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Our Vision

The Learning Exchange strives for

excellence in literacy by promoting and

fostering a commitment to life-long learning
within the Laval and Northshore English
speaking community through outreach,
prevention, and training. xcellence in Literacy

Our Mission
The Learning Exchange (TLE)/Centre Lire-
Écrire is a volunteer not-for-profit
Providing services since 1989

organization dedicated to addressing the

needs of the Laval & Northshore English
speaking community. TLE serves, recruits,
trains, and supports members of the
community through reading, writing,
numeracy, and life-skills programs. TLE’s LEARNING CENTRE

Our Mandate 2100 Blvd. des Laurentides

Vimont, Laval, Quebec.
• Adult Literacy Tutoring: One-on-one H7M 2R5
and small group instruction to adults in Tel: (450) 688-2933 ext. 3126
need Fax: (450) 663-1290
• Volunteer/Tutor Training

• Public Awareness and Sensitization

• Volunteer/Student Recruitment

• Community Resource and Learning Darlene Brown

Centre B. Ed., M. Ed.
• Volunteer/Student Outreach and Karen Mockler
Retention (450) 688-2933 ext. 3126
• Prevention and Intervention

Resource Centre
Wo rkshops
Our Services Our Resource and Learning Centre offers a
TLE offers an interactive, hands-on Basic
professional environment in which to work.
Tutor Training programme for all new
The center houses a diverse selection of
Book Club resource & learning materials for students,
tutors, educators and parents, including
A Reading Circle, run by volunteers, takes audiovisual equipment/resources, and Wo rkshops
place at different locations, in Chomedey, Internet access.
Laval on a monthly basis. Additional workshops and training sessions are
offered during the year to tutors, students,
Student Chat volunteers, and parents based on funding and
Book Sharing
the expressed needs of our members.
Student Chat is an event organized several
Book exchanges, give-aways, and sales take times during the school year for learners to
place at the CDC ~ Laurier Vimont Adult have the opportunity to come together with Events
Education Centre on a regular basis. fellow students from TLE and/or other
literacy organizations. Volunteers and students are recognized
throughout the year for their hard work and
Computer Acc ess
accomplishments. TLE’s activities provide
Student Services members with opportunities to meet other
TLE’s Resource Centre features a computer
corner, equipped with new computers, students, volunteers and tutors, and
Services for students include: encourage participation and involvement in
resource materials and Internet access.  individualized education plans TLE’s literacy programme.
 free tutorials and materials
Family Literacy  free library membership
 free access to numerous events Members of:
In our efforts to help create new family
patterns and promote life-long learning as a Tutorials Literacy Foundation of Quebec
priority, TLE provides Family Literacy
prevention and intervention programmes, Literacy Volunteers of Quebec
From September through August, trained
events, and workshops to parents, schools and volunteer tutors work one-on-one or in Quebec Association of Adult Learners
families, designed to instill a love of learning small groups with adult literacy students.
culture within the home. Quebec English Literacy Alliance
Volunteer Bureau of Montreal
Tutor Talk & Volunteer Voice
Tutor Talk/Volunteer Voice was developed
The Learning Exchange’s newsletter News to bring our tutors and volunteers together
& Views and QELA’s student newsletter are in a fun informal setting to meet and discuss
available online at: tutoring and volunteering issues.