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Samsung Unites Malaysians in Support of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei

A sea of blue cheering national hero on, chanting “Lee Chong Wei! Lee Chong Wei”, during the explosive
Olympic final with Lin Dan.

Kuala Lumpur, August 6, 2012 – Malaysians united as one at Samsung’s viewing party for Dato’ Lee
Chong Wei’s final showdown against Lin Dan at Laundry Bar, The Curve. Loud cheers resounded
throughout, pervading through to bystanders crowding the perimeters as the country connected in a common
hope for the nation. Supporters of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei were proud to have witnessed a fierce effort in a bid
for the gold medal for the 2012 Olympics.

“Bringing home the first medal for Malaysia, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s resilient determination throughout the
match was inspirational. He exhibited excellent sportsmanship throughout the intense yet close game, and
such display of determination is rare. We’re truly proud to have him as our brand ambassador,” said Vincent
Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

In celebration of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s inspiring sportsmanship, Samsung announced that it will be offering
a 10% discount for the Samsung GALAXY S III on Wednesday, August 8. The one-day promotion is limited
to one unit purchase of Samsung GALAXY S III per customer and is only available at 35 Samsung Elite
Partner (SEP) brand shops nationwide. For location details of Samsung Elite Partner (SEP) brand shops,
please visit

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Note to Editor:

Picture 2: Samsung eyes in support of brand ambassador Dato’ Lee Chong Wei!
Samsung executives cheer on Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s during the final showdown against Lin Dan at 2012
(1st from left – Elaine Soh, Head of Corporate Communications & Brand, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; 2 nd
from left –Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; 1 st from right,
Wong Fatt Weng, Marketing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics; 2 nd from right – Charles Kim, Mobile
Phone Division Business Advisor, Samsung Malaysia Electronics)

Picture 3: ‘One in the bag’ – Samsung and Dato’ Lee Chong Wei supporters roar in delight as he wins the
first set of his Olympic final showdown against rival Lin Dan.

Picture 4: Charles Kim, Advisor, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, congratulating lucky draw winner, Lionel
Goh, who won a Samsung GALAXY S III.

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