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CR uae “=. SERUBIURA —~ ' ARISE ARISE Words by Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser Music by Max Cavalera, lgor Cavalera, Andreas Kisser and Paulo, J. oe as i Fst Rod J #208 Gsuris as Fs s eee J oer Intro eg (Ome ksomdetien) Gre = : (Approx 27 sx.) (contin notation) Bo Ply 4 timer BS Gut Gus 1811 Play $ times Bs BS = Ry. Fig 1 ee ss (end Rhy. Fig 1) Cepyight © 1801 Rowttock Mas, tennatnal Copyig Secuo! APIs Resets 3 Ne. (end Rhy. Fig.2) 2 aut © = —— as = Z 77 goes 7 : Jae | m4 a Bs ns = m Gas E $ & = a =s “Gis TE fa Ry Fe 2A Gir 14) (eed Ry Fe 24) ct 2 Perret PM PM pM. EM Gill 2 = + ¥ . 2: Gk. Ho lettotsish, 5s Paz: = ——r* = —=_ i = i ¥ 1LOb soured, ob soured ob + seured, ob - | yg BBM 20 61.119 (end Rhy. Fig. 28) SSS r=] - Joe) eee ee Z ee ca eee —— 3 ° t — $ Ian Veros “ocd ndovin i Vw enly sin tp TG me) Se ; FSS ; rs epee bp te. du Mine” mous Fs BS mnt iS - Spe a Se = 4 = Sn oe Why ae Bes) Ngee oye dom Prob tems "se sna (Gus ont) Chorus 2 Se exit, — es) STS + be - a ton of oman - Ow To Coda (end Rhy Fig. 3) 47 OOS AIS Abs FS wihahes SNe Teds Tod fo 1 1 BK SS = = — ———+ : x ceeeegeeat eee ay =e Tareas 2a Vere why Fe 2k wily Fe 28 TAS Limes) A gs fz aaa to 3939 ee oe (4th time cont. in notation) Ne. Plopttimes AS GS AS 03 FS Halim feet et = : = a F i “t t Agee ui aah ae Rhy. Fig ‘end Rhy Fie. 4) == — Fag Se? Pe Se Po 3 ca (end bafiime fet) abs OS Abs G5 (raza) sitar solo e Dato repeat. Nc Gua Hm, ie (tse, = hor — —— ; ae ———— Seen = ve go eto ih PM. 7M. a Pat = 1 = ae = =F i , ‘wiRhy. Fi. 5 (3times) Gut rated ibrocrted fy Missing rebar abet: fel v Fe ire A + = = a als os os As GS ws G5 NC. Ske po See i jo a = rar PP os Rt * 8p 4 Te = * ~ 7 eer ox Fo * (Gte tout) "Palla op ‘w/Rhy.Fig.2A (2 times) NG. 8 Ne. = oe Vie = time Riff B (Gee 11) —— vada a a EM. * PN rn (od Rite) EEMRETSEErcccccu, Gus, FS Gs 7 : i — Seok wis, fa ty < eS ————— = ¥ Tye ne land, Tm from no. where, Oe ope DS. al Cod ES x moo eres - Ashes to aah-os, dun dt gS & To ee eS —— f === sy, (We alt FS LES = ES ed. ——_—3 eae ee. 2% = m e ‘ DEAD EMBRYONIC CELLS ‘Words by Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser Music by Max Cavaiera, Igor Cavalera, ‘Andreas Kisser and Paulo J. a ee ee ee ee ee ee = fi ft, fat Dish si, to nto. (*Seund eects) Nc. _BIS_NC. FIS_NC aos Bes NG BS NC. OFIS. NG FES NG~ BBS NG BIS AS: . = ss ee alt time feel. ay 4 mes Ths d Rhy. Fig Play 3 times NS Fs NG SNC. FSNC FS NC FSNCG FSNC. FS CCapright © 1901 Roadleck Mus, ne Irneratnnal Copy Secured Al Fights Fosorod wt (end Rhy. Fig. 2) Rhy. Fig. 2 (Gts.1.4 tb) ——— °sesddess 32 w/o. Fig. 2 4 thes) NC Fs 5 c= = uu 1“ zal aw wee pew: FSNC. FS Fs ES FENG. FS (end Half tne Fee) (Gites TTY out) ae” $2 __# te te a eee get —_ hee = 5 - oe = oa “ 2 Play 4 timer FS NG FS Ges os Is, ed Verses ES FS NG, Gs ots GS NC GS GIS GS NC Riiy. Fig. 3 (Gtr. 16 1) why. Fg, 3 times) FS NC. Fs SNC. GS GIS_Gs NC os Gis ————— a = ea - tow. b- 8 2nd tine Gir substi Rhy. FIN? (esume Rh. Fi. 3) os Ne. os cts ME CS onc os ais —F = Se & if + tng Ee. ek os Xe os cts GE ots FS NC aS = t = = = 3 j ¥ wes in > ones em = oo To Conds fad FENG. GSGtS GING ats® os nc. osc#s FNC. gr : SS — = e Pee No top force bie “by tedtaol-p = i. xe Girt 61 (contin dashes) ‘Half time feet Gover 2H. ht (ead half time feel) Fas E_FIGS cs aim GSC: ei <7 Ja —~d iad add et Double am fo ono as Gm (end Ry Fie 4) eee ms © rf ERSTE wi Fi 4 es ~, PRA pas I oo co mee me 2 nee eee ee Bs FST a5 045 SS Awd full of shit coming down, Tiib-n| w= -enes-evryewhee oon co = oon Ome Owe pone use as S sos Bos oF Fis oscts f= fae i hf neat eee We ik in your other tae 4 Gare FS eS tell 5 Gus. 61 I ; =a —-? = (end oui in ed Gee 8S, FSNG. FS ts cs - ie ——e ga gas 3705 foe sige vis eee — = 5; Tt + Ee 2nd Verse « aT} t SNC _ 63 GM8 G3 NE. Gs0t5 osx. Gs GH Fs Ne. —— 2 = ee oe fa t 2a ee mT nce pore eee ee wig iy 3 (03 barony) = FRE cs ais_os veo os.ots_ as Ne pe ee eae z = yEP —H + pepe arate fd cane tt fa ‘ Chon wity, Ft SIRO Fi (mes) Fe pisas BS NC BS Bis AS Bis xe. a i es Bs ead em-uy-on - ke 15 ol ine feed res Gir 2 z = call. RAE (Gtr, De (Sing Ist time only) ii om suit 4 ou * $4 Bis be Sopa aie ae Pant PM | Peand = + —_ * : . * = Cerda tim foe Double te fel 55 ‘Cont i Brae ow a eee Fs ¢ = — te she 9 fH — Gg i — = — Gir 3 Stim — ay we fel con RAPE (Gre 1 Hp ono PM, 4M wR C sane) Ne dened fu tre Bs | ri = ° hes. AL nal pmm- 0 ni ton, the tnth w/ReeA Cau.» [Ruta (Gu. D 2H Play 3 times @ 2x, i Ais_Bs ABS 7 wl Fa Ta AT PrerPrererer rer! : 16 Guitir solo /RiftDC4 times) N.ciEs) tt 2s ae a ae fe ee tel —— ape ~ = aes fee 2 ioe ed ee Hig eae ft e mot as es ae ee. e = (65) a5 IRI C (4 mes) “ cas) eS Rif D (Gir. 16 1) 7 ss Tree alt ume (d = 106) NG Te ae RE Ty ¥P TP TP TF TF = “2 coe 6 o Es ae Ne RIFE Gee) w/RUTE PATE. «= +e coon May tiimes SIR Pay 31imes YE end double time fee!) FS Gu. mou) a Play 8 times e000 DS (Tempo 1) Coda Ta ine fst ae Gens Sed bar of Rhy i ste Rb. Fi WHY. Fig. 1.6 tine) ne Nero ee Rae eee FS Es Bis AS # Pt eo ae oo ¥t = t t es ae i er ree Wen torn with bis rss Bis AS Bis NC FS BS BIAS Bis NC. = —, py gS =e ate et — : vain Sul = fr re: mi Roy. oe cae Germ (od Ry Fie 3) cma Tes Ts F ED ree cua (ena nar une et 8 = a Fs gs Pad £2 2 AID es SY == be 6 z ——— = ee wth pain eee aisaseis Eas ST as ST Bis AS Bis os = De i as = be ; = = = —— z Sut = fer reo + mal xn ee Gam pr. Qutat EFS BRSE AS ots Sr ieee Oeer i 18 DESPERATE CRY Words by Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser ‘Music by Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera, . Andreas Kisser and Paulo, J BSIF GS Fs Bis Moderately J = 126 DISIAT BS : Wein hy. Fg (2081) (od Ry. Fig. 1) * auf (ADpIO 12866) derringmeeo + 2 “Nya sting scout. ‘wiRby. Fig 1 (136times) why. FALL DISIAE Bs Dbs/at ES ogS Giese 1 Play 4timer Bletie widatordon, Disvat Es DISIAA ES DESIAN ES ISIAE EB (Gites 11 In) Gee 7 2 * 2 PM. 4 5 Get (Gee tou) Copyight © 1001 Read Musi, ns Ineomatona! Copyright Senwod Al Rigs Reseed 19 Half ime feet Dis NC. Dis NC. DB NG Ab. Fig.2 (Gis. 111 (cod halftime fet) 20 1s, 2nd Verses plea - sure wind hy. Fig.3 (Gur. 11m) (end Ry Fie 3) . = =F ¥ = Sa = = = when ie ends nin = nO your tones Bs NC See ——— = = con eehe te it take Am ton bom of for gots ten dS'= tant time. reer Sor , =} ee Rhy. Fig. 4 (Guru. & (ead Rhy Fig 4) ‘wRhy. Fig. 4 @ times) DSIF ES pisiP Es of ins sine male al we hear, = tion ot in = sane mule) r foto. ‘Half ime feck : a why. Fig. 4 (1ot bar only) ‘wih Fig. 22 times) BSF Dis NC Dis Nc. pis Ne. ee fer = ae. ‘(end halftime feel) — | Dis Es Dis NC. Dis Nc. Dis Ne. pis ES at Faster J =236 BSI ss ovr ee FO - n " " es per ate ov. Cr teont sons Gus. on Gem 5 4 Fs 4 ; es (ont. in notation) Play ing tear, Om Ore Gts Gs Fis Gs FIs EOFS BS Gis GS FIS G5 FIS EFS foie cae eb Gore Double time feel Es cts as Ais os wis Fes es Bs en ay. en Jin a Bets ages See PM ies End les fe» prow sion by a Ow (end Rhy. Fg. 4) ; . mes 7 aa io? Se : eee = a ma- jor = t+ A mas ter with = out com ~ mand, FS BS 3 # Fs BS tat is des as sO a Play $tmes a ~~ DDD IFA FFB FT ITT 3 TT 3 mace Bast C Os z ‘Counter = felt answers wiky Fig. 5 (times) 5 Bs ors FIs ES BS FS FHS a jing blast, 80 per = ception iby Fig-5 (Gees 1 11) (cad Rhy. Fig. 5) BS Fy BS FS FHS ES AL tered state, more = ae = fon Shin = ing lie. 51 Slower J = 108 ES as ts as Gre. is (end doate tine fel ei ae Fs BS FS His BS. . Mat s—~Sa). 4 ID), AL- tered state Dm Ore On On os _as atsasoisascom 2” asats BT as obs BT asaisascisas es as chs BAS I Lear eo tino ed I DD de a oe PM. PM, + PM 2 PM. One Gen Gera bes ots BP asaisasatsas com sats Fas cts EAs Gt5 a5 GIS Ady, PIES 2. S92 4 JF) Doe ae) 7 STI pM ine! PM. (nd Rhy Fig 6) FS_ES FS_ES FS_ES FS FS FS eee ae eee a dace: ‘wiRby. Fig. 6 @ times) FS ES FS BS FS ES OES ES FS ES FS BS FS BS FS ES FS 82 FS ES FSES SES FS ES BS ES Riff B Gir 111) (end Rit) ke. ae o PM 4 + pt saaed — = oe — es * e = = a ee ee ee = sb zai Haonizer ae for et swiRby Fig. 6 (is 3bart only) and Riffs B & BL FS ES FS ES F5_ES e ouv (Gere. MH &TV out) — pick tide wivah after Fready ass any BLE Fis BS BOS_ES Fis_as Bhs_ES Ie daa oe 6 Aer Geo Sapa eee SPM HM, i PM PM Cn = = “Throaghoot Ry Fi 7-py only lowest nate of chord waea BM. late = 53 (cad Ray. Fi. 7) HS BS WR. Fig. 7(@ times) Bs ES FS BS BMS BS Fis Bs AHL pitch E bbs ES FISBS BIS ES HS Bs ul wiRhy Fig. 7 (st 3bars only) BS ES FIS BS BbS ES FHS Bs BS ES He HE tH nA AR = Fal aa ee mh WIRhy. Fig. 6 a Ae, ES FS ES a wid va ceatingrancon fdhk. PN WR. Fig. 6 (1st 3 bars only) Fein FS BS FS BS FS ES (G.Vow) pee oe iy (conn Fe 9 Fig 8 ES, FS. Ge JJ. Vera ie WRby. Fig 66 tines) Pat Bs FS FHS Stow talk — at Bs thoughis Aa deat scrip FS FS EBS FS Fis Con uo - ver ‘ial tes — [Snow - ledge chang = e5 On Gus F > Tall ¢ Fey = Ray. Fig 9 (Acous.grr) (end Ray. Fig 9) 55 Hatt ie fect Phy tenes ‘yy Fi “hay 4 ines 5 % . Onn Qn Es aise SW aise Sposa Bist ond . 4 ere a 4 ‘sbatkate © (open) Taintine Acow, "GU: Esubsliue E (open) fee widely reps. i su a Play tne e Rots os eis os wis Ss, Be x SD eee Ce ed oer a ee climes fs vd ace oes : 2 ESE i iu. Double time feel ig bar oy play ols Jowes herd wnen PAI i mciete. (e201) igs sine) S wy, Fig, 10 (2imes) = os ris os wis rs es 8 cts os vas os wes" Fs yao Run - ning the wrong a tion. Gros sing with blind eyes. — 7 Gore GES GS FISGS FISE” FS ES = i aa Sars (end doabe tne eed Of cis os vis os vis E" esas Bon ts Gin a s Pete td — Se nl se eee a had Meee eet! fe ‘ a SS es ‘Sen isy can't “in = vade.— grad. rit sai a ‘Slower J = 144 iP 1 (Ou. Ry Fig. 11 64 ties) mee (end Rhy. Fie 1) Spek eshpeeed Roce 1V) ee (Gut cd) envied) 2 eels ——= vos loro = Fs Gere Gr. oi. Psyop y _(Gir.1V oat) 2? Gu non eos vet 9 Sa! ) ‘ipick scrapes aid (Gtr 1V) eo og os = rs ——— = ren bay Fobk. we Fae pches © Ht o7 UNDER SIEGE (REGNUM IRAE) Words by Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser ‘Music by Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalora, ‘Andreas Kisser and Paulo, Jr. Bs FS Abmst4 Abs, BS 4s, fo *Moderately J = 108 Hall Gime fel havo NC Play 6 tones Se ‘Gradual se for next 2008 ‘why. Fig. 1(4imes) ajToust 4 Ploy ¢imes AmaiTvastd Rhy. Fig 1 tonreey Gere LAT fees deus x ‘Abmaftsust 4 *Acous. BE f0 - . Ploy dimes NC Play 4 mes It ie only oes Ges. abs rie PeSpoken) The dual substance f Chris, he ‘yearning + nideay ets ond sorrows. mystery 0 me, —_-my_principle anguish (tas: ES is ESYE cbs ° car Dah Gola ime te= cs BS ooyig © 1981 Roalok Mus ne 58 Intonabonal Cooyiaht Secured Altes eaered eames oc: Te abe eins aaa Gsxc asncpis es | Gis nc ats Nc Dis ES GNC Gis NC Dis ES Riy Ret {ena Rng. Fg 2) ve mM wiRhy.Fig.1 Gtimes) ES ne ES Ne Sut - fo - que me scum with merdi-or = y Ty + ing and chang. = ing your. fate An - 20 ToCoaa et a == naeabes = : ee ere Be we ame ane eed Gre Pa 59 Slower J = 144 mn ws rT Doe Boe (Spoken) From ny youth — onward has een the incessant * widely eee merciless Date bemweer he iit nd the flesh. And ny sod & tte arena where (end hal ime feet) 2 Se eee See ee a ee = leash - ing blood = y Rhy Fig 2(Gus. 1811) The sa. ced emt (end Riv Fig 2) wi Fig. 2 AISGSN.G ES: AS GS ONG. FS ES Con sumed by mur det - ons sin + ners Psy - chot - ic 60 hd) Bs bibs) In - sane! Gus. 1811 BS) Bs me “Ging Ist time only) oS (end hal time feet) Rhy. Fie 3 6 Ne FS ONG FS xe. Fs NC FS Ne FS ONG FS Ry. ig. 34 * b Lv - ing inky ing Bhs Bis) (end Rhy. Fig. 4) wiRy. Fig 4 ES BS DS cS (NC Bhs ‘Tei- omph of death inthe waste = land Blcod —signt your WIRby.Fg.3A Play mes wiRthy. Fig. 3(4 times) DS.a\Cota BOS) NC FS NCFS NC 3 tp + i= taph, Re 3 xe Pe tie ' Rip Fes s (inte verre mM ‘wiRy. Fig. 5 (12 times) Guitar solo ‘why Fig §(120imes) ea NC (i3ma) i= AitpiaecA FF OB 63 a ey wa 48 un WK an AH (Gre cut) = } Sen : | ‘Half time feel BS ES FS ES PbS BS ae S =A Apes 3 a 8 Ss aT (Gren out) H MEANINGLESS MOVEMENTS ‘Words by Max Cavalera and Andreas Kiseer Mui by Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera, ‘Andreas Kisser and Paulo, Jr Enis ‘Moderate Rock =124 Tato Nc Rhy Bill 1 (Gus. 181) 7 PM, - 4 ~ +2 a to NC BS NC | BS NC. BIS NC BS BS BS NC. BBS NC Bs teen a dst gy8§$ (cont io noaton) ne BSN als Bs Bis Wet a Seiad eee gs te. g55 SEES see 200e oe eee ees tee eee | $555 358 $ feeee eee sees oe3e] ° 3 eos cs Play 4:imee Double time feel BS NC BsNC BS NC BING. BISNC BISNC BAS Bs Bis NC Gore T&T Rhy. Fig t (end Rhy. Fig1) ‘cosytght 1061 eacioc Music tc. \ntamatnnl Copyeght Secu Al Rigs Resend et Worse (wR Tig, 12 times) ea cue tae snc Bs 85 BNC me ise ae eae See 64 Et SSS TS 2 Snes oe See oar: Serra sek = an (end double time feet) Fig.2 BS FIS ES IS FS Gs ; hen BS NC ws OBS NE Ge ome os A Hun gy for words of prey. vwithy Fig.2 (2 times) (Ge. mow Bs FIs ES OFS FS as FS OFES gS Fis FS as Get a a st Fi xt z (Gite 1V om) a Double time feet Ne wy Fig. 3 (end double time fet) Contes = diets ny uth Sees in les Meaning: less move-ments Rhy. Fig, 3 (Gus, 1M) (ex Ry. Fig. 3) TH al a aL ra si Double time fee! $00 J-s-sbrok sd ook puto td et NC BISNG Bis NC. ————— coe SS = se = ae ~— = ._ = — — NO Ms as es WE LR fa IT 65 aes eee 3 2 Dedaa ete ate ae ee po AH 7 ie ape 9 Gut on Hal tne fet cm iS ots (end Rhy. Fg. 4) 2168 Gs Fis Ja. Pe Rita ake 3 wl PM=4 PM # 4PM 4 BM, mee 67 swiRhy- Fig. 4 Do ots (ead Rift A) Gs Gis as as os ots NC ae Ne aa (cx hal ine fel) oeas o Na PM PM Pat BM. PM en _—eeet ry Double time feet Bridge NC. cis ats Gs NC GASGS Ne. as der - stand — (end doable time fee) winitt A (Guus. 1 & 11) GIS GSN. CHS FAS NC. GS FISNC. GS FISNC. GS FISNC. Fis mo ~ ment of pein — (cud Ray Fig 5) cy Double time Feel ‘S/R. Fig.5 Ne. cts ts Gs Ne. cs os as NC. ts Gis ONC I as My a> gins your tes Ne Gus. 111 Play dtimer Padiatr SE ET ine xe Mien nels OY alias Man son Dis NC. Dis by. Fig 6 Gus 120 Ne. DIS Nc. DIS NC DAS NC. DISC. Dis NC Dis Bra. oe - a 7 =e or ie Geddes tine ed 5 re tGaattow Gf STD 2 gaa 2 xe Dis NC. DIS Nc. DBNE DE hee ae & pee ere eee reeerererere aaneaaaen =e ve nt Double time feet Guitarsolo ll wih. Fig 6 (6 ines) NG DS ONC DB NG DIS ONC. Es bis Nc is Dis Ne Dis fn gk eee ae Eeefeel Fee ber fo tae be ot == SS Sa ap e P r roar po Here w se yaie__s0-16 4010-16-70 10-10 42 10-461 1010981810001 = _—4 <=. at 2 = (49) 40-4074 70 NG oy £ st de tfttefe ere oe ye SS — === a Jet ring. 4 det ring. 4 _ ems: a4 vib. whbar 5 eS a ee, = (end double time feel) EET Rhy. Fig. 7(Gts.1 11) n Rhy, Fig, 7 (3 umes) = SS a é =e Q =: = ee ro oe eee ee Tempo (d = 124) on padddidddddadad diddaae’ pe slight EM. —~ - ¢ = = = ++ et as & 3rd Verse WiRhy Fig 1(4 times) NG BIS NC. Bs NC. Bis Nc. nis BS. bs NC. Born with ze- morse to a cold, bar- en place vam vans = = = Bis NC. bis NC. Bis NCIS BS mS NC Bhs NC BS NG 2 Bat ~ ve be- ween minds Hungry for wos of prey Oro moments mi. take (ed double time feet) Bis NC pls BS_BIS NC. Bis NC. ais. BS NC. BS BS BIS NC. Fabe scp: inthe ground Tews made by the Blind ruling rein of Hight. Ore Gam Bane Ore Double time feo! es PEs z, gs E_es es OE Chars Bo oe eee eee ri ie 4 ee ie ne f e SSS Ss Contra = die tory truth Rhy Fil Se oO Se. rats ia ties Mean ng Fess more~ meets Te Fast Rock 1 =248 INFECTED VOICE gq Words by Max Cavalera and Andrees Kisser Music by Max Cavalera, igor Cavalera, Andreas Kisser and Paulo, Jr ES lro | NC , Gus. 16.1 es a aL « Double time fee! NC Pas RPA aN ae 4 PM, PM = ar - + = ~ ° + ~ “0-0 0 =| = (Gtr I cont it in slashes) = (end Rif 4) FSNC OFS NC FS vF Pe one He 5 + = > a oe : = Orr (comin ee a fe mon) pen et z J ae eee gute Play dimes GULL SL ent Rit) bp’ ee te Conytgt © 001 Reacnck Musi, le. Intratonal Copyright Gocued Al Figs Pevowes BS as ots Fs ES Gus. 1&1 * Sle reer to Guz. Loaly 1st Vere NC. Four ties Rif. C (Girs 1&1) (end Riff ©) ‘WIR C (3 times) Be- ing wong andes, mone ad = mite do feat con = selene tae Un - faith - fal words Be tray - a and greed Past thoughts to win = done. 74, cons i NC Bae w Riff D (Gus. & 1) wiRittD Frem be - yond, so emp ty world — In = fest - od voice, serena = done, Gis Gs Nc Gis os ols cs cts Fs 75 wiRuft A (1% times) NC rT pens [eetpesere why Fil 1 Bridge ‘WRITE (4 times) NC My throat ery A lest ay ties toes cope Guilt and frus = tra = tion No time to tum ¢- round. ats Nc. (end double time feel) Half ime feet 7 ais ots Saale a NG Ride, (end Rut B) am uae ene a une fel. Ty. Fal] (Gus. 1 1) 76 Gre om Gee iy fig. FS_E Ge ae cee ig eee (eadns Fi 2) wnt. Fe 20 te) Ooo RSE = Look-ing be - hind, Tm nota lone, friends or ene ee ay Tae oe eee wi ist bar 0% Sma (oo il oto) ne Se aS SS ey i debi i, SSS at a Gani an) = zs 2 Geen iin = 3 =| a x —— + $ 3 — Be Ss (ot, sont ‘ mslashes) Riff F-— oy ww? RUE (Gt) Ne 5 = ‘Double time feel Sees Gate WRF 3 (ime) ES rs Ne BS FS NC fom Ane 2 pit 22 ir. = © wivahas iter ‘i m7 ne 1 te Te rie ne m1 ED FS NC. ES FONG cis NC Gis NC. ligne i 8 me ee aisNc GENC 12 GISNC G5 NC 1 ah wee ES ‘WRI (21imes) Gis Nc os NC NC Re + mone = forthe bu man roee. (Gu: to) ey ae ae a Pimenn “Eee swencemt Samy SS == EE a one = SEPULTURA $17.95 in US. ISON 0-89524-855-7 IMU: 02501239 bantedin the US 0