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Prepared by Nextone ICT Nigeria Ltd
Prepared by Nextone ICT Nigeria Ltd





Communication Technology



incorporated as a limited liability company in Nigeria by the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Company and Allied Matters Act of 1990. It started operations in 2006 and has a headquarters in Bauchi, Nigeria

As partners in Technology solutions we are the home of creative and strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges for business. today's business environment rely in ICT to build a solid foundation for service delivery, we have supported institutions, organizations and businesses with IT staffing and Outsourcing, IT consulting and IT Project Management.










application and Web Development, Network Services, Information Security Services, Help Desk and Support Services, Internet and Intranet Services. NextOne is also an authorized and licensed reseller of Mikrotik, Meraki, SkyDirect VSAT service. Other computer hardware and software retail are also provided to fill the market need for personal computers. NextOne delivers unequaled quality service and support to differentiate itself from more price oriented vendors and resellers. email Tel +2348035928278

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NextOOOOne Provides professional Information & Communication Technology

services and superior products, pursues vigorously, all aspects of professionalism in fostering skill development. NextOne is committed to excellence and is approachable, dependable and responsive to its customers at all time, our esteem to our clients is established on a culture of excellence that encourages conception, nurture collaboration and yields results.

Our aspiration is to provide IT solutions to make it easier for you to do business. Organizations differ, thus NextOne analyze your business for you towards profitability and efficiency added with the advantage of proffering suitable technologies tailored to your needs.

We can offer valuable expertise in a broad range of IT systems to deal with your support needs. NextOne ICT Ltd can also fulfill your hardware and

















At NextOne ICT Ltd we understand the importance of your IT systems in


helping your




As your IT partner we will:

Tailor IT solutions to your specific needs.

Make your business more productive by allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Ensure you have secure & resilient professional IT systems.

Provide fast, dependable support when you need it.

Supply excellent value-for-money hardware, software & services.

Be honest, reliable, practical & jargon free - we talk your language.

Maximize the return on your IT investment. email Tel +2348035928278

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Our Philosophy & Approach NextOne ICT engages in evaluation-based, market-driven approach to serving

clients. We believe in continuous improvement and providing more than quality to our clients. We invest significant effort in the early stages of our work to thoroughly understand the culture, background and needs of our clients. Our company is a one-stop shop for all components of ICT solutions.

Our Vision

We are a business with a very professional team capable of conducting great

ICT projects. We are also a learning organization, continuing working for

improvement in our processes. Our directors, consultants and staff are

recognized as being at the top of the field. We are a growing business doing

important National and International projects, and gaining National and

International recognition for our work.

Our Values


We believe our first responsibility is to our clients both private and public

who use our products and services in meeting their ICT needs. Everything we

do must be of high quality. Clients' orders must be always serviced promptly

and accurately.


We are responsible for the women and men who work with us throughout the

world. Everyone must be considered as a human being. We must respect and

recognize their merit and Compensation must be fair and adequate.

Community and Environment Responsibility: email Tel +2348035928278

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We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We must

support ICT sensitization and awareness, support charities and bear our fair

share of the taxes. We must also maintain and protect the environment and

natural resources surrounding our working parameters.


Our final responsibility is to the shareholders. Business must make good


Our core principles:


NEXTONE ICT Ltd has a commitment to meet its clients' needs in a customized and timely way - and to anticipate their needs for the future.


NEXTONE ICT Ltd seeks to meet its clients’ needs on an integrated basis, bringing to bear the strongest offerings in every area of need, recognizing that businesses today are beyond over-specialized technology solution providers.


NEXTONE ICT Ltd aims to be ahead of its competitors in providing tomorrow's solutions today.

Commitment to clients and market.

NEXTONE ICT Ltd is an African-focused and -based company, which nurtures client relationships for the long-term. email Tel +2348035928278

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Software Development

NEXTONE ICT Ltd offers a range of software development services to meet the needs of its clients, including:

Applications Development

Data Analysis

Systems Analysis and Design

Systems Programming

Systems Testing

Web Development

We employ multi-disciplined IT professionals, highly experienced in software development on multiple platforms, and skilled in numerous programming languages, enabling technologies and tools, including:

Databases (Access, dBase, MySQL,)

Languages (Java, PHP , SQL, Visual BASIC)

Web Technologies (ASP, VBscript, dthtml/DHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript)

Website Design And Development Web solutions can encompass a wide range of business activities including:

Internet solutions to communicate information to your prospects, interact with your clients or sell merchandise to your consumers

Intranet solutions to enhance your internal corporate communications, streamline group activities and help simplify workflow

Extranet solutions to assist your organization's affiliates, transact business with your trading partners, and keep your valued customers informed email Tel +2348035928278

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Our entire websites feature:

Professionally designed pages to attract your customers

Optimized images for quick loading

Professionally prepared content

Online forms

Search engine optimization

We carefully design marketing and sales oriented sites to communicate your message, converting prospects into customers while retaining your loyal customer base.

E-Commerce Today, your customers expect to purchase goods and services online. Selling online is simple. Our e-commerce solutions are designed to provide outstanding value and exposure for your company. Our e-commerce solutions features include:

Quick loading professionally designed pages

Customers can browse categories or search for specific products

Quick search available from every page

Advanced search capability

Detailed product images

Prices in multiple currencies

Multi-lingual support

Express checkout capability

Cross sell features

Opt in/out e-mail marketing

Automatic product notifications

Product reviews and ratings

Accept Visa, MC, Amex

All personal information is kept secure

Easy to use features for you include: email Tel +2348035928278

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Easy to use secure, online administration through browser interface with 24/7 access

Password protected administration screens for security

Unlimited number of product categories and sub-categories

Unlimited number of products

Easy to maintain product listings

Product descriptions and product attributes

Start/stop date for sales

Discounts can be applied based on login, price or volume purchases

Real-time access to customer, order and transaction information

Product, order, invoice and packing slip reports

Set minimum/maximum quantities for product orders

Inventory management

Extremely flexible shipping and handling rules

Flexible tax rules

Links to leading real-time payment services

Newsletter manager

Maintain subscriber list for bulk e-mailing

Our solutions are custom-tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Online Brand Marketing Make your brand more visible, more memorable and more accessible! We offer innovative solutions for superior online brand performance including:

Logo design



Interactive games

Online contests

Customer relationship building

Co-branding email Tel +2348035928278

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High ranking search engine placement

Our solutions will create a strong awareness of your brand, build online customer relationships and capture market share.

Flash Animation, Audio and Video Bring your website alive with Flash animation, audio and video! Cutting edge web sites today incorporate Macromedia Flash design. Flash web pages are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. Your visitor is given more than just information — they are given an experience. Our flash designers can integrate html, graphics, audio and video into our designs providing a rich multimedia experience for your visitor. Our multimedia solutions include:

Flash enabled web sites

Flash-based CD-ROMs

Computer based learning

Interactive games

Online contests

Embedded audio in your website

Mini infomercials

Online web shows

Deliverable The deliverable from each report is a comprehensive list of action points that need to be undertaken. Actions are identified between those that should be undertaken immediately and those that can be considered for the next stage of site development.

Website Enhancements

Clients can request their existing web development company to undertake some or all of the suggested enhancements. We can also offer web email Tel +2348035928278

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development services to undertake any suggested site repair or improvement.

Preventative Care Plan Through proper maintenance, updates and administration of your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems, Preventative Care Plans anticipate and resolve problems before they have a chance to happen. These plans cover routine servicing and updates of all hardware & software to ensure your system operates at peak performance, minimal downtime and keeps you fully prepared in the event of a system failure. All our agreements include the following and are tailored for your particular requirements:

Network engineer dispatched to your facility at specified intervals.

Server and workstation patches and fixes, operating system updates, virus updates, backup maintenance, efficiency tuning.

Perform application maintenance, installation, training, & troubleshooting.

Provide highest system performance & reliability for the entire network.

Perform duties related to network administration, security, maintenance, & day-to-day operations.

Free travel for all preventative care scheduled visits.

We negotiate and tailor the preventative care plan to meet your specific needs. The cost of the agreement is based on our normal charge out rate – with a range of benefits to you at no additional cost.

Consulting In offering an extensive range of consulting services to our customers, NextOne ICT Ltd achieves a number of mutually beneficial objectives,


The ability to comprehensively cater to the total information technology support requirements of clients, in the manner of a one-stop services provider

The ability to address the diverse needs of our unique client base email Tel +2348035928278

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The ability to attract, challenge and retain employees with multi- disciplinary skills

Our approach ensures the consistent provision of quality services, including the following:

Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

Business Impact Analysis

Business Process Reengineering

Capacity Planning

Change Management

Data Management

Disaster Recovery Planning

Hardware/Software Evaluation

High Availability

Independent Verification and Validation


Network Analysis and Design

Risk Management

Security Management

Strategic Planning

Storage Solutions

Systems Integration

Technical Writing


Voice Integration

Support Services In addition to high-level ICT advice, ICT Consults offer a range on 'hands-on' ICT related services. These include:

ICT Human Resource Recruitment and development.

Provision of Preventative Maintenance / Care Plan services.

Configuration, installation, and maintenance support for Network email Tel +2348035928278

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Operating Systems.

Configuration, installation, and maintenance on network hardware and software.

Configuration, installation, and maintenance of Windows Terminal Services.

Provide integration of new systems and technologies into the existing network environment.

Establish protocols and procedures to perform server, system, and data backup and recovery.

Support standard software applications.

Inventory assessment and asset tracking.

Provide directory service solutions

Implementation and support of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies to Support and Help Desk staffing.

Develop and document system and data backup procedures.

Provide training to support system administrators for optimal use of hardware and software.

End-user training on a range of desktop applications.

Supply and maintenance of cost effective Internet firewall solutions.

Supply and maintenance of cost effective Internet mail an

Project management

As Project Management specialists, NEXTONE ICT Ltd has significant experience in the management of all aspects of IT-related projects, including:

Project Initiation

Project Planning and Organization

Project Execution

Project Monitoring and Control

Project Close Out

Additionally, NextOne E ICT Ltd can provide:

Independent Verification and Validation of Existing Customer Projects email Tel +2348035928278

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NextOne ICT Ltd project management professionals are employed for the

following skills and experience:

Project Planning

Scope Management

Time, Cost, and Resource Management

Quality Management

Risk Management

Human Resource Management

Communications Management

Contract Management

Project Coordination and Control

Project Finalization

Business Acumen

Industry Experience


Management Reporting

Customer Relationship Management


Technical Knowledge

Problem Management

Flexibility to Accommodate Environments of Constant Change email Tel +2348035928278

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1. Professor. S. I. Abdulrahman


2. Umar Saleh Gwani (B. Tech, CCNA, CCAI)


3. Mustapha Jawad

4. Yakubu B. Toro (ND, CCNA,)

5. Alhassan S. G (CCNA)

6. Abdulkareem Abubakar

7. Ahmad Tijjani (OCP, OCDA)

Director Business Development

Support Manager

Network Manager

Engineering/Field Support Service Manager

Database/Oracle Training Manager

8. Kabiru Ibrahim Musa (B.Tech, CCNA) Application & Software Development Manager

9. Danlami M. Abdulkadir (, CCNA) Systems Integration and Web development Manager

10.Muhammad Kabir Salihu (B. Tech Eng, CCNA, CCAI)

Training Manager email Tel +2348035928278

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1. Design, development and Deployment of City Wide Bauchi Wireless Internet Service Provision (Bauchi WIFI) for UNDP AND Bauchi State Government (e-Governance fund project), 2007 Status: Completed

2. Design and Deployment of Wireless Distribution System with Cisco Aironet Wireless technology at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi (2007) Status: Completed

3. Design, development and hosting of Student Web Portal for Abubakar

Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi (2007)

Status: Completed

4. VSAT Installation and Internet Services Clients:-

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi (1mbps)

Prescot Integrated Concepts Limited Jalingo Taraba


Prescot DotCom Cyber Café, Jos (128/256kbps)

UNDP Bauchi State Desk Office (512/256kbps)

LinkNet Cyber café Kaduna (128/64kbps)

Supply and Installation of 100 thin clients computers, Printers, Scanners for the Isa Yuguda Digital Centre, ATBU 2007

Consultants UNDP/RENECON Energy Biodigester and iogas Development training held in Bauchi (Ogbunna Royal Hotel) Bauchi 16 th – 18 th July 2008

Consultants NUJ workshop on IT for Local Government Information Officers, State Hotel Bauchi (29 th August 2008)

Design, Construction & Deployment of Cisco Unified Network for CBN Currency Centre Lafia, Nassarawa State, Completed 2010

Installation of VSATs and LAN/WAN links with VPN via Satellite email Tel +2348035928278

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for Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria in 30 State Office Sub- Contract for Nu~Firma Nigeria Ltd 2009-2010 Completed Successfully

Design & Installation of 110 Unit Computer Network with VSAT PTDF project for Sokoto State Polytechnic 2010 on-going.

Installation of VSAT and the provision of Internet Service for Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Socketworks Digital Centre 2010 Completed successfully.

Design and Testing of Debt Profiling Software for Debt Management Agency Bauchi, 2010. Completed

Design, Construction and Configuration of Local Area Network for DSU Stock Brokers, BIC Plaza, Murtala Mohammed way Bauchi. 2010. Completed email Tel +2348035928278

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Some Samples of Screenshots of Website developed and hosted by NEXTONE

of Screenshots of Website developed and hosted by NEXTONE email Tel email Tel +2348035928278

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BRC Bauchi


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NEXT OOOO NE email Tel +2348035928278 Page 19 email Tel +2348035928278

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