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TASK 3.1 Produce graphs using spreadsheets and draw valid conclusions based on the information
derived and TASK 3.2 Create trend lines in spreadsheet graphs to assist in forecasting for specified
business information and TASK 3.4 Produce a formal business report

- Make a formal business report as a Researcher addressed to the Executive Committee. Your
report must be in the following narrative format:
Title of the Report

To : The Executive Committee

From : Your name
Subject :
Date :

I. Introduction (What the report is all about)

II. Key Findings from the Survey Conducted (Major findings that you have
discovered in Assignment 1- no need to present all the charts/graphs
again. Just a summary of findings in Assignment 1.)

III. Analysis on the Bank Loans of SMEs (Present the line/bar graphs on the
given data of % of bank loans for micro, small, medium enterprises
showing the actual data, moving average and seasonal variation with
your discussions and explanations. Also in another set of graphs present
the forecasts of bank loans for micro, small and medium enterprises with
your discussions and explanations. Computations based on Excel must be
attached in the Appendix).

IV. Conclusions and Recommendations (Give your conclusions and

recommendations based on the key findings in II and Analysis in III)

V. Signature

- Notes for the computation:

o Calculate the moving total for 2 semesters, moving average for 4 semesters
o Create a line graph or combination of line and bar graph to show the trend lines for
actual data, moving average and seasonal variation. Don’t include in the graph the
moving totals
o Calculate the forecast of % of bank loans for semester 2 of 2017 and semesters 1 and 2
of 2018
o Create another graph showing the trend line for moving average of bank loans including
the forecast for 2018
o Give your analysis, conclusion and recommendation based on the collective information
gathered from the above computations and key findings in Assignment 1.
TASK 3.3 Prepare a business presentation using suitable software and techniques to disseminate
information effectively

- Prepare a powerpoint presentation for your narrative report above.

TASK 4.1 Use appropriate information processing tools

- Discuss the types of information and the information system required for each type.
- You may give examples using the SMEs you have observed.

TASK 4.2 Prepare a project plan for an activity and determine the critical path

- Draw a network diagram (activity on arrow) for the project given in LO4 with the earliest and
latest event times, event number, duration, and identify the critical path. Explain your work.
- Create a Gantt Chart showing the labour or resources required for the project and explain it.

TASK 4.3 Use financial tools for decision making

- For the 3 investment opportunities, calculate the payback period, ARR, net present value and
IRR for the given investment opportunities. IRR for this case can be calculated using excel.
However, NPV computation should show the following:

Year Cash Flow ($) Discount Factor 15% Present Value


0 (5,000) 1.0 (5,000)

1 3,000 0.870 2,610

2 4,000 0.756 3,024


- Explain the acceptability of each investment opportunity

- For the mini IRR problem, you have to calculate the IRR using the extrapolation method or the
formula given in the lecture slides. However, NPV in computing for the IRR can be computed
using excel. Explain your answers.