Carson High School’s Color Guard/Drill

Team. We are a team that combines both dance and tall flag routines. During the summer,
we practice 3 days a week, 2 hours a day in preparation for fall semester. Throughout the
fall semester, we perform with the marching band at football games – we perform during
pre-game, halftime, and on the stands throughout the game. During spring semester, we
compete at SHARP competitions and represent Carson High while doing so. I have been
a member since my 11th grade year.

● California Scholarship Federation (CSF): CSF is a program that allows members to

gain opportunities for scholarships and community service hours. We have monthly
meetings where we discuss different events coming up that empower us to help our
community. This is my second year being a member of CSF, and my goal is to
accomplish more than 10 community service hours.

● Educational Talent Search (ETS): ETS is a program in the College Center at Carson
High School. The advisors behind ETS check in with us when needed in order to make
sure that we are on track with our A-G requirements. They also provide us with many
opportunities such as field trips to colleges, information on scholarships, and help with
our college applications.

● New Life Christian Club: The New Life Christian Club is a club that was organized by
Sr. Deur. We have weekly meetings where we go over different bible verses and relate
them to personal experiences and current events. I have been a member since my 11th
grade year.

● The Natural Beauties Club: I joined the Natural Beauties Club in my 11th grade year.
Natural Beauties is a club that focuses on becoming more self-confident and learning
how to embrace our beauty from within. I participated in the club’s 2017 Annual Fashion
Show as a makeup artist for the models.
Volunteer Work/Community Service:
● College Peer Counseling: I am currently a peer counselor for the class of 2017-2018. As
a peer counselor for the college center at my school, I plan to help my fellow classmates
by providing them with information regarding college and how to prepare for their career
and life aspirations.

● Child caregiver: I am a very active member at my church, Calvary Light Christian

Center in Wilmington. Ever since November of 2013, I have volunteered in caring for
children in the church’s nursery.

● Junior Intern for Boys and Girls Club: The Boys and Girls Club provides many
helpful resources to their members, and even to those who are not members. Since
January of 2018, I have volunteered as a junior intern. As a junior intern, I provide my
assistance to the staff and members of the Club.

● Guest Speaker for Boys and Girls Club: During the summer before my senior year, I
volunteered to make a presentation to elementary/middle school children in the Boys and
Girls Club of Carson about the different college options they have in California.

Special Programs:
● Senior Bound: During the summer before my senior year, I took a senior bound class
with the Boys & Girls Club that was created to help prepare students for their senior year.
Throughout the class, we learned about the different types of colleges, financial aid, and
we also went on college field trips.

● SAT Preparation: During the Spring Semester of my 11th Grade year, I took an SAT
Preparation class with the Boys & Girls Club at Carson High School to help prepare me
for the SAT I took in June. The class went over all the different SAT sections: Reading,
Writing, Math, and the optional Essay portion. Students in the course were required to
take two mock SATs throughout the course: one at the beginning and one at the end.
● AP Readiness: I enrolled in my first AP class during my 11th grade year. At the
beginning of the school year, my teacher and counselors encouraged me to sign up for
UCLA AP Readiness, a program which would prepare me for the AP exam in May. This
program takes place once a month throughout the school year, usually on a saturday, and
provides a variety of classes that focus on specific topics that students from different
schools may be struggling with within their AP course(s). Last year, I enrolled for AP
Environmental Science. This year I have enrolled for AP English Literature and AP
Computer Science Principles.

● Honor Roll: I have received the Global Business, Law & Government 3.7 - 3.9 Grade
Point Average Gold Award in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

● Colt Love Award: I received a Carson High School Colt Love Award on May 31, 2017
for demonstrating outstanding citizenship.

● Certificate of Participation: I received a Certificate of Participation in recognition of

participation as a member of the Carson High School Marching Blue Thunder in 10th,
11th, and 12th grade.

● Certificates of Appreciation: I have received a Certificate of Appreciation from Calvary

Light Christian Center on December 16, 2016 for being an active member at my church.

● I plan to major in Psychology.