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1) 91springboard

Founders: Anand Vemuri, Deepak Sharma, Pranay Gupta, Susan Lim, Varun

Investors: Khattar Holdings, Rahul Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Sumit Dayal.

91springboard offers a plug and play office with ready-to-use facilities and timely
events for coworking members.

2) AddressHealth
Founder: Dr. Anand Lakshman.

Investors: Gray Matters Capital, Unitus Seed Fund.

AddressHealth is a Bengaluru-based top startup that has a vision to make pediatric

care easily available by providing health care services via school and clinics.

3) AdsNative
Founders: Satish Polisetti, Dhawal Mujumdar.

Investors: InterWest Partners, Rakuten, ONSET Ventures, KBS Ventures, Foundry


AdsNative helps websites and apps better monetize with responsive native
advertisements through their AdsNative SSP platform.
4) Affimity
Founders: Ramana Venkata, Amar Singh, Parveen Mittal.

Investor: Silicon Valley Angel Investors.

Affimity is a social networking platform for people with similar interests in food,
family, and digital life to connect and share their interests.

5) Altizon
Founders: Vinay Nathan, Ranjit Nair, Yogesh Kulkarni.

Investors: Microsoft Accelerator Bangalore, Wipro Technologies.

Altizon Systems, a Pune-based startup, is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform
company with a flagship platform named Datonis.

6) Applicate
Founders: Deepak Rewadi, Ranjeet Kumar.

Investors: Amit Gupta, Rajiv Nayan, Rakesh Mishra, Rishi Vasudev.

Applicate, a Delhi-based startup founded in 2014, provides innovative solutions to

solve complex business problems.
7) BabyBerry
Founders: Bala Venkatachalam, Subhashini Subramaniam, Dev Vig.

Investor: Nitin Bagamane.

BabyBerry, founded on 2014, is an application to help parents through the journey of

pregnancy to motherhood.

8) Cloudcherry
Founders: Vinod Muthukrishnan, Vijay Lakshmanan, Nagendra CL, Prem K

Investors: Vertex Ventures, IDG Ventures India, Cisco Investments, Chennai Angels,
Capillary Technologies.

Cloudcherry, offering customer experience management tools to customer-facing

brands, is a top startup based in Bangalore and Chennai.

Can't find candidates interested in working

with your startup? We've thousands of
them, let us find the one.
9) CollegeDekho
Founder: Ruchir Arora.

Investors: GirnarSoft, Man Capital.

CollegeDekho, a Jaipur-based startup, is an online platform that uses counseling and

advanced technology to help students work towards their career goals.

10) CreditVidya
Founders: Abhishek Agarwal, Rajiv Raj.

Investor: Kalaari Capital.

CreditVidya aims to eliminate traditional methods of credit assessment and re-build

credit scoring with advanced machine learning techniques.

11) Cuemath
Founder: Manan Khurma.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, Unitus Seed Fund.

Cuemath is on a mission to make math engaging through mathematical puzzles and

game-like skill levels with certified teachers.
12) CureJoy
Founders: Dikshant Dave, Srini Sharma.

Investors: Accel Partners, NuVentures.

CureJoy is a platform to get information on holistic therapies and whole food nutrition
from experts.

13) Dil Mil

Founders: KJ Dhaliwal, Jacob Ilin, Sukhmeet Toor, Tom James Holub.

Investors: Nelstone Ventures, Transmedia Capital, Maiden Lane Ventures, CSC


Dil Mil is a matchmaking app for South Asian expats that solves complex real-time
search & match problems.

14) DocsApp
Founders: Satish Kannan, Enbasekar D.

Investors: Rebright Partners, Venky Harinarayan.

DocsApp connects users in India with specialist MD doctors within 30 minutes over a
call or chat for consulting.
15) DoorKeys
Founders: Subhash Bedi, Arjun Basu.

Investor: Rising Straits Capital.

India’s first buyer-centric platform conceptualized by real estate and technology

veterans, DoorKeys lets people buy real estate at their own prices.

16) DrivoJoy
Founders: Vishwanath Kollapudi, Ravindra Akella, Aman Singhal.

Investors: Tracxn labs, Tessellate Ventures.

Drivojoy, a Bangalore-based startup, provides anytime, anywhere bike repair services

by certified mechanics.

17) Droom
Founder: Sandeep Aggarwal.

Investors: BEENEXT, Beenos Partners, Digital Garage, Lightbox

Droom, founded in 2014, is India’s largest marketplace for trading used automobiles
and automobile services.

18) ePayLater
Founders: Aurko Bhattacharya, Prasannaa Murlidharan, Uday Somayajula,
Shanmunathan Thiagaraja, Akshat Saxena.

Investor: Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

ePayLater is a new-age version of credit cards where customers can purchase goods
and pay later on online portals.

19) FactorDaily
Founders: Jayadevan PK, Titash Neogi, Pankaj Mishra.

Investors: Accel Partners, Blume Ventures, Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

FactorDaily is a media production that provides insights on technology and its

connection with the Indian society.

20) Faircent
Founders: Rajat Gandhi, Vinay Mathews, Nitin Gupta.

Investors: M&S Partners, JM Financial, Brand Capital.

Faircent, a Haryana-based startup, eliminates intermediaries and help borrowers and

lenders connect directly to borrow money.
21) FarEye
Founders: Kushal Nahata, Gautam Kumar.

Investors: Indian Angel Network, SAIF Partners.

FarEye is a mobile technology platform that helps logistics enterprises solve critical
problems faced by them.

22) Fisdom
Founders: Subramanya S V, Anand Dalmia, Ramganesh Iyer.

Investors: Rob Chandra, Saama Capital.

Fisdom is a Bangalore-based personal finance startup that gives investment

recommendations via an application for wealth management.

23) Fitpass
Founders: Akshay Verma, Arushi Verma.

Investor: Mumbai Angels.

FitPass is a Delhi-based startup and fitness membership plan that enables its users to
workout anywhere in 1000+ gyms and fitness studios.

24) FlexiLoans
Founders: Manish Lunia, Ritesh Jain, Deepak Jain, Abhishek Kothari.

Investors: Vikram Sud, Sanjay Nayar, Narayan Seshadri, Anil Jaggia.

FlexiLoans is a technology powered online marketplace to help SMEs avail loans to

grow their businesses.

25) FlipClass
Founders: Vineet Dwivedi.

Investors: LetsVenture, S Chand, Blume Ventures.

FlipClass is India’s leading marketplace to connect students with teachers across the
country for home and online tutoring.

26) Flyrobe
Founders: Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana, and Tushar Saxena.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures.

Flyrobe, a Mumbai-based startup, provides a platform to rent branded and designer
clothes for any occassion at reasonable prices.

27) Foyr
Founder: Shailesh Goswami.

Investors: Rajesh Krishnan, Astarc Group & Astarc Ventures.

This top startup in Hyderabad is the go-to place for interior designing. Foyr provides
end-to-end services in the cities where they’re operational.

28) Glam Studios

Founders: Sadiya Naseem, Darakhshan Husain, Feeroz Khan.

Investors: Anand Ladsariya, Aqeel Ahmed, Nitin Agarwal, Pradeep Mirani

Glam Studios is a chain of salons that allows customers to book appointments online
for quality services at affordable prices.
29) Goalwise
Founders: Swapnil Bhaskar, Ankur Choudhary, Savitri Bobde.

Investor: Angel Investors.

Goalwise is a goal-based wealth management platform that invests online in mutual

funds to help you achieve your financial goals.

30) GolfLAN
Founder: Dhruv Verma.

Investors: ITES Group, YourNest Angel Fund.

GolfLAN is a Delhi-based startup that provides subscription services to play golf

globally in courses without membership and make the game of golf more accessible
and affordable.
31) GoPigeon
Founders: Deovrat Singh, Sourav Sarkar, Yeshu Singh.

Investor: Nexus Venture Partners.

GoPigeon, based in Karnataka, is a technology enabled logistics management

company for all your shipping needs.

32) GoZefo
Founders: Arjit Gupta, Himesh Joshi, Rohit Ramasubramanian, Dheeraj Nekkanti.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, Helion Venture Partners, BEENEXT.

GoZefo is set to change the world of pre-owned furniture and appliance sales. They’re
currently functional in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mysore.
33) Hashtaag
Founders: Jayavardhan B N, KRishna Karthik Vemula.

Investors: Rahul Gupta.

Hashtaag, a technology startup, is one of India’s leading mobile and web application
design and development firms providing end-to-end solutions for your mobile app

34) Headout
Founders:Varun Khona, Vikram Jit Singh, Suren Sultania.

Investors: Verison One Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Daniel Curran, Arena
Ventures, 500 Startups.

Headout, Bangalore, is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps folks discover

incredible experiences in 3 taps and 60 seconds.

35) Healthians
Founders: Deepak Sahni, Anuj Mittal.

Investors: BEENEXT, Beenos Partners, Digital Garage, HealthStart, Yuvraj Singh. is India’s largest health test @ home service, creating a new

benchmark for quality and honest prices. Healthians employs state-of-the-art 46
touchpoints technology for assuring quality collection and testing across its tightly
controlled network of labs and hundreds of full-time phlebotomists.

36) HealthifyMe
Founders: Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy.

Investors: IDG Ventures, Inventus Capital, Blume Ventures.

HealthifyMe is a digital health startup with an aim to help millions of Indians on the
fitness journey.

37) Imarticus Learning

Founders: Nikhil Barshikar, Sonya Hooja.

Investors: Anil Gudibande, Taranjit Jaswal, Tashwinder Singh.

Imarticus Learning is an educational institute offering online and classroom programs

in business analysis, financial services, and investment banking.

38) IndiaLends
Founders: Gaurav Chopra, Mayank Kachhawa.
Investors: DSG Consumer Partners, American Express Ventures.

IndiaLends, a FinTech startup based in Delhi, aims to make affordable credit

accessible to the masses.

39) Innovaccer
Founders: Abhinav Shashank, Sandeep Gupta, Kanav Hasija.

Investor: Westbridge Capital Partners.

Innovaccer builds data and healthcare analytics platforms like Datashop and MIPS
Calculator that transform the way companies use data.

40) Ixigo
Founders: Aloke Bajpai, Rajnish Kumar, Dharmendra Yashovardhan.

Investors: BAF Spectrum,, SAIF Partners, Sequoia Capital., founded in 2006, has achieved its due success with the boost in the tours
and travel industry.

41) Jaypore
Founders: Puneet Chawla, Shilpa Sharma, Aarti Jesrani.

Investors: Aavishkaar Venture Management Services, Deap Ubhi, Haresh Chawla.

Jaypore is a platform for artisans and craftsmen from all over India to sell their
products online at exceptional values.

42) Juspay
Founder: Vimal Kumar.

Investor: Accel Partners.

Juspay aims to make online payments easy with a 1-click process using a secure
payment browser.

Founders: Bharat Balachandran, Sahil Sani.

Investor: Alpha Capital.

Just Buy Live is a B2R startup that enables retailers to purchase goods directly from
brands along with amazing deals on their cutting-edge mobile application.

44) JustRide
Founders: Hemant Sah, Vasant Verma, Amit Sahu, Abhishek Mahajan, Ashwarya
Pratap Singh.

Investors: Alok Mittal, Anirudh Damani, IT-Farm, Kima Ventures.

JustRide offers car rental services on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis for users to
45) KredX
Founders: Manish Kumar, Puneet Agarwal, Anurag Jain.

Investor: Prime Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital.

KredX, a startup based in bangalore, offers opportunities to SMEs to raise fast

working capital.

46) LoanTap
Founders: Satyam Kumar, Vikas Kumar.

Investors: Abhishek Pandey, Jaysukh Sapra.

LoanTap is a unique Mumbai-based FinTech startup for salaried professionals to

receive custom made loan products by their NBFC & Banking partners.

Founders: Geet Garg, Nishith Rastogi.

Investors: BEENEXT, Blume Ventures, Exfinity Venture Partners, Rajesh Ranavat. is a highend logistics automation platform that provides end-to-end delivery
route planning and tracking solutions.

48) Mad Street Den

Founders: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran.

Investors: Exfinity Venture Partners, GrowX Venture Management, Sequoia Capital.

Mad Street Den is a Computer Vision & AI startup whose first brainchild is
one of the world's first AI solutions for retail.

49) MagicPin
Founders: Anshoo Sharma, Brij Bhushan.

Investor: Lightspeed Venture Partners.

MagicPin is a platform where users and merchants can come together to discover,
interact and transact at the best events happening in your locality.
50) MedECUBE Healthcare
Founder: Dilpreet Brar.

Investor: Artiman Ventures.

MedECUBE Healthcare a healthcare concierge service that analyses your specific

condition to connect you with the top relevant doctors and get you the best healthcare

51) Melorra
Founders: Saroja Yeramilli, KrishnaKumar R.

Investor: Lightbox

Melorra is an online jewelry store for the modern Indian woman. They design and
create jewelry that’s always in trend while keeping it comfy.

52) Mezi
Founders: Snehal Shinde, Swapnil Shinde.
Investors: American Express Ventures, Amit Singhal, Gokul Rajaram, Nexus
Venture Partners, Saama Capital .

With the current busy lifestyle of professionals favoring them, Mezi aims to replace
human assistants with AI and technology.

53) Mihup
Founders: Tapan Barman, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Biplab Chakraborty.

Investor: Accel Partners.

Mihup, a Bangalore-based startup, offers support in finding out information on travel,

sports, news, entertainment, etc.

54) Modasta
Founder: Bikram Barman.

Investors: Undisclosed.

Modasta is a health information providing startup based in Bangalore. They solve

health queries with authentic and accurate information.

55) MyGubbi
Founders: Umesh Sangurmath, Ravi Rao.

Investors: Ananda Kallugadde, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Vipul Parekh.

MyGubbi is an e-commerce startup that provides personalized interior and furnishing

solutions to achieve aesthetically pleasing homes.
56) Mykindofjob
Founder: Ankit Bansal.

Investors: Mayank Shah, Shreyans Shah. is an online job portal meant to help users find their preferred job -
work from home, internship, etc. and engage with employers.

57) Mystifly
Founder: Rajeev Kumar.

Investor: RSI I Fund.

Mystifly is a B2B global marketplace for airfares providing the lowest consolidated
airfares to it’s customers on a single technology platform.

Founders: Gagan Vermani, Divyanshu Sachdev, Gyan Prakash Tiwari.
Investor: General Catalyst Partners.

MYSUN is set to power every home in India and change the way solar energy is
perceived, bought and sold.

59) NeoGrowth Credit

Founders: Dhruv Khaitan, Piyush Khaitan.

Investors: Accion Frontier, IIFL Wealth Management, Khosla Impact, Aspada.

Neogrowth, a NBFC registered with the RBI, provides loans to SMEs based on
Credit/Debit Card Sales or Online Sales.

60) Ninjacart
Founders: Ashutosh Vikram, Kartheeswaran K K, Sharath Loganathan,
Thirukumaran Nagarajan.

Investors: Accel Partners, M&S Partners, Qualcomm Ventures.

Ninjacart is a B2B marketplace connecting fruit and vegetable brands directly with
retailers and restaurants in Bangalore.
61) OfBusiness
Founders: Asish Mohapatra, Bhuvan Gupta, Ruchi Kalra, Chandranshu Sinha,
Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Nitin Jain,.Vasant Sridhar.

Investors: Matrix Partners India, Zodius Capital.

OfBusiness is a B2B e-commerce solution providing startup. They help eliminate key
issues including logistics and marketing.

62) Petoo
Founders: Kumar Setu, Abhishek Mandal, Ritesh Dwivedy, Ravi Kumar.

Investor: Axilor Ventures.

Petoo, a Bangalore-based food startup, delivers authentic Indian cuisine that’s easy to
eat without any hassle or mess.

63) PlaySimple Games

Founders: Siddharth Jain, Siddhanth Jain, Preeti Reddy, Suraj Nalin.
Investors: IDG Ventures India, SAIF Partners.

PlaySimple Games, a Bangalore-based technology startup, develops interactive

mobile game apps.

64) Postman
Founders: Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti, Abhijit Kane.

Investors: Nexus Venture Partners.

Postman is the most powerful API testing suite for developers to test, develop, and
document APIs used by more than 3 million developers and 30000 companies

65) RAW Pressery

Founder: Anuj Rakyan.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capital.

RAW Pressery, a Mumbai-based startup, is the country’s first healthy cold-pressed

juice cleanse manufacturer.
66) Runnr
Founders: Arpit Dave, Mohit Kumar.

Investors: Blume Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital.

Runnr is a food delivery technology startup that provides on-demand food from
nearby restaurants with location-based services.

67) Sagacito Technologies

Founders: Ravi Dhariwal, Arunabh Das Sharma, Yogesh Sharma, Ankit Garg, Meeta

Investor: Star India Pvt Ltd.

Sagatico, a recently launched SaaS startup, helps businesses maximize profits and
market share by using data science and machine learning.
68) SaleBhai
Founders: Vishwavijay Singh, Purba Kalita.

Investor: Brand Capital.

SaleBhai, an e-commerce startup based in Gujarat, supplies customers with

consumables and other items from specific regions.

Founders: Ketan Zaveri, Amit Zaveri.

Investor: Navneet Education Ltd., a Mumbai-based startup, is an online portal for purchasing school

supplies and uniforms.

70) Seclore
Founders: Vishal Gupta, Abhijit Tannu.

Investors: Helion Venture Partners, VenturEast.

Seclore is helping organizations achieve their data security & compliance objectives
by controlling who, when, and where someone can access information.
71) ShareChat
Founders: Bhanu Singh, Farid Ahsan, Ankush Sachdeva.

Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners India, SAIF Partners.

ShareChat is a rising content platform available in four Indian languages for Indians to
share and discover content in their vernacular language.

72) Sheroes
Founder: Sairee Chahal.

Investor: Lumis Partners.

Sheroes is a member only career network and online job portal, designed specifically
to find the best jobs for women in India that match their qualifications.
73) ShoppinPal
Founders: Sriram Subramanian, Pulkit Singhal.

Investors: Plug and Play, Steelhead Ventures, LLC

ShoppinPal integrates with the industry's leading point-of-sale systems and turns
social media and location-based app users into customers.

74) ShopsUp
Founders: Suhas Gopinath, Anmol Vij.

Investors: Anand Sankeshwar, Yang Shu.

ShopsUp app is a virtual marketplace to help consumers find local fashion products
from nearby retail stores and incentivises users on walk-in and on purchases.
75) SirionLabs
Founder: Ajay Agrawal.

Investor: Sequoia Capital.

SirionLabs is a leading provider of enterprise SaaS products and is creating the next
generation of supplier management technology

76) Smartivity
Founders: Tushar Amin, Ashwini Kumar, Apoorv Gupta, Rajat Jain.

Investor: S.Chand & Company.

Smartivity Labs designs and develops physical toys for kids aged 3-12 that are
Augmented Reality enabled with internet connected activities.
77) Sminq
Founders: Shachin Bharadwaj, Sheldon Dsouza, Santhosh Nagarajan.

Investors: Blume Ventures, Saama Capital, Vaibhav Domkundwar.

Sminq, founded in 2015, aims to eliminate long physical queues by taking them

78) Stalk Buy Love

Founder: Tushar Ahluwalia.

Investors: Kalaari Capital, 500 Startups.

StalkBuyLove is a Delhi-based online fashion portal for women's fashion clothing and
accessories that provides access to the hottest, hand picked looks of the current
79) Stasis Labs
Founders: Dinesh Seemakurty, Michael Maylahn.

Investor: RTP-HC.

Stasis has built a cloud-connected vital signs monitoring system that rescues the 11
million under-monitored beds around the world.

80) TableHero
Founders: Deap Ubhi, Aman Mohla.

Investor: GrowX Venture Management.

TableHero is a Bangalore-based technology startup founded by talented engineering

and product design folks that helps restaurants build their websites and manage their
digital presence.
81) Tinystep
Founder: Suhail Abidi.

Investors: Flipkart Logistics, Matt Glickman.

Tinystep is a vertical social network and India’s largest parenting network connecting
parents to help each other in their everyday parenting journey.

82) Truebil
Founders: Suraj Kalwani, Ravi Chirania, Shubh Bansal, Ritesh Pandey, Rakesh

Investor: Kalaari Capital.

Truebil uses authentic and curated information to help customers buy and sell used
cars in the simplest way possible.
83) Uniphore
Founders: Umesh Sachdev, Ravi Saraogi.

Investors: IDG Ventures, Indian Angel Network.

Uniphore, a Chennai-based technology startup, allows any software application to

understand and respond to natural human speech.

84) VelvetCase
Founders: Kapil Hetamsaria, Runit Shah.

Investor: Unicorn India Ventures.

VelvetCase aims to create a luxury shopping experience and to be the cultural

destination for fine jewelry lovers.

85) Veritas Finance Private

Founder: Arulmany Duraisamy.

Investor: Sarva Capital.

Veritas Finance, a mortgage broking firm based in Tamil Nadu, provides financial
services to the customers like developers engaged in the informal sector.

86) Vista Rooms

Founders: Pranav Maheshwari, Amit Damani, Ankita Sheth.

Investors: Self-funded.

Vista Rooms helps people take budget trips without hurting their pockets by providing
great service at trusted accommodation providers.

87) Voonik
Founders: Sujayath Ali, Navaneetha Krishnan.

Investors: InnoVen Capital, Sequoia Capital.

Voonik, a Bengaluru-based startup, serves as a personal shopping platform and offers

customized style advice and hand-selected recommendations.
88) Wadi
Founders: Pratik Gupta, Ankit Wadhwa.

Investor: Al Tayyar. is an online marketplace for customers in Saudi Arabia. They aim to be

Middle East’s biggest e-commerce company.

Founders: Madhur Bhaiya, Chandan Agarwal, Rohit Dangayach, Rakesh Shekhawat.

Investor: Manish Maheshwari., founded in 2015, is an e-commerce portal for wholesale buying and

selling across India.
90) Wittyfeed
Founders: Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav, Parveen Singhal.

Investor: Self-funded.

Wittyfeed is a modern day blogging platform for content creators to write and
discover interesting stories and news as listicles or photo stories.

91) WOW Express

Founders: Jayesh Kamat, Sandeep Padoshi, Mazhar Faruqi.

Investor: Tamarind Family Private Trust.

WOW Express is a B2B logistics solution provider. This Mumbai-based startup offers
a full range of integrated solutions for e-commerce customers.
92) XpressBees
Founder: Amitava Saha.

Investor: Vertex Ventures.

A Pune-based startup, XpressBees is a customer centric last mile delivery

management company and one of the most trusted e-commerce supply chain and
logistics specialists in India.

93) Yepme
Founders: Vivek Gaur, Anand Jadhav, Sandeep Sharma.

Investors: Khazanah Nasional, Helion Venture Partners.

Yepme, a Gurgaon-based startups, is an Indian online shopping website for clothing,

shoes, and accessories.
94) YourDOST
Founders: Richa Singh, Satyajeet Nandekar, Puneet Manuja, Prakhar Verma.

Investor: SAIF Partners.

YourDOST is an online platform to help users anonymously seek help from

counsellors regarding their personal, professional, and academic life.

95) Yumlane

Founder: Hitesh Ahuja.

Investor: Binny Bansal.

Yumlane, a food startup launched in March 2016, offers affordable on-the-go hot
snacks and meals for the modern day busy Indians with express delivery to make their
lives easier.
96) YuppTV
Founder: Uday Reddy.

Investor: Emerald Media.

YuppTV, one of the world’s leading over-the-top content provider for South Asian
Content, offers 180+ Indian TV Channels in 10 languages.

97) Zarget
Founders: Arvind Parthiban, Santhosh Kumar, Naveen Venkat.

Investor: Sequoia Capital.

A SaaS company, Zarget provides heat maps, funnel analysis, A/B testing, & split
URL testing based conversion rate optimization software.
98) Zendrive
Founders: Pankaj Risbood, Jonathan Matus.

Investors: Sherpa Capital, BMW i Ventures.

Zendrive is dedicated to improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide using
hardware-free data and analytics to optimize your driving in under 30 minutes.

99) Zilingo
Founders: Ankiti Bose, Dhruv Kapoor.

Investors: Sequoia Capital, Susquehanna International Group, Venturra Capital.

Zilingo is an online marketplace for businesses and sellers (small sellers included) to
have unprecedented access to buyers.

100) Moglix
Founders: Rahul Garg.

Investors: Ratan Tata, Jungle Ventures, Accel Partners.

Moglix is a B2B e-commerce business for industrial equipment like electrical,
hardware, pneumatics, and safety items etc.