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yQ;r qfffiI +ts/Question Booklet Code I A

5 . eqrg t Tmr+R ir-.s q{ s00 N mr d;t;r dts q-++-d frqr dril t t $F -ia vfr-{fr il4srrr F I A
tensile load of 500 N is applied to a circr.rlar rod of diameter 5 mm. The normal stress is
approximately _
A 100 N/mm"
B 25 MPa
C 100 N/cm2
D 25 Nmm

300K 3ik 600K +'ffir sftm-Fq ssar foa aqd'ar Ht qfr F-ata stsqr 200 kJ t, d frisr t I n
reversible heat engine operates between 300K and 600K. lf heat output is 200 kJ, the heat input is
A 100 kJ
B 300 kJ
c 600 kJ
D 400 kJ

rqnq*qrrft+rsrfqar4ddrtl /Bernoulli's'theorem appliesto flow

- 3Rlqgqi
A -+ incompressible
g ft54-/ steady
C 3Rq;I/ non-viscous
D {d s3fr fi €-.q-+-d / all of these combined
aa rfamr< +}sl fr a+a qR-{il s{idfo+' Erq Fr s-6rd t
Tensile stress in thin spherical shell subjected to internal pressure is.
A pdl4t
B pdl2t
G pd/Bt
D pdi3t

qq d' +t-{dT tt
_ ae S {i"ifud
Cavitation in a pump is associated with _ pressure.
A dlqJiBdfq 7 atmospheric
B trift-m/ critical
C ilEq7 Vapour
o 5+frd+ifffi/ None of these

lcr,$ t{ YElsl ldrt +14 ch{cll 6 / Hetrol englne WOrKS On


A ardqf l Carnot cycle

B {F$-A / Rankine cycle
c affiq*-/ Otto cycle
D {m / Joule cycle

qitriiq-dsil6t ts *fr. q-rGt:j<*alrarq t

Pressure at a depth of '15m under water surface in a dam is approximately
A 15 bar (a)
B ,1
.5 MPA
c 150 kPa (g)
o 5+A$+t$a$i/ None ofthese
qrd qB6.r fr'rg/Question Booklet Gode I A

qEref * dqdldqRaawt/ Ductility of material is indicated by

A qfqqrae-d'l Ultimate strength
B g"f,f,ql#lzd/ Endurance strength
c qwrEgrqtd l Yield strength
D fidt+..tol l elongation

s-rTrqrfudt-fif qB-dt/ Unit of thermal conductivity is

A J/ksK
B Wm'K
o C-dd't 6f$ afr / None of these

10 700 rp m *' srq o kNm qa srErt q{ qq *q-c r+r$ iRa erFd d-{rff df-rfi'
Power transmitted by a shaft running at 700 rpm with torque of 6 kNm =
A 880 kW
B 440 kW
c 220kw
D nd-A t +iS a€i i None of these

11 3rq#ff.icfr, E€f+. o tvargvrfrt

In a centrifugal pump, discharge Q is proportional to
D ./N

tz qE crsc ar5a it aa t eEtE {t +} ggar 6{ iA d, dT ETd 6I€ {g {=q + 6iltr / lf flow rate of
water in a pipeline is doubled, then pressure drop will be _ the original value.
A *fFIFI / same as -
B 6tldll2times
c +qar/ 4 times
D $rqf / one-half of

(fq.(r€.\r€. !--i-L!---L
+ (r+Fr 3fd| $If,R fi (4Rr H?r4fl 45 5+rTd l-L4-.!
fr 3{RkI m-frfr STFI 6 / The average cutting
speed in machining mild steel by single point tool of HSS is
A 10 fr./F-4d/ 10 m/minute
B 20 fr./R-f,d / 20 m/minute
c 30 fr./F-{d / 30 m/minure
D 40 fr./F-d- / 40 m/minure

14 rffi r :ik das qrE h fi +€ dE t +6 Eid fr sq5qq- cfrq-fr, + 3r€frm €-f id{ d}s p t / The shear
stress in throat area of weld joint of length L and weld leg h, subject to parallel load P is
A P/hL
B 0.707PlhL
c 1414PlhL
D {a*$6t5a€i/ None of these
gfd ql{fir Ttg/Queslion Booklet Code I A

lc 1 o ff-{ fi frfirs qr ddf, fr irr e ft + t r sfr fe staltr* t', il er*r qdrr cdfr arg tr t
A nozle has velgcity head at outlet of 10m, lf the jet is vertical, heighl reached by the stream is
A 100m
B {10m
C 10m
D (1/{10)m

5tr+ af*+r5++E3F3{rqul-t/ Polarmoment of inertia of a circulararea is
A (nD4/64)
B F'D4^,32)
c FrD'l4l
D $-dd++tgn&l None of these

ffifi;fl c-dr+ fdfu 4_ st{ s-qt4 F,qr qnr Hl / tn centrifugal casting method, _ core is
A l?/ sand
B aff/no
C otl6 / ferrous
D 3i-dl6 / Non-ferrous
qR fr'.fr. 7 6;s q1 4ftara qq-dT q-il + s-dl :ll-* fQrfus cre* a-;nq 1s0oN dcn 1000N t a} fft-d

eIR-d t / lf the tight and slack side tensions in a flat belt running at 1 km/minute are 1500N and
1000N, the power transmitted is
A 15.3 kW
c 8.3 kw
o ea-AS+1-5ffi/ None of these

19 B-€ €rrrfr fr 3TBq-cifr qR-ar t?

Which material has maximum thermal conductivitv?
A TgF€c]?T/ Mild steel
e tagBG-+a/Aluminium
c drr*ttrggqra/ stainless steel
D dl4l/ Copper

(16 6ur cr{ d qo{ 40 N 3lk 30 N \16

{st +a-Aur q{ 6'rfi q;-{ G H, ;il qFsr$ qa
t t / Two forces
40 N and 30 N act at right angles to each other on a particle. The resultant force is
A 1200 N
B 50N
G 50kg
D 70N

21 + 3id{ + 6RTr 5s-aT 3id{oT 6td1tl

Heat transfer occurs due to difference
A s"qtqlffiat /Thermal conductivity
B aFrJII;I/ temperature
c hfelr-c 5qr / Specific heat
D 5SqIIFFRT/ Heatflux
2 {gg-€crd+.rE"r€_ tym3ti
Density of mild steel is kg/m3

A 10.200
B 7,860
c 9,010
D Fd-ddqT$a-fr/ None of these

n sr+ fr, f€' Fte- ;1 ffi +-Aa gt{ 3|6-i-i. +' rsrd-fr
('fi fr ta' t F^il4' d frqr drdr tl / In
!-fi _
A Tiqfd/ comPound
B 6-,58-q / combination
C S{Ff / simple
D g.rrr$'/ Progressive
2! _fu-c+r'cfrBE-a H7 f 76-{dltl tH7 f 7 represents a

A zqfrq'{url inierference --fit'-

B 4zf?Iid{ i clearance
C {itr-gur i transition
D e-6-dqqET / VerY tight
25 3f$-frf, r€torartt / Annealing does nol
A uq +t afa / soften the metal
B s-Gqat ffi+a / relieve stresses
C +ur €T{f,I a1 qftqru- / refine the grain structure
D qleroftigfi{R/ increase the yield point

26 1 kN/m als * 3rfra, zm ae€ *- slrl trlul'+ frT, :rF+aar "iqa $q:t F
For a cantilever beam of length 2m, under load 1 kN/m'
maximum bending moment is
A 1kN/m
C 2kNm
o 5a-S d +t$ ffi i None of these

21 irl' qr frq qq ec-{ t frl,' €iEr d gs-fi s{E r.qrqtsl E gc +-o t t

A taper provided on pattern for it's easy withdrawal from mould
is called
-- --
A {.6-q-d-/ shrinkage
g 69ha;T/ machining
C gctl-I / draft
D f+sqql distortion

28 rrErta+r'ffiq 300 kw :ikEar-arzsy" t't G'*er lre-at

input power is
The output of a turbine is 300 kW and efficiency is25'/'' The
A 600 kw
B 1200 kw
G 900 kw
D 1500 kw
IRa cBfir 6)s/Question Booklet Gode I A

29 *rff q* *t s-trq qariTr aFclrfr q< fr fuft qtar Ft

Thermal efficiency of Carnot cycle depends on only'
A dd/ source -
g srfrrrq/ sink -temperature
c *daqT3fi?TCl source & sink
o gafrt+tiafr'/ None of these

30 s F.rff. baqffi taErr-idt+R(', +ttt+t +tra-oa frt $rsrr6-dr frfr F I

For welding plates of < 5mm thickness, the edges require beveling.
A ffiv/doubleV
B \r6nT V / single V -
c rfr'/no
D q+FI U / single U

31 ro-ai6 gfi-+a i' eTq oe-qidr tr'rfi 3ia-qTda +rar tt trm* r.++ra$
A 20-tooth pinion meshes with a 63-tooth gear. The gear ratio is
A 83.5
B 43.5
c 0.6
D 3.15

32 4- m F-fld t' sdtr fr 2-€^dm {ffI +r 5sfiq Eqrdr tt

Thermal efficiency of a 2-stroke engine is with respect to a 4-stroke engine.
A 3Tfu5/ more -
B S-4 / less
C afr/ same
o gafr t+tf ati/ None of these

33 +qd {rsr+G-fi qen-dd tt, qqret :r.riq 61 6T-{q t

In Electro-Chemical Machining, material removal is due to
A TI&il{Erl / corrosion
B 3q{{fr/ erosion
C {|4E;f / fusion
D 3r{I4E€zn'qm/ lon displacement

34 rffirq E-d *- €T?r'3{TrrdFFR Etr.c +l 150 MPa *-qsaB-+ :tfu+-rq r.ra-+ wfrea * €ra-rfr €'{flar
t r qA F{ars + Ra cF*d s$-6q nprq. 3. 0 t, d €-+srf, + 3lT4tca tsd sGGd 3it-sd cF-{f, il
A rectangular bar with a circular hole is to be made of a material with actual maximum permissible
stress of 150 MPa. lf stress concentration factor for the configuration is 3 0, what is the nominal
average stress for sizing the section?
A 450 Moa
B 50 Mpa
c 147 Moa
D gd$t+f+;r€i/ None of these
gfg qFfiI Etg/euestion Booklet Code$.*. aE"r*.R('TfrqFlT|c wetding is preferred for

A ffif+olAlumunium
B TGtI/ Silver
c {{T*qrdl Mild steel
o g+SSurfi /Ail of these
S-ra +i ary S--dRr 9ufq fi r r.c6f, * fr (' 3fq.. 4fr fi :n-oeqq61 gg p
_ engine requires
- :iafeal r.c. foruard motion through bir to produce thrust
B ti+d/ Rocket
C flTtl/ Steam
D ftfisy€rRlRamjet
d{il{ qETEa + R(' frFrtrdfu+ fr t eit-d. €l 3TM,. tz
Which of the following is essential for boiler ooeration?
A Suoerheater
"6dlv+/ Economiser
e ffitr-d/
^--5|ct:6tyqt / Inlgctof
D g{eil-Efd / Safety valve
aY'roqT:r+o-gq-dtd|clrtd-q I Anozzle is said to be chocked
A q:dsgd-g-g+rfi-R-{"T6t-dr i lt discharges F to atmosphere
B {Srcr+ft_qromrt/ it is ptugged
C Tg+Trer6'gfr+-a-Atl tt's ftow is maximum
o F-+r-gSi-q ?Fq t / exit pressure is zero

4FGI Eq-q \rfi qq t / Human heart is a =__.-- pump

A !|ilrr||-ff / reciprocating
B GfeEd frFUIcGt / positive displacement
u J|rq)qt / centnluoal
o 5afr d eig -fi l-r.ron" of these

Cr-q fu'+"c 6'r q{fr +tl / Choose the odd_one out.

A gtr/ Solar
B qE;T / Wind

v nrdt(-Jsdlt / ucean_thermal
D sfTdr/ coat

41 4iWcg3ts-g+d6-{dTt/ Large Reynolds number is an indication of

A ernT td fqr6 / Streamline flow
B Jqtr{fftr{rf,/ Steady ftow
F 'n,,-,. cqtd / Laminar flow
+cr{rq _

O :tfr-we1"tr 9ar[-/ Highly turbulent flow

ela rTfud,r +tg/Question Booklet Code I A

42 :rffiIfi-s-q+ N.T.P qrGi$ sfi

r"rsm, r +€fi ffirq {td *t gr+a-a- mt t
As per Avogadro's taw, volume of 1 kmol of any gas is m3 at N'T'P'
A 22.413
B 8.314 -
c 273.15
D g-dd'tst$aff / None of these

f{qffi#rEarar*rr:r4dTfiS t/ Efficiency of induction molors can be about

A 50-90%
B 95-98%
c 9:9Vo
D 80-90%

200 N+' s{R 6t, o.z etq trqi6' *' serA qt ffqr arar t t "tfr g- -*i I fr'(' 3TqFfd ilil
€I t?
is to b6 pulled over a surface with coefficient of friction 0.2- What is the force
A weight of 200N
needed to start motion?
A 1000 N
B 40N
c 200.2 N
D 199.2 N

45 6q qr{q+'ro16qrca + frs 3fiRfrs+f ddtqrfrtcCsfiqI drdr t, rrs=;s u-drdtg:riflFa ars

pressure drop for
When an orifice for flow measurement in a pipe is replaced by a venturimeter, the
the same flow is expected to
A *IFil;f / remain same
B qtqr / increase
C qlrn/decrease
o gafrt+t$a€i/ None of these

gg-+-ror e-arq qs{fr *. fr den-aqdr qil n.naa :+l*-aeiur rfi 4lfdl t t

operating characteristic (oc) curve shows probabiliiy of acceptance Vs fraction

A +4;+d'/ acceptable-
g F{rd{vr / rejection
c aEIalE/ defective
o S-f,A€6iga$i/ None of these

47 srF+-rq qqrdT t R(r,Ers, P2, ii 2 -rnvr g?rrrnfr ffie-+. 6f -dT
compressor should
For maximum efficiency, the intermediate pressure, P2' in 2-stage reciprocating

A (P1+P3\12
B (P3-P1\t2
c !(P1xP3)
D 5df S 6t€ d-ff / None of these

48 dTrrdGit) 6t s?qia R aaqq qr+m' HI

Break even analysis considers cost(s).
A Rrr/fixed
B cft-d-ff / variable
c Rr{e?icffi/fixed & variable
o ;rdi/ no
49 4-9tr SoHz*'f{ur E}-.{ 1455 rpm s{ q6rar qril Fqr B? tr ms
A 4-pole 50Hz induction motor runs at 14SS rpm. What is the slip speed?
A 55 rpm
B 50 rpm
C 45 rom
D Fd-d t s+€ d-fr / None of these

50 4iF 61 3il{ qr4"fr t cfsq 6r €*-a ffi fr / Resistance of a materiat to fatigue is indicated by
A 9rFIrFIfifrri Elastic limit
B €ETdqIft-scIISfrrl timit of proportionaliry
C ge-afiqTl Endurance limit
D F-dd t st* afr / None of rhese

51 5fl|aid d t€r € 3ltiem t I Line balancing is imperative in _ production

A dtut / oalcn
B .ig/ mass
c S-a{6./ iob
D 54-Atst5a-ff/ None of tnese

gtrde-frfu-€'c-{zra-art/ Fuel ceil runs on

A *fr4a/ methane
El 61lF^clslri / nllrogen
C t^ela/ petrol
D 6p*ffi/ hydrogen

lEiScTd{ = _ F;ddrc / 1 Hp =
A 0.554
B 0.653
c 0.735
D tf,At+tga$i/ None of these

dla 3q€fr{ Fdr€?q +t ffr-e{ 6fi + Rl' ts{srq €r:naeqf,il e)-ff tt

maintenance requires monitoring plant equipment health.
A FtFrf, / Preventive
B F-qd / Scheduled
c *qFtr+ / predictive
D Srrf / Break-down

aeTur F?iaq- E|e 4tdI gr ts / Which one is an attribute control chart?

o fafr $+itati/ None of these
rea cB6r Els/Question Booklet Gode I A

B-effsr 3{ris d'Ra' {cT *'sc f ftst* Fnt

A circle will appear in an isometric drawing as .

A. dccT/ circle
3 gfttr5arr+ / hyperbola -
C q{derq / parabola
D frf5d/ ellipse

edtrd * fr-a'uffi frRdsq o6 5q+-r"r H

ABC analysis is a tool for _ management
A {frFrfr / inventory
B 3{;RFril / scheduling
C {urTadf / quality
D 9E-{r / process

q-m' qrqrfr d arfiq qtr-{il + €at.raqffi t/tnermat stress in a material is proportional to

A 9|-q|FP]-df HIqf$' i Elastic modulus
B tr{IR ,IU'Tifr / Co-efficient of expansion
C AF|III;I 3id{ / Temoerature difference
o g+S$u+fr / All of these

59 ffiq * 3rrfi4 ry{ g;Fcrd a.1 3il=Rq 6.r qRunq t

The behavior of mild steel under creep iS a result of
A ffi q-&{a / strain hardening
B 3ffidGl/ annealing
c A4B d-dt/bothA&B
o f+A$q-l5afr/ None of these
60 s0 fr.;fi. :i;s-a a+u ar 3lsffi oflTff t, :ik qa 3T&fFq e{rt w t' 3rtfrd tl 25 :ira aqre +i
1T{r oarff F, dB-a :rqen
qri *sr tr 6-lr am-+t 61 ftqlq e"rq' 6-alfr 4'r dFrl
An helical spring has coil diameter 50 mm and is subject to axial load W. Another spring has coil
diameter 25 mm, but otherwise identical to the first. The deflection of second- spring will be of
that of first spring.
A ',v2 -
B 1t4
c 118
o gafrt+t5aff/ None of these

Written Examination for Selection to the Post of

Technical Assistant (Mechanical) - Post Code:013


Question Booklet Code f A

Key O, fqo;,,1
01 B 31 D
02 D 32 B
03 D 33 D

04 A 34 B
05 c A
06 c JO D
07 c JI D
08 D 38 G

09 c ?o B
10 B 40 D
11 B 41 D
12 42 A
13 c 43 D
14 c 44 B
c 45 c
16 B 40 c
17 B 47
18 c 48 c
19 D 49 c
zv B 50 c
22 B c/_ D
ZJ B c
z.+ B 54 c
25 D 55 B
26 c co D
27 c 57 A
28 B 5B D

ZY U qo

?n c OU c
Sf|-fd Sfm,R/Governm
ent of ln dia
sidRar heTl-ryDepartment of
Spa ce
cT,o#q ffi 'er
qg't* r#ro-ql r n d ia n space R e s e a rc ho rg a n i s a t i o n {:ri
+gti ;il-qa +iss+*v tSRo proputsion Comptex
Ftr}{ iiqi
rrFEfrftlVtatrendragiri _ 627 1 a3

No. of Questions: 60
Maximum Marks: 1g0 Date;28.08.2016
Time: 10.00 hrs to 1 1.30
hrs (1 % hrs)

1' is in the rorm or test bookret.

;::,[:n'J*tl"H:' Alr candidates wiil be assessed
2' A separate oMR answer sheet
is provided to at candidates
for answering.
3' Each objective question is provided.with.a-text
and/orfigures wherever applicabte
Ir?:5J?':,:=Xf,'#"J"":iJ3!",,:hj3] rol' o"lv
"". them is correct and most
4 [: 11*'[?
i;'8fi'[ ff] *", "# ffi !T,".;:jixi,,, ; :[u"::*J" i nt p en ( B, ue/ B, a ck)

6 Murtipre answers for a question

wi, be regarded as a wrong answer.
7. Although the test stresses
on accura( cy more than speed,
yourtime as effectivelyas possible. it is important for you to use

8 you you
i,Tr:JxT:::T;"T#i:,liT;H[l?i#:,,i-,ilocurt ror can so on ro other
9. Question boo
corner, YII a ol.,c-orQ on the right
appropriately lten on":,8
the oMR sheet ?r.E
-andsioe top
the box
sheet will not be evaluated. iubble
10' booklet could be used for
roush work, ir required. No
"tf"X,";l;$:"1:J: separate
11' Before signing the attendance
sheet, the candidate should
attendance sheet, candio"t"r write the Booklet code in the
srgn against their names
"r.,"Jro onrv.
csa c€l6,l q;ls/Question Booklet Goda I A

whdd + \16 -fr S's-{tfi t I One ton ot refrigeration is equal to

a) 50 kcaUmin
b) 55 kcaUmin
c) 60 kcaUmin
d) 55 kcaUmin

(ro $rcri jfg 3rdrs{ur 6.'rar t I A perfect gas obeys:

a) eYu*F-+a/ Boyte's taw
b) qrdB-qq / Ghades's law
c) s+{ +. ffi / Both of the above
d) 5c-i-{dfrSqif a-Sl None of ffre above

03 c-6'{rtlRsr:rfiffic{ $ qrqy arql 5a1 *- arqqrd 6i 66r drdr t I The temperahrre of air measured by an
odinary thermometer b called;
a) nTq qAarqr[|;I/ Dry bulbtempeEturc
b) 3Trt d-Fq arqqrfl / wet bulb Gmperaturc
c) €qfu arcrara / Saturatircn temperature
d) Tis-d-d dlqfrrd'/ Condensation temperatuna

0a arqfr3ffi;r;T6tqr+*cfrekr*'e-qrd-{fi;Thepercentageofoxygenbyvolumeinairbequal to
al 32%
bl 23"/"
c) 21%
d) 12%

05 qA ary-E-trq 6dr 61 3nqi$+:irFm too'2" t d qa fi Ersfi-(t drn: / lf the relative humidity of

abnospheric air is 1 00 %, the rate of evaporation of water will be:
a) 5;a/ High
b) asqql Medium
c) Gq/Low
d) Tql7gm

06 dqlis-fiq 4ra 3fl-{ rtfr Erq + zfuT d 66r s6r S I fne sum of atnospheric pressune and gauge
pressure is called
a) grqrqcr+/ Normal prcssure
n) vqft-+-qw/ P.latural pressure
c) gF 4Tq / Total pressure
4 qe$Qi Etq / Absolute pressurc

07 trd 6l Fqfiftl anq S I rne fteezing temperature of water b

a) 4oc
b) 11"
c) 01"
d 1"c
B qig.q' gltrtrd sun-dl t {?nftT t yltra-+ F-+Tdr t I fne refrigerant leaves the condenser of a
nrechanbal refrigeration sltstem as a
a) frF4ldFd/ Low Pressure liquid
b) 3crE|cI tr4l High Pressurc liquid
d F-aErqil-fr/ LowPressurc gas
<D raaEdT-/ High Prcssure gas

09 Ersq 3rd{tqur qurfr S€f,fffor q;'{A t / Vapour absorption system make use of:

a) siBfia-dt/ Mechanical energy

q Ffidqdrdi/ Electrical energy
c) Rras.ut/ Potential enelgy
u; =wrs'stl HeatenergY
10 Ersq +ifisa F ff a-r d 3rten qrcB-qntt *. an qa vRefa aTrB-cr t| Fil+TREa d. t 6td 5r a-{,
The complete cycle of vapour compressiron consists of four fundamental changes of state or
processes- Which one of the following gfues the correctsequence?
a) F€R,EFqa, {iQ=H, {iqrd
Expansion, vapourbation, compression, condensation
b) r€K, €qf5fr, dEaa, d-rsc-d
Expansion, compression, condensation, vapourisation
c) ETsq-d, s+tR, Tifigd, Tis;tfr
Vapourisation, expansion, compression, condensation
d) Tiqfld, ETstla, +ifi5;r, lI{lT{
Condensation, va pourisation, Compression' expanslon

11 arsq J-+eiqsr qsnff fr traqrr zrtr-qra 3ff{d t / The only moving part in vapour aborption slstem is
a) ffi/ Generator
b) {itTrF{i Condenser
c; frg+lfrt Rectifier
d) t-fdl ric / Aqua pump
12 Eieq *< t qfiqa dft6 +l f,6r srar t I A compressor coupled to a motor extemalty 's called
a) Sa"iE +i$r+ / Sealed compressor
b) 3fit€fddETifigfi / Semi-sealed compr€ssor
c) ud v-+r< *- Tifit+ / open type compressor
d) 5c-erflddt+t5afrl None of the above
13 q+ ui uE it 3li{ Wt 6t qfr fr ffi ji, r'a fr 3TidR-6 sik Erfq drqflra
at sqra +iqft* Trfi t, rs*i
q{ {{IT qTCTI tl :rfu+-aq qqtrf,a arfliTr t
Trno identical condenser coils, with the same intemal and extemal ternperatures are placed, one in
still air and the other in the tank of water. The maxirnum geration capacities are

a) aq fr fd .irff * fr('3{fu+' I Greater for the coil in the air

b) friuo+ma/ Both the same
c) ra;trd j;rff* Rq-3Tfu4'l Greaterforthe coil in water
d) 9-stril6 i- {5iqrfr q{ F-+t< / Dependent on the refrigerant used
14 frqtrofu-a ;f S snq d.{ ER 6td F, sfq fiatc{ fr s-qta fu_qrta dtdr
Which one of the following is generally
ised in domestic refrigeratop
a) drir-efrf;T TieR-, o.r_.*led condenser
b) +s-efiFd dqrtr+ t Water_cooled condenser
c) Er.qB-*.:dqrft-{/ Evaporawe condenser
d) arq-qffFd * -='-uxp- furRr / Air-coored or uater
coored condenser

15 vryF-* u-+n ?fda ;fid.F +i +errF-d frqr fl. sfrAr

A naturaldraft cooling tower can be installed
a) T{+ 3i6{/ tndoor
b) dl-tr{w-r A-qR t :rEa wr6 qg / In a space covened
by r,lall all rcund
c) ddq{/ on the roof
d) sd afr/Anywhere

15 etra-a rfl-ar d mr +) lha-a q-d-rfr

Sr vBvr ryp f2
What process makes the water in a cooling
tower cool?
a) SEI;|4 / Condensation
b) dTsC-f,/ Evapontion
c1 ftfuwtRadiation
d) qrild/ Conduction

cooling tower is in the range of

b) 10 +20 % | 10to20%
c) 30 t40 % I 3oto4o%
d) 40d50%tA}to50%


b) aBlni.
c) aE 3il-t d-f, ffii / Both air and rarater
d) Jc-{l-+-ddd+i$a-dtl None of the above

19 *iir+r afr +r FtrFrd t / Capiilary tube is meant to

a) cahilfi EqRr ara-fu'(r q-"+ Erd 5sa1 +i
5a-al / Remove the heat carried by the !€frigerant
b) cehf,fi 4I'FITE|;I / Meter the refrigerant
c) rRR+a r+ wrrd-fi +'fr!- +isT{ t 6c tt +rs /
Act as reservoir for excess tiquid refrigerant
d) !-f hd-fi 4i qFq S-{dT / Fump the refrigerant
20 vetrtra trsnff +-1 6fq t / The heail of the refrigeration slatem is
a) fgffi/Liquidrcceiver
U) alcenfr/Themostat
c) *ifir+-/ comPrcssor
d) ErF{/ Evaporator

ftag-+d FdETFrid'qe.r4ta{ri+rqq}Grat I fne pulpose of ffting a fan to a finned coil

evaporator is to
a) callad aI#GiI+1 oarar / Increase the efrigerating capacity
b) c?trtrfi t +te-.arar I Prolong the life of the rcftigerant
c) gS +ffr S-t dqfE6 t dlE d q;-q q'{dT / Ease the load on the compressor on starting
d) g.etrd4"ifi $t:rrEfu +t +arar / Increase the frequency of refrigeration cycle

a-an-+-g+*s1r+aqf fu-ag+-aarfuisr{€iqril+-{i$/ Finned evaporatols are used on air-

conditioning aPPlication to
a) effa *sa s-il6-T{ EB 9-{16 +l gf+r+ +-far / Equalize air flow over the cooling coil surface
u) aS :rtrrqa +t rtrar I Prevent moisture-cany'over
c) efi-d;I Sild + g-ilfr q}r +r tr+gAq I Extend the efiective area of the cooling surface

4 J-dd-6{ur effidl ail {6rf,I / Increase the dehumidifiTing capacity

6d? raq-qtaf, urq-*rTGtaTq|dlt:

t-n itioning appl g evaporator's used:

a)" ers.F IRIR s.FR 6T qfFtl{ I Dry expansion type evaporator

b) ?tfl 3it{ d{q r6rt 6T qd eff,6 / Shell and tube type chiller
qqvatF+/ Double pipe evaporator
") <fr
d) fqi-+afr$+tSa€f I None of the above

gqtrilfr qsnfi 6Ifr-sr u-di qR-ild jaqlR-d fr-qr qraf t / The part of a refrigeration system wtrere
cooling is produced is
a) arR-+/ Evaporator
b) {ieTrR-d / condenser
c) :ifD-il-fl-l Receiver
d) +fif6rnff / Capillarytube

25 drRa jt s-&I qt{e {4q q-qhil6'#r eqr 3l-fferT F?

What is the state of the refrigerant wtren it enters into the evaporator?
a) se-qflg, fr5a3Tqqr;Il High pressure, lowtemperature
b) F-F EIaI, flL.{fr dIqflFT / Low pressure, Mediurn temperature
c1 fira Aa, F-F alt|Fr|4 / Low pressure, low temperature
d) }I?,.qrldTE, Badman;Ii Medium pressurc' lowtemperature
rfa cRfiI sr'E/euestion I
qiB-+cs trtrf, esnfr * €.rrrR-+ d cefl -ilfr fu -s s.q fr q.Arr
Booklet Gode A
Retigennt enters tre condenser of a mechanical refrigeration
s)nstem as a
a) F"qqr{ttg/ Lowpressure gas
b) sza qrq +s I High pressure gas I
c) fiq qrd'q-{ / Low pressure liquid
=-aqrq?i-E / High preSsure liquid

F:frqca+-tceFa-+t+-*erai+e+cffidfuqrilrFrclrt/The boiling pointof a refrigerantcan be

varied by altering the C
a) y€'{ -nrd fr .rF-mc alo€qrqa / s upertreat sefting of the expansion varve
b) sehd;r curfr * sitr{ 4f ErE I pressure in the rcf.igeration system C
c) wn-& fr am gqq' 61 3|+€qT$T / Setting of the thermostat in the syrstem
d) cehilfi Sf aff qril I Mols{ure content of the refdgerant
ffiEa ccn"-+.i fr €-d-g F-a. +-qerai+. fu-s+r tz
Which one of the following refrigerants has the lor,rest
a) R-11 boiling point? J
b) R-12
c) R-22 a
d) R-717
ffifra d g qia €r a-i'"
JTqrF- 3nild r+arer Eqrdr Erilr e?trtrfi B? / wh ich on e of the
fgttolvrrfg refrigerant has the lowest rerative ozone Destruction
a) R-11
Efiiciencf I
d) R-114
F-+4trfuafr+tailetrTsqhilfi+R(rEie-fiq$r lwnict
of the following propefty is desirable in a
a) Fa +-++ai+'/ Lowboiling point
b) suu trift-+. dlcrTta / High critical temperature I
c) afsqa fiI f.E :rc-a 5san / H igh latent heat of vaporization
a1 s-ttraduafr/A[
of the above

3'l csn-il-'urr& jl
E,o * kg' g fren / The reakage of air into
a) lS* qh-fr qqTdT 4l +-q +.tlT I Lower its cooting efficiency
the refrigeration system wirl
b) F{rh qhild Eardr +l qeKr4r / Increase ib cooting efficiency
c) lg*- ehild'qerdr w e;)-$ varc afi / Have no effects on ib cooling efiiciency
d) c.O.P.4id'd-rc-ril/ tncrease the C.o.p. (

32 qqr& d vehds sI 6fr sfrd Frdr

rne shortage of the refrigerant in the system wilt indicate
-\I G-
a t,1}.l Jt ctdTq ATqFil;t / Low superheat temprature
O1 Fa ig tsr drE|FIra / Low liquid line temperature
c) trE qffi'qilf.qdr/ Lowsuction
and head pressurc
oy :vd=a;id+f*a-&l None of the above (


The leakage in a refrigeration system
using Freon is detected bY
a) tfrftfra'd-f, / AceUlene torch
b) trdr55zif,/ Halide torch
c) sam-rSro9/ SulPhursticks
d) €Ea6rcrff/soaPwater

qa:rrd-tqotfr'lwtren foodstufis are loaded into a

a) €IEqq4r'?t{srqrdlt
ed attoP ofthe cabinet
b) *ffig t dIisod afl €rcq q-qreirorqrar t .
the coldestfoods are placed atthe botom ofthe

c) "TddSF+1-**
d) *"tt

o-rar orF(' drfu

35 +< u\tffi fir :rfrsorqa +rd f,, g$ d uraaa
a) qE-r+ * oa-+m t ci / avoid spillage of the condensate
b) g&A-d€il{atE-arq{tl / maintain the conectoil level
c) F+a +-ri qT *qfr +.ff G / reduce vibntion when switched

{&TsIqrqaFd4Tr+'4dart/ Relay b protection device used in

a) +itnFl / Condenser
b) rifirfi / ComPressor
c) atR-+ / EvaPorator
d) drc€?IIff/Thermostat
a) Rea/ Empty
b) ffidiVacuum
c) ;$a/ Neutml
d) FdTsIftq / Natural
38 llhciu { + r+Tsr (E*r) dt qETRa 6{dT f, i rne rehigerator light (bulb) is operated
a) ftd / RelaY
b) dlrl€Ilfr / Themostat
c) 3fr.('d.q. / oLP
d dtF*q/ ooor h
39 arq €enfi {i#d tar t I n ttermostat senses the
a) arqqff,l Temperature O
b) srql Pressure e
c) sri-arl Humidity
oy rct+af t+i$rfrl None of the above
40 dTq€9tfi
thermostats feeler bulb is filled with
a) g;mt a
Ot +rd-asr5:iwr$-El Carbon dioxide
c) dri+fff/Nitrogen a
a) anqfl-a6+/ Votatite tiquid
41 dlq'FelTfrtdr+qe-"E+lffidEfuqrqrdrt/Athermostafsthermatbulbistustenedto
a) +itnk+ I Condenser
b) q-E ter I Liquid line a
c) alfull Evaporator
d) g-tTR Et c.E / Expa nsion va fue I
42 F+
.l"1': #r}.mrsilntzrwhichone
or I
b) +r\6tfi.rfs{ / wood fibre
c) ?-ilfg5d/Glasswool (
d) {f,{/ Rubber
43 Rd HIqe + fr(':ei?rd gEBffict
or c-+a fr-qr Grdr } l a sring psychromotor
a; *-+aarw-{s.ti6rqqra/onlydrybulbtempe Fe is used to measure (
O1 *-+a:rrf cae dFl-JTFd / Only wet bulb temperature I
c) T4.:ik.:tt*E=qdFrrrd/ Dry and wet butbtemperature
d) 3ilqfFfi 3nfidr / Retative humidity (

M um* fz i wnicrr is the most efficient insurating materiar? (

eer @*
a) 6it +6/ Corkboard
b) rgg chss fibre sheet
ry-961 tfre /
c) qB-sr me{r the i Mineral
fibre sheet
d) stq-s q$+d- ?fl-a / Foamed urethane sheet

45 arsqh'fi qtrtra d I In evaporative cooling

a) E|3 d si4-q ssm +):il-sT srar s i sensibre heat b added
to the air
b) dE S {W 5rs-4T +} 6zlqr qrdr t / Latent heat rs removed
from the air
c) 4q st efrfr-d Ui- 166 f+-ol drdr t / Air is cooted and
o) sE 4l srF-d Jrk :rfifi-d F+w s1-616 , uir is coored
and dehumidified
E1a qfr6,l EiE/Questicin Booklet Code I A

45 ary fi :mrff+rw t qfu-d-d 6trn / The dehumidifrcation of air will change its
a) gq'ffirdlqfrrdI Dry bulb temperature
o) rnA cas d'rqqrfr / Wet bulb tempenturc
c) 3TrFdI/ Humidity
d) 5{tf{d fr'€?fr / All of the above

47 C-srd fr'q-+Jr B(r sTri ErA Sn-fd qun-fi t / The cooling system used in aircnft iS

a) apq{iq=acqrfr / Vapour comprcssion system

O; arv falfivw coTrff t Vapour absorption system
c) d{ qfi qan-il4 qsnfr / Air rycle rcftigeration s}rstem
d) aIFf id c er Ersq Yunff / Steam iet water va pour system

arq TeITfr F-{iE-d 6Tdr t / A thermostat controls the

a1 arFV'* arv-rra / Evaporator temperature
b) +'&T dltrrlFl / room temPeratle
c) +ifiRl atqrTrfr / condenser temperature
d) gRtrtrfi dtqJTrd / refrigerant temper"tur€

€qrq-+'616rSt I rtre function of an accumulator is to

a) .Fant5,sqr+tqtanat / Remove heatfrom the rcom
b) 9rtrd+.9tir6+t I control the refiigerant flow
Frifl+a +-{ar
c) qqur 3t{ fi-g{q Erq +t q.ttg{ q;{f,r / equalize suct'pn and discharge pressune

d) {iqfg+'frf{+tlt+-frr/ prevent liquid to compressor

etrilf,?frserwcru+-€q+adErqriq& gratamt
The air wtrich does not come in contact oil wtrile passing over it, is known as
a) 3T*dq/wetair
b) €EE-ddE/ saturatedair
c) lqEE/ dryair
d) 5E|FIrrfr Erq / bypass air

51 drfu{ € ffi qra gffl-A+ 6r:r++en effi I The condition of the refrigerant when il leaves the
evaporatorshould be
a) tr4 / Liquid
b) EfLq/vapour
c) fs 3it{ ilEc 6r Ba{sr / mixture of liquid and vapour
d) ds / solid
52 ffifuaceffifrSstdgrft'd-artzlWhich one of the following reftigerants is toxic?
a) R-11
b) R-12
c) R-22
d) R-717
lna qBfir ots/Question Booklet Gode I A

53 tftqt r t (adr$ 6i trrst (Erfr d-q +l 6iA fuq-qrdr / The refrigerator door b puiled to close by
a) Ftia aar+ / Spring tension
U) 1s.efi+ea / Gravitational force
c) fu; 4T ft-fsr 6$I Ff{ / Stanting level of the fridge
d) it{S|:r?hF*-c/ Magnetic aasket

54 anqge-a f :nw c-drd ffi'3ialif+a / The cold air flow

t in air-conditioning b calibrated in
a) qRF-qwffi frh-a I Revolution per minute
q fu+ttr<rfr da/ Kitomete per hour
c) u;iln-agFFFe I Cubic foot per minure
d) ct-i_gggfrq-rilqt pounds persquare inch

s5 qqrfifr'qqtrilfi-zz srrtr*46-{i+legr+t fr+ifrfiT+f,fid-aqr$+tcRdsrtrdfuqrdrf,rt/

effect of using refrigennt-22 in a system b that the compnessor lubricating oit
chalge is circulated
a) t{d€*s6+icfrl in the compressorsump onty
b) ef grqctwrfrf I throughoutthe system at all times
c) *-+a Fq arqqEr qvnfr + qRt 3tr{ / bund the ro-nr temperaturc
a s},stem onry
d) t-+arte6rqffrdculrfr*qrs3f{/ around the high temperature system onry

56 ars afu+r fi igfi t t

anva ;fr strd ettrdm. Fr rer6 ElcTr s-$ s-6-a t: t
The coil of copper fubing through wrrich cord refigerant flovrs is cailed:
a) +iqrfu{ / Condenser
b) aTRl / Evaporator
c) drq Tsfifr / Thermostat
d) {i$gfi/ compressor

57 whfld qorfi t ra arfa +i Rqqa riffa +li

* +-q fu-qr dr ss-dr
The Liquid line of a rcfrigeration system may be insurated to minimize
a) +iq+a t Condensation
U1 :rsmffil heat loss
c) =sqr d'trtl / heat gain
Uy ssar:ia-lur / heat bansfer

58 sqtffiz{ f aqlq-fi 5c d 9*4 ft\'dri

refrigerator is
Erar cshfr+ t I rne refrigerant widely used in domestic

a) JrJfrfrqT / Ammonia
U1 or$a=ig:i+ur5s Carbon dioxide
c) FFs{ Br{3iTgr€ / Sulphur dioxide
d) R-12
59 qRfrilfi fr;rfi +t <Ortf F=arar Arar t I ttre mo'sture in a refrigerant is removed by

a) attrr+l EvaPontor
b) g{snfr-q}{dErd/ safety relief valve
c) RsTrff+ l Dehumidifier
O Fr+r/ Odes

aq*iic+Etra-a+drrd +-qdlf,rdrtt
During sensible cooling of air decreases.
a) grfi qcq agqra / Wet bulb lemperature
b) 3TIE|F+. 3{rfrdr I Relative humidity
c) ?IEF'E(.6I dltf+Ilfr / Dry bulb tempeEture

4 trRls-caTrfdr / specific humidity

Area fot RoughWork


Written Examination for S n to the post of

Technician B (Refrigeration
- post Gode:014

i;t:Q$Ni :i"

01 A 31 A
02 c 32 c
UJ A 33 B
04 c 34 A
05 D 35 c
06 D 36 B
07 c 37 B
08 B 38 D
09 D 39 A
10 A 40 D
11 D 41 c
12 c 42 D
13 c 43 c
14 A 44 D
15 c 45 c
16 B 46 c
17 B 47 c
G 48 B
1q B 49 D
2A c AN
zl A B
22 c JZ D
23 B 53 D
24 A c
25 55 B
zo B 56 B
27 B G
28 c 58 D
29 c 59 D
?n D OU
gtf{d Sfm.R/G ove
nt of nd ia
rn me I

sidftqT FaTwDepartment of space

8i|{trq 3idftAT :rggtm daro-qlt ia n S pa ce R e s ea rc h O rga
n d
n is a t on

F{rO +{a 6iFq*+s/ RO proputsion Gomptex

FFTq-E i.Td
qFeFtftttvtahendragiri _
627 1 3g

Question Booklet Code

No. of Questions: 60
Maximum Marks: 1g0 Date:10.12.2016
Time: 09.00 hrs to 10.30 hrs (1 %hrs)

Roll No. of Gandidate

The question paper is in the form

of test booklet. All candidates will be
assessed on identical

2. A separate oMR answer sheet is provided

to a, candidates for answering
J. Each objective question is provided
with a text and/or
(o)' (B)' (c) and (D). onrv one amons figures wherever applicable with murtiple
:ffi,i;J:5::::; theil is
"o;;;i and most appropriate answer

8ffi#:?:$'",lx*ffi;li: 3T$;i;,.x.,,?#lii;#"'i onrv Ba, point pen (Brue/Brack) ror writing on

fl::i';,il:ryrr:i:"':T;::[J:l:flJ."'.o' of rHREE for a correct answer and one third

o Multiple answers for a question will
be regarded as a wrong answer.
on accuracv more than speed, it is important for you
#rT:tY"tifl: l""tt ",J';.tt"" to use your time as

are too difficurt for vou. you can

3""#iy&T l#?'"#":[:i""Jl,]l'"n so on to other questions and

klets have been marked with A or

B orG or D o on the right side top corner. which is
snedt inTne o-ox n'0r"."'pp,opriatety, faitins which, the
ffi Hit"J"?:,J:;ir* "nJ
10 in the booklet could be used for rough
work, if required. No separate sheet
31"ff;"3*""ole wi, be
11 Before signing the attendance sheet,
the candidate should write the Booklet
sheet. Candidates should sign against code in the attendance
their names onlv.
ln;r +tg/Question Booklet Code I A
01 m qrff 6r Eiqi +' erf,r'R qfli + fi{q F/Failing drops of water become
spheres due to I
A. :trcid;ilAdhesion
B. TE-d il4rq/Surface tension (
c. ti+iuq/cohesion
D. qqrcd7Viscosity I

02. -{];I 6-r qf{Sq qF F-Tq +-Aal t-fu-/Newton,s second law of motion states that

A. drr, HEqqrd:il-c eerq +.quTasd *-wrqr d-dT
Force is equal to product of mass and acceleration (

B. 6{ B-qt €r crrqr sfu aqgo cFB.-qI d-fi (

Every action has equal and opposite reaction

c. qFr, ftqqr4:il-r'4uras-d + rg*arava $ I

Force is proportional to product of miss and acceleration

D. 3c{+d ;t t 6iS aft ffi/None of the above


03. s0 3TidRn a-qro rfr* 2 F@ fi *-dR t u+ Q-6q1-5Fq crgT

si ilq
1( qr :nafto arq- +- :rrfa srdl orar t, af qnFfrq -,^ s-,.,
rrcrdet 6/t-loop stress in a
cylindrical pipe of inner diameter 50 mm and wall thickness
subjected to internal pressure of 1 Mpa is
2 mm, when

A. 125 osi
B. 0.01 MPa
C. 12.5 Mpa
D. 3cE+d fr + +tg a-$ill,tone of the above

04. 4 cmz/s Tqlrftfi- ?qt;rar fi rE +-r ffi4 B-cm *-Eqrq q.Sc + qrLqff
d t200rz
cm3/s-,tt sEarF-6 trdr6 6l'rfi-{ t/The discharge of a liquid
of kinematic viscosity
4 cm2/s through an B-cm diameter pipe is 3200x n cm31s. The type of frow
expected is

A. q-frq/Laminar
b. €-FFruI/Transition
C. 98JaU/1up6r1.ra
D, 3TTdtd-S-q/Not predictabie
05. ! rK 1 kmot 6t df$ efi :fg +r 3fl-qFFI 6lrn /1 kmol of any gas at
N.T.P occuPies volume of

A. 22.4I m3
B. 2.24I m3
C. 29.27 m3
D. 1,03 m3

uo. \rfi' cFfl fr nd.nff, aetrsr ssTH +'r cRqtur * *tL a{dt Ffft'e
magnitude of hydraulic hammer effect in a pipe depends on

A. Bg 4ft d sloA dE +-f ft-qr arqr tlSpeed at which valve is closed

B. cr{c €r eier+/Length of the PiPe
C. qrgq 11rfl-rfi fif g6qr*q auffi/Elastic properties of the pipe materials
D. 3!-S-+d fr d gafilntl of the above

07. GERRA d t 6td 3{ffiq cm-fr ilfr tllWhicn of the following is not a non-
dimensional Para meter?

A, FrSg 3i$-/Froude number

B. SR-s_fiqrdifi q{'s'r 6R-6/oarcy-weishback friction factor
C. *+ dsqltNlach number
D. 3c{+d d' t 6tS ffi/None of the above

08 FSR4 Ssq'd;I {f,fr qq fl-+I qlar t/Spark ignition engine works on

A. ord qrlCarnot cYcle

B, a-ft+rd- {f,/Ericson cycle
C. \fu-flTF/Rankine cYcle
D. 3ff qslotto cycle

no :nq C{ qq +-fi-rlc-c t/crant< shafts are generally

A. 6rqr ddr579ie-cast
B. .nJr.ffialforged
c. i-a aar$lsand cast
D. drl Fiffi S q-cc;ir/Tu.rned from bar stock
10 ffiofu-a fr t qild gm eun-dr +.r sfrftfu. q.Gn tr/which one of the
following represents open=sqrafrr
thermodynamic system?

{:ra 3tri€-fiq frrEt/vtanual ice-cream freezer

3rq-+rff T;9 /Centrifugal pump
C, r?t{ ch+{/Pressure cooker
D. qFr 5Ea|fl]fi/Bom b calorimeter

11. .a- N.m *

t'o-d 3ilqui fi 3Trftd, 40 aqrg *. (rfr. dg
l)c-c d. :rfu+_+q 3115q_rrur
iA- sL ,*.
vrdqer 6 /ryaxrmum shear stress in a solid shaft of 40 mm diameter,
subject to
twisting moment of zr N.m is

A. 25 MPa
B. 0.25 Mpa
C. 250 Mpa
D. iqE+d fr d-si$ q€ilwone ofthe above

12 ffifta d S 6td a-d-$ fc€tild +q-dr +€l hiwrrich of the foilowing is not
wage incentive olan?

A. 6ES zilsd/Halsey plan

B, l+l fq-+rnaylor plan
\_. (d-i*td qtgElliEmerson Plan

D, i-*a qbETTRowan plan

13. H+I{r $93"E- + 4-dt-{T B-eT d'tar t fime study is carried out by
A. diq, q?lm jqfiT'r,3rrB t qft fr q-sfi
6-rar, c-rr6,
E-6aqxyi d_fr
Finding all significant regarding the job,
work, prace, machine toor, etc
B s--q6 3{rqtqra +} et} -?qt d d):E-dr, m vftTcar qrcm
d B-q' or. T+-dr F}
Breaking up each operation into smail erements,
which can be measured

C. ffiqr+ + fr('3fuacr r+Rr ft-s eKr srrq qr ffiFlt lti :r+ai_aa

observing and recording the time taken by the
operator for an operation
D. tqg+d it fr oaff /Ail rhe above
14- ffitra d'fr +tm qRdJraI *;sl-a t'R(r trgFeTr"qrc-rro trqq + 3fiEETd 61 3;Tqi4
afar illWhich among the following uses probabilistic time estimates for project
B. d's q€/Gantt chart
D. :il.S. q*'loC curve

15. ilSard Trd-.aT frr rqtrRotr t/ Current quality concept is

(1) 3-cql{fr fr {E /Increase in production
(2) F:tfl{ $Itl /Continual improvement
(3) dE €r tr+-znq /Prevention of defect
]t& rea-l t /The correct answer is

A. *-+a z :lfr : lz and 3 only

B. #{or 1 :il-q: lr and 3 only
c. *-f,d 1 :ltt z I 1 and 2 onlY
D. 1, 2 3it{ 3 | t,2 and 3

lo. fi-fi (are-3rrir.f4 :ik 8r-r's tarqqra-qqifi) sTts il q*-*+ arfa t. 3rtfrd dT fr t
q;FI?I: _ 3fR _ F6dr tt/Rrea under process line in P-V (Pressure - Volume)
and T-s (Temperature - Entropy) diagrams give and respectively'

A, +q:fk =GF{(5s41 .}fk alfllq and W (Heat and - Work) -

B. seeq3il-{+{ (+-16:i-l ssat;7W and Q (Work and Heat)
c. A sdF{(3Tidftf, a-si.3rY{ 6d)/u, w (internal energy and work)
D. \rs,3c-{(t;drFfr 3{t{ 6r6)/H, W (Enthalpy and work)

1l €iffi[q 1urdaFr F-{iTsl il+-fr+. R.-gi6 q< srurtca t/statistical quality

control techniques are based on the theory of

A. qrfuf,dT/Probability
B. {urdr/Quality
c, qiffi/statistics
D. S _fl24q Rgialset theory
claqFfrI+tg/Question Booklet Code I A
18. sS fi F+e 6nr ft frffiq rrF angular speed of a minute hand of I
watch is
A. 'T -^)
| dul5 -tnne I
^ radls I
c. rao/s
-360 (
D. l.qd-+d fr t 4f$ a6t/None of the above

19. cFisT ji cfufr 3Tq-i ffi fl' 3ftrlnd d-qri + fr('qd +i 3-{rgJ e}t F{ crfiqr 6r (
3tTtlrt drr t- 3i-{- * +E sT Tidq t/rarly mountaineers boiled water to
estimate their altitude. The basis of the process is the relation between and I
of water.
tr 3ilT sr-FrriHeight and heat
-L qlq/LJenSlty anO preSSUre I
qlcq 461 3iT drqrnd/Vapor pressure and temperature
t). -s- --
Tc-d d;Itti 3{f{ $rTdn:/Surface tension and volume

20 00c *aa +l r'+' eE +ild ii arraq .iaqr ft oaa q{ +m-{ qri tr qfr +dil EHI
ildI t d crfi- trnl O closed bottle filled with water at OoC is taken to the
surface of moon. If the bottle is opened, the water will
A. afq/Heat up
B. Etlzffr'/Boil
C. +tt efr ckd.ff, ffi 5iarvNot undergo any cnange
D. 3qd-+iT d +i$ +fi/t'lone of the above

21. c-qr4ffi *ttr qFt+ Tiqrro * =;sarqe* ffifir E Erdq-s F;IQT:_ 3fu_ €
dtffre criteria for thermodynamic efficiencies of reciprocating and rotory
compressors are _ and _ respectively.
A. {fl-dlfr :tf agl-qnsothermal and adiabatic
B. lifuqrfi :i-r gr-src tur/Rolytropic and isobaric
C. t-gisq 3i{ €a-affi/Adiabatic and isotnermar
D. 3!-S-+a' ji S 6t5 a€i/None of rhe above
sraqfrs.rEts/Ouestion Booklet Code I A

22. mg*f+c<, *Rq{3ff{ srqf, rnlfi qQl|"fdr €I'diq fi <cRI fr ar safr t tt

/Accuracy of micrometers, calipers and dial indicators can be checked by
A. ugrr elq/Plug gauge
B. sfrq folstip gauge
C. qsq ddTqlng gauge
D. :d'f{fr is/Feeler gauge

23. (r6-qFr €{g t d ra,ftfr q{ d{d 3rcrc?rT fr d-dE ttl ft'e only metal
that exists in liquid state at N.T.P is

A. qa/Water
B. d6/Iron
C. vKI/Mercury
D. 3q-d-+d fr S 6tS +$ilruone of the above

24. r+qrRa ta +r 3flffFfi wrq 0.8 tl +a 6-r EaFr t/ Relative density of

hydraulic oil is 0.8. Density of the oil is

A. B0 kglm3 _
B. 800 kglm'
C. BO0 N/m3
D. B kgflm3

25. ffifua ji S eTi{f, 6tFI t/Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
44 \ l-s!
A. 9ccl .hl l. J+lch ftq d-t 6
ih" C.c. of a circle is at its centre

B. Irti gra *r .s* #* I r/2 fr qft w t

The C,G. of a semi-circle is at a distance of r/2 from its centre

ffiT +r S.dr. :;€-ts qrtrzffiT t qffi{ w B
The C,G. of a triangle is at intersectlon of its medians

D. 3{rq'd 6l rst ffi; qFzdq q{ t

The C.G. of a rectangle is at intersection of its diagonals
qfdqfr+'rEts/Question Booktet Code I A
q-fd Ti+_sq Fffil e-drd fi Rq +m. d-cgr 1
S s-ff t dt q-{F _tt rf the Mach a
number for a compressible fluid flow is less than 1, the flow is
A a ,^
A. Lqlalch/ 5onlc
B. qq|f-qF-fi / Supersonic
C. .lrer,"TG-fr / Subsonic a
D. 3cE+d fr d' +H ffiiNone of the above a
27. r'q'dtfr jt ;q+a*+ qfrad Em qfl"i t/ The substance with least density at N.T.p is
A. AgEfffil Hydrogen
B. fiF-qql Helium a
C. +rql Air
D. qRr/ Mercurv a

28. vrsc ji d6r e-Er6'+4 ei 10% frqr arn't, E{!r t orur Ew}a-dr fir
qq sircll d/when flow velocity in a pipe is increased by
6rE-- a
10 o/o, the loss of head

due to friction increases by I

A. 2t o/o
B. 25 o/o
D, 7L o/o

+;&fi-+q fir sTR-f,trq frqlc _ *' q{-qq t (s-6T w srr t r tiqr$ a
t r .i"r 4.rqq- ts
:fu t q-g.3":nqol-ililaximum deflection of a cantilever is equal to _ (where w
is load, I is length, E is young's modulus and I is moment of inertia)
Lt/t l I
t,ttl 4
lR;T qFd6'I atg/Question Booklet Gode I A

30, ffi-tra fr d +td gq$ 3rE6' qFqrgr htWfrich among of the following is the
most elastic?

A. Gl-5/Rubber
B. agFfrs4/Alumjnum
c. T€qrfl/Steel
D. Fiq/Glass

3.1. Te i V-q-fl qlfi-fir fr srflaq r^c d q-T Eiql-dq dar tnne V-belt sheaves of
pulleys normally have a groove angle of

A. 34 { 38/34 to 38
B. 55 t 60i55 to 60
c. 20 s
30i20 to 30
D. 40€. 44140 to 44

32 3irrrg t Z afi-cr fr Z fr-.u-r. * qa fr Arq s-at aercra-t/Potential energy of 2

kg of water at 2 m from datum is about

A. 20,000 J
B. 40J
c. 40 kl
D. 4KJ

8-R-fi egifrf, 15-* * R(' aTieTF'6 AFdi ft dreqr-tnne number of

instantaneous centers for B-link kinematic chain is
A 1tr
B. 16
c. 24
D. iq+d fr d +f$ ffi/ruone of the above

J+- fi.+tqq (3)ur6+ q{ +G_dtt e-fr ] t /TQM focuses on (1)

(t)s-{[q_q' 1Zpffir
Supplier (2) Employee (3) Customer. The correct answer is

A, +{fr 1 :lir : l1 and 3 onlY

B. *-+a:/3only
c. &_da 2:lk: l2and 3.only
D. 1,2 3il-{ 3 lL,2 and 3
qqaqfr+.rqtc/Question Booktet Gode I A
35. frfi"z ssqr qrrrdT fit st ndT-$ t/ sI Unit of specific heat capacity is a

A. w/mlK a
B. kg/m3
C. MPa I
D. Jlkg/K
36. frqrs ,i+- fr qmd 4 + 3rTt d' 4s a.i+ilIn case of pure bending, the beam I
will bend into an afc of a
A, qfdFlzr/Parabola
B. 0d-{ca/Ellipse
C. :rftq5ao+/Hyperbola I
D. Tca/Circle
37. $m- gls-fi jt ft-d4 aiT fiI rdi-iThe energy of an isolated system in a Drocess
A. s 6d il/rncreases
B. r.tcdil/uecreases
!-fi-{FIFI l-dft/Re ma ins constant I
U. 3r@+llot predictable I

38. c5 $-€cra fr q"T ETqi6 +_ S/young,s modulus E of mild steel is (

310 GPa I
B. 210 GPa
405 MPa
n 3cgqa fr d *E +€ilNone of the above (

( qffs-ifr-dr sEqS sT dTiq$flAn optimum project schedule implies (

q-wi, qqHi 3ff{ qra-fr t groa jq-qtaT I

Optimum utilization of men, machines and materials I

B qfulo-at slsqq q{ ftEqqa.
Timely execution of project (

C *. R('eq$ 6-fi erzra st{ ge-g 6q sa..q'

Lowest possible cost and shortest possible time for project
D. B('rrc {qrd + ilaa sq$ 3{zdT qftq-q tremr
To produce best results under given constraints
qRaqFfiI Question BookletCode I A

40. 3Trtrg 3lk surf + tm. + sr:FI 6T fr."il. d e-l +l 3TEI IT?II 3Trtlrr + sfriAT
ar a5;o-aqf_ tffhe moment of inertia of a rectangle with base 3 cm and
height 4 cm, about an axis through CG and parallel to the base is

A. 16 cma
B. 34 cma
C. L2 cma
D, 3cE+d fr fr +t$ afr/None of the above

41. t l+'.qr. * aa fr dlcqrd' +l aer atqa;a $ 1 * *.*tfr fr R(' 3flqlqfi- 56aT

t/the treat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of Water from room
A. 1kl
B. 4.18 kCal
c, 4.18 kJ
D, 4.78l
42 46rsTer{ fir sa-o * fri q-m' Ff,?={d ero{Tt q{
\q'fr'(r Ft arolrf d4wt +-ql
EIEI 1.4
tt/Pressure at a certain depth below ocean surface is 1'4 MPa. What is the
depth approximately?

A, 14m
B, 140 m
C. 1400 m
D. i!€+d fr t 6it +6i/trtone of the above

fe ii :rqqrf+- 6l- q}ll/Addition of detergent to liquid

A. *t$ seild rfr t/nas no effect

B. Ts-d-d-drq 6l {drff t/Increases surface tension
C. y-d-fldTq 6i ildTff t/Lowers surface tension
D. lc{+d d d 6tg a€i/None of the above

qqqlle{c! qllql
-A- F-qfr * 3{IttR q{ 6rF- q-{dl t/Hvdraulic press works
on the basis of taw

B. gfs-d/Pascal's
C, 6+/Hook's
D. 3c{+d d d 6fg a-€i/None of the above
45. EIF q'zt q{, d6r a-fi sFfu-fr qrfrm- qaldr
t, Td TddI t/When a cyclisr I
moves on a curved path he/ she tends to --
A. staltx rO-; + ft('/Remain vertical I
B. qrd{ fir sfVgend outward I
C. elF-d €I:fVsend horizontal I
D. 3c{+d fr d 4tg agi/trrone of the above
gffq (
46. 3'ejqqa- * fuil s/Father of time studv
A. H.L. du/H.l. Gann
B. F.B. trTil+8/F.8. Gilberrh (
C. H.B. +dr*/H.8. Maynord
D. F.W. lfr{/F.W. Taytor

47 il€crfr d +S ord-a o-r sfrlra d-d-_fi t 3-€-fi
of Carbon increases in steel, its
6-q d u.ffi t /As percentage
clecreases. (

A. +iflRq gfttelcorrosion resistance

B, d;-{d|/Duct'l'ty
\-. qlot{ctl/HafOneSS
D. Tg glqxflUltimate strensth

48 a-fifr fudwr 4 's, qal- il sTgt ertF-d F/In RAC analysis, 'A, class
consist of items having
JcdFI A-,-Yl-,^
T{6t3/Good records
B. F-ry-da ffi6/winimal records
C. vRg< ffif/Accurate records
D. +t$ R-+tf a-€illto records

gf,ar or mva :nf, dEq drmFr

tnhe wet bulb temperature is a
measure of humiditv

A. srtflF+-/Retative
D a\ -\^-,^,
D. tat{r.tfi/ADSOlUte
D. 3!E+d fr S 6f$ a-$i/ruone of the above
qFq 6r re{flFr tlt'lass of vapor in 1
50. 0.95 ?r6-d-ai?I +' 1 F+'.ar. t' :irt enc fr --
ko of wet steam of drYness fraction 0,95

A. 950 4I. /950 g

R 1.95 fr.4r. /1.95 kg
( 50 a'r. /50 g
D. 3c{+a fr t 6t$ r$llNone of the above

51. r,-* i-ffir* tr{d (rfi'fi # *. H, 3fu (16'{rffra ffia eTR t adr+ $1
3i\T ?trrd-{
a simply supported beam
3 5 gfr'ra-a 'iqa- 3ilqoi q-r Sqcrd t/A cantilever and distributed load' The ratio
have same length uni'ur. subject to same
of their maximum bending moments is

A. 1
a 4
D. 2

52 s-gl{qT€q]_46IHrff]@.G.qqPVn=Ct|{flcBF-qT*:raqqTfrtr_fi+-{ae",qfrn
is PVn = C' The
*- wrsq tfthe general law of expansion or compression
Drocess is said to be hyperbolic, if n is equal

A. @
B. 1
C. 0
D. T

t fr-.4T. 6-rd-d * g€ q-ila t fts3fldaqtr- :ffir+a t/For complete combustion of

1 kg of Carbon, the required Oxygen is

A. B f,m'.ql. +r sffi;a / 8 kg of oxYgen

B. B/3 fu.41. +i :ffi4-a I B/3 kg of oxygen
C. 3/B fu.4T. an :ffisa | 3lB kg of oxYgen
D. 3!--4-+d d- €- 6f$ a$itt\one of the above

:: :._
Tfi'drfi sfl4F (qifrfi) F6d{{ 20
54' FETfrRd d t +tq-er Fqid{or I
fo,owing conversion formura {+ -qqm nmT-{qr # fr(, s_fi *lwtrich of the (
is correct for temperature
A. !- = !12 -
R- 4e2
roo --rso =-l€o-- {
B. S-=!J2
- _ R-460
= -lgo-
r Bo roo
c. s__ F_32=80
1oo--l80 (
D, ,+ $ sE a$lNone of rhe above I
55. fulft efr eF-trFq g*
cffi+r,, {qnfi
reversible adiabatic process, f qffid _
the changeln a
A. eF{/Zero "n,roou-;",
B, ;Tild+r/Minimum I
56. (rfi d{m qM jt {d I
I ift ro rces a cti n s ; T **=H J" trT tr .*-m"T J" ffi fl D ra s an d I
A. Erq 3i1-{ e and viscosirv ,l
B. Erq sfu and gravity i1
c. Ers 3il-{ and turbulence
D. ?qFFn :fu yaneTA/iscosity
and turbulence
57' I
il,.ffi",lr,Tiirlrffi.t:* *i m-6r arar trwnen Froude,s number
is a
A. triF-fi u-+r6/Critical flow a
B. 3iE-friFq- g_dr6:/Subcritical
flow a
erid FrdiStreaming flow
.miia q-{-dlShooti4g flow
rofiftsarq* ginmJ a
58 -{fl-{d 6l 9-615 ?IRA crr+r t/The unit power of a turbine is equal to

17' -


59. frc}f,.d-43]EqTd4r5iEirFI4rflt/hasthehighestva|ueof
Poisson's ratio

A. 46re/concrete
B. q-rs-o/Wood

C. gCvra/Steel
D. {qg./Rubber

60 _E-dRr 3;sa.r Fenai6{sr fr 4TsEi6 d'gq.r fi a-fidl"i elF-frI H/Grashoff number

has significant role in heat transfer by

A, qtd4/Conduction
B, FdrlTrBfr +i+6a/Natural convection
C. s"nFd +iqda/Forced convection
D. frB-qur/Radiation

ilfr;ft& s6rrr6 luiF+) E{iT{ 2ol 6 -

\lahendragiri a
Wri n Exantination for Selection to the Post of C
Technical Assistant (Mechanical) - Post Gode:013
vide Advt. No.lPRG/RMT/2O16/01 dated 05.08.2016 C
Question Booklet Code
01 B 21 A A4
TI c a
02 22 B 42 B I
03 G 23 c r+J c t
o4 A 24 B 44 B
05 A 25 B 45 D
06 D 26 c +o D
a7 D 27 A 47 B



A 48 c
G 49 B
10 B 30 c 50 A



A 51 c
B 52 B
13 B 33 D 53 B
14 c 34 c 54 A
15 A 35 D 55 A
to B 5b D 56 A
17 A a7 c 57 D

1B D B 5B

19 39 c

2A B 40 A 60

PS:- Any objections/queries in the Answer Key may be sent through email to on or before 23.12.2016 (Friday) 15:00 Hrs. lf no I
objections are received before the stipulated date, the Answer Key will be
deerned legitimate.

/ Govemment of India

/ Thiruvananthapumm - 695 022

ate: 28.08.2316
TitR6 aximum Marks: 320
3tHtf zfr'I ;ffi/lrlspe of he candidate : ollno.


You shsuld sign *e hall |,icket only in Sre p of fte lnvigilatcr in the examination hall.

Each question can'ies 04 rnafxs and one mark will be deducted for each w{sng answer.


Enter your Name and Roll Nurnber coneciiy in fre

question let




n4. s3;r- sl



(a) Zonr:id/s (b) 4O7t s (c) 2nradls (d) 107r s


(a) Al (b) (c) (d)


(a) 2B (b) lB (c) (d)


(a) zero

6l I

A steel bar of 6rnm is he el from 25o C to 6S" C and it is free to expand. The bar will induce
(a) o stress
(b) shear stress

(c) ensile stress

ia) inear
G) erbolic
8. ts{t{d.
Francis ine is best suited for
(c) i80 m * gh head installation above 180 rn
ist I st II a
A. ing a
ts. I
ili. ves ductiliS a
D.g a
(a) A-1, B-II, C-EI, D-IV A-III, ts-trV, C-I, D.II
(c) A-1II, B-IV, C-II, D-I A-I, B-W, C-ilI, D-II I
10. e a
(u) ardness (b) a I

(c) i1i4, /Stren

A,{ 4 1283/16


(c) las

rff-6 I

flow s.

(b) ifferential pressure flow

(c) fdtFf,/Quantity flow

* 6l

(a) Chuck &) Spindle

(o) or {d) aii stock







O) 50 mi ns,40 rnicrons

(€) 40 microns, trO microns


(b) .
(c) (d) kl+n



(c) et and bending stresses


(a) 0"8 and 1"2
(b) 1.2 5
(c) 5 10


8. ll.

iII. blow

Slag inctrusion

D" orosity

(a) A-IH, B-I1, C-[V, D-I (b) A.II!, B-trI, C-i, D-IV
(c) A-lV, B-II, C-I, D-III (d) A-II
C-rV, D-I

aq 7 12S3/15
M h the fotrlowing

ist I ist iI

A. wire rnethod Lce

B. icai flat iL Shaightness


(a) A-I, B-III, C-IV, D-II (b) A-III, B.I, C-II, D-IV
(c) A-IV, F-IIL C-I, D-II (d) A-III, B-I, C-TV, D.N

2s. d* ffi


(a) land3o (b) 1,2,3

(c) 1 and2 only (d) 2and3only

{a) bber

(") crk {d) Steel


press P is:

(a) {b) (c) (d)

A s azEsfi"6


1' al

2. Size

(a) 1,2,3,4 (b) r,3,4 (c) l and4only (_d) r,2,3


e ion:

G) pAfftl)2
(b) ?ACr-u)2
(c) pA{v-tD

horizontal, such that

(") tan 6 = tanB =

(") ranA =E"V x TH tan9 =

A a 12E3/96
i I


)t. (

(") (
(a) deb
(a) bond
(b) lac bond
(c) fied bond

* I
(a) luidvelociff @) luid densitY I
(c) ains s (di ecreases a

A 1E L283j16 a
n- Y

Erd {d f 'h' tt


(a) peh& O) b,- p) e,rA (c) (p-pJ efta (d) (pft- p,FD



G) o cycle (b) cycle

(") iesel cyctre (d) n cycle

+v. tl
e eritieaX pressure ofa triquid is

(a) 652 (b) 1.s0 I
(c) 10.s6 (d) 0.57 I
42. : tr

(c) E6f+Torfiaraenine (d)
43- I I

44" St
(a) B-l
(c) B't I
(d) Bt
A 1., n2ffi/16 (



(a) 1,2,3,4 (b) 1,2,4,3 (c) 1,4,2,3 (d) 1,3,2,4

Consider the fullo staternents:

Fig 1 Fig 2

z. Rq-e F

F angle projection

{b) 2,3 4 (c) tr and 3 oniy (d) 2 and 4 oniy

47. 200K

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 0.5 (d) 5

A 13 a2E3/16
(a) tzz w# a
(b) tzZoo Nlm'
(c) l2700Nlrrm2
(b) vs# (c) (d) a
{a} lsO 150 m2 7s

tu)* I
(c) {d) I
* tt I
51.Ar s I
(a) t/750
Ln50a (

{d) I
1?83/16 I







(a) At= [1- sin c] (b) At : D[1 - sin e]

(c) At = [1 - cos o<] (d) ar=f[r-


(a) 320 424

(c) 82A.5 (d) 16s

-i3 r233/36

l}ltnmz I

(b) 43.2%
(a) 4s.0%
(c) 47.2%



(d) 4s


angle of friction), is given

(b) P=Wsin(o+S)
(a) P:Wcos(o+@) (d) P:W (e+S)
(") P=W (a-@)

ia) (b) (o'*or*

(c) (d) (ao*or*",##

Fil.K, tl
If the shain energy absorbed in a cantilever beam il bending under its is 'K' times

(a) 2 (b) 4
(c) 6 8


(a) 4, tr.24 KW (b) 4.5, X.50 KW

{ci 4-5, 1.40 (d) 4, 1.40

A II L283tA6



(a) t{=60"Q:120 (b) H:120,Q:120 I

(c) H:60,Q= 480 !I = l2O Q:30

63. IT01

0.5 + 0.1 I
0.3 + 0.02D
0.8 + 0.
{c) 0.3 + 0.008D (



65. * I (

Degtees of edom for a robot is t

(a) 10 (b) 6 I

{"} 3 I

!8 1283/86 I

(b) ovo excess metal

(.) jie



68. EDM J


(c) f


A {9 \283t46

(a) (t0,10) (15, l0) (c) (15, 15) (d) (lo, is)

7r. ta)
(rl tl

10 kS

(a) (b)

G) 25% 50v, (c) (d) 20a'/'

20 a2E3l16
ist I ist II

boltznan I
B. onvection IL oilier law

C. diation

Newtons law of cooling

(a) A-II, B-I, C-ry (b) A-II, B-ry, C-I

(c) A-II, B-III, C-I A-IV, B-1I, C-I

er of,molecules" is :

(a) oyles i


of graviry.

(a) 1,2 and 3 O) l only (c) i&3only 1&.2ofiy
21 1283t16
75. co (
(a) e (b) (x) (c) I (d) 0
ia) 1t3 (b) 2t3 (c) 7112 {d) 5fi2 (
77. aOCL1 I I
(d) (
(a) 200 190 180 2r0

(a) -3t4 &) 4t3 314 (d) I I
then is ?
{a) Cot (c) sin Cos (
I (
? (
(a) 26,12 o) 12, tr (c) 24,\1 24,22

A 22 t 116

s{fCd g*fiR / Government of lndia

fteTrrr / Department of Space


nu+@a / Thiruvananthapuram - 695 022

tfrt S.1332 / PostNo1332

FEIDate: 06,08,2017
€-dift-fi gis-lMaximum Marks : 320 sryq/Tirne, 2 dl2 hours

3isqretr qI arElName of the candldate : 3-{ffii6- +i/Rollno.

1. $1q+"E_arr1tr+ 3nida fr r+qa F*r'"eN'rfra-ar5a +dI t sTeIR c{ 3ilqqt Rfud, qtrar]. h- torv

3rrdFJd erqr tt
you have been called for the written test based on the online data furnished by you in the web application. lf
web anv intormation or V

qQd-q=r,eoceais r1a-qfu+l*nqitt ritr qftqrr fr et-dfu 02 Eit t I

The euestion paper is in the form of Question Booklet with 80 questions and the duration of the test is

hou rs.

The questions will be objective type with four options out of whlch only one will be unambiguously correct.

Each question carries 04 marks and one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

A separate OMR answer sheet wiih carbon coated copy wlll be provided to mark the answer optlons'

you have to seleci the right ans\i/er by marking the corresponding oval on the OMR ansiryer sheet by

blueiblack ball point pen.

Multiple answers for a question will be regarded as wrong answer,

1. qE d Ea P a?i Q +r vftuna g+lur qr mrf 6-{ W t, cs p *'siq cr eilsr +arar S, ae

If the resultant of tw'o forces P and Q acting at an angle 0 rnakes an angle o with the force
P. then
P sin0 P cos9
a) tan c(: bl' tan c(- P+Q cos I
P+Q cos 0
- oc:
O sin8 ,.
d) tan o(:
o coso ' Y+q'Slnt/
2. qarero"Bsenq;r e-dr€ffiq' c-dr-f,fffr dt -
Positive disolacement flow meters zlre . .. . .. ..flow meters.

a) at etr gdr6/Variable alea flor,v b) frTf€I arq e-dt6/Differential pressure flow

c) gorar v-ar5/Quantity flow d) $FS S qrt$ ffiiNone of these
:tu rEa ilrr tr
A vertical column has two moments of inertia I** and In",. The column will tend to buckle
in the direction of the
a) 3Tqil/axis ofload'
b) +TR 3{er t rger* eiaiperpendicular to the axis of load
c) eft*rq aximummoment of inertia
d) ;{d-flq ws-q 3nqil/minirnum moment of inertia
El E2 tat
Trvo bodies with moment of inerlia 11 and 12 (Il > 12) have equal angular momentum. If
Kinetic Energy of rotation are El and E2 then
a) El <82 b) Er>82 c) EI: E2 d) El >: E2

A 1 is filled with water upto a height H. Water is allou'ed to come ont of a hole P in
one of the walls at a depth 'h' belorv the su ce of wate.r (See Figure). Express the
horizontal distance x in te s of lI and h
a) x:1ih(H - h) b)':/tryl
c) x=z^fh(H-h) d) x: q^tng - h)

6. df, ffirI Hr*il-flcrql .. d frtr-a Ht

Ball bearings are generally made of

a) rrai a}6rCast Iron U) qfrAualAluminium
c) *tq 1*vralChrome steel d) FsS € 6t$ ffiinone of the above

7. efiff F-+q arqq t

R(' fuqr amr
*' tt
Charpy test is conducted to measure

a) +otrarllardness b) aTqrirduffl'/Mall e ab iiitY

c) e{TavBrittleness d) zi{r+'wlM achinabilitY

8. xsr6.ETF+T Eig "...'...... . tl

*r sES wrfr
The most efficient section of a flow channel is
b) cr+ffiorrectangular
c) aetlsquare d) nmi<itrapezoidaL

9. tdfre..c +fel, qra ca :ik $I 3rflqa tl

Revnold's number is the ratio of the inertia force to the
b) qra {olrviscous f,orce
c) Et'co {d/gravity force- d) Erq {f,/pressure force

10. drffq Eril+ar k, ffi t dtIT g{q-{?r sra ql-d e fars fu s=ap s3;rf, aA il * s++isfi-q

f,rq|q E_dI{T fuq1 rr{r cRner ...,.... tr

The thermal resistance offered by a rectangular wail of thernal conductivity
k , thickness
t imd cross sectional area A ( assume no heat generatiotl ) is given by :
a) t/(kA) b) (kA)/t c) (K0/A d) (AO/k

ffifriT ffiffndt it d arc tqa ya RWrd €

ft-E€iid """"""" tt
Wbich one of the following theoiies is related to the theory of the thermocouple?
a) YrrqlPeizoelectric effect b) mir esnsiseebeck effect

c) R*a cerrd/Skin effect d) F-+*17Patu6aY's La'uv

12. qfu6 fir FI

Ernissivity of a biack bodY is:

a)l b)0
c) co d) trreltR-d il€t ar Cannot be detemlined
13. dtrfr Tfi-fr{q €t sF-a t +ra q{ :ncfiR-d Ht
Bernoulli's equation is the statement about fluid flow for

a) €ffr +iqqprConservation of rnass

b) Tid-l' qiGrurConservation of rnomentum
c) ca +(aarForce balance
d) s:nt *iqarqlConservation of energy

14. Tlt q?*s,t {is---c * artrS f

rrsqF€ird 9",r" ..... tt
In the case, of perfectly elastic collision, the coefficient of restitution is

a) 1.0 b) o.s
c) 1.0t essthan 1.0 d) rrul.e1e

15. R'r d' rrq, JESK (16'F{fr' q{ d'qKi $ {rd #r rErtrd ffar tl At ad A2 Hq]-(' rtq
A liquid flows in the e from left to right as shown in figure. A1 and A2 arc the cross-
sections of the portions of the e as shown. Then the ratio of speeds vl /v2 will be

al- b)
-: c): dl
' A1 J A1 ' lAr ' !A2

A spherical black body of radius r radiates power P, and its rate of cooling is R, then
a) P urz b)Pur c) Ru12 d)'T
ch of the tbllor,ving inetal ha^s the lor.vest melting point ?

C) qifiiSilver d) Zinc

f'his rnaterial is used for producing laser

a) graphite b) uby
c) diamond d) enreraid
r (
19. dI Rrr E1d. t't d4rc qtr Fiq L (,ri qrs'D # F&-fr E=' Ei arcrnrm AT d {rqFi cc d alfud
B-qr q'rdr tr ar gun+ E t ftn' tfufi trFdR erurim u tt iss +l atfc vft-dd I
""""""""Ht (
A steel rod of lenglh L and diameter D, fixed at both ends, is uniformly heated to a
temperature rise of AT. The Yourrg's modulus is E and the coefficient of linear expansion I
is a. The thermal stress in the rod is
c) d) EoAIL I
a)0 b) aAT EoAJI
20. ?tE jl rrirgd +.r ffisr erat tl
Torsion in a shaft produces

a) r+tcfffrd/Tensile stress b) dfi-sd xffi*aiCompressive stress I

c) en-svw cF{ilrShear stess d) ti+-arBendirig (

21. +da qft'ei 3nff +ri w :il-ar sq fir cfrsraTdfu ffi d"ft? (

What is the percentage increase in tool life when the cutting speed is halved?
a)300% b)400% c) 5% d)200%
22. fr-rT ctR-rr +.r rq$"ur +'frq rtat Bt
Ring rolling is used

a) ffia il& t y.clrfr €lfot producing seamless tubes

b) trtr fi ffi qAli o increase thickness of a ring
c) if+ fiI # trcri tglto decrease thickness of a ring
d) di RRe{ *' *q-+a frqrfor producing large cylinder


A rod of length L and diameter D is subjected to a tensile load P. Which of the follor.ving
is suft-rcient to calculate the resulting change in di eter?

a) {iat *r eiqiqlYoung's modulus

b) :tcsqq rrqlim"iShear moduius
c) c-+rot :wctElPoisson's ratio
d) tia sT etoTiq-a?i Both Young's modulus and shear modulus



A oantilever beam of length L is subjected tci a moment ivl at the free end. The moment of
inerlia of the beam cross section abor-rt the neutral aris is I and the Youns's rnodulus is E.
The magnitude of the maximtmr deflection is
' att2
1 \
a) c) d)
25. t-fi tiE mi G6w, E*rq Bm' $ ffi sa.q r3rtrdriE)
disc is
The locus of apoini on a string unwound frorn a circular
a) t'fr circle b) v+ +*-aiA cYcloid
c) ('+- rier{Raran involute d) a-s' ffifevA parabola

26. c*-d_d €r d "-eq q-{flfr TrFFffi Ht

In a state of stress, principal planes are planes of
a) ?1;q qrJIFzI qR{il1zero normal sftess
b) eI+ 3{qsErw sfte62".o shear stress
c) waraorarr+ gi gq5qq sF{fr/Equal normal and shear stesses
d) afu+an 3{qsqol cfrqd/Maximum shear stress

27. smrd"ry-f, g+. +-I F{4 ...',".'a+.dr+ tl

The generalized Hooke's law is applicable up to
a) vrnr+ RglYield Point
b) fuia-fi FgrBreaking Point
c) tE-+ scqr?{ fiq,il.inear elastic limit
0 uarree* cftqvPlastic limit
rycrd * 6tro 6Ftrl
A column has a rectangular cross-section of 10 x 20 and.a length of 1 m' The
slenclerness ratio of the column is close to

a) 200 b) 346 c) 4'7'7 d) looo

sfr tz
aione' rvhich of the
For the stability of a floating body, under the influence of gravity
following is TRUE?


N4eracenter should be above centre ofglavity'

Metacenter and centrc of gravitv must lie on the s e horizontal iine'

in the
A body lalls tieely frr:m rest m the top of a tall cliff. The distance it travelled
f,rrst second is

fr.,m b) 10 *.m c) 4.9 aff.rm d) I fr,m

a) 9.8
3q$tfi'clrq +' d t rqr;rfr'{d;frdl?
a) :ria?r+' s-q?internal energy b) a-</pressure
c) (r;dfr/entropy d) we)iafrlenthalpy

sileU--Erw 6R C R{s' atr"$e sTT cT+-d d-dT

In an automobile car where is the Hook's joint used?
a) +aq lui eh+l fr+s ; fiq/Bet*'een clutch and
gear box

b) Rstft a-w qd ildit * fiq/Bet\.veen differential gear and wheels

c) c:frr54*m tzi *-aq t' d-qlBetween flywheel and clutch
propeller shaft
d) fuw di+s !?i d-C+ cltFc *. fi-qlBetween gear box and

q d.. e+aEiera +, R\' 1p:udor. r'i", u: |frrg 41"0 . ..'.'.' E?n *ti sre,rzr+a.r etfft
The condition for self locking in scre.;l' is (p:coefEcient of friction, o: heiix angle)

a) pZTana b) pSTana c) p:0 d) p,zc

q-fi ildqrfra 6E+'fi RFs{ t 3i4{ 61 arq 9 MPa tr ffifs{ * 3iT{ 6I ars 500 ft'fr'
;{d-dn'BR ffi ....."....-, tst
9 MPa. The inside diameter of the
is 180N/mm2, the minimum rvall
thickness of the cYlinder is
a) 12.5 ft.ff.lmm b) i6 R.tff'lmm o) 9 fr'fr'mm d) 18 &'.m./mm'

:rry safi qrnnl +1 sfia r€.s gv €qa Ffrd a;l3{etrq s{rT fi .g1a fuer srrat t'
qfi ErrK t aq* +f nrrar g-q1-;11- i * W *. qrq qu-a go-ar q;{A q1 mqrff/Reirl ffI
g*rrrdT ,....,. Ei an'afrt
rernaining the
In a ciose-coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load other quantities
same" if the wire diametei is Joublld, then the sti ess
ot'the spring rvhen cornpared to
the original one wili. become:
a) b) dtrrlYfour times
c) rro erdveight times d) a-ar/sixteen times

A bullet is fired to get maximum lange. I'he angle 0 at ich it is to be fired (neglecting
drag in air) r.l'ith respect to the horizontal is:

a) 0 :90" b) 0:30" c) 0: 600 d) 0:45'

37. Fs r*ri+t :trqlt .,......

Bending moment at ahinge is:

c) aa?rqMini
38. 40 ff. + ant *. fr's qE6'ild-ErftT eqka 1000 kW srFd +r r.crea. +-rai tt qR eN s)
20 fi. d=F- qasT erar F dI s-cqrea arH (kW 4 ......,......., tt
A hydraulic turbine develops 1000 kW power for a head of 40 m, If the head is reduced
to 20 m, the por.ver developed (in kW) is

a) r77 b) 354 c) 500 d) 707

39. a;q q<rzf + Rs rfud 3rstrE R+ilil ...,,..,,,.... tr

The most appropriate failure theory for the ductile rnaterials is
a) :tfu-+-tra go+ R4iamaximum principal theory
b) etfu+-c-+ 3rrsqq cF-trd REqid/maximum shear stress theory
c) sB-+-tra q€q R-1fr R{ri67p1*imum principal strain theory
d) :tfu+-a-q 3rcr$c'q fr1ft s-qt Rqdamaximum shear strain energy theory
40. u*' rte qrt ....... fi qrn far tr
A Gantt chart provides information about
a) qqpl 6e-a/Material handling
b) revraa :r+g "ffzPro duction schedule
c) Tfr erRd 6T s& utilization of man power
d) 3qfqfr" wff/All of the *".,::

41. l8-4-l HSS fr, trtF-{q fr'sft +qr il

trn 1B-4-l I{SS, of chromium?
r,r'hat is the percentage

a) 1% b) 4% c) 18% d) *-4-q6 6 g one of the above

experience a u'eight of
a) 1000 kgf b) s ero c) 750 kgf d) 9800 kgf

Presence of Hydrogen in steel results in:

a)€ lCorrosion resrstance

b) lmproved rveldability

No effect on steel due to small size of hydrogen atom

cl) rittiement
44. .{-fr aw *'R(' .......'..'.'.'.
For a Newtonian fluid
a) 3TtfsEM 9ftd8, @ h €-eTalTtr+ t
Shear stress is proportional to shear strain
b) :rv-svor efi-dd sr fi 3{tfsrm E1fr t q-ard!Tft-+, B
Rate ofshear stress is proportional to shear strain a
t t
c) 3TE|SIur qfr{d, 3ilrsrrsl frEfr fi rr f4.r.d!TR-4.
Shear'stress is proportional to rate of shear strain
d) 3Tqstrgl cfr{tr sI fi
3Tq$qq frER *
at em-gwn-+ S t a
Rate of shear stress is proportional to rate of shear strain
45. mlqd m2 (m1>m2) t a frs it sq-rd afrm' s'st tr Tq snt di-ar pl G p2 '"""""""' 6t
T{r s"'{fl-ti
Two bodies ml zrnd m2 (m1>m2) have the same kinetic energy. Then their momentun
and p2 satisfy
c) Pr<Pz d) p,: -P,
a) pr:Pz b) pr>Pz
46. 6-fr' :r{Efrdrq *F-s sr 3--qFT'ilfrT fi d
Double hemispherical buckets are used in
a) +"aa drgatKaplan ine b) trifrs eqt{diFrancis turbine a
c) ai-r+ retgalPropeller ttubine d) +@ rqtfqlPelton wheel I
To find fits on hole basis sYstern a
Shaft is kept constant and hole size is changed
b) B" +t Rf{ wr urar t 6T s{dT urar tl I
Hole is kept constant and shaft size is changed
Lower limit of hole is not sarne as basic size
dar tt
Maximum power transmission in a belt is met en the total tension in the belt
equals I
a) :rcffiq aarqicentrifu gal tension I
c) R1;n aar+rT'hrice centril-ugal tension


49. TirfffT tcsd + HLZ *, scTet . .. . fr' trqfr S Xwar t.t
Within theHAZ in fusion rvelding, the materiai undergoes:
a) arrf*t €{s-dr fr cffi-a d-dr t, q{g qErl ffi rraar
Microstructure changes howevet, material will not melt'
b) ulfu !E{dg d arcqE 5qf{ D-tr+-d al.r*Iff, $ a-q t, {sR's a fr rrqa Ahr H'' a
fr ETg*i {GrdT fr cnid"&d dm tt
Neither melting nor microstructure changes since the Temperature atHAZ is less
than the upper critical temperature'
c) arf,d E qTn"tTiTq-dT d-di cffid
far trBoth melting and microstructure changes-
d) qsFt er*ar e-cq uee *'qrd' W argsi'd{"-a.l a-c fr qqr sklr
t t
Nlaterial melts however, after solidification, original microstructure is retained

50. Afue ,........,.... 6r

Babbit is an alloy of
a) Sn aurand Cu b) Cuaenrand Zn
c) Sn, Cu, Sb, a{land Pb d) Sn, Cu aeitrand Pb

{1 1 E-.rfr. t
El *e €t-a ttrc 6T 5000 €r erRT d F?rri tr€a +-ror raild s..qr€?|dT 6t t:
200 mioro-ohms aer etRT c-dr6 sryq df 0.2 #hs at-t, d cB-qI + alTrd
q1 }oET trc-d;I

Trvo 1 mm thick steei sheets are ro be spot welded at a c ent of 5000 A' Assuming
effective resistance to be 2O0"iilicro-o s and curent flow time of 0.2 second, heat
generated d ng theprocess is

a) 0.2 s"adoule b) 1 fiqiJoule c) 5 a-aiJoule ci)1000 Jouies

trer gsft R"ftT ttfr .... ... , tt

In stroboscopic measurement, a fi5+vheel having a mark on the rim was seen as two
marks at 100 Hz signal. Its rotational speed is
a) 100 rpm b) 6000 rpm c) 3000 rpm d; 1.67 rytir

53. To a-+n 6r Fqrg .... ,,........ + tt

Surface tension has the units of:
a) oLce
b) E-s rForce Per unit length
c) d-d Force Per unit,\rea

Two metal strips that constitute a thermostat must necessaril-v differ in their
a) ass b) Length
c) ufuer+-atRe sisti vity

55. qft d qTfrs E-ict B-d-+T {c-rd'fl}cT-t t t.i drfi-q ET?Fr-frI Klqti K2 t st 3traA{Trfr a
st?r1 dl?rT t arn ga*) r'* flrqqur ud-c 41 ffi.q Grqr orar t, as +g tde fr e-*rqa+ I
arfiq qmm-dr ....Etsftl
If two metallic plates of equal thickness and K2 are put
and thermal conductivities Kl I
together face to face and a colrunon plate is constructed, then the equivalent thermal t
conductivity of this plate will be
o#h b):
2K. Kt
R1+ K2 I
56. eqfr*Tq ftis fi qrFd q ?ra .lsft t' fu *qe + frtr Sfir ."'.'..".'.'- dt I
In order to have interference fit, it is essential that the lorver limit of the shaft should be I
a) Bfr * sqfr Srffr + d._efi:r/greater than the upper limit of the hole (
b) fttr t sqfi +ftffr t +"qrlesserthantheupperlimitofthehole
c) B{ fi ftqdl Tfrqr t d-affi-vgfeater'than the lower limit of the hole I
d) E-d t {nE"r t f,4desser than the lorver limit of the hol.e I
(rfi qefrf,d ssn-ft +r qiqftr 120kW t q{ T{ =qr Erf,{ R-+Tffir t, e-& g-sar dqrs-6. I
30kV/ rnzn 61 5q-q)-rr F-{dI tl csfl-ff f,r dpifr ..,...." tl (
A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at rate of 120kW , while its compressor
consumes power of 30kW. The COF of the system is I
a) 4 6) Il4 c) 3 d) 1/3
58. 4+-a +R'r+r il B-s iqT€ d-6 e-dzn +g'
a-+ a5a t ;ga+n,avrfi' 51 (
i6. h.ight to w|ieh a u,ill rise in an open capillary tube is inverseiy proportional (
a) ana u;1 6qerarTemperature of liquid b) ara an q+;d'lDensity of liquid (

c) EE aqrAir p essrre d) g.a dat.vSurface tensiol) (

59. fu{ H€tt q-q- 3q€R 2L Frq t rrs * t-d *Aa A-oqrna
C' ;S tl +t a-rnqi' drdT 65 +T
SfFq-dr k + Rei4 * rynr
q]frs Egd-a. t lsr zitqf, + e-ea d) 3a'qr4 +
a"i Fjrr * erq ffr =iarr q'fJ 6(', e-un-ff fr :rr+*itra qqft-c; nrEfa . """" tt I
A concentrated mass m is attached at the centle of a rod of length 2L as showa in the (
hgure. The rod is kept in a horizontal equilibrium pc-rsition by a spring of stitTness k . For
very sinall amplitude of vibration, ncglecting the weights of the rod and spring, the (

undarnped natural frecluency of the s-n"srem is


a) D,
- \l l-m

d-F Eilqflrfr t dET .".'..'. fr tr?rt 3ffi€fi d'aq sfrfuf, 6-{i w +ieaa
50. st€i+, drrf;It;I
dm B.t
starts Vrhen air is cooled
Dew point temperature is the ternperature at which condensation
at constant:
a) srqffa/v"olume b) drsl?ressure
c) vafflTgnthal't d) JT,fffi C' C +f+ a$iA{one of the above

61. sfq (rfi:d{f, cunfi 3ry6qsnq effiqr x9{ {€[ t' vurq *r t q--3ifr """"" I

If a closed systern is uirdergoing an irreversible process, the entropy of

the system

a) E-.a;n qrftq/must increase

b) ctw Rtrq {ffi/6}s'ays remains constant
c) eudr anffgimust decrease
d) ec t]-ql*s f, ve qe;-fi t 4T prr {6' sqlff t/can increase, decrease or lemaln

62. ffiBa 6g +ta-+rr f€-d aEcai-r.q {a-qi{€ qr:q*4 +-i-fi &

which of the following '*'elding uses non consumable electrodes:

a) t-st'r'c{SAW b) v+ur5fii1vIlc c) dArcw{GTAW d) arfiftdiThemit

63. uur{c f+-{r +i S5a 61
What type of tubricant is GraPhite?
a) d*/Solid b) ano/Liquid 3lrt qaisemi solid d) .*,fu dt t E-tt ;r$t/ None of above
E-dKr qd|-{n aT gaar
64. z_*d- Ft

Fri terface can be reduced bY

a) t6 +t!r' 4t ercr8 aq/decreasing the rake angle
b) d a--art 6dincreasing the depth of cut

d) +t a--ad E-('/increasing the cutting speed

energy is

a) nl2 D nlJz c)n d) 2n

.....,',,...o*r I
: 40 MPa, o-yy : i {)0
The state of stress at a point under plane stress conciition is oxx
ti:e given state of
Mpa and TXy : 40 a. f'n. radius of the Moirr's circle representing
stress in MPa is
a) 40 b) 50 rr An d) 100
67. (r+-fi fd6fr
fi 6T{ur 3ggtrT ufr-E-d. ........,.,,. 6"1
-lhe unit stuain is
stress due to

a) vaera arsli+./Modulus of elasticity b) Tdf,I {ulis'/Modulus of rigidity

c) qw cftqmiPrincipal stress d) lrrqt;q cRf,d/Normal stress (

68. CLA qe+ qrqa *'fr\r 3v-+tr B-qr onr tt I

The CLA value is used for the measurement of I
U) +a}-rar/Flardness
a) 1:5 e-ftrd?Ir/Surface flatness I
c) 9.6 Sqra/Surface roughness d) 3Tiafttq. eFr*Tlllnterrral voids
69. qE trr gsffia'F&fl d-E of sqra sc d aIR-d mqr ur.n t, .'...-.. 5rcrcI far tt (
If an unconstrained steel bar is heated uniformly, there develops
a) ai*q{diTher-ma} stress b) :msqu1 cftqf,/Shear stress
c) ara cR{dlTensile stress d) c.nq-d ffiAtro strdss I
70. *ffird{ fr}T f, fr€,t' }F-d g.I{ q{ cfie drE atn F, :nr+r :rft-+mc aTlqot -- "
3lrat Bt (
In a cantilever beam with point load at its free end, the maximum bending moment occur
a) fiq *. tfr $./Cerrtre of th6'beam I
b) fiq h g+-a ofl C/Free end of the beam
c) fiq *- R-q-d st* friFixed end of the be
d) mq + e-+lr * +zn+ il/At the point of application of the load


a) ar@ ffi'fu/Watt's mechanism

U) q$Fs-qf ffisq'iPsaucellier' s mechani sm
c) ckemrann mechanism
d) qT€-dccr Grasshopper mechanism

A vibrating system is said to be critically damped when the d ping factor is
a) e ero b) Unitt c) Y. d):r+6/in5tr11t

The pressure P of an ideal gas and its mean kinetic energy E per unit volume are related

a) P: b) P:E c) d) P-

74. qr++.FT G'-+a q5 qilar t
fu rq Rg dt Erq s$ft frqn fr fu'vorafr" *ir tr
Pascal's 1aw states that the plessue at a point is equai in all directions for:
a) qftu..dqr Tif_sq ans/Confined compressible fluid
b) cREEtr sqfirsq a-ra/Confined Incompressible l1uid
c) crE?frq'/rqrfl q-ErF S g{a irfd/Fluid having Laminar/Viscous flow
d) ssff il-rdlAll fluids
75. d ffi o') ('m€Tq sirrd{r wfrr tt !s'ld cri * srEsflT 6r rrar Grrnrn
Two coins are tossed simultaneously. Find the probabililv of getting at least one tail ?
a) I/4 b) 3/4 c) 413 d)%

76. qft 450 ar xYo 67.5 t d x ........ tr

If x!/o of 450 is 67.5. value of x is
a) 15 b)2s c) 85 d) 50

77. (x * i ffimnsr fr sor tr( ............ t'l

)'o fi
The sixth term in the expansion of, (x + )10 is Z |
a) 2s0 b)2s2 c) 10C5 d) rcC?

tgr. d'-s* tr .rq fulr qtFa $ 6r caf i{-rfisl

An aeroplane starts from a place and flies l0 m in a straight line, ar 450 to the
horizonta.l. Find the horizontal distance covered?
a) 20 b) 10 Q rol2 ol:

'/9. (.3,-1) (-4,5)trd-{ +t

!.i l-eT 6r qrfi-fi{El ........;... tt
The equation of the line joining the points (3,-1) and (-4,5) is ?

a) 6x+7,v+11 :0 b) 6x -7y-11 :0
c) -6x+ly+11:6 d) 6x+/y-l 1=g

A boat goes do stream 60 krn in 2 hours and goes upstream l S ka in 3 hours. The
speed o{'the boat in still r.vater is

a) i2 km/hr b) 3C) kn'hr c) 6 hr d) lB hr



anfa Wt+ff / Govemment of India

:ffief fr"ffi-rr / Department of Space


fi{e;i ,arl+a
/ Thiruvananthapuram -695A22


q.1305 / Post t{o 1305

Bfr/Date: 25.09,2016

€--qtfufi :iq/Maximum Marks: 320 sfi-q"ffime. 2 rit/ hours

g":qr?ff ml anR'/Name of the candidate : rilRollno.

F+-qr aiqr Bt

You have been called for the written test based on the online data fumished by you in the web application

You should sign the halt ticket only in the presence of the Invigitator in the exarninaiion hall.


The Question paper is in the form of Question Booklet with 80 questions and the dur:ation of the test is 02 hours.


A separate OMR answer sheet with duplicate will be provided to mark the answer options.

Each question canies 04 rnarks and one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.


g,ed-qRd-filji:rismTanqaefi:'r+*-qia fuit
Enter your Name and Roll Number conectly in the question booklet,

All entries in the OMR answer sheet should be with blue/black ball point pen only.

The questions will be objective type with four options out of which only one will be unambiguously conect,

You have to select the right answer by marking the corresponding oval on the OMR answer sheet by blue/black ball
point pen.

Multiple answers for a question will be regarded as wrong answer.


inside the written test hall.


On completion of the test, tear the OMR answer sheet along the perforation mark at the top and hand over the original
OMR answer sheet to the invigilatcr and retain the duplicate copy with you.


The question booklet can be retained by the candidates.


Candidates are not permitted to ieave the examination hall during the first hour of the examination,

A 13051'/,.6
1. aa;rffi(ry:sr+fqiw) sT 3qqtrf *, fu('etm ts'l
Clinograph is used for

(a) +lqt + HI%r A ft";qiqlmeasuring and setting the angles

(b) 3fitwr fr +-qr& aT$'lintc work on drawings
(c) fttfrc.' tgl' + 3lfrgo'i/drawing horizonral lines
td) 3il-dfr qT FqiT{ trqr + 3{lt@t/drawing parallel lines at inciination

2. 3$fiTfufr tr-qr tt
Superfluous dimension is a

(a) q-{fd' ctional dimension

(b) ?I8TUI ature dimension

(d) "{*dt hain dimension

Which among the following statement is corect about LVDT?


(c) \J

(d) all of these

iF,' HI
Parametric modeling in CAD programs utilise a systern in which the dimensions control the

(d) all the above

3 13h5ft6

Use of plug gauge is

(a) q tt?- fr qpFlito measure screw threads

(b) autf *. qlqq/to measure angles

(c) nm-mrc 3{S:{itr{ Eq1€ t HT{f,/to rneasure cylindrical bores

(d) rffirq ffii t fr$fi1fte measure spherical holes


to handle
An angled surface used on cylinders to make them easier

(a) ffiamiltet (b) aper

(c) l)-mvchamfer (d) s

Acceptable parts must not extend beyond this

(b) o1e limits

(e) trFUt SPecifrcation (d) olerances

(a) ctual size (b) nsioned size

(c) (d) asic size

are specified

(a) o obtain desired fits

exact size

The fit on a irole-shaft system is specified as H7S6. The type of fit is

(a) fiqrc-a fr-d/clearance fit (h) {Ftria R;e/rurrning fit

(") e'?f fu-d/push fit (d) rce fit

11. EYq_f,{ ?ttr it 3lEH qifu e'rtrRqdqT $p

The longitudinai joint in a boiler shell is usualiy

(a) "15 Tift/Buttjoint

(b) *q +ifr&apjoint

12. Ttr' tiq ji ailA-f, siuT tt

In a curve thread, the included angle is
(^) 55o (b) 60'
(") 29" (d) 560

Rrn t'i Fl

(a) REfi/one clirection

(b) -\
dl' u,o dircctions

(") ffi Ee oth thc dircr;tions

Which of the foliorving key is urrder compressioniathe, than in b.i.rg ,h"ot when under load?

G) Saddle

(cl :-,-
(l-)cl{/t. eatner

! 3i)5116
Tangent keY transmits force in

(a) ftqflone direction (b) 4t directions

{c) d-{ frn e directions

Which of the following is self aligning bearing?



ing the

(d) re is no such criterion


in one direction?

(c) ckle threads

(d) *threads

ich of the foliowing is trapezoidal thread?

(a) Acme (b) Square

(c) uttress (d) . All of the above


The included angle for V-belt is usually

(a) 50" (b) 40'
(") 60o (d) 55n

s'r rd|,FT"€ I

For the bracket bolted as shown in the load figule, the bolts will develop

shear shesses

tensile stresses

cornpressive stfess€s

22. ffi* -*- t

Strain gauge should have ahigh value ofgauge factor

(a) o reduce hysteresis effect

between appiied strains and resistance change

(c) o increase sensitivity

effect of variation in bicnt temperature

61 ?t
Mild steel contains

(a) 0.7 tD1.5% carbon (b) 0.05 to 0.25% carbon

(c) 3 to 3.75Yo carbon (d)

A 7 13051X.6
sases are used in Tungsten
inerl gas lding' I

(a) $Trtd d' fifr-{FVArgon and helium I

(b) AftqH E ffiafHehum and neon I
(") 6F$rfr q mfl/HYdrogen and neon I

25. tsT b qF{ ftid{'qa-sr {frtfi t€T 6T 3q*rT

t Rr' B't

used for
Continuous thin straight line with zigzagis

(a) q'qlqCIT tclf/projeetion line (b) 3fl-rf leader line

(c) *d ftTrfl longbreak line (d) utting Plane

maxirnum bending stress

Bending moment M and to T is applied on a solid circular shaft. If the
shear stress developed' then M is
equai to
equals to maxi
(b) r
G) rtz
(d) 4r
(") 2T

cer loading wili be


28. . frq d' fte1' rrq s +t t t"r dt

A 500 N weight is sus d by bles as sh ind the tensio

(a) 233 N (b) 333 N

(c) +JJ I\ (d) 643 N

29. ilczifil;r 10 kg 6-r trs- 83, ril t m/t +- a-4 t ar l5r B' a1 Sltr t fr'soN Fr ffiI
sTan ff-dr Bt I

seconds. The final velocity is

(a) 22 mls (b) 1 m/s

(c) 2l ir,ls (d) 11 m/s

Ihe r.l-orking depth of a gear is equal to

ce between clearance circle and

addendurn circle

+i t -\( :G-^'
{.oJ $ rt6l/None ot these

\,{otion from a gear box to differential is transmitted throueh

(a) {ifun<nuctde joint

(b) trt ook's joint
(") Tiffi Corurecring rod
(d) Oldham's coupling

A 13$5/16
Splined shafts uscd for

(a) rnpact loads

(d) igh bending stresses I

FI {

The relation between the diameter of the rivet (d) and plate thickness (t) is {

(a) d = ZJt (b) d=3 I

(c) d=4{ (d) d=6{ (

39. Ft (


(a) angled tuiangle


(b) sosceles triangle



(d) quilateral triangle (

(a) 841 x 1189 (b) 420 x 596
(c) 210 x29l (d) 297 x 42a

.2 -f
aJl I

(a) Square (b) ctangle
(c) lielogram (d)

A il _t 1305/16 _l

* tr
Eff'ect of 'stretch' cornmand on circle of dia i 00 mm ts to

ellipse vvith major dia greater than 100 nnrn

(b) FA 4l Tc? Et d|flI/Circle becoming
bigger circle

ellipse with minor dia greater than 100 rnm

+3- 6r

The <ie lt X : Y ratio in grid zone of autocad is

(a) 10:10 (b) 8: 12

(c) 12:9 (ct) 9 :72

44. 3r$a, 6I B-atrr t{sT

A Construction iine of infinite length can be

.offset' by distance l0 mm in Ai.rtocactr-'l-he possible radius of the circle is
A circle of l0ti rnm dia is
(a) e0 (b) 45
(c) 47.s (d) s?..s


Developed area cf iire o,lter surface of a rectangular box clf dimensiiln I x b x h is

(o) l*b+h (b) 2(1+b+h)

(.) 2(lxb+i:<li-l ir xb) (d) lxbxh
tz 9305/16

E-sF-n Fl
A line is inclined to HP and parallel to VP'

(a) mzF?ll/Plan

(b) gddieVetevation

(") qrFI q'T?t F{/Left side view

(d) 4ifirT qnf Es?T/Right side view

fat tt
Ifhot steel is cooled rapidly, the austenite changes into

(a) S-{l-{d/Fenite (b) 9d(FdlPearlite

(") ar&elFe/Martensite (d) qF+ZIzE/Hyper eutectoid


Tempering in steel is done to

(u) increase toughness

i0 QI:2000N d 1000NFl


N and 1000 N respectively'

In an open belt drive. the tight and slack ,sides of the irelt loads are 2000
'fhe belt speed is l20 minrin. The porver in Watls transrnitted b-v thc sy'stem is

(u) 1000 (b) 2oo0

(c) 3000 (d) 2.66

4t 1305/16
8 x 10 size as shorm in figure about A - A axis is
10 I
(b) 88,000
(a) 80,000 (
(d) 60,000
(c) 50,000

(b) (15, i0)

(a) (7.5, s's)
(d) (7.5,5)
(") (5, 7.5)
A Cube of side 10 cm has a square through hole of 5 cm size at its ce e. What is the mass of tire
cube if the density of the material is 5 gm/cc? g : l0 m/sec2.

(a) 375 gm (b) 10000 gm

(c) 3750 gm (d) 37500 gm

\t/hich'of the following belt is used for low power tran ission?

(a) rfu lat belt

(b) <liE *annound belt

(c) df ee belt

For a cross belt drive. what will be the direction of rotation of driver driven pulleys?

and horizontal rotation in driven pulley

driver and verticai rotation in driven pulley

Which of thc follorving is not a method for dr ing an arc in Autocad?

t5 1305/16

Which is not a damental tmit?
(a) {c{-flT*I/lv{ass (b) dqrfilengttr (
(c) 5ff"{/Tin:e (d) orce
gtra e qts 6r qf-+ Rfu{ fr gu Erf,r Fl
Identify the stroke of the engine when the piston moves down, inlet valve opens and mixture of iuel
and air enters the cylinder

(o) dqr$T rgt+'7ge-oression stroke (b) wt e-fqlpower stroke

(c) T{ur'/Suction stroke (d) fq6 qqq"lEahaust stroke

59. 0% Ht
Steel with 0% carbon is

(a) tt'rgclf"" (b) earlite

(c) Cementite (d) ereutectoid

In Autocad, when the system variable is set to 1 while using MI EXT, the alphabets 'Ad' will
ear as

(u) Ad (b) dA (c) AP (d) bA


Ftfftr" DXF frles can be

opened in any other CAD so are


versions of Auto cad

n 15 r305i16
To get a hyperbola in conic section, the section plane must be

(a) EB*- 3Ter +' {Flid{lParallel to the vertical axis of cone

O) ?ry t FLEitrT 3{qT +' dq/Perpendieular to the vertical axis of cone

(") ery + s.t"tttt 3{*T *' 3{FlTf/inclined to the verlical axis of cone
(d) ? t 3{RIK *' Wqi.T{parallel to the base of the cone

63. 3fizt*-Ed^frHRfuF fr d g*ar t?

Fd dl-{ ffi}'Mussproperties'gfr S-dT;rr
In Autocad, which of the follorving tool bars can be called as 'Mass properties' tool?

(a) 3iltg/Draw (b) {qRrvoairv

(") FlFFfi/Standard (d) nquiry

(a) " Loft (b) volve

(c) xtrude (d) Sra'eep


For polar co-ordinate, in tocad thc s,vnta-r is



Which of the follor.virrg assernbly converts rotational rnotion to lineirr motion?

(a) Spur gear

(c) evel gear (d) elical gear

A I7 1305/r6

tsalancing mass is provided at the cr shaft for




(d) $ra affi-ai fr nueasing fuel efficiency

68. 3tTt€DT Erfr-m', 6t tt

(a) Symmetry (b) nclination

(c) Nallelism (d) otal run-out


(a) osition (b) elpendicularity

(c) aralleiism (d) latness

ln the symbol for surface roughness as sho in ii-eure, A represents

(c) achining method

(d) d 6f ircction of lay

A 18 13*35/16

The arc length AB of the developed cone with base di eter'd' and slant lengtlr'L' is

(a) nd tb) n *t+

(c) dxL (d) n dJZ

Unit of Pressure in SI sYstem

(a) Kg (b) ascal

(c) ewton (d) atts

(") illet weld

The height of BD sho in figure is

(u) 25 (b) 50

(c) 75 (d) 100

,9 13Ss/16
i- - -q]l
SlmDllIY:: 45ZU -1-:-:;

(c) (d)
(a) (b) ID

76. (2.1) (2.\)+7 Q.\)(t.e) + (l-e) (1"e):nt sca #tt

Simplifi': (2.1) (2.r)+2(2-r) (1'9) + (1'9) (1'e)
(a) 1439s (b) 16

(c) 0.04 (d) 4

sin 90'zF-f ETFI tt

The value of sin 90' is?
(a) Itz (b) 0

(c) 1 id) 7

(a) 10 (b) 5

(c) 20 (d) 1s


Lengths of rods are in the ratio 3 : 7. lf the length of the first rod is 12 m, at will be

the length of the second rod?

(a) 21 m (b) 36m

(c) 7m (d) 28m

80. tt
3.62 - 7.12 .,

(u) s
(b) 2s
(c) 2.2 (d) I

20 x305/16
E{r{f, SffiR/ Governrnent of lndia

3ia.R-eT Fa"apr I Department of Space

fraa;tF",q{q i Thiruvananthapuram - 695 022

ADVT. NO,285
vC S'.f ZfA / Post No 1264
Rfu/oate: 21.02,2015
sdtfB-+. siq'/Maximum Marks : 60 Trrrel/Time. 1 tianhour 30 fr'm/minutes
$:q"tr fiI drq/Name of the candidate : ti-d Rollno.

nstructions to the Candidates

Eoru d-c ard(;r fr er{d
frr' en' rff-o-ar+-a *dr t- 3ilerx q{ 3itq+t Rft-f,
* _\.
cfiail fta" 3ndfia fr-qT dtqt 6 |

You have been called for the written test based on the online data fumished by you in the web application. lf vou have

will be reiected.
? c-0HT Efd fi ffiqrm- fi 3qftft * & 3rTq6t Ois-frqrrrlisl.F T{ qrF('r
You should sign the hall ticket / photograph only in the presence of the lnvigilator in the examination hall,

The Question paper is in thJform of QueJon Booklet with 60 questions.

c?ri +-Fil-{ i* fi R-s 3i-ilri 3fi(rq3rn IcET-:RET fi |

A separate Ol/R answer sheet will be provided for answering the Questions.

orner should be writlen in the OMR

t. ----i\. a-a,+- ,\ )i
Frl+l lchflqa qlall erfr q* fE dd &fWhictr ofthe following has tbreads at both ends?

(u) ir"c/Bott (b) aT frFe/tap bolt

(c) fcs/sluo ,
(d) T{/screrv

qr?*'a't g+-r frtrt +{*".+r erd etTsr \6

Surface area of a cube with side 'a' is
(a) 6a2 (b) 6a (c) a3 (d) 3*

3. qfr cffr'd e+rrT *'3{rqrq Hrqr s{r{'*'snqTfr t q} t .i'fr-c tt

If dimensions of rnale part is larger than female part, the fit is
(a) *flaul fr-e/Transition fit
(b) qfrqqq fr-E/Interference fit
(c) frlTE ffiiE/Ringing fit
(d) 3ct+a il rt+. efr a$i/none of the above

The. inclucled angle for the British Standard Whitw'orth thread is
(a) 29" (b) 47.5" (") 55" (d) 60"

5. etr6 futssr 6t qdrfi a-dro trfrffi-e B-qr tl

Surface finish is specified by the slmbol of
(a) Squares (b) E-cT/circles
(c) trd-dqr;ilparallelugram (d) '

6. dffir *cg1q;;TilqT c{ aliHtiSquare threads are usually tbund on

(a) d-E elT€i fr Spindlesofbenchvices

(b) H' +F{s ailwa-v carriage couplings

(") g{ld C>' ,r

61" I€cl-5f,/Lathe Spindles

(d) d le'C .'|l5/tsolted Jolnts


A 1264BlI


7. ssF' 3{iER e}ce qE' t tsg*rla basic shaft is one whose

(a) FFT trqEa eFq Birower deviation is zero
(b) 3qR trtrff,' q6q f,/upper deviation is zero
(") ft+q aeir Jqf{ B{ilfl t5;+ til-ower anci upper deviation ere zero
(d) Jq-{qd*(rfr affa-€i/none of the abovE

8. Tfi E"etfrzr cfrqr 6f gffr';t qdf.dq s-ild'S"cffi ifr tl

Select the machining process whish gives best surfbce finish
(a) H'f-fr/Grind' g
\ -r-+..-r'
-51-, . A-d-.
(c) er Yft/ tapptng (o) {ll#idtireamlng

9. 6d.*., s der 1ot.rfi. *-A+tur 6r'&iJq-e, tt

Area of a triangle having side 6crn, 8cm and 1Ocm is
(a) 48crn2 (b) 60cm2 (c) 30cm2 (d) 24cm2

10. 100 #gs s.I 3r{fiRft 3irdrq};rfi ftfr{rm q'i clearance fit speoification of 100 H6g5
means that

(b) 3IffiR 1.00rnm Hfuasic size is 100mm

size and basic size is l00mm


(d) 3ll"mfr dcn- RIF *' Control shape and position

12. IT 1T +tr
As per IT l, standard tolerance is equal to
(a) 0.002 +0.8D (b) 0.8 + g.g92P
(c) 0.4s \JD + o.oolD (d) 0.001 + 0.45D

A 4 l264EM
13. qA +o Eiirqd r'+ fr'w +.r fuq Tc? Eqrr z+o F * qmr+rr fu trl*
If a Gear with 40 teeth has pitch circle diameter 240mrn, the circular pitch is
(a) 18.84 (b) 17.84 (c) 16.84 (d) 15.84

14. e-trn+sr 3rei SI Gnftfiq qG"Tdr tl

The syrnbol fr mea.ts the geometric tolerance of
(a) r@/Rounclness (b) S6-3Tqtr{al'/co-axiality
(c) RtR'iposition (d) i\ r

15. $rffiq qrafi +'3E€'R €BETar H'fi g-fr tr€qf

Total number of tolerance grades as per Indian Standard is
(a) 8 (b) 72 (c) 16 (d) 18

16. +lHfi qr grrctr{ +-ch z* qTffiq fu-q'r w s+?l t t

2D drafting can be done using the software

(al -v
^ ,.
(b) €)F-E E*f/solid works
(c) aTbqffcaTla (d) 3cg+tT ssff/All the above

A- :1,
c|er ft El
In , the observer is at an infinite disiance from the obiect such that the line of
projections are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the projection plane
(a) blique projection (b) qA+c/Ofihoeraphic projection

(c) Pictorial projection (d) Jq{fcl -it

------t-+l all
^* --sr
-l6l/none oI tne aDoYe


Totai number of fundamental deviation as per Indian Standard

(a) l0 (b) ls (c) 20 (d) 2s

IY, Etr +t 20+0

t sq if tsql sI Ff,ar t d €ft=o^rdr

When a dimension is expressed u, 2g=o'c35r0.025, then the tolerance is
(a) 0.035mm (b) 0.025mm (c) 0.0lmm (d) 0.06mrn

A 1264Dn{
20. 50 H7 96 +l 3trl.FrRh 3FEi+trdT frBf,era 6T ltel tle clearance fit specification of 50 H7 96 means
(a) B-q o'r HB%raT els Z trfi e)trc qr 6 $/Tolerance grade for hole is 7 and shaft is 6
(b) e]trc fi gftE lfs Z a?$ fuf +r 6 $/tolerance grade for shafi is 7 andhole is 6
(c) $trc 6r Hft%rdT f,s 4 fr 8 trF der- B.{ 61 3 fr 7 64- \r.- fi'folerance grade for shaft
is 4 to 8 and 3 to 7 for hole
(d) B-q +r qft=."tdT fu + € 8 As' Ae11 il q]wc S *' Z iIfi
$iTolerance grade for hole
is 4 to B and 3 to 7 for shaft

21. =rE
ffi sTrJr t'si'-q|Jii +t urqrq e--ff'fr*qar Ei-fr t d gdrMl 3rrtc.IrT 6 ft-qi6-d sr
q-fttq m?i tr
When a number of dimensions of .a part have a common dahrm feature, the best way of
dimensioning in engineering drawing is
(a) Z{9eil C- ,^,
lqailchauuhatn cltmenslonlng
(b) Tfl"ifK ft-qi+-AlParallel dimensioning
(c) fttBA hqi+;t/Combined dimensioning
(d) 3cE+d di q+. afr a$iAlone of the above

22, frffi 4t ffi€ 6i qRd {urrd +ta+r tr

ich is the property of a material that indicates the stiffness of the material?
(a) 0.2% 6lq+{"gfqed-lO.ZX Proof strength
(b) ziat 6-l algi6-/Young's moduius
(c) 8tT fr %4, frl%Reduction in area
(d) Z fifr-+quT/% Elongarion

23. ETTa sq?ilq *t wa'54-q"t *1 6l

Repeatability of a dimensional measuring instrument is called
(a) recision (b) ?TQT?tdl/Accuracy
(c) Least count (d) Qfrddl/Sensitivity

In the case of l.imits and Fits, H7g6 refers to
(a) interference fit
(b) ei iS-d/A clearance fit
(c) gil-frR e A fiansition in shape

ln 1264DN1
R-JTilr'S g+a rid q;i' yrq'a-afVolunre of a sphere with radius'r' is?
(u) 213 rr3 (b) 4B nf (c) n f (d) 2 n?

ffifua *
d-fr-q +tvr edq fl'e-dr6'qaqrfut
Identifu the ,y*iot for third angle projection from the following'


+ R!' qq-a6 frv ari tl/Clinometers are used for

(a) Alrf+If;T 4fcl'fffemperailtre measurement

(b) t@F 4tcFlilinear rneasurement
(c) Ftofiq flqd/Angular measurement
(d) q'qfCf,l- 4TEl/Flatness measurement

furfl,'tna J
6 aeinar *-sq ji qrf{eirRa fr wfr ft
Hardness of a material is defined as

(a) qE{t *' cFRttlResistance to indentation-

(b) Ads-{ET *" cGtqlnesistance to elongation.
(c) Edrk6 t- sFt?Tfnesistance to plastic deformation'
(d) q.ql-sel qffiA ; Resistance to elastic changes

)- -+L A- *r
tr Jlt-.llrl lq)ql \tlfli FI
Due to the torque iri a shafr, every cross section of it is sub.f ected to

rat ddtrr -A--*/,

H rdqel/rensue stress (b) €q--t6- compressive stress

(c) 3TrIStM *G.._r

stress (d) qFd-A/bending stress

ffi 'l'S q+a' qrfi d-AR-+l drfl, +} fr+ qq' d-fr F + Fr2I eflur Gnql- 3.ffiI t d aa A4-a

A cantilever beam of lengin 't' touA"a at the tip with force F, the root bending moment is
(a) Fl (b) F12 (c) '/._Fl (d) 2Fl

ii, EqrT[ ,d' d ES EIfrq tis +.I ils-cdq' 3flsd' t/Moment of inertia of a
31. zqr€- +- 1131E 94-6 (
is r
circular section of diameter 'd' about the diameter (
rdz na." rd3
(a) 64
ft) (c)
72 32 (

32. ffir ffier saairr * sq* ftrrqr d,rff t il qlmql4 +t +-rS Bt
When plan is shown above the elevation, the projection is called
(a) q?rfr dul/first angle (b) qfr"+ +iofttrird angle (

(c) A.--^-r.
lx fi fi lfi/ lsome If lc (d) Ti(QVperspective (

33. 10x10x5 iI?IT 5 x5x 10 3{lzfiK EIdr (rs' cfd 4]' 3rfq?l;I 3tgCTA tnatio of volume of a (
vessel ofsize 10x10x5 and5x5x10is
L (
(a) ?. fb) (c) 2.5 (d) I

34. +ta-gr a66 Slwt'ich one is false?

(a) sin(30):0.5 (b) cos(60): 0.5 (c) tan(45): 1.0 (d) sin(60):0.5 (

tlwti"h one is true?
(a) sin21301 + cos2130; : 1 (b) s#1oo;+

(O sin21+s1+ cos2145; = 1 ; ev-rt+a €:fi/All ofthe above

right angled triangle are 3 cm and 4 cm' Then the hlpotenuse is

(a) 7 cm (b) l?cm (c) 5 cm (d) 14cm

38. l0 x l0 x l0 6rc 3Ir+rT Erd qr+. s-qt d' sR--+TrT Ffrfr ff' qr q-5 (rlg) re, ar q-s-f,r ts/

x x
iv{aximum lengfh ofrod that canbe placed in aroom of size l0 l0 10 feet is a'

(a) l0+10+10 (b)

J(10 + 10 + 10)
(c) (102 + lo2+ 102 )

39. grE-{ fr rf$ fi fi-oqT Tfr-fi FRT Eu}Fd trrqr srar $/sphere radius is
represented by syr:rbol in drawing by
(a) oR (bJ sR (c) 0R (d) sPR

40. gaq_frq5 ffiur v+' t€r ffiq t, M ---- ilJ $/Isosceles triangle is a triangle having

(a) qafi qnt s4Fl/a1l sides equal

(b) d qR* gq6i2 sides equal
(c) ffir efr qRt q'rTrf," a&nqo sides equal
(d) €sff +tsl SfrF[/ali angle same

41. trfi Ergar tt6 +' d {ffii cpd t- fr-E 6I sgcTa t/the ratio between two adjacent side

of a drawing sheet is
(b) t:rl3 (c) l: 0.5 (d) 1;1

42. 49 3aqr-r *. rfi? 6T ei{sd h ft-+u F/Area of an A0 size drawing sheet is

close to
(") 0.25 m2 (b) 0.5 m2 (c) 0.75 mz (d) 1.0 m2

Thcn the n ber is

(a) 1 (b) 0.25 (c) 0.5 (d) 2

(a) r25 (b) 1oo (c) 130 (d) I 10

45. cftiltr sT qG-d tff,nit of stress is

(a) N/mm (ul N/rnm3 (c) Nmm (d) Nimmz

9 1264DM
46. qm.aff-qr q{ qg"r d-q * 9 Bffi'ff iffi +T to d BsrTftf fr-qr arar tt dfi-q-{
$- trt6. EftF-4 tlOnaVerriier,thelengthof 9divisionofthemainscaleisdivide'Jinto 10
divisions. Each division of Vernier is
(d) *
(b) * (c)
10 9
47. 3fidhs Ffrr-.nq-{ d' tq" fr€R Fi ft .f;izr qena t Re t/tn Autocad
softrvaLe, the effect of freezing a layer is to a
(a) f,$ :fElq eafi aqf TdtqaT {H/make it invisible and prevent regeneration a
(b) {$ :rssq q-ali a?il Ta"teraT q-q-i -i/make it invisible and allow regeneration
(") €eq q4* 3it-{ qdtEaT qri' ifri"ttowvisibility and regeneration

(d) fqt q1 9-{q1tr" +-l* a?rT' qGP+ dsi/display the layer and prevent editing it
4g. 3fiztk FffiqT *. Cffifr-RE * S ata-eT gfr F/tn Autocad software, r.vhich is tnre? a
(a) hf-.da Wd-d a-$i 6\ g'rdf t/Frozen -layer not gets printed a
(b) a
(c) trg-d ffi t/giaaen layerisvisible I
broken lines I
(a) .4,-,.
(b) :ffi'e/offset (c) (Rqr/area (d) egio.n
F9 key is used for
(a) grid orloff (b) snap on/off (c) ortho on,bff (d) U snap on/off
so are, the extension name for template and drawing files are
tltn Autocad
respectively (
(a) .dwg & .b (b) .brnp &.drvg (c) .dwr & -dlvt (d) .dwt &.dwg
10 I264DNI (

s2. 3fieTh qTcFcnqq fr 3{r{rA +-qig fi R(t dffr€ sq F/In Autocad software, abbrev*lation
Rectangle command is
(a) R @) REc (c) RCT (d) RE

53. md*-E +ffis{ fr s1-+jtqTF"rT 1"i= t R\t €m-d $c F/In Autocad soffrvare,
abbreviation for Dimensioning command is
(a) DiN{ D (b) (c) DDL (d) DI

b4. Siut+g €ffi-qT d. *-c tfigtrAMTRRTEXT fl 5l?s fi/ttre purpose of the set

variable MIRRTEXT in Autocad software is to

qqrff'ffiTral'i'to enable textto be mirrored with
(a) Frgir+'TTrqsFRR-dfrn.GTAFdt+tE$
the drawing
(b) o6661 6{a-S4q tffi 6i Sl-$?T * 6-cTfrT/to delete the text from drawing when mirrored
gryq tf,€ #r dfr a om i not to copy the text when
(c) FFdr +.flq cFRiRa ffi6
mirrored with drawing
CfrRR--d ql-{A gqq }+{z +) fr+fmqmo move the text
'when mirrored

55. 3fid*s eTw-cd-tr{ fr,{t-d fl' trq}4 a{fr s-ryq, e]-flrc-46 +tuT + Ru W1-4
61ur 6r

for *ve angle is

Rw Fl In Autocad soflrvare, lvhen using rotate tool, direction of angle of rotation
(a) EFiunqtlctock*'ise
(b) d1-fll.It/anticloc ise
(") s-S{ fi Rswdirection of cursor movement

(d) Fc-d q"ia' d'ar Bltnere is no fixed rotation

hen using the 'stretch' tool in Autocad

(") Tc?,Ad "eFflzlrT
ii diaf ;tr- t/Circle can be stretched into ellipse

(b) 4-a cT +r +t$ gefE a$t ptool has no effect upon circle

(c) qFaI, 6d|{f ff g+-flrF/circle can be deleted

(d) q.?, fr+-tflrili H/circle can be mcved

57. 3nd'+g qfi+difi S qfr
+w qE t ;ilnru layer is tocked in Autocad softwarq *

(a) (q' Giq Afi d' "-dt d€i atfl B.r sFiliidetails cannot be added to a locked layer
(b) (rs' Eiq *fi t adt Aaqi dI €"F-flI F/oetails can be erased from a locked Iayer
(c) (rfi {{ Aq{ S Eqlt aA' ;isr q"r 6eFIi u,T €tr?r $tdetaits cannot be added or erased
from a locked layer
(d) (rfi il{ +fi fr E{tt frA dr H"FEIr t aA;r sT{d f{ qri c+-a 3iT.qET tflr
S/details carr be added to a locked layer, but disappear on saving the file.

e-6' f$ftsrf{:l FFq d cREd-Aq fezr Fr tcTEsr-frd +-rd ++alwnen hatching a sectionat
view in an engineering drawing,
Yl{Li9qql clel ctql{l t|aiTfSF{d
(aJ -+_-:-___Ns_ -hT{Ef€61frd'SSil-qffd(r/everydetailcutbyasection
plane must be hatched
(b) q6 FWvSa c-{ B$t{ F fr' fr-s er-rl dr tgr€sr-{a' B-q|- r|f,]- tlit is up to the
draughtsman lvhich part are to be harched
(") gel + A-g afi elial or tei-=-trrEa +ral fir grssq{;-ar ilff B/there is no need to hatch any
part of the drawing
(d) cftz#frq E??T + 3i6{ * qf-cz +T tuT€arrda fu-qT ilril.tla bolt within the sectional
vier.v is not hatched

an Autocad drarving as a D file is

CAD application


60. o
correct c mand is
(a) Do (b) w (c) (d) u

A t2 t26 M
Roll no

crrfiT T{sR/Government of India

siafteJ fur;'r/Department of space

ftffi' srrrsTr$ :riaftw *H*xnnu SAMBHAISPAcE cENTRF

nsaa;,awatThi ruvananth apuram' 6 I 5 022

,, 3rtsTf*qt +l *.r<-qh'aHta-9R""+r fr ftefiR-d Feildt *- fraT 6-€i efr 3{q-qt arfr,

3l,4mqi6' {tr+cur S'@l frg-ar zn 6-*areil a-ral a€i qtGt', 3rrqen srd-rqrfi +T
3iqla-q 6-{ kq| aTq-4Tl / Candidaies shoutd not write their narnes, roll numbers, registration
numbers or affix their signature anywhere in the answer sheei./ quesiion booklet except in the spaces
provided, failing which the candidature will be disqualified.

z. e'afi cea ffi"s cisq da tr s-.tfi ced *- fu' t,-+ li+. 6iaT tt f,l-&q Er# a-6i
Htl ntl are objective type questions. Each question carrjes one mark. No negaiive marking,

-rrezFl ;tS (', fi, {n' qT gI ft-d"l /Answer sheet is separately provided. Write leglbly
your choice of answer as a, b, c or d against the question no. in the answer sheet.

supplied if required, for hand calculations.

I / At the end of the iest, the candidate shouid hand over the answer sheet along with the
question booklet to the invigilator,

Candidates are not permitted to leave the examination hall during the first hour of the examination.


dd fr 314flfr ;fi f,| u"r& B't iCandidates are not permitled to carry any reference books,
logariihm tablel calculators, mobile phones etc., to the Examination Hall.


1a*ft+ay q{ Bg ftfua qteil

Written test forthe post of TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (Mechanical)
adainprit 7,201-2
3Tft6il4- li+/Maxirnum marks: 60 SFIzI/Time: 1iL

i.. CEfr (strain) w 1F-c +q- t/unit of strain is:

a) Nlmmz b) mmz c) mm d) qB-c a-61/No unit

z. ffifua d S 3ft-f, 3fi1trq +ta-qT Hlwhictr of the following is a proper sequence?

a) SEr S-qT, 561trffi fiqr, qE1:T{d-, Gs-trdl/ Proportional limit, elastic limit, yielding, failure
b) tdTR-6 fiqr, S-ryqft6 dfq,, T{a]Tfi, frrmrff-/Elastic limit, proportional limit, yielding, failure
c) e"rtlrfr-
c{Erz6, SEIpa-*. d"qi', frSd-d1/Yielding, proportional limit, elastic limit, failure

oJ J\r<{crd --*]
- d +l-g ffi/None of the above

..{ 6:
A bar of length L metres extends by I mm under a tensile force of P The strain produced in the bar is :

a) elL b\o.r t lL c) O.o1, t lL d) 0.oot ( lL

When abodyissubjectedtothreemutuallyperpendicularstressesofequal intensity,theratioofdirect

stress to the corresponding volurnetric strain is known as:

a) 4rq qgiq/Young's modulus

c) Bulk modulus d) E-d,rflt Poisson's ratio

A body is subjected to a directtensile stress (o) ln one plane. The shear stress is maximum at a section
incllned al----- to the normal of the sectlon:

aJ 45'and 90' b) 45'and 135" c) 60" and 150' d) 30" and 135"

6. I Fie:€fiaq

The bending moment of a cantilever beam of length I and carrying a gradually varying load from zero at
free end and w per unit length at the fixed end is ------ at the fixed end:

a) wl/7 b) wl c) wl2 /z d) wl'z/6



7. (rfr fuA-s' dc- fr Gic-Rfua fr * a+4-* t'o frqaar a.}5 d-6i Fz / tn a riveted tap joint, which (

one is not a faiiure mode?


a) Ed-E h EAK4 Fs-ildl-/Tearing failure of plate b)-+g + ffi4 Et66673"rring failure of plate (

c)Efd fi' 3iqgqul frq'sar/shearing failure of plate d) Rld *' a-+a ftciil'd'riTensile failure of rivet t

8. E=2X10s N/mm2 t tomm aqr:s ai-d rtra q!-s +t zooomm aqRT d'dBr +.-{fr (bending) c{ {

B-6RE' cfr{ff +q' 6tff tllWhat is the stress developed in bending a 10mm diameter steel rod of i
E=2X10! N/mmz to 2000mm diameter?

a)500 N/mm2 b)2000 N/mm2 c) 1000 N/mm2 d)981 N/mmz


9. Gi6-d 3tlwi' M aqr d-fr'Fc"T .:fiErut T S :fiqr ql gTeffifirui qs snr Fx-tt q-qm e,ftRia srWt i

------- +- q{-fl F/The shaft subjected to bending moment M and twisting moment T simultaneouslv.
\- sFl

The equivalent
- twisting moment is equal to:

a) .'FTTT b) i'i + -, l'{l r, Tz c) v, lZ,::- .rjEz + l. ] of z [.,,!=;5: 1 I

tO. 't' ffi €r q--s'tflE fr 'd' ;qrs q;r E-6 BH, .iq. B'-qr F, A) r'+'B*d .fq {.i t Rq srqtsB q-il I

..... t sfri? t ; / When a hole of diameter 'd' is punched in a metal of thickness't', then the force
required to punch a hole is equai to:

a) d.t.t, b)n.d.t.r" ci .i t, r, u, rr, , -. Lu


the plate

tt I

Stress coneentration factor is defined as the'ratio of:



contains a fluid having a pressure of 1 N/mm2. tf the permissible tensile stress in the metal is ZON/mm2,
then the thickness of the metal required for making the pipe will be: 1

a) 5mm b) 10 mm c)1.5 mm d) 25 mm I

13. dlfr-sr ffq". ilrcf,- q{ 5c-fiq qft-f,c- ffid 6-{ar F?
Which of the beams develop therma[stresses on heating?

a) groan g g"afia/simply supported Ulffi+tlCantilever

c)Rrt/rixed d)5dfr t Bt€ ffi/none of these

14. 3{rrir t H-cid{ *T+ gH, *..dEi?T fr'srpnr ffi 'b' der ffi 'h' ETaT (rfi fffiul + u-g.e :ilqut
* t: /Moment of inertia of a triangle of base width 'b' and height 'h' with respect to the
centroidal axis parallel to its base is equal tol

a) bh3/P b) bh3/18 c) uh3/zq d) bh3/36

property of a liquid which offers resistance to the movement of one layer of liquid over another
adjacent layer of liquid is called:

a ) gwa-aHSurface tensio n b) Compressibility

c) *F'frIRdVCa p iI la rity d) lqa?lflviscosity

16. \rm-d-E qrq a-fr S 6T-+T ai.6ar F, etf q-q +-r i4 t': /When a liquid is flowing through a pipe, the
velocity of the liquid is:

a) iia C $E'6-trfr 3fu ffit t. gfrq ;qail4/Maximum at the centre and minimum near the walls
OJ +,i. -l -qa1cl+j 3-ilt

tdT t, rS t'l fhe imag)nary line drawn in the fluid in such a way that the tangent to any point
gives the direction of motion at that point is known as:

a) tr"T dt{a/Path line b) F^fra atgfr'/Strea m line

c) Steak line d) d]s;T / Potenlial line


for a perfect incompressible fluid flow:

I ',7
al,i = - -i- ; = cgrl:-r.2r'i:r bi ;* i6:il5 :
.t 'i t
r\ 7-
a-i-' =r-:i1!!t4! d) 5- Ct':1 t \

head, p is the pressure, w is the density, v is the velocity and g is acceleration due to grav
19. (r-+- *F(-W * 3Tc-srfi' t 9-drFd d-q" ?;f (tq /rhe pressure of the liquid flowing through the
divergent of a venturimeter:
a)Rrf ff,ar t/Remains constant b) e.aal fl lncreases
cIEeFII $/Decreases d)fq * ti-{J11-4 qr fntfrftalDepends upon mass of liquid
20. t-dY6-€- dq-{, ,..... $ ;-siE 6T 3FlrTtTi $/Reynold's number is the ratio of the inertia force to the:
al.L Ll\Ocloilq qei/5urlaCe IenSlon TOrce b) SSrq {FTA/iscous force
c)ame+ {il/ Gravity force d) riqiTer Elastlc force
21. EIfr qT
+ 3{fiT{ 4dr ii sdoT' +' 6.rq1]r dffir ?frq fi ffi f,/nccording to Darcy's formula, the toss I
of head due to friction in the pipe is:
^\ :-i:- hl- (
v = ffi jt fq E i' elocity of liquid in pipe, ?I€It/and
. {
d =
HTII Fl- diameter of pipe.

When the Mach number is more than 5, the flow is called:
a) EfqLqfr-+. gElE-/Sub-sonic flow b) Sonic flow
c) 94t-6'./Supersonic flow d) Hypersonic flow
The discharge through a small rectangular orifice is given by:
a) Q:{:'q€'-.Jgr,': b) Q=:i. "g] i:il
vl i-l
Lj --
a= L-
Id'd"{ 6l- - cross - sectional area of the orlfice,

74. a-# @'f#qr srarn;Tr$ ti!"+-r cF Eier ffi F:
reciprocating pump is:
The discharge per hour of a double acting
: 1'
a) 120 L. A' N b) 21. A. N c) -.:-

qdi/where L = STHTiI €t effi/lengthof stroke,

piston a'efi/and
4 fi554 6l' 3r"{T€r 6rd tl#rd/cross sectionai area of

N = 3lrftqfl fr *6' fr| ffi/speed of crank

in RPM

25. ,,-€R s'I d*1 *' Tifi'ff + 6q' sTfiftr fua' t:

of gases is:
The general law for the expansion or compression

b) pv= m RT c) pvn=C d) PvY=C

a) pv=C

25. 6K#c * aaRR-a d t F-r-+-qr di t/carnot cycle consists of:

,,ta-da' q?i d 3lEefl^afi cffil rwo constant volume and two isentropic processes
a) d $cpdftd
b)at Sfi-f,iqf Ad d $TS4^EIqf Cffi1{f Two isothermal and two isentropic processes
:nffi cBqdl Two constant pressure and two isentropic
c) dr rrqFrEffi'a' Erq- azi ar

constant pressure and two isentropic processes

27. {6 {€ dam' (simple pendulum) +' frT da-a +r qRqrqq. +ra:

pendulum is:
The periodic time of one oscillation for a simple

i ii
\,1 _
a)*" rl -:'': \ :i

Two mating gears of module 5 have 50 and 20

teeth. The distance between their axes is:

c) 175 d) 140
a) 350 b) 2oo

angled triangle?
Which set does not representthe sides of a right

9,5,6 c) 6,10, d) 15,25,20

a) 12,1-6,70 b) 8

in order to gain toughness in hardened steel,

the process usually adopted is:

a) TemPering b) qfrd'a/Annealing

c) Normalizing d) SPherodising
31. aq; Fd'er(dimension) d 5qtr s-4r atn
fffir + d--s'*'3id{ q;t +-a-t H:
Gq I
and lower |irnit of a dimenslon is cailed:
The difference between the upper |imit d
a) ;rf$e' :{r+R/Nom inal size b){t 3{16T-{ /Basic size a
I size d) Trfzrfl'r/Tolera nce
c) EigaF+* 3TFFR/Actu a

32. a6' W B-d H, ffig+rl A basic hole is one whose: a

a)fta' Ff{ilfr t/ Lower deviation is zero

b)sqtr ft'{da. ?Is t/ Upper deviation is zero I
c) trq a?i sqs fr!-f,f, ekq. t/ Lower and
upperdeviations {
d) {d+ fi 6fS af,li None ofthese "t
33. sTrdrq aTaq- trtrtaii +' 3lTsR Loo H6ls5 51 a56o f,: "l
Accordingtolndianstandardspecifications,lO0H6/g5meansthat: I
4!fi 6:ik efuc t frq 5 tl/TolerancegradefortheholeisGandforthe (
a) B'A +'Rl, €-F{rd'i
shaft is 5 (
b) ?fr+-c +-R,q T-gqar tsrot'O 3jt{ E-d + fr\'5 El/tolerancegradefortheshaftis6andforthe (
hole is 5
c) lfi+Z+ Rrr€-e-{dT*tfi 4 d S 3it{B-{atfr('s t z Ftlroterancegradefortheshaftis4to8 I
and for the hole is 3 to 7 (

d) E-d*1?r'uFs-df Apfr+ d s 3il-{ sf+z*- fu 3 i z t-tnolerancegradefortheholeis4to8

and for the shaft is 3 to 7

reaches maximum when the cut terminates

a) ffiffi;-ilfsnYentionalmilling b)+-d,r€q Climb milting I

c) Face milling d) FR-rilrno milling


b) 47.s" c) 55" d) 60"

a) 29" I

35. M24xz *'E]-as ff t BlAboltof M24x2meansthat:

a) qts fi :raiafttF-ql 24 mm t qaG z mm/The pitch of the thread is 24 mm and depth

b) ?tg fi' 24 mm2 tl /Cross-sectional area of the threads is 24 mm'
c) d|-c 4-r dr?fq Eqre 24 mm t :lif rerafr 2 mm/The nominal diameter of bolt is 24 mm and pitch

d) di--c 6T qeilfr Gqrg 24 mm t 3nT qR * Z els tti The effective diameter of bolt is 24 mm

and there are 2 threads per cm.

37. sEn'fr rzi cETr{ e{rr t Rs srtfiq-d en'rd'fr F6 ftfu6 fr t +ta-s 1q-td aio-frq tl
Which of the following property is desirable in parts subjected to shock and impact loads?

a) tlFa/Strength b) +3pa751;ffness c) erG{rcfr'/Brittleness d) gtr{-Alffoughness

38. dilsT FfA fr' 6T{ffI Sr cfrl6rfl' - S qfi|affu f,fi tnne percentage of carbon in cast iron variesfrom:
a) 0.1to 0.5 b) 0.5 to 1 c) 1 to 1.7 d) 1.7 to 4.5

39. rq qEFt + ------ l------\
{rqr"r q1r rrdicr
$ 4-gtfa/The stiffness is the ability of a material to resist:

a) *fr+a + 3+tff4 ft-5qoflDg1trmatlon understress

b) stq cHrd" elR *' +'nur dfAETdr Ba+ra-a/Fracture due to high impact loads
c) +ie1' qf q{:fq-d * : 3fdq{tm {fr/ Externally applied forces with breakdown or yielding
d) 3!--tr4+d i fr 6i$ None of the above

_ ellF -+
40. 6d-di dr6- + sacr{d. 4; frT s+R-+-crt Yqq-c1 -_:-\ chl -_--+
(3f{F-) f,/the iron ore mostly used for
the production of pig iron is:

a) Magnetite b) F4d|{C/Haematite
c)ft-qqr$e/ Limonite d) IttS|$c/5roeflre

42. t8/8 t'i ti:'Frg Fi 18/8 stainless steelconsists of:

a) 1,8% d?n 8 % dF€/ 18% nickel and 8 % chromium

b) 1s% tr)fr'{f, 3 "7" ft'-+-a/ L8% chromium and 8 % nickel

c) t!%ddG-{fr a?fi 8 26F}F-{4/ 18% vanadium atrd 8% chromium

d) Ls%fm-il F-en" 8 % 18% nickel and 8% vanadium

43. s-fr Fr;qr?ii * ft(' Ga- trift-fi R-q Vfn" lower critical point for all steels is:
a) 500"C b) 700' c c) 723"C d) 913"C
++. BFafud it d ffr'€r* Rv gvra q.r qrger;rff+-tor' fuqr s'nr $/Normalising of steel is done to:

a) Aa {i{-{frl *' citra t frr'/nefine the grain structure

b)afid.A-fl *. onor f$ ffi sT ncri +' Rr/ Remove strains caused by cold working
c) aca B-q"r * +nq giaR.+' €-r+anii fr aq" ft-€il.r+ 6t 6ErA *- R's/Remove dislocations caused in
the internal structure due to hot working d) Jc-d-*A Wfr/a ll of the above

4s. qrilfr F-srREa fr d f+-o-eaer Fataq H/Brass is an ailoy of:

a) etfqi- tti ffi/copper and ziryc de,r

bl ba/.ooo"r and tin
c) drEr, F w ffi/copper, tin and zinc d) FmA + a-ff/none of these

+6. ga6?49' fr' ttiF-a $/tpconelcontains:

A taper provided on the pattern for its easy and clean withdrawalfrom the rnould is known as:

c) atgi +'r A+TF/ Vent out trapped gases

The electrodes used in spot welding have a tip of:

fn u;-dr ilrdi t ft *"ega di h fr(' *rfr grd-il €iff f,, *-+irhe welding set up is said to have straisht
polarity, when:

a) +r4 a} crffias eftd fr fd-6 Fdqr arfl t 3it{ gd4qir ftsi- 6f ffi1s'effi+a ttl
Work is connected to the positive terminal and the electrode holder to the negative terrninal.

b) 61f +t ffiq etra-d d' *cq. ftqr arar F 3fu gd<fu dFsr +t m.R&d- sffi4tr d'/
Work is connected to the negative terminal and the electrode holder to the positive terminal'

c) +r{ 4'r cG'&{ efiFf, fr' {i-{-6 B-{n' dr?il t 3lk SdqqtE Ci.=st or T-+d-fr fu-q qrm" t/ work is
connected to the positive terminal and the electrode holder is earthed

d) 6r{ + ffrs'Efifrda C {id-6 fu'qr qrei t 3*-{ gd-+-ds ftrt +lfi-d-a-n Gtq"r ardl"t/
Work is connected to the negative terminal and the electrode holder is earthed

51. fr fr A-g* Jcln-;q E,AEnr 6'r lrfrT Bq-qrar F/The consumable electrode is used in:

a) +r&a 3ilfr +Fga/carbon arc welding b) E-f,ifrd tasaisubmerged arc welding

c) &en*ff d-5461116 welding d) a-ff3i|{$ AFsa/M lG welding

52. qffid d' rreFd ?rffir, fufr-frdfiT F"tvr tlfhermit, used in thermit welding, is a mixture of:

a) qlT+if, rni yrq+ 3T{€r{g/Charcoal and iron oxide

b ) anw;-d tr+ rreqF.G-{a-/Ch a rco a I a n d a u m n i u m
I i

c) v=$Ana,lron oxide and aluminium

d) qqmifr,3TrFl 3flf,€-t5gQ-4 !"e-FG-{qlCharcoal, iron oxide and aluminium

s:. sTfrfiirr Jffi-ffiffid +Fgd .... d fr-qf a.ra[ tli Most of the oxy-acetylene welding is done with:

flame d) d All of these


a) Surface dimensions b) FE 4-oi{driSu rfa ce ha rdness

c) Sur-face roughness d) Surface a;'ea

d-{Ta 5il-E- d-ai ilf Discontinuous chips are formed

during rnachining of:

a) ag{ qEtietittt" metals b) Ductile rnetals

c) 6dt tnat/uard meta ls d)tE tnEt/Soft metals

56. a6- E-6 t qgt 3tr{ t a-g +T Tgd-a vzi q-rfi-fid q-fldd 6t *triThe
operation of smoothing and I
squaring the surface around a hole is known as: a
a)+rizt ffiffiiT/Counter sinking n ) oTicr d'fo+lCo u nte r bo rin g a
c)ffirmrepanning d) Fd-d' *ffiq/spot facing a
57. e-s' trf, + R-g 41"T +l qTqnq tlfhe usualvalue of the point angle of a drill is: I
a) 70" b) 100" c) 118" d) 130"
ffi' 6l ffi' Ra' B-qr qren t/rixtures are used:
59. si{T}4
a) Eftirr, frFdr qT zrFizr iru-rf,d'fr 3i-ff{ (trd dI lH 3f{ ffidd'6{A t ft1r tl
For holding and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming or tapping operations
b) tsR"r, qrgfoT, E-a.rB-4 qr effirr rErffiJ'* +-14 6t t'Ra' ffi I
For holding the work in milling, grinding, planning or turning operations
c) +rf Sr cR'ijqaT fi ciq 6{i t' fre/ro check the accuracv of work piece
d) Jqd-+-d fr + +B a'f,i/None of the above (

ss. q-+- aaftF4 cB-qT ;1 grt6a+ arq. 531, AaRfua fr t B-{ts a_E.RT L-{-r
tc|qt q|tdr 6i
What carries away maximum heat energy in a machining process?
rL,^,, (
a) ? Coolant b)3lfdR/Tool C.) lri q/Ln ip d) +t{-/Work piece
oror F?
Which of the foliov,ring drawing symbols indicate flatness of a surface:
a) // b)_LcJD d) o
**x*:i<**++*+***+ I

3156 q{+R / Governmentof lndla

SidRqT Gelzr I DePartment of SPace

frF-d-d-d$q. / Thiruvananthapuram - 695 022

q qi.lzqz / PostNo1242

gqs/Time, 1 danhour 39 ft4s/minutes

€EtE6 :iq-iMaximum Marks:
3rpqrfi 61 4ra/Name of the

3{rd{d. fr rya
qtrtn 3rT.SB-d "rql Bt

will be reiected.

/ ph
You should sign the hail iicf'et

provided for ans'r'rcnng lne uues(rurr)

A *aparrte R ansvter sheet will be

1. 5s1"Tsq-'f6csqtfufias]-f,I+,ffis/rormaximumefficiencyinmulti.stagecornpressor be coored to initial
q} g*tr+ arqgra aa rffi-a fficr srar qrrd('/ Air shourd
{a) a{uf *.trE aq
stage should be same
/ Pressure ratio for each
each stage should be same
/ Work done for
(d) aq{+a €fr/Allof the above

given bY
intercooler Pressure is
(c) Pz=UsQrt(pr*ps)
(d) P2=1/(P1xP3)
(a) Pz=sqrt(prxpr) (b) Pz=PrxP:

qrtr al46' 48ral """"

qc tr'sk tl / tdeal air
3. (r4' sTf, Tfi +s -fqr'd 61 3fl-4?t
depends on
a closed cycle gas turbine
standard efficiency of
of the cycle only
(a) i;+a e-m +' ar{ 314g16/pressure ratio
ratio of the cycle only
(b) a"{a qrF + 314qffi/temperature


power' ts
in weight for the same
smaller in size and lower
{ffi+/e as turbine plant
(a) 3nq €1iq151sam plant {b)



(b) safr6 i-iT t +-fi'tl-ess than sontc
Equal to sonic velocity
(c) tafr+. +rr +
(d) 3cE4a di q+. sfi None ofthe
Gd q-dpi fi' a;qar +i ...*' w di qrRanRa fu-qr s.I tl / Ductility of a I
material can be defined as .

(a) Ti$3-_f, d€ p1rfr Fdsqur + 3{en-d fr-S fi arirff/Ability to undergo large permanent
deformation in cornpression
(b) 3TqfrT 4'd' tg'g rffit:lpf 6{i fi rya-al/Ability to recover its originalform
(c) ;rfr;E fr, € Fn* bsqur +' 3rdra Ei-$ fi srsal/Abillty to undergo large permanent
deformations in tension
td) Jc€qffi the above

7. d-dd dF it HrdA #f cfrRrdar tt / X ot carbon in Cast iron is

(a) <o.8% (b) <7.3% (c) >2Yo (d) >6.3%

8. Tfli"r # Ert C'dt'dl-€r 6eri "raTr pq5+loT ......... * 6q fu+r ara'r Hl/which
is false statement about tempering? Ternpering is done to
(a) ulifrf,fl-sfi-{ar j| gtm ari/lmprove machinability
(b) daal C'Em ord/lmprove ductility
(c) 3{iafm' c ei ffi/Release internalstresses
(d) +-6)-adf Aqr slT{ar +1 +-q qliineduce hardness and brittleness

t't .............. " daT tUgrars contains

(a) 70% diqT 30% Fiq' t 70% copper and 30% zinc
(b) 70% :itr :oz fud t 7a% copper and 30% tin

belongs to the category of

{a) medium-carbon steel

{c) alloy steel

(d) stainiess steel

1 of Moh's scale is assigned to

(a) Quartz (b) Talc

{c) opaz tdi Diamond

A 4 l'IE42l15
12. q*sTur. tq.t 61 F{{-dK t R.r-{ 4ltrfi d2ri q-sl'?. q14 dt 34a cqrrf s qarqr ar,;{T Fi

g-,q-e:a ftxtlrE .... Hf I Surveying tapes are rnade of material having low coefficient of
expansion & enough strength. The alloy used is

(a) Fan da/silver steel (b) -€-di-q/HastelloY

(c) *d;a trrd/Monef metal (d) FTiI{/tnvar

13, rr+' dftr qtr ........... il d 3t :neRt alar qTAI tl/A fluid is said to be ideal, if it is
(a) 3i-4iftsfiqllncomPressible
tb) ?Fq eqra*dr/Zero viscositY
(c) ?4E. A2{t- sTiffiq/Viscous and incornpressible
(d) B-tr €qtrr/Low densitY

14. 10 fu.. vn. dqwd fi +tS csa GrSt ar€'ii 5 an €I d ;Tfi tt s€ rrd ii 'e'a[ qq
tl / nn object having 10 kg mass weighs 5 kg on a planet. The value of 'g' at
this planet is
{a} 5.0 m/sec2 {b} 4.9 m/secz (c) 10.2mlsec (d) 9.7 m/sec2

r), sfr Fi ffi ffi' Fis t frr'aa cF'Rr asTnr drffi qnlllrfr' Et.r """""""""' w arS q-rar
*t / for a body floating in water, resultant pressure exerted by water acts at

(a) FiJ €I ffi {d"6/Bottom surface of body.

(b) fr"il +' t FiE * ;rg-a; 31-rl/Centroid of portion of body under water.
(c) R-c fi fr €?fr Rg:tillt points on the surface of body
(d) Fis * +Ts/centroid of bodY

d";fi. fifr anafrf / tf mercury in a barorneter is replaced by water,

the height of 2 cm of mencury will be following cm of water

(a) 27.2 cm (b) 50 cm (c) 52 crn (d) l-3 cm

17. t E{-q{ tt / R pressure of 25 m of head of water is

equal to
(a) 25 kN/m2 (b) 245 kN/m2 (ci 2500 kfil/nr2 (d) 2.5 kN/m2

be cornpletely submerged in a fluid having specific gravity of

(a) 1 tb) r.2 (c) I.7 (d) o.7s

A 'e
19. (rfi tr Wt Rg f f,nt aq E6 q,kn t aq/ Heat flows from one body to other bodv when
they have
(a) s-d€I 3idffiF-d 5trffru' Bffi/fra $i-oifferent heat contents
(b) rd-#I' Eflelsd Ssa.d fu+frtr 5i-ufferent specific heats
,-r +
(c, 54qrl Y(d1l J :d1-{dT 66 6i/Oifferent atornic structure
-'uf g;q
(d) :ra* arqu+ra frloifferent temperatures

2a. ffiRa ii ffiI ssqr qril+?r {ra €-{$ 3leq. F I wtrlctr of the following has maximum
value of thermal conductivitY?
(a) @fu+e7 Aluminium (b) Tstd/steel
(c) {aalBrass (d) at+r/Copper

2j.. arq gfi+-qu:-e=kA{tr-tJ/x il rrq'x/(kA)'........ . *'sq if urar o,ar 8t/lntheheat

flow equation Q = kA(tr-tJ/x, the term 'x/(kA)' is known as

(a) ts-ffq qmqlThermal resistance

(b) 5s"trq apliq-/thermal coefficient
(c) 5's-frq' qlTf+-dr/Thermal conductivity
(d) lsl+r 3iil{q aqi6/tteat transfer coefficient

A steam pipe is to be insulated by tr,vo insulating materials put over each other- For best results

be put over pipe and inferior one over it.

should be put over pipe and better one over it,

Whether to put inferior cne over pipe or the better one would depend on steam
te mperature.

According to planck's law, the wavelength corresponding to the maximum energy is
(b) icl T' (d) 1/r
{a) T 12

1A I
tt/ tn a centrifugal pump, when the impeller speed is doubled, head developed becomes

(b) tinres {c) 4 times (d) 1.5 trmes

ia) 2 times 1.414
A MS42iis I
25. gflm srFI h .td' 6r FgJ4 .......... t d-4rl / For pumps of same speed,
discharge is ProPortional to

(a) :rrttrfi ;q'Rilimpeller diameter (D) (b) D2

(c) D3 (d) uD3

26. fttr-g .o-qr'fr- ....... t trrr JFqR-fi Jffd tl/ Francis turbine is best suited for

(a) 180d24mfrEteT€;q.JTefi.E3|'dTdir/mediumheadapp|icationfrom24tolS0m
(b) 30m tirF.t q;r frtr uftg qiF{rqdi low head installation upto 30 m

{c) r80m t 5q{ 6-r Etq ?fr{' Ti+2lFr-fr/hiCh head installation above 180 m
(d) gaff s-6F{ * c alltyPes of heads

27. dle ffifr dqr gpq ?ffi +' Rl' +tf,'-* .ic *1 criq B-qr a'tirl t? / For srnall discharge and

high heads which PumP is Preferred

(a) 3t-Tefr s-frR/centrifugal tYPe

(b) srcqrJlrff 9|6K/reciprocating type
(c) :r$q qqrd lFnq/axial flow tYPe
(d) 3fiq s-4r6. radialflow tYPe

zB. qu-- E.aarnrr

%dqrer 6) gq5qq' ETr F t artjla fl6-q1' cTdr td eEtfu'fi 3TEfsEM /For a

circular cross-section beam subjected to a shearing force F, the maximum

{a) # {b}

Resilience of a material is important, when it is subjected to

(a) 5lstft-q thermalstresses (b) shcck loading

(c) aifr/fatigue (d) wear and tear

certain height under vacuum. They will take

weight to reach earth

7 M$14?/i5
3j.. R6 {ifisd e{ir F sT {ff.sfd sffi
qftqtr Bffi
d eqTq-dzTr D ELq' zql-fl fr €fi-fl fti4 ii
stress in a helical spring of wire diameter
-ta€T{ ;1r6f F /The shearing
d and having mean diameter D, supporting a compressive load F is
given by
K (b) ?o,** I
K {d) #"* I
32. 3ria?56 -qrg. d q1-d1 (16 aE ri-ar+n +}.'cr c{' 3{ia'trfi EI'Gr p srmar tt
qB der +n-+rsfr *'t'
farry C;5{fr o.f at q}qr €f d.d-dT (t)---t q-ffrfr tlntliinsphericalshellof internal diameterd
is subjected to an internal pressure p.lf o is the tensile stress for the sl"rell nnaterial, then thickness
of the shell {t) is equal to (
(c) (d)
{a) pd/zo (b) pd/ao pd/o apd/o
33. {Srr qa}c * TFd qi ffis' €ena it Td arfr fi Eitv;il 6i qrff Btiln the third anele I
projection, the object is imagined to be placed
(a) s.p. * # aan v.p- t- cB/ gelow H-P and behind V.P.
(b) li.P. * arrt a?fi v.p. t gnril Above H.P and infront of V'P'
(c) H.p. *' 5q{ d?Tr v,P. +' fid/Rbove H'P and behind V'P' I
(d) H.P. + # aPTr v.P. +' w+rfr/eelow l-t'P and lnfront of V'P' (
34. 3ffif, TE-d --- -- 6ti {+d ai stq'ei +.} ;ilgar t/an oldham coupling connects two shafts, I
when theY are (
(a) lntersecting (b) Parallel
{ei Coaxial (d) Perpendicular

(a) PersPective Projection

{c} / first angle Projection (d) oblique Projection

36. H7e6 ----- u H7g6 is a

{a) Close running fit (b) Push fit
(c) Shrink fit (d) Press fit

plane inclined to the axis

/Conic section obtained by cutting a right circular cone by a section
of the cone and cutting all the generators
(a) ircle (b) lliPse

{c} Parabola (d) HYPerbola

& tsIE42/15
38. (rfi'fr-qF drfi't€..| fr d_fr{ c?iiETur *. F+m dedErd qd'Td * cf{fr w Fqtfra q S fro
Curve generated by a fixed point on ihe circumference of a circle r,vhich rolls without
along a fixed straight iine.

(a) sft*-f,q/lnvolute (b) q$Gt/Cycloid

(c) qftd/spiral (d) rksm/ Helix

3e. q?hffi4 d' ----- *' fr(' +fer q*ls Frqrzr war tlcutting fluid is employed in machining for

{a) 3iT*-{o1- azn mrq st osf q-ld /cooling the tool and the;ob
{b} Trrfd" giTFI dl, d64' /lubricate at the rubbing surfaces
tc) fl?fffta Fta +t erun cleaning the machining zone
(di 3Td-+tr esft/all of the above

40. \'isd $"e alhF{r jt ----- t +r<sr q'rq-fr 3{cGr#I 6tar t/tvtaterial rernoval takes place in
Abrasive Jet Machining due to

(a) fr-qd rsTq'fi-6 Bnriielectrochemical action

{b) sift'fr +isE/mechanical imPact
(c) grsfr *r ajzilfatigue failure of the material
(d) riqg q{ +mRzra/sparking on impact

turning will decrease by maxirnum extent if we double the

ta) dePth of cut (b) feed

(ci cutting velocitY

(bi ductilitY

(d) "{rR i fatigue strength

minutes and cutting speed (V) in m/min is

(a) v"T=c (b) vr"=c ic) Yfr"=c (d) V"/r=c

44. ffiR-a d..t +td-dl *€a' sfuT fr jq:Fq {f<ftii +'r q-qtq RrqI drdl t/consumable
electrodes are used in which of these welding process?
(a) a3fl€;fi/Ttc (b) ua:n5$lUte (c) qrfie/thermit (d) il.;|v Laser I

4s. H-{S 3l'S ffiqlltr{fr F?i -----t'/uaterial best weldable with ltself ls (
(a) Girrnq 5pv-ra/Stainless steel tb) At6lT/copper
(c) uq*rAsrT/aluminium td) ffi {*nrilmild steel I
46. ftqRtua jt t sRr qmi +'td-fr Sl wnicfr of the following is a vector quantity?

(b) (
(a) deqfrEilmass Titrilmomentum
(c) +tuilangle (d) ?{ffi/speed I
47. sfr !-n'rrq61or di d p*'rsr+ qfuflrvl fr, irrrs H d rg+r $$r1?r, ffi6 f4qn d
qa, eFffi
ql R"*e+rR=a d g'+irll/tf two forces each (
ERsu-sm t---- qFffIur tt fi€{r sf, a-rri
by a third force acting I
equal to p in magnitude act at right angles, their effect may be neutralized
along their bisector in opposite direction whose magnitude is equalto
{a} 2P (b) P/2 (c) ,[zP (d) p/{z

48. tatn' *' o 6iol fr r'+ sqlq'6r' .'qFr;I fu-ff alal Ft e --- 6ltl Yt ?t|q'l qllclsl (
--.L range will be
Its horizontal
:ifi-+-;rq l/ A projectile is fired at an angle 0 to the vertical. (
maximum when 0 is
(a) 30o (b) 45o 600 (d) 90o

49 .(
with a constant acceleration of 5 rn per sec. The
distance covered in 5 sec is most nearly
(a) 38 m (b) 62.s m (c) 96 m (d) L24m (

jumped dorvn
a box full of jewelry of W kg and while carrying it on his head
6;q1 / A thief stole
toad of
from third storev of the building. Before he reached the ground, he experienced a
(a) ? zero (b) :ria/infinlte
(c) w C less than w (d) W * greater than w

t0 ME.82l15
qfu*fr'+ fuc 0'c cf{ 3iciA W :trrl?t;r di 1/2734fi 6T qf€ddh/Rccordingtowhich
faw, all perfect gases change in volurne by L/273th of their original volume at OoC for every L00 C
change in temperature when pressure remains constant
(a) ilfr fr{railoule's law (b) ffi ftqsiBoyles's law
(c) fr-g++ro ffiq'frlGay-Lussac law (d) sIFC' F-{frlCharle's law

52. ffiRd di +ta<n (rfi sun-dr +.r erqtrfr' Br I wtrictr of the following is the property of a
(a) di=f AqI dltlFFl/Pressure and ternperature
tb) :ridfto. sqt/lnternal energy
(c) $rq?Fr azn gqa-ilt/Volume and density
(d) rytra q'sfilAllof the above

53. t \16 3{rqei 4€ 6t rflfir 3il{ird' grrdr rti aer Rn erq dt aftd i+;eT qrdr tt :ifr'-s
aFIFI];r tt /nperfect gas at 270'C is heated at constant pressure till its
volume is double. The final temDerature is
{a} 54" C (b) 327" C (c) 3.08" C {d) 600" c

s4. (4- strf,rfi eB-q-r fr rr€ + fr 3{i4ft+'

=di I
tn an isothermal process, the internaI
energy of gas molecules
(a) q.adI H/lncrease
(b) urdl f,/oecrease
(c) t/Remains constant

properties of gas

receives 500 kJ and undergoes a temperature change from 1000 C to 2000 C, The average specific
heat of substance during the process will be
(a) s kj/(ksoK) (b) 2.s kJl(ksoK) (c) 10 krl(ksoK) (d) 2s k)l(ksoK)

equal to heat transferred if the reversible process takes place at constant

(a) (G'/Pressure (bi Temperature
(c) 3fl-qE;t/Volume (d) Internalenergy

A ll ir/{E42tts
s7. qfr rr-o drq {f,fl 100 cFcra alfiq aarCIr osalt ;il a-a """""""^' 6I
(a) 3;sap aftSI * qFqd frqq/zeroth lar,v of thermodynamics
tb) s6ET t qa1-4 ftqEip;r5tlaw of thermodynamics
{c) 3isfiT ?TF-& t qffiq G-qff/second lav; of thermodynamics
(d) Js €sfi Mt/All of the above laws
qqrt ffiftiT ii +ta-sr qara e-fr
s8. Gffi. E;st t 3iq.{ qE qE {fficcT q;r n-cKr gal6l3T
left open' Which of the following
F r i The door of a running refrigerator inside a room was
statements is correct?

(a) +-ra rffii * 3jE-{ *'a:qfl'rf, t aq-a" rffia 6} an'rrt/The room willbe cooled to
the temperature inside the refrigerator
{b) 6rRI +-q qlraftd d drrrrn'/The room will be cooled very stightly

(c) qA.{T {'K-fr tft-q 6} f,Kr]l'TiThe room will be gradually rvarmed up

(d) 6att3iE{tq6Ia]qJrFrsqtTlrd-dQ-art6rretemperatureoftheairinroomwi||
remain unaffected

(a) q-a a"Kr4r/lncrease

(b) qe Artryn/Decrease

(c) $qnrqfi*d {Frll/re mai n s sa me

increase/decrease depending on initial ternperature
of hot water and cold water

to it' lt is possible due to

internal energy increases by twice the units than heat added





a't 47,!'.!.s