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<div class="date">Wednesday, December 10, 2008 <
/div><h2><a href="
d-salad/" rel="bookmark" title="permanent link to zuni cafe&#8217;s roasted chic
ken + bread salad">zuni cafe&#8217;s roasted chicken + bread salad</a></h2>
<div class="entry">
<p><a href="
d/" title="zuni cafe roasted chicken and bread salad"><img src="http://farm4.sta" width="500" height="332" alt="zun
i cafe roasted chicken" /></a></p>
I recently realized that I didn&#8217;t have a single recipe for a whole roasted
chicken on this site which seemed wrong somehow, coming from a nice Jewish girl
such as myself. I know the real reason I don&#8217;t &#8212; which is that I do
n&#8217;t like 75 percent of the roasted chicken I eat (not yours, of course; pr
omise!). Mostly, I find the pieces too big, the meat overcooked and the entire t
hing kind of like pressed sawdust&#8230; um, not that I need to learn to form an
opinion or something. Sticking to dark meat helps a bit, but not as much as jus
t bypassing the roasted chicken altogether.</p>
<p><a href="" title="bread salad
mise"><img src=""
width="500" height="332" alt="bread salad mise" /></a></p>
<p>There is only one home recipe for roasted chicken I have ever wanted to try a
nd it is from the <a href="">Zuni Cafe</a> in San Franci
sco. Google &#8220;zuni cafe roasted chicken&#8221; and you&#8217;ll see &#8212;
quickly &#8212; that this is something of a religion for people; they are mad f
or it. And yet, the technique, which hinges on three things, isn&#8217;t actuall
y that crazed, and can be easily replicated at home. Win-win!</p>
<p><a href="" title="zuni roaste
d chicken"><img src="
pg" width="500" height="332" alt="zuni roasted chicken" /></a></p>
<p><span id="more-1455"></span></p>
<p>The first is the size of the bird, which should be small.&#8221;Don’t substitut
e a jumbo roaster,&#8221; they warn, &#8220;it will be too lean and won’t tolerate
high heat, which is the second requirement of the method.&#8221; They reason th
at small chickens flourish at high heat, roasting quickly and evenly, and, with
lots of skin per ounce of meat, are virtually engineered for succulence. This is
like music to my ears, people.</p>
<p>The last requirement is salting the bird at least one day in advance. They in
sist that it improves flavor, keeps it moist, and makes it tender, and I am not
one to argue with people who value this as I do. They don’t bother trussing the ch
icken — the idea is to get as much skin as possible to blister and color. And they
don’t add any extra fat to it, trusting the skin to provide enough. Which it does
, mmm&#8230;.</p>
<p><a href="" title="mmm, fond">
<img src="" width="
500" height="332" alt="mmm, fond" /></a></p>
<p>Nevertheless, it might sound a little fussier than your usual roasted chicken
but I can tell you this: It is one-hundred-thousand-percent worth it. I was as
proud as a newlywed presenting her first crown roast to a holiday table pulling
that evenly-bronzed, shiny gorgeous bird out of the oven Friday night. I was wai
ting for the heavens to open up and angels to begin singing hallelujah as never
before has a more beautiful chicken emerged from an enclosed heating compartment
, but then remembered, once again, that I was Jewish and instead happily settled
for this:</p>
<p>&#8220;It&#8217;s like butta, Deb. <a href="
ee_Talk">Like butta.</a>&#8221;</p>
<p><a href="" title="zuni cafe r
oasted chicken"><img src="
1b7.jpg" width="500" height="332" alt="zuni cafe roasted chicken" /></a></p>
<p><b>One year ago:</b> <a href="
umplings/">Chicken and Dumplings</a> (I still tear up a little when I remember h
ow good this was.)<br />
<b>Two years ago:</b> <a href="
001/">Boozy Baked French Toast</a></p>
<p><b>Bon Appetit&#8217;s Blog Envy:</b> has put together a slide
show featuring a holiday-oriented recipe from nearly two dozen food blogs, inclu
ding this here one. <a href="
2008/12/nancy-silverton.html">Everything</a> <a href="
m/archives/ginger-jeweled-salad-recipe.html">looks</a> <a href="http://homesickt">stunning
</a>, <a href="
list-of-food-items-alo.html">and I</a> <a href="http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.c
om/2008/12/sugar-cookies-and-slowing-down.html">love</a> <a href="http://www.eli">seeing</a> <a href="http://pinchmys">all</a> <a
nd-spiced-for-the-holidays.html">of</a> <a href="
th-coconut-mashed-potatoes/">my</a> <a href="
8/12/spicy_sweet_salty_rosemary_nut.php">favorite</a> <a href="">
people</a> <a href="
ml">together</a> <a href="
-recipe.html">in</a> <a href="
or-chilly-winters-semifreddo-of-burnt-almonds/">one</a> <a href="http://chocolat">place</a>. <s
trong><a href="">Check it out!</a><
<p><b>Zuni Cafe&#8217;s Roasted Chicken</b><br />
Adapted from the cookbook from the <a href="
ve=390957&#038;creativeASIN=0393020436">Zuni Cafe, San Francisco</a></p>
<p>The original recipe falls over three-plus pages in a small font and includes
a fantastic amount of detail. It&#8217;s a great read. However, I prefer recipes
that cut to the chase a bit more, so I have edited this down significantly, int
o the hopefully dish- and time-saving way I would approach it next time. It is t
ypically served with the Bread Salad (recipe below) but I see no reason you can&
#8217;t use any of your favorite side dishes instead. To me, the real genius is
getting that bird so perfectly roasted all over with only a modicum of fuss.</p>
<p>Serves 2 to 4</p>
<p>One small chicken, 2 3/4 to 3 1/2-pounds<br />
4 tender sprigs fresh thyme, marjoram, rosemary or sage, about 1/2 inch long<br
3/4 teaspoon salt<br />
3/4 to 1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper<br />
A little water</p>
<p><u>Season the chicken:</u> [1 to 3 days before serving; give a 3 1/4 to 3 1/2
-pound chicken at least 2 days] </p>
<p>Remove and discard the lump of fat inside the chicken. Rinse the chicken and
pat very dry inside and out. Be thorough &#8212; a wet chicken will spend too mu
ch time steaming before it begins to turn golden brown.</p>
<p>Approaching from the edge of the cavity, slide a finger under the skin of eac
h of the breasts, making 2 little pockets. Now use the tip of your finger to gen
tly loosen a pocket of skin on the outside of the thickest section of each thigh
. Using your finger, shove an herb sprig into each of the 4 pockets.</p>
<p>Season the chicken liberally all over with salt and pepper. Season the thick
sections a little more heavily than the skinny ankles and wings. Sprinkle a litt
le of the salt just inside the cavity, on the backbone, but don’t otherwise worry
about seasoning the inside. Twist and tuck the wing tips behind the shoulders. C
over loosely and refrigerate.</p>
<p><u>Prepare your oven and pan:</u> [Day of, total time is 45 minutes to 1 hour
<p>Preheat the oven to 475&#176;F. Choose a shallow flameproof roasting pan or d
ish barely larger than the chicken, or use a 10-inch skillet with an all-metal h
andle (we used a 12-inch cast iron frying pan for a 3 1/2 pound chicken). Prehea
t the pan over medium heat. Wipe the chicken dry and set it breast side up in th
e pan. It should sizzle.</p>
<p><u>Roast the chicken:</u> Place the chicken in the pan in the center of the o
ven and listen and watch for it to start browning within 20 minutes. If it doesn’t
, raise the temperature progressively until it does. The skin should blister, bu
t if the chicken begins to char, or the fat is smoking, reduce temperature by 25
degrees. After about 30 minutes, turn the bird over — drying the bird and preheat
ing the pan should keep the skin from sticking. Roast for another 10 to 20 minut
es, depending on size, then flip back over to recrisp the breast skin, another 5
to 10 minutes. </p>
<p><u>Rest the chicken:</u> Remove the chicken from the oven and turn off the he
at. Lift the chicken from the roasting pan and set on a plate. Carefully pour th
e clear fat from the roasting pan, leaving the lean drippings behind. Add about
a tablespoon of water to the hot pan and swirl it.</p>
<p>Slash the stretched skin between the thighs and breasts of the chicken, then
tilt the bird and plate over the roasting pan to drain the juice into the drippi
ngs. You can let it rest while you finish your side dishes (or Bread Salad, belo
w). The meat will become more tender and uniformly succulent as it cools.</p>
<p><u>Serve the chicken:</u> Set a platter in the oven to warm for a minute or t
<p>Tilt the roasting pan and skim the last of the fat. Place over medium-low hea
t, add any juice that has collected under the chicken, and bring to a simmer. St
ir and scrape to soften any hard golden drippings. Taste &#8212; the juices will
be extremely flavorful.</p>
<p>Cut the chicken into pieces, spread on the warm platter (on top of the Bread
Salad, if using).</p>
<p><u>Capitalize on leftovers:</u> Strain and save the drippings you don’t use, th
ey are delicious tossed with sp&#228;tzle or egg noodles, or stirred into beans
or risotto. You can also use them, plus leftover scraps of roast chicken, for a
chicken salad.</p>
<p><b>Zuni Cafe Bread Salad</b><br />
Adapted from the <a href="
anciscos/dp/0393020436/ref=smitten-20">Zuni Cafe, San Francisco</a></p>
<p>I can&#8217;t describe it any better than they do: &#8220;Sort of a scrappy e
xtramural stuffing, it is a warm mix of crispy, tender, and chewy chunks of brea
d, a little slivered garlic and scallion, a scatter of currants and pine nuts, a
nd a handful of greens, all moistened with vinaigrette and chicken drippings.&#8
<p>As I noted above, I&#8217;ve trimmed down the steps for this recipe significa
ntly so it doesn&#8217;t resemble the original recipe a whole lot. But it remain
s equally delicious.</p>
<p>Generous 8 ounces slightly stale open-crumbed, chewy, peasant-style bread (no
t sourdough)<br />
6 to 8 tablespoons mild-tasting olive oil<br />
1 1/2 tablespoons Champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar<br />
Salt and freshly cracked black pepper<br />
1 tablespoon dried currants plumped in 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar and 1 table
spoon warm water for ten minutes or so<br />
2 tablespoons pine nuts<br />
2 to 3 garlic cloves, slivered<br />
1/4 cup slivered scallions (about 4 scallions), including a little of the green
part<br />
2 tablespoons lightly salted chicken stock or lightly salted water<br />
A few handfuls of arugula, fris&#233;e, or red mustard greens, carefully washed
and dried</p>
<p>Preheat the broiler. Carve off all of the bottom and most of the top and side
crusts from your bread (you can reserve these to use as croutons for soup or an
other salad). Tear bread into irregular 2- to 3-inch chunks, wads, bite-sized bi
ts and fat crumbs. You should get about 4 cups.</p>
<p>Toss them with just a tablespoon or two of olive oil, lightly coating them, a
nd broil them very briefly, just to lightly color the edges. If you&#8217;d like
to toast the pine nuts (recommended) you can put them on your broiler tray as w
ell, but watch them very carefully &#8212; they cook quickly!</p>
<p>Combine about 1/4 cup of the olive oil with the Champagne or white wine vineg
ar and salt and pepper to taste. Toss about 1/4 cup of this tart vinaigrette wit
h the torn bread in a wide salad bowl; the bread will be unevenly dressed. Taste
one of the more saturated pieces. If it is bland, add a little salt and pepper
and toss again.</p>
<p>Heat a spoonful of the olive oil in a small skillet, add the garlic and scall
ions, and cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until softened. Don’t le
t them color. Scrape into the bread and fold to combine. Drain the plumped curra
nts and fold them in, along with the pine nuts, if they were not already mixed w
ith the bread scraps from the broiling step. Dribble the chicken stock or lightl
y salted water over the salad and fold again.</p>
<p>Taste a few pieces of bread &#8212; a fairly saturated one and a dryish one.
If it is bland, add salt, pepper, and/or a few drops of vinegar, then toss well.
<p>If you&#8217;re going to serve the salad under the roast chicken (recipe abov
e), you can pile the bread salad on the serving dish you want to use and tent it
with foil. If you want to serve it separately, do the same, but in a 1-quart sh
allow baking dish. Hang onto the bowl you mixed it in &#8212; you&#8217;ll use i
t again.</p>
<p>Place the salad in the oven after you flip the chicken the final time, for ab
out 5 to 10 minutes.</p>
<p>Tip the bread salad back into the salad bowl. It will be steamy-hot, a mixtur
e of soft, moist wads, crispy-on-the-outside-but-moist-in-the-middle-wads, and a
few downright crispy ones. Drizzle and toss with a spoonful of the pan juices.
Add the greens, a drizzle of vinaigrette, and fold well. Taste again.</p>
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160 Comments</a>

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<ul class="commentlist">

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209970">

<cite>Mongoose in the Kitchen</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209970" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">1</div>
<p>I hope the oven is preheated a little more th
an 47 degrees! ;) Sounds amazing &#8211; I have a chicken in the freezer that i
s looking good for this. Is one day enough to thaw a 3 pound bird? The second da
y could be the prep day, if there is any more thawing to do.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209971">

<cite><a href='' rel='external
nofollow' class='url'>Melanie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209971" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">2</div>
<p>This is my husband&#8217;s go-to roast chicke
n recipe, and my favorite roast chicken to eat. It works out well that way :) Gr
eat to see someone else appreciating Judy Rogers&#8217; recipe!!</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-209972">

<cite><a href='' rel='external
nofollow' class='url'>deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209972" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">3</div>
<p>Temperature is fixed now.</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209973">
<cite><a href='' rel='ext
ernal nofollow' class='url'>Adrienne</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209973" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">4</div>
<p>Best roast chicken ever &#8211; my roommate w
ho was in the &#8216;ew it&#8217;s dry&#8217; camp along with you ate almost an
entire chicken after I told her she should just tryyyy it. I haven&#8217;t tried
the bread salad yet, but it&#8217;s on my list :)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209974">

<cite><a href='' rel='externa
l nofollow' class='url'>Hayley</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209974" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">5</div>
<p>I was just planning on making a panzanella sa
lad, and I think yours would be great with some of the brussels sprouts I just p
icked up!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209975">

<cite><a href='' rel=
'external nofollow' class='url'>Kristin at The Kitchen Sink</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209975" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">6</div>
<p>I can confirm the one-hundred-thousand percen
t worth it part. Hands down, best roast chicken ever. I haven&#8217;t tried th
e bread salad yet, and your photos have convinced me to do it.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209976">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209976" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">7</div>
<p>OMG &#8211; I&#8217;ve wanted to make this so
often, but the 3 pages of dense instructions has always sacred me &#8211; now I
think I&#8217;ll finally get to it!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209977">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209977" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">8</div>
<p>This is definitely the way to do chicken &#82
11; and even Turkey! We cooked our Thanksgiving turkey using the Zuni method (mi
nus flipping the bird in the pan, I left the breast side up) and it was one of t
he best birds we&#8217;ve made. I like to also shove pats of butter, lemon slice
s, and sage leaves underneath the skin (Julia Child&#8217;s method). The results
are always fantastic.<br />

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209978">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209978" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">9</div>
<p>Any thoughts on whether this would work with
a kosher chicken &#8211; kosher chickens are already salted, so I am always nerv
ous to salt more&#8230; that said, can&#8217;t hurt to try</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209979">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209979" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>
<div class="commentcount">10</div>
<p>Deb, your post made me laugh out loud! I have
always been a little afraid to roast a chicken, but being a good Jewish girl I
knew I would eventually have to face my fate&#8230;with this recipe as my guide,
I&#8217;m going to try it out for my next Shabbat dinner with the fam :) Thanks
so much! PS. I adore your site.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209985">

<cite><a href='' rel='
external nofollow' class='url'>Nurit from 1 Family. Friendly. Food.</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209985" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">11</div>
<p>This looks gorgeous.<br />
I read that recipe from Café Zuni cookbook a few years ago. Yeah, it was long, so
I didn’t make it. I admire you for doing all this process!<br />
There’s a terrific recipe for whole chicken with tarragon and chardonnay by Wolfga
ng Puck, my favorite chef, (who used to be married to a nice Jewfish girl for ma
ny years and together they build the WP food empire). I blogged about it, here:
<a href="
ardonnay.html" rel="nofollow">
asted-chicken-with-chardonnay.html</a><br />
The recipe is from his book “Wolfgang Puck makes it easy” which has many great recip
es. I use this cookbook a lot.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209986">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >maggie (p&amp;c)</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209986" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">12</div>
<p>A classic. I&#8217;ve always been intimidated
but if it really is all that&#8230;</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209990">

<cite><a href= rel= externa
l nofollow class= url >Mimi Pond</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209990" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">13</div>
<p>I like your streamlining of the recipe, which
I made once in all its exhaustive glory, and then settled myself for just the c
hicken. But I will try your compressed version! By the way, the LA Times turkey
translation of this recipe:<br />
<a href=",0,4842837
.story" rel="nofollow">
ov19,0,4842837.story</a><br />
is, hands-down, the best turkey I&#8217;ve ever made.<br />

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209991">

<cite>Nicole M</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209991" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">14</div>
<p>I knew you didn&#8217;t have a whole roast bi
rd recipe on here after searching for one before Thanksgiving! It&#8217;s ok I
still found some good sides and dessert. Thanks for the Bon Appetit link, lots
of good looking dishes on there.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209992">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >Tabitha (From Single to Married)</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209992" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">15</div>
<p>I am seriously going to try this &#8211; I re
cently had some that was store-bought and it was awful! I guess I&#8217;m just
going to have have to make it myself, using your recipe of course!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209994">

<cite><a href= rel= ex
ternal nofollow class= url >Lee</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209994" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">16</div>
<p>We have fed this to everyone we know. It is

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209995">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209995" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">17</div>
<p>Don&#8217;t you just love yourself when the r
oasted chicken comes out wonderful!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209996">

<cite><a href= rel= ext
ernal nofollow class= url >Joy the Baker</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209996" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">18</div>
<p>ooh deb! until now, i just thought my oven w
as the box that i pulled cakes and cupcakes out of! do you mean to tell me, tha
t if i put a whole, raw chicken in my oven that it&#8217;ll come out looking lik
e this?! amazing! </p>
<p>and bread salad? um&#8230; YES!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209997">

<cite><a href= r
el= external nofollow class= url >Evie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209997" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">19</div>
<p>I am one of the crazy people is who obsessed
with the chicken for two at Zuni! I get it almost every time I go there and I c
annot get enough of it. My old roommate, who made recipes from the cookbook at
least twice a week, used to make the chicken but i could never bring myself to g
o through the trouble, especially since Zuni is within walking distance from my
house! But this chicken is really worth the effort. And the bread salad is to
die for. I am not religious but i think that I may start bowing down at the alt
ar of Chicken for Two. Probably in my top five meals/dishes of all time. And i
f anyone can get to San Francisco it is worth going to Zuni and ordering it. Th
e menu says it takes 50 minutes but it rarely takes that long.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-209999">

<cite><a href= rel= ext
ernal nofollow class= url >Half Assed Kitchen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-209999" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">20</div>
<p>Yum. Nigella has a good Brandied chicken too.

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210000">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210000" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">21</div>
<p>I have cooked a number of birds sort of like
this: simple, with high heat a la Thomas Keller, and I&#8217;m completely sold.
I even emailed a bunch of people after I did it the first time to tell them thi
s method would change their lives! Now I&#8217;ll try the salting and waiting,
I&#8217;m sure with even better effects, although I never thought Keller&#8217;s
method could be topped. Glad I have a counterpart in NYC who will likely turn
into the gal digging in the case for the wee chicken at the bottom no one else w

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210002">

<cite><a href= r
el= external nofollow class= url >Culinarywannabe</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210002" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>
<div class="commentcount">22</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve been toying with the idea of makin
g a whole roast chicken for a while now, but always feel that it&#8217;s going t
o be too much food for 2 people. The idea of using a smaller bird is very appeal

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210003">

<cite><a href= rel
= external nofollow class= url >beyond</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210003" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">23</div>
<p>like buttah. you make me laugh. and now my st
omach is roaring, too.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210009">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210009" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">24</div>
<p>Ooh, I&#8217;ll have to try this one. Until t
hen, I swear by Thomas Bouchon&#8217;s My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken recipe I
found on Perfect almost every time &amp; with little effort.</p

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210010">

<cite><a href=
assions-to-pastry.html rel= external nofollow class= url >Eileen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210010" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">25</div>
<p>Wow, I&#8217;ll have to try this chicken. Se
ems like everyone that commented thinks it&#8217;s the best. I&#8217;ve seen th
is cookbook and everything in it looks fabulous.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210012">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >Nurit from 1 Family. Friendly. Food.</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210012" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">26</div>
<p>I made Cornish hens (for Thanksgiving! Yes, i
did!) &#8211; it was the most perfect raosted bird I ever had! It takes only 1
hour to cook. Perfection! And so easy to make. Yum yum yum.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210013">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210013" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">27</div>
<p>This recipe is a regular in our rotating list
of most favorite things to make. Ever. Period. You are doing yourself a disser
vice if you don&#8217;t try this recipe. You won&#8217;t be disappointed!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210015">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >tracy</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210015" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">28</div>
<p>it&#8217;s a good thing I&#8217;ll be going t
here this weekend! ;)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210017">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210017" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">29</div>
<p>I&#8217;m a little skeptical. A few years ag
o I followed the turkey recipe in Gourmet magazine calling for fast cooking usin
g high heat, around 450-500. The recipe testers raved about how evenly cooked a
nd juicy it was, so I risked it for Thanksgiving. How the bird is supposed to g
et evenly cooked under high heat is still a mystery to me. The laws of thermody
namics still apply in the kitchen. Anyway, I ended up with dry overcooked turke
y on the outside and raw turkey on the inside. (Yes, I made sure the turkey was
completely thawed.) Maybe the Zuni recipe works because it&#8217;s a smaller b
ird? After some major damage control we had food to eat but I&#8217;ll never tr
y that method again.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210020">

<cite><a href= re
l= external nofollow class= url >Shelly</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210020" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">30</div>
<p>I love roast chicken and can get the best one
s from our grocery stores here (in Australia). They also have whats called &#82
20;chicken shops&#8221;, kinda like a fast food outlet for roasted chicken and f
rench fries (called &#8220;chips&#8221;) mmmm, getting hungry now!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210023">

<cite><a href= http://www.fromapplestooranges.wordpress.
com rel= external nofollow class= url >Larisa</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210023" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">31</div>
<p>The magical roast chicken! I have much love f
or it. I really like your spice combination in your recipe. I am anxious to try

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210025">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210025" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">32</div>
<p>My favorite roast chicken in New York is Pio
Pio, generally the one closest to home but they&#8217;re all excellent and reaso
nably priced. I think I would be a lot more motivated to roast chicken if they w
eren&#8217;t so deliciously close by.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210027">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210027" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">33</div>
<p>Looks great! I like to butterfly my chicken
before roasting it; it&#8217;s faster and the white and dark meat are done at th
e same time. I wonder how it would work following this cooking procedure?</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210032">

<cite><a href= rel
= external nofollow class= url >Stacy</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210032" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">34</div>
<p>Do you have a suggestion for flipping the bir
d (hahaha) without burning yourself? I am a total klutz and that part of the re
cipe kind of freaks me out.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210033">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210033" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">35</div>
<p>We make this Zuni chicken all the time. Usual
ly without the bread salad, though, which is delicious but very rich. Yum. Every
one should make this recipe.<br />
Probably your previous chicken tasted like sawdust because it was not very organ
ic? I think the quality of the chicken is essential to its texture &#8211; I hav
e bought roasted chicken from shops before and even Dean and Deluca&#8217;s roti
sserie chicken taste very sawdusty to me.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210037">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >Amy at Minimally Invasive</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210037" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">36</div>
<p>I&#8217;m really looking forward to making th
is soon. The Zuni technique produced an AMAZING Thanksgiving turkey this year, a
ctually the very first one I&#8217;ve ever liked. And flipping a chicken should
be a piece of cake after handling a 10-pound turkey.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210040">

<cite><a href= r
el= external nofollow class= url >karen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210040" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">37</div>
<p>Hello! I lurk everyday, and today had to comm
ent. This is a FABULOUS recipe, one I have used many times.Guests swoon.</p>
<p> I will give you one for a simple roast chicken you can have for dinner any n
ight in a little over an hour: Preheat oven to 475. Wash, dry, stuff bird with g
arlic cloves/thyme/rosemary whatever suits you. Salt and pepper. Heat 2-3 T butt
er, 2-3T olive oil in ovenproof skillet. Brown bird on all sides (not really bro
wn, just golden) Turn on side, place in oven 15 minutes. Take out, turn on other
side, 15 minutes.(I use 2 wooden spoons in each end to lift and turn the bird)
Lower oven to 375, legs up, legs facing back of oven 30 minutes. Slice immediate
ly. You can make &#8220;gravy&#8221; if you wish with wine, pan drippings. Depen
ding on the herbs you use &#8211; fresh rosemary vs thyme you have wonderful var
iations. Enjoy!</p>
<p>This is a no fail chicken recipe, moist everytime. I believe I remember it fr
om Fine Cooking several years ago, or perhaps Cooks Illustrated. It is a NO FAIL
recipe. I do not take credit!</p>
<p>Thanks for your blog. I check in everyday and am making one of your soups ton
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210041">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210041" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">38</div>
<p>This sounds delicious. I&#8217;ll have to try
it. Another good one is on Chocolate and Zucchini&#8211; &#8220;Muriel&#8217;s
chicken.&#8221; You cook it slowly in a clay pot. I tried it a couple of weeks a
go and it&#8217;s super moist and good.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210042">

<cite><a href= rel= ext
ernal nofollow class= url >SoupAddict Karen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210042" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">39</div>
<p>The bread salad sounds divine. I wonder if d
ried cranberries could substitute for the currants (not so much a fan). I have
a great go-to roasted chicken recipe &#8211; honestly, I think the secret is in
the size of the bird (small). The bigger the bird, the more difficult it is to
get everything cooked through at the same time. I love the serving suggestion p
resented in the first photo. So appealing&#8230;.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210046">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210046" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">40</div>
<p>Sounds great. I&#8217;m a little scared of r
oasting a whole chicken, I&#8217;m more of a &#8220;chicken parts&#8221; gal. <
<p>I&#8217;m a big fan of Pio Pio rotisserie chicken and I have been trying to r
ecreate the infamous &#8220;green sauce&#8221;</p>
<p>any thoughts.</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210048">
<cite><a href= rel= e
xternal nofollow class= url >jamaila</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210048" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">41</div>
<p>Darn it, Deb! I JUST made Ina&#8217;s roast
chicken for dinner tonight &#8212; came out wonderfully, by the way &#8212; and
now I&#8217;m going to have to try the Zuni one. I&#8217;ve seen it floating ar
ound the interwebs before, and I do still find the salting step a trifle intimid
ating &#8212; but it seems it must be tried! And I DID just buy two new roastin
g pans.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210057">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >Emily</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210057" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">42</div>
<p>It always amazes me how simple roast chicken
really is once you break it down step by step. I haven&#8217;t made a roast chic
ken before, and am trying to decide between this recipe, and the &#8220;engageme
nt&#8221; chicken.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210058">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >Andreas</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210058" title="">D
ecember 10, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">43</div>
<p>There&#8217;s an incredible simple way to jui
cy chicken: Wrap the bird in two layers of cheesecloth, baste with butter and/or
olive oil. Roast, basting frequently. Dried out meat will be a thing of the pas
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210068">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210068" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">44</div>
<p>I heeded the advice of both Julia Child and I
rma Rombauer..they both said to buy small chickens and start them in a hot oven.
I clean them well..scraping out the remnants of the guts that get stuck in bet
ween the ribs. I rub the outside with 2 tsp of olive oil, sprinkle with with fi
ne herbs, lightly crush the cloves of half a bulb of garlic and throw them in th
e cavity. No pepper. Roast at high till it sizzles, then reduce the he
at to 325 to finish. No flipping, no foil, no broth in the pan..just dry roast
it. It&#8217;s moist and succulent every time. I&#8217;ve never had to spend 2
-3 days turning sommersalts for good roast chicken. Speaking of salt..most meat
and poulty, just like us, have plenty of natural salt in their sho
uldn&#8217;t need will make meat render juice..not keep it. So there!

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210078">

<cite><a href= rel= external nof
ollow class= url >Nick Hodulik</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210078" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">45</div>
<p>I love this recipe, and I agree 100% that the
original version needlessly&#8211; and confusingly&#8211; reads like <em>War &a
mp; Peace</em>. Thank you so much for condensing it!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210079">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210079" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">46</div>
<p>Two words mean perfect chicken: meat thermome
<p>Well, not really. ;) I completely ignore the USDA, who says that a whole chic
ken must register 180&deg;F at the thigh, and instead cook then chicken breast s
ide down until the temperature reaches 145&deg; or so, then flip it over and wai
t until it gets to 160&deg;. The carryover from the oven brings it to around 165
&deg;, which is high enough for me &mdash; and the chicken is always perfect, ne
ver over- or undercooked.</p>
<p>I also admit I shove the better part of a stick of butter underneath the skin
and in the cavity with my aromatics (rosemary, both under skin and in the cavit
y, and lemon and onion in the cavity). Most of it melts and runs off during cook
ing, but it imparts a lovely flavor throughout the meat. I let the butter re-sol
idify in the the fridge and use it when dealing with the best part of roasting a
chicken &mdash; LEFTOVERS. It makes a lovely flavored pie crust for chicken pot
pie or heavenly Southern style dumplings. Waste not, want not!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210085">

<cite><a href= rel= extern
al nofollow class= url >Lecia</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210085" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">47</div>
<p>I&#8217;m looking forward to giving this a tr

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210114">

<cite><a href= rel= exte
rnal nofollow class= url >Christy</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210114" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">48</div>
<p>Dang it. Now I am hungry&#8230;again!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210130">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210130" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">49</div>
<p>Jeni &#8211; what a GREAT suggestion with reg
ards to re-solidifying the butter and using it in a crust. I NEVER would have t
hought about that. Awesome.</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210146">
<cite><a href= rel= external nof
ollow class= url >Jackson</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210146" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">50</div>
<p>This looks great! I’ll definitely try both reci
pes, probably this Sunday.</p>
<p>BTW, another simple way to make moist roast chicken is to use a Römertopf or si
milar type of clay cooker. I usually put the seasoned bird on a bed of chopped o
nions and tuck some other root vegetables around it. Adding a little wine or chi
cken broth to the pot before cooking adds even more moisture and flavor. Cook at
450°F for 90 minutes (start with a cold oven or you’ll break your pot). For crisp s
kin, remove the veggies and juices after cooking, return the chicken to the pot
and stick it back in the oven for another 15 minutes with the lid off. (Or just
take the skin off before serving and give it to your dog.)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210149">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >My First Kitchen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210149" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">51</div>
<p>Fabulous. I appreciate anything that keeps me
from eating sawdust.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210156">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210156" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">52</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve never commented on your blog befor
e, but I love your site. So many good ideas and recipes.</p>
<p>So I have a question. This chicken sounds amazing, but is there any way at al
l I can use a 4.5 pound chicken for this? I have one in the freezer, and I reall
y want to make this for Christmas but I&#8217;d rather not ruin the recipe. Thou

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210164">

<cite><a href= rel= exte
rnal nofollow class= url >Jackie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210164" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">53</div>
<p>Yes, Thank You for condensing the recipe! I&
#8217;ve been hearing about this forever and really want to try this &#8212; I&#
8217;ve never roasted a chicken before. I roasted my first turkey 2 years ago &
#8212; followed a co-worker&#8217;s advice to slip bacon underneath the skin and
roast the bird upside down. It worked! The most moist, flavorful bird I&#8217
;ve had to date&#8230;maybe not the prettiest, but who cares!<br />
I&#8217;m off to try this chicken asap.</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-210178">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210178" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">54</div>
<p>Hi K &#8212; The idea of the recipe is to us
e a small chicken. While I am sure it will not be a disaster if you use a big on
e, it will likely not be as moist and evenly bronzed at that high temperature. T
hat said, I am sure that the other two parts of the technique &#8212; high temp
and salting a couple days in advance &#8212; could improve any-sized bird. But,
the real deliciousness is in the tiny ones.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210193">

<cite><a href= rel= external n
ofollow class= url >Ursula</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210193" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">55</div>
<p>this is by far the best chicken in town. It&#
8217;s delicious and moist. And, everyone has a satisfied smile on their faces a
fter eating the chicken at Zuni.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210203">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210203" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">56</div>
<p>Once &#8211; a long time ago &#8211; my fello
w boy scouts and myself did a chicken over a fire. The only available seasoning
was spearmint and peppermint (picked fresh). We stuffed the cfavity liberally wi
th this and roasted in a large metal pail as an oven. Your use of herbs here rem
inded me of that and I think I&#8217;ll try it. Thanks for the recipe/reminder.<

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210219">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >Jen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210219" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">57</div>
<p>Stunning pictures! I&#8217;m looking forward
to trying this recipe now that the temps have officially dropped :)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210249">

<cite><a href= rel= externa
l nofollow class= url >Liz</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210249" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">58</div>
<p>huh-ma-na<br />
<p>that LOOks amazing!</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210257">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210257" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">59</div>
<p>I love this recipe (and the whole Zuni Cafe C
ookbook, for that matter)!!!!<br />
Thanks for posting and spreading the word:)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210260">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210260" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">60</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve always pretty disappointed in Zuni
Cafe, considering its notoriety, but the chicken is pretty great. Just make sur
e you don&#8217;t go hungry, because you&#8217;ll be waiting for an hour if you
order the bird.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210261">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210261" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">61</div>
<p>For years my go-to roast chicken has been Mar
cella Hazan&#8217;s Chicken With 2 Lemons. But this one is going to get a try im
mediately &#8211; I&#8217;ve been itching to try the salting method since everyo
ne wrote about it around Thanksgiving.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210266">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >JK</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210266" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">62</div>
<p>You have beautiful pictures. Would you mind s
haring what camera you use?</p>
<p>~ JK</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-210271">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210271" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">63</div>
<p>Thank you. We use a Canon D40 these days. We&
#8217;ve got all of our photo equipment and more information about how we approa
ch photos in <a href="
tos/" rel="nofollow">this post</a>.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210274">

<cite><a href= rel= external n
ofollow class= url >Ivete</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210274" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">64</div>
<p>Dude, I think maybe I love your blog so much
that it&#8217;s gotten to the point that I want to cook what you&#8217;re cookin
g BEFORE you even post it! I literally was JUST THINKING that I want to try a ro
asted chicken, but I didn&#8217;t even want to start the process before coming h
ere to see if you&#8217;d written about it before . . . and there you are, on th
e very day I was coming her to look it up! You&#8217;re my hero! Thank you! We&#
8217;re definitely having this for dinner one night next week.</p>
<p>BTW, I believe we might be neighbors IRL (UWS?) . . .</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210301">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >Jesse</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210301" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">65</div>
<p>I was at Zuni this summer and everyone around
me was eating this. It smelled divine. My fish was fine, but it was no roast ch

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210304">

<cite><a href= rel= external nof
ollow class= url >Anjuli Ayer</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210304" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">66</div>
<p>Roasting the chicken. A technique that is soo
controversial. After reading this, I have to give a nod to Julia Child&#8217;s
chicken roasting on chicken &#8211; <a href="
UbQyDhk" rel="nofollow"></a></p>
<p>Of course you will probably never prepare chicken this way, but it is excelle
nt fun to watch and learn about the different chicken sizes/ages and their uses.

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210305">

<cite><a href= rel= exte
rnal nofollow class= url >Nirvana</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210305" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">67</div>
<p>This looks yummy :) Definitely an impressive

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210346">

<cite>Susan N</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210346" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">68</div>
<p>Is it a roast chicken or a roasted chicken? R
oasted sounds more grammatically correct!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210377">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >Bridget</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210377" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">69</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve made roast chicken a few times, an
d it&#8217;s never knocked my socks off. I keep making it just because it&#8217
;s fun, plus I love using the leftovers in chicken salad. I&#8217;m looking for
ward to trying this recipe to see if it&#8217;s worth making just for the chicke

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-210380">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210380" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">70</div>
<p>Susan &#8212; Roast<i>ed</i> chicken. Actuall
y meant to change that and totally forgot. I am extra-flaky this week.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210387">

<cite><a href= rel= extern
al nofollow class= url >Sarah</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210387" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">71</div>
<p>I&#8217;m totally making this on Sunday&#8230
;i had already planned on roast chicken but hadn&#8217;t decided on the seasonin
gs. My tummy&#8217;s rumbling already!</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210394">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210394" title="">D
ecember 11, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">72</div>
<p>This was delicious, Debbie! The pictures are
making me relive it!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210465">

<cite><a href= rel= e
xternal nofollow class= url >Audax Artifex</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210465" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">73</div>
<p>I think the technique is similarto when you p
lace a chicken or turkey into a brine (salt-water) mixtue for a day before you r
oast it. This is certainly one I will try soon for Xmas.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210601">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210601" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">74</div>
<p>Hi Deb! I looooove your blog! Im getting marr
ied soon and Im taking notes of all your delicious recipes so I can feed us very
well! In fact, Im collecting all of my favorite recipes (from the web, cookbook
s, friends, etc.) in a little book which I am making on Its a per
sonal book, Im only making one copy for myself and my new home, and I was wonder
ing if I could use some of your photos for the recipes. I think theyre the reaso
n I get so inspired when I visit your blog! Would that be ok? Please let me know
! Thanks a million! God bless you!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210617">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210617" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">75</div>
<p>I&#8217;m with Audax &#8212; I always brine c
hickens (just a couple hours) and dry them thoroughly before roasting. Have nev
er had a dry chicken. The salt in the brine doesn&#8217;t render the poultry sa
lty; rather, it changes the structure of the proteins to permit more moisture to
be retained. As my go-to, Cooks Illustrated says:<br />
&#8220;Table salt is made up of two ions, sodium and chloride, that are opposite
ly charged. Proteins, such as those in meat, are large molecules that contain a
mosaic of charges, negative and positive. When proteins are placed in a solution
containing salt, they readjust their shape to accommodate the opposing charges.
This rearrangement of the protein molecules compromises the structural integrit
y of the meat, reducing its overall toughness. It also creates gaps that fill up
with water. The added salt makes the water less likely to evaporate during cook
ing, and the result is meat that is both juicy and tender.&#8221;</p>
<p>Also per Cooks, I recommend turning the bird using wads of paper towel to pro
tect your hands. Hold one wad in each hand, and grab the bird by the neck &amp;
tail ends to flip. Works every time!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210626">

<cite><a href= rel= extern
al nofollow class= url >Julie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210626" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">76</div>
<p>that chicken looks so good i cant wait to try
to make it sometime!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210673">

<cite><a href= rel=
external nofollow class= url >A Mouse Bouche</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210673" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">77</div>
<p>I love roasted chicken, as a rule. And this l
ooks like something I could eat every day for the rest of my life. thank you for
the recipe and the mouthwatering pics!</p>
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210689">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210689" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">78</div>
<p>This chicken looks delicious, but the link to
last year&#8217;s chicken and dumplings made me laugh out loud. I love your rec
ipes and your style! Keep posting. I&#8217;m an addict to the blog. :)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210704">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >Get Togetha</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210704" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">79</div>
<p>The food photography on this site is sick&#82
30;sick I tell ya!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210705">

<cite><a href= rel= ex
ternal nofollow class= url >EB</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210705" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">80</div>
<p>I must have made this chicken 75 times (and I
live 3 blocks from Zuni shhhh) and I&#8217;ve never been dissapointed! Best eve

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210708">

<cite><a href= re
l= external nofollow class= url >Hélène</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210708" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">81</div>
<p>I really have to try this chicken. I&#8217;m
always disappointed with many recipes. Thanks for sharing.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210736">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >Stacey Snacks</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210736" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">82</div>
<p>this is the ONLY thing I make from Zuni Cafe
cookbook.<br />
It is everyone&#8217;s favorite recipe of all time!<br />
But the rest of the book is a waste for me!<br />
Stacey SNacks</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210743">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >Stacey Snacks</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210743" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">83</div>
<p>PS<br />
I have been making INa Garten&#8217;s roasted chicken every Friday night forever
.<br />
It is never dry and always perfect.</p>
<p>Start w/ GOOD chicken. Empire Kosher or Bell &amp; Evans. you know!<br />
425 oven. Stuff bird w/ lemon and herbs (rosemary and thyme).<br />
Kosher salt and olive oil on the skin. Place on a bed of 2 chopped onions.<br /
Roast for 75 minutes. Never fails!<br />
Stacey Snacks</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210747">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210747" title="">D
ecember 12, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">84</div>
<p>Several years ago Cooks Illustrated did an ar
ticle on brining your turkey, then taking the back-bone out (yes it&#8217;s a jo
b and some swearing is involved!) flattening the turkey, letting it air-dry for
about 1 hour, then cooking at high temp (475F). I usually do about a 10 lb turk
ey and it usually takes about 2 hours (give or take 30 minutes). Always really
moist and flavorfull and better than waiting hours for a dry, icky turkey. I do
the same thing with chicken (less time, naturally). I swear by brining!!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210853">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210853" title="">D
ecember 13, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">85</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve always wanted to try this &#8211;
you&#8217;ve convinced me to. You should be proud, it looks so golden and gorgeo

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210915">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210915" title="">D
ecember 13, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">86</div>
<p>Back on the &#8220;what are you afraid to coo
k&#8221; post, I was one of the people who listed &#8220;a whole chicken&#8221;
at the top of my list. Of course, as soon as I listed it, I realized that it co
uldn&#8217;t stay there for long, so I pulled out my roasting pan and started lo
oking for recipes I could trust. I finally tried Ina Garten&#8217;s recipe (mos
tly after you raved about her recipes in numerous posts) and it was amazing! Ve
ry flavorful, moist &#8212; and easy. I will definitely try this recipe next!
Thanks for being the push I needed to tackle the top of my list!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-210982">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-210982" title="">D
ecember 14, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">87</div>
<p>&#8230;it was about a week ago and I was &#82
20;perusing&#8221; my favorite recipe sites searching for the best ways to roast
a chicken. on behalf of myself a week ago, I thank you. and on behalf of myse
lf in a few days from now&#8230; yum.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211194">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211194" title="">D
ecember 14, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">88</div>
<p>Though I&#8217;ve not read all the comments b
efore me &#8212; this sounds just like a salad Orangette had concocted that I ma
de. SO delicious! <a href="
r-sung-in-key-of-salad.html" rel="nofollow">
9/late-september-sung-in-key-of-salad.html</a> I see now that it&#8217;s indeed
from the Zuni book. I can&#8217;t wait to make it as you have here. Presentat
ion is stunning! Love it.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211264">

<cite><a href= re
l= external nofollow class= url >Abby @ mangerlaville</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211264" title="">D
ecember 14, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">89</div>
<p>This is my favorite chicken. I go to Zuni&#82
17;s just for this chicken. Her book is incredible, I love the detail, incredibl
y educational. I never attempted this recipe due to the simple fact that their&#
8217;s will always be better, due to their awesome wood burning oven. But seeing
the picture of your bird, I have new hope. I think I want to serve this for Cha
nukah dinner.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211435">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211435" title="">D
ecember 14, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">90</div>
<p>I made this a couple of days ago and it was d
elicious! I will never go back. This is my new standard for roasted chicken.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211439">

<cite><a href= http://allisonsfoodandotherwise.blogspot.
com rel= external nofollow class= url >Allison</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211439" title="">D
ecember 14, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">91</div>
<p>Did anyone else make a complete mess of their
kitchen making this? There is chicken fat all over my oven now, and the fat ke
pt popping up against the heating coils and making smoke that was burning my eye
s. The chicken was delicious, exactly as described, but not worth it. I had to
eat the chicken with my eyes all irritated from the fat and smoke combo. Now I
dread going into the kitchen to do clean up.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211500">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211500" title="">D
ecember 15, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">92</div>
<p>just made this roast chicken last night and
it was the BEST ever!!!<br />

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211515">

<cite>Audrey from Oregon</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211515" title="">D
ecember 15, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">93</div>
<p>My chicken is brining itself as we speak and
will be cooked tonight. Can&#8217;t wait.<br />
To those who say this is comparable to wet brining, (which I&#8217;ve long been
a fan of), I read on another blog that the difference is the dry salt rub will e
xtract the chicken juices and allow it to brine in it&#8217;s own liquid&#8230;.
makes sense to me.</p>
<p>I tried another Zuni recipe last night that I highly recommend&#8230;.the Moc
k Porchetta. Very inexpensive cut of pork and it comes out delish!</p>
<p>After trying these two recipes, I&#8217;m gonna buy the book, even though the
last thing I need is another cookbook!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211602">

<cite><a href= rel= externa
l nofollow class= url >Mimi Pond</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211602" title="">D
ecember 15, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">94</div>
<p>Yeah, everyone can chime in all they want wit
h their fave roast chickens, but this is just a great recipe. The entire family
agreed, hands-down awesomeness! Natch I had to monkey a wee bit myself. Currants
? I&#8217;ve got raisins. Raisins? Where&#8217;d they go? I did find the dried c
ranberries, (Deb, don&#8217;t flinch) and dried apricots, and substituted. The f
amily dug the little sweet nuggets interspersed. I used a bag of Trader Joe spri
ng salad mix. I love me my arugula, but it&#8217;s a harder sell with the family
. Even my pine nut-hating daughter loved the whole package!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211677">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211677" title="">D
ecember 16, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">95</div>
<p>This was absolutely delicious. I set the smok
e detector off 6 times but it was delicious!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211955">

<cite><a href= rel= ex
ternal nofollow class= url >BipolarLawyerCook</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211955" title="">D
ecember 16, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">96</div>
<p>I use this &#8220;dry brining&#8221; recipe f
or every kind of meat now&#8211; pork, chicken, beef, lamb. A few hours&#8217; o
r an overnight rub with salt and a little dried rosemary from Penzey&#8217;s? Y
eah, magic. Everyone thinks I&#8217;m fabulous, but I&#8217;m just a Judy Rodge
rs devotee.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-211972">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-211972" title="">D
ecember 16, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">97</div>
<p>I just made this chicken! Turned out amazing!
!! but filled my house with smoke&#8230;a lot of smoke. Is there any way to avoi
d the smoking? I turned down the oven to 450 like Judy suggests and I didn&#8217
;t see any chicken burning&#8230;not sure where the smoke was coming from.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212010">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212010" title="">D
ecember 16, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">98</div>
<p>Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. Usual
ly everything here turns out amazingly good&#8230; but not the chicken. I dutifu
lly toweled and salted and herbed and refrigerated my chicken, and then followed
the cooking times exactly. However, I suppose my chicken was too big, because w
hen I took it out of the oven and cut the first drumstick off, I was left holdin
g a bloody nub. My chicken did not cook all the way through. After four minutes
in the microwave, it was edible, but STILL. Frustrating.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212023">

<cite><a href= rel= ext
ernal nofollow class= url >Jessie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212023" title="">D
ecember 16, 2008</a>
<div class="commentcount">99</div>
<p>Thank you thank you thank you! Like Anna sai
d above, making a whole roast chicken (or anything really) was also one of my bi
g kitchen fears. This turned out amazing and my husband is already begging me t
o make it weekly. I also used a large cast iron skillet, but for some reason di
dn&#8217;t end up with any good drippings, still not sure why though. The bread
salad was also fabulous. This is definitely a great roasted chicken to make my
Jewish mom and grandmothers proud :)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212758">

<cite><a href= rel= external no
follow class= url >diva</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212758" title="">D
ecember 18, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">100</div>
<p>that looks just amazing &#8211; to die for re
ally. and who said salads were boring?? x</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212768">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212768" title="">D
ecember 18, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">101</div>
<p>i&#8217;m new to cooking -</p>
<p>what are we doing with the chicken drippings after heating them up?<br />
are we pouring it over the chicken?</p>
<p>made the chicken yesterday-yum<br />
(big mess in oven and set off smoke detector but it was worth it)</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-212778">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212778" title="">D
ecember 18, 2008</a>
<div class="commentcount">102</div>
<p>You can use them to drizzle over the bread sa
lad, or save them for leftovers (they note they&#8217;d be great with egg noodle
s or even stirred into a leftover roast chicken salad. I think Orangette has tha
t recipe <a href="
ey-of-salad.html" rel="nofollow">over here</a>.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212808">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >Friday Night Pizza</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212808" title="">D
ecember 18, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">103</div>
<p>I&#8217;m having company for dinner this week
end and stopped here first in my search for a roasted chicken recipe. I need not
look further. One concern: does the small bird comfortably feed four? If not, c
an I do two birds in one oven?</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-212836">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212836" title="">D
ecember 18, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">104</div>
<p>It probably depends more on how big eaters yo
ur guests are, and how many sides. We did feed four with it (I also steamed some
haricot vert) but there was not a speck last, something always a little disconc
erting when you&#8217;re hosting.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-212996">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-212996" title="">D
ecember 19, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">105</div>
<p>My husband is a long time hater of roast chic
ken. I rarely made it before, since every time I suggested it he would cringe a
nd I wasn&#8217;t that big of a fan of it to make him sit through a meal of sort
of dry mildly flavorful chicken (I really only liked it because leftovers made
excellent sandwiches and salads).<br />
Until now! I tried this recipe last Friday night and we are both in love! He c
ould not get enough of this recipe, I seriously think he ate half of the chicken
. This will quite possibly become what we eat every Friday night from now on!</

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-214236">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-214236" title="">D
ecember 22, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">106</div>
<p>I made this the other night and it was amazin
g! It was my first time making roasted chicken, and honestly the hardest part w
as finding a bird small enough. My husband and I ate half for dinner, but as I
was putting away the leftovers I couldn&#8217;t stop sneaking bites! So flavorf
ul and delicious!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-214644">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-214644" title="">D
ecember 23, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">107</div>
<p>Deb, Firstly, I&#8217;m a BIG fan &#8211; you
give hope to (and raise the bar for) everyone with a small kitchen. Thomas Kell
er&#8217;s chicken has been my go-to recipe for the last year, in fact my husban
d won&#8217;t let me try any other&#8230; there are two little birds in the frid
ge, waiting to be roasted for tomorrow, and I think I might sneak home to salt t
hem this afternoon, and cook them per your instructions instead!<br />
Thanks again for all the great recipes, fantastic writing and fabulous pictures,
Happy Holidays from Singapore!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-214650">

<cite><a href=
rel= external nofollow class= url >Yolanda</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-214650" title="">D
ecember 23, 2008</a>
<div class="commentcount">108</div>
<p>Made this chicken tonight and served it simpl
y with oven-roasted potatoes and buttered green peas. It was deliciously moist w
ith perfect skin, but I think I would love something a little more aromatic to f
lavor it. I usually stuff my bird with onion, lemon, garlic, and any available h
erb and I was definitely missing those flavors. BUT, I really, really liked the
recipe and understand why it&#8217;s so popular. Thank you for sharing this simp
lified version.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-215924">

<cite><a href= rel= exter
nal nofollow class= url >claire</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-215924" title="">D
ecember 26, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">109</div>
<p>made this for xmas lunch yesterday, loved it.
Ta from Glasgow.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-216101">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-216101" title="">D
ecember 26, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">110</div>
<p>I made this last night for my BF and best fri
end and they LOVED it. I had to change the recipe a tad because I was missing a
few minor things; but it was fantastic. Your pictures inspire me!!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-217148">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-217148" title="">D
ecember 28, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">111</div>
<p>I accidentally bought a big chicken before I
read the recipe more closely &#8211; about 5lb. Also, we ended up with a big sto
rm in Portland, so I couldn&#8217;t get out to get fresh herbs &#8211; I used dr
ied rubbed sage, which turned out surprisingly well, and we followed the instruc
tions through the roasting stage. We just lowered the heat at the end to 350 and
cooked another 15 minutes or so, testing with a meat thermometer until it reach
ed the right temp. Fantastic recipe, and I was so glad it came out so well even
with a bigger chicken. We were about to give up on homemade chicken before we fo
und this recipe &#8211; flavorful, moist, fantastic. Thanks. Can&#8217;t wait to
try with a smaller chicken and fresh herbs.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-218512">

<cite><a href= rel= external nof
ollow class= url >michelle</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-218512" title="">D
ecember 30, 2008</a>

<div class="commentcount">112</div>
<p>Years ago I had this at Zuni cafe. A memorabl
e meal. And was so excited to actually try it at home once. I had forgotten abou
t it, though. Thanks for the reminder. Cannot wait to try it again.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-219682">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-219682" title="">J
anuary 3, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">113</div>
<p>would it be ok to use a glass casserole dish
or does the pan need to be metal? I want to try this tonight but only have a gla
ss dish&#8230;can I heat it on the stove then put it in the oven?</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-219756">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-219756" title="">J
anuary 3, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">114</div>
<p>I do think you could probably roast the bird
in the glass, but I would not put glass on the stove &#8212; as far as I underst
and, it is not safe for direct heat cooking. Do you have a cast-iron frying pan
(what I used) or any kind of 10 to 12-inch frying/saute pan? That&#8217;s your b
est bet for going from the stove to oven.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-219907">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-219907" title="">J
anuary 3, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">115</div>
<p>Dear Deb! thanks for the great recipe, I made
it for NYE and it was wonderful. Shopping late lead me to a too big chicken, so
I halved it and soldiered on&#8230;&#8230; Worked great! I just pretended that
it was a whole chicken. This will be my go to chicken meal.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-220341">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-220341" title="">J
anuary 5, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">116</div>
<p>Great blog.</p>
<p>As one earlier poster asked, but I didn’t see a response, should I use the salt
ing step if using a kosher chicken which is already salted during the koshering
process? Thanks.</p>

<li class="commentbody highlighted" id="comment-220359">

<cite><a href= rel= external
nofollow class= url >deb</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-220359" title="">J
anuary 5, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">117</div>
<p>Hi Gary &#8212; There was no response because
I haven&#8217;t tried this recipe with a Kosher chicken. But I&#8217;d love to
hear back from anyone who has tried it, as I think it will be helpful to future
commenters. My hunch: Probably go ahead and salt it anyway. The salting process
for Koshering is different I think (I&#8217;m not expert)&#8211; this salting is
for flavor and moisture, and the salt stays on until the end. Good luck!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-221993">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-221993" title="">J
anuary 8, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">118</div>
<p>Just finished eating my perfectly roasted chi
cken. Instead of preheating my dish on the stove I preheated it in the oven, whi
ch worked just fine. My chicken was larger than the size you recommended, but it
still turned out very well. Thank you, Deb, for a really easy and delicious rec

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-227575">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-227575" title="">J
anuary 19, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">119</div>
<p>I read about Zuni Cafe Roasted Chicken with B
read Salad years ago, prior to going to the restaurant. After having a fabulous
meal, I had to have to recipe. I bought the book and have made it several times.
I must say, my favorite part is eating the bread salad. I made it for a birthda
y dinner last night and 3 of 3 children even asked for seconds! There was nothin
g left and I had tripled the recipes and served them to ten people!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-228937">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-228937" title="">J
anuary 21, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">120</div>
<p>Oh, my. Long time listener, first time calle
r, Deb. This chicken was impressive enough that it was hard to be remotely demu
re or modest aboutd my success. That is, I entirely failed to be anything but i
mpressed with myself.</p>
<p>The chicken was delicious, tender, juicy, exceptional, and memorable. I made
the bread salad a bit crispy &#8217;cause I like it like that, but the general
seasoning concept you provided turned out to be a wonderful complement to the ch
icken. I tossed my bread salad with baby bok choy tips &#8217;cause I love &#82
16;em, and they were wonderful.</p>
<p>Thank you, thank you!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-233727">

<cite><a href= rel
= external nofollow class= url >nat</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-233727" title="">J
anuary 31, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">121</div>
<p>my chicken is sitting in the fridge as we spe
ak. i am hoping it turns out, though I just realized it is a little bigger. th
anks for all the wonderful recipes and inspiration to feed my family better.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-234684">

<cite>Sarah Gannholm</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-234684" title="">F
ebruary 2, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">122</div>
<p>I absolutely love this recipe/method &#8211;
although I must say the Marcella Hazan Roast Bird with 2 Lemons is a little less
labor intensive and is pretty exceptional.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-243267">

<cite><a href= r
el= external nofollow class= url >anh</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-243267" title="">F
ebruary 17, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">123</div>
<p>I tried it and the meat was really really ten
der &#8211; however, the the skin wasn&#8217;t nearly as crisp as I&#8217;d like
d it to be. Maybe it&#8217;s my oven *sigh*</p>
<p>But I will try again in the near future.</p>
<p>I added some dried, ground peppers and thyme to the salt-and-pepper seasoning
on the outside of the skin, smelled really good! =)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-246972">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-246972" title="">F
ebruary 24, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">124</div>
<p>This was so amazing! I used balsamic vinegar
instead of Champagne vinegar because it was all I had, and it was so, so, so yum
my. I also left out the pine nuts and currants due to my currently limited means
, so the dish was quite economical. I absolutely loved it and so did my parents
and the hubby. We will have this many more times!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-247126">

<cite><a href= r
el= external nofollow class= url >erica</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-247126" title="">F
ebruary 24, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">125</div>
<p>i ended up making 2 roast chickens &#8211; on
e with this recipe and one with a same day preparation recipe (standard rubdown
with oil, stuff with veggies, etc). the one i used for this preparation happene
d to be the larger one (4 1/2-5 lbs) and it still turned out amazingly. it was
incredibly moist and the crispy skin really did it for me, and made it far supe
rior to the other chicken that i bought and made the same day.</p>
<p>don&#8217;t you just love side by side comparisons?</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-253220">

<cite>Katie in China</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-253220" title="">M
arch 10, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">126</div>
<p>I have made this roast chicken three times in
my tiny little glorified toaster oven. Wow!! Juicy meat, crisp skin, fabulous
. The first time, I amused myself during the cooking time thinking about what I
could make with the leftovers, but we picked the entire bird clean at dinner.
The next time, I knew better! The carcass made delicious chicken stock.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-260846">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-260846" title="">M
arch 27, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">127</div>
<p>Made this tonight, after obsessing over the r
ecipe all day at work. I wanted to make it tonight, but hadn&#8217;t pre-salted
, and I couldn&#8217;t decide if the recipe/technique would work at all. I took
my chances, salted it and only let it sit for about an hour before popping in t
he pre-heated pan. It was really, really good! I&#8217;m not a roasted chicken
connoisseur, by any means, and I&#8217;m sure it would be even better with the
two-day-plus salting time, but if any other roasted-chicken newbies are interest
ed in making this at the last minute &#8212; I say go for it!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-284273">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-284273" title="">M
ay 13, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">128</div>
<p>This is a winner, but I have to say my favori
te whole-roasted-chicken is still the high roast butterflied chicken from Cooks
Illustrated. You do cut the backbone out to butterfly it, so maybe it&#8217;s n
ot quite in the same category, but it&#8217;s roasted on a broiling pan with thi
nly sliced potatoes layered in the bottom of the pan, so all of the drippings ca
rmelize to form deliciously crispy potato sidedish!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-284558">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-284558" title="">M
ay 14, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">129</div>
<p>I made this the other night (it really was de
licious) and was left with a ton of chicken. I usually stay away from chicken sa
lad (I have a sort of mayonnaise phobia) but quickly grew tired of picking at th
e leftovers. I ended up improvising a great chicken salad that uses plain yogur
t instead of mayonnaise!<br />
It includes:<br />
cold chopped chicken, plain yogurt, dijon mustard, roasted red pepper spread, ra
w zucchini, onion, parsley and salt and pepper&#8230;delicious!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-293155">

<cite>Mark Rock</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-293155" title="">J
une 9, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">130</div>
<p>Absolutely amazing&#8230; The best thing to
ever come out of my oven.. Great taste and easy to prepare with the straight-fo
rward instructons. A tremendous find.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-294762">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-294762" title="">J
une 14, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">131</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve made this chicken twice now and I
LOVE it! However, one issue always makes me hesitant to make it again; both time
s I&#8217;ve made this I set off my fire alarm. The chicken is never burnt, but
as soon as I open the over door a lot of smoke comes out and my annoying fire al
arm goes off&#8211;causing my husband and I to run around in a panic trying to g
et them to stop so the neighbors don&#8217;t complain.<br />
I think it might be because the chicken juices are splattering in the oven. I tr
ied covering the chicken with aluminum foil once but the skin didn&#8217;t crisp
up (and that&#8217;s the best part!).<br />
Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do? Right now I&#8217;m debating pulling
the batteries out of all the fire alarms so I can make this again.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-298841">

<cite>Becky Nelson</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-298841" title="">J
une 29, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">132</div>
<p>I have an adaption of the Judy Rogers version
from Zuni Cafe. The rub is simply sugar, salt and five-spice powder. Where my
concern is the recipe says to &#8220;dry the skin by leaving in refrigerator, u
ncovered, for 48 hours.&#8221; Any thoughts? My 48 hours just started 1 hour a

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-301544">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-301544" title="">J
uly 6, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">133</div>
<p>Nov &#8211; I&#8217;ve had the exact same pro
blem twice using a cast iron skillet to make the chicken. It sets off the fire
alarm and there is a lot of smoke. I&#8217;m planning on making it again this w
eek so we&#8217;ll see. It&#8217;s just too good to give up.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-305973">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-305973" title="">J
uly 17, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">134</div>
<p>I made this not so long ago and I love it!!!!
However, I&#8217;ve also had the same problem as some other people about it set
ting off the fire alarm. For some reason the juices or grease from the chicken s
platters all over the inside of the oven causing it to smoke. As soon as I open
the oven, the house is filled with smoke and my oven is a mess. I am going to at
tempt it again. This time I&#8217;m going to try to make the bread salad also si
nce I didn&#8217;t last time. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-319087">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-319087" title="">S
eptember 18, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">135</div>
<p>the recipe for zuni cafe chicken has an error
. the recipe is supposed to say approx. 3/4 tsp of (kosher) salt per lb of chick
en. not 3/4 tsp total.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-322863">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-322863" title="">S
eptember 27, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">136</div>
<p>I am a convert. This is the best roasted chic
ken I&#8217;ve ever eaten, and it came from my own oven! I had the same problems
with smoke that others had and may also try using something other than cast iro
n next time. I used a local, organic, free range chicken from my farmer&#8217;s
market, but I&#8217;m eager to try a chicken from the grocery store to see the d
ifference! Esp. since I won&#8217;t be able to buy the farmer&#8217;s market chi
cken in winter. Making stock tomorrow! Thanks for the beautiful blog, Deb, and c
ongrats on your new son!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-325556">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-325556" title="">O
ctober 16, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">137</div>
<p>This really IS the best roasted chicken I&#82
17;ve ever made. I made it for the second time tonight &#8211; the first time,
my bird was not small enough (around 4lbs) and I didn&#8217;t dry it thoroughly
enough. I think these two things really are the key. Before the bird stuck to
the pan when I flipped it and the meat wasn&#8217;t dry, but wasn&#8217;t juicy
either. Just ok. </p>
<p>This time I had a small bird (3 1/2 lbs) and I was sure to dry it. It did no
t stick, as it did the first time, and the color came out perfect. Following th
e advice of another poster, I used wads of paper towels to flip the bird and it
worked perfectly. The meat seriously WAS like butter!! I was amazed.</p>
<p>I also made the bread salad. The only modification I made was instead of usi
ng the chicken stock or salted water, I used the drippings on the salad &#8211;
I just couldn&#8217;t resist. My bird didn&#8217;t render hardly and fat, I m
erely added a couple of tablespoons of water to deglaze the pan and then poured
that over the salad. It was delicious.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-326639">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-326639" title="">O
ctober 22, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">138</div>
<p>I&#8217;m a bit paranoid and very inexperienc
ed, but if you&#8217;ve got a sec, can you confirm that I am reading it right th
at a fresh chicken is left seasoned in the fridge for 2-3 days? I&#8217;ve just
followed the recipe and currently have a chicken seasoning in the fridge waitin
g for Friday. However, in my brain is lodged a rule, acquired who knows where, l
imiting leaving poultry in the fridge to 24 hours (and googling this sort of thi
ng only adds to paranoia). Have you read Larry&#8217;s Party by Carol Shields?
Where Larry&#8217;s mom unwittingly kills her mother-in-law with badly preserve
d green beans? That haunts me. Here&#8217;s to a dinner party that ends with a
ll parties hearty!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-329986">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-329986" title="">N
ovember 4, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">139</div>
<p>BEST chicken ever.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-330290">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-330290" title="">N
ovember 6, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">140</div>
<p>I made this chicken once before and it was ab
solutely amazing. DH and I just kept staring at each other, mouths full and che
wing, in disbelief of how good it was. However, I used a kosher chicken and bec
ause of that, didn&#8217;t salt it until the morning of. I am trying it for a s
econd time but couldn&#8217;t get kosher, so I brined them (3.25lb birds) and th
en seasoned/salted them &#8211; all in a 36 hr period so I&#8221;m not sure it w
ill be as good. I&#8217;m trying two birds at once, for company, and am praying
it will be as good, since they&#8217;ve heard me go on and on about this recipe
for weeks! One thing I can say &#8211; be SURE you get the bird good and dry &
#8211; because it will stick. I&#8217;m not sure if I read the recipe correctly
but it appears she says to preheat the pan on the stove top, but I just did it
in the oven. The bird has to be dry and the pan good and hot or it will stick.<
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-339265">
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-339265" title="">D
ecember 28, 2009</a>

<div class="commentcount">141</div>
<p>Ok so this chicken looks amazing and I really
want to make 2 for new years eve but was wondering if anyone had any tips for r
oasting a chicken in high altitude? We&#8217;ll be heading up to the mountains f
rom Denver and while I&#8217;m more or less adjusted to cooking in Denver I have
no clue about higher altitude. Any help would be greatly appreciated! </p>
<p>Can&#8217;t wait to try this recipe :)</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-340730">

<cite>Dancer who eats</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-340730" title="">J
anuary 5, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">142</div>
<p>I FINALLY made this. One little portion of sk
in stuck but everything else was great! I was still a little disappointed since
it doesn&#8217;t live up to Pollo a la Brasa. Guess I will need to learn how t
o make that, too.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-340971">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-340971" title="">J
anuary 6, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">143</div>
<p>We made this last night and it was AMAZING. C
ooked to 165 (verified by a meat thermometer), so it was moist and delicious wit
h a crisp skin. Easily the best roasted chicken I&#8217;ve had.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-342380">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-342380" title="">J
anuary 13, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">144</div>
<p>I&#8217;m planning on making this for 8 this
weekend (I&#8217;ll do two chickens with the bread salad). Any suggestions on a
dditional side dishes that might go well with this?</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-344789">

<cite><a href= rel= e
xternal nofollow class= url >Cassie</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-344789" title="">J
anuary 25, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">145</div>
<p>DO NOT USE A CERAMIC PAN to put on the stove.
<br />
I know this probably sounds really obvious but I didn&#8217;t think. It says &#8
220;roasting dish&#8221; in the recipe,&#8221; and I put it on the stove and whe
n I put the chicken in it sizzled, as promised, and then cracked in half.<br />
I ruined my friend&#8217;s symbolic ceramic dish. Sad!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-351474">

<cite>Lacy Cooper</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-351474" title="">F
ebruary 23, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">146</div>
<p>AMAZA-BALLS! I had a 5 pound chicken and jus
t did the max times she gives for each step and AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! Though
did smoke out my house&#8230;.I just took rustic bread and slathered it in the
chicken fat sauce and it was also really really good!! THANK YOU!!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-353322">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-353322" title="">M
arch 2, 2010</a>
<div class="commentcount">147</div>
<p>I recently discovered this recipe &#8212; and
holy cow, it&#8217;s become my go to for roasting chicken. Though I would say i
t&#8217;s more to do with the technique of roasting (drying the bird, searing (m
y word, not yours) on the stove top than the seasoning blend! I also tried it bo
ne-in/skin on chicken breasts with terrific success. </p>
<p>Thank you so much for sharing your passion &#8212; it has really made a signi
ficant contribution to my menu planning.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-356728">

<cite>poulet roti</cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-356728" title="">M
arch 14, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">148</div>
<p>I&#8217;ve made this recipe dozens of times&#
8230;.here&#8217;s what I&#8217;ve found:<br />
If you freeze the bird, defrost using the bowl/water method &#8211; not defrosti
ng in the fridge. I&#8217;ve done it 3 times that way (in the fridge), and each
time the bird retained too much water &#8211; even though I&#8217;d dried thoro
ughly, water was still within the bird. Therefore, the bird sticks, steams and
the skin doesn&#8217;t crisp. So thaw in water, then salt for a couple of days a
nd dry every once in a while during the salting process.</p>
<p>I use shallots instead of green onions, and omit the garlic. Instead I use g
arlic oil to toast the bread for the bread salad with. That happened initially
because those were the ingredients I had on hand, but now I find I like it bette
r. And I use every bit of drippings on the salad. To die for.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-356731">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-356731" title="">M
arch 14, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">149</div>
<p>I am new to this board and think it is terrif
ic. I have seen comments on turkeys that have been made using the Zuni techniqu
e. Do you think cornish game hens would work? Has anyone tried this. I would l
ike to read some feedback.<br />
Thanks,<br />
<li class="commentbody" id="comment-361699">
<cite><a href=
rel= external nofollow class= url >Jo</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-361699" title="">M
arch 31, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">150</div>
<p>I just moved in next door to an amazing baker
y, and I can&#8217;t wait to try this bread salad!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-368136">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-368136" title="">A
pril 13, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">151</div>
<p>It is indeed really good, but hard to enjoy b
ecause your flat is full of smoke, your alarms have been going off, and your ove
n (part of a tiny, cheap, Sears stove) is a scary mess. I really think it&#8217
;s important to be aware of this. Since I&#8217;m all about solutions here (exc
ept when I&#8217;m whining), let me second the poster above who recommends the C
ooks&#8217; high-heat butterflied chicken in a broiler pan over sliced spuds&#82
11; outstanding chicken with no drama or mess. Just came to the site a week or
two ago and it&#8217;s a treat&#8211;your leek &amp; mushroom quiche is on deck
for tomorrow. Thanks!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-369198">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-369198" title="">A
pril 17, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">152</div>
<p>I recently discovered this recipe via Chowhou
nd and it is hands-down the best roast chicken I have ever made, and I&#8217;ve
made many. I found that using a small, kosher chicken yields the best results. T
he key to making sure that your kitchen doesn&#8217;t fill up with smoke is maki
ng sure that you don&#8217;t use a pan that is much larger than your bird. I use
my 10&#8243; All Clad stainless frying pan and since the chicken fills up the e
ntire pan there is no opportunity for the fat to burn. When it is done and you r
emove it from the pan, all that remains is a perfectly golden brown layer of del
iciousness, perfect for the bread salad or any other sauce you choose to make (n
ot that it needs anything else). I make this once a week&#8230;at least!</p>

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<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-380186" title="">M
ay 12, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">153</div>
<p>I made this tonight, and must say that it was
the best roasted chicken I&#8217;ve ever made (and being a nice Jewish girl mys
elf, I do roast chickens regularly.) I normally make mine with salt, olive oil,
lemon juice and garlic, but I&#8217;m never going back to that method now that I
&#8217;ve tried this one. </p>
<p>I salted the chicken (which I think was slightly more than 3 1/2 pounds, but
still not that big) yesterday, and stuffed thin slices of lemon under the skin,
since I didn&#8217;t have any of the suggested herbs. When I pulled it out of th
e oven, all golden and crispy, I nearly had to wipe drool off my chin! My Mom an
d brother agree with me that it&#8217;s the best chicken I&#8217;ve ever made. I
t was so tender and juicy&#8230; normally, I turn my leftover bones and meat int
o chicken soup, but this one was so good that I&#8217;ll be making sandwiches in
stead, before using the bones for soup. </p>
<p>I couldn&#8217;t believe how flavourful it was, just from the salt, and it wa
s done a lot faster than what I normally do. This is now my recipe of choice.</p

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-380187">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-380187" title="">M
ay 12, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">154</div>
<p>Oh yeah, and it was all I could do not to dri
nk the pan juices straight out of the pan. I poured them on the chicken and used
some of them to reheat the leftovers from the pasta with cauliflower that I mad
e lastnight. Delicious!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-385276">

<cite><a href=
rel= external nofollow class= url >Meg</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-385276" title="">M
ay 25, 2010</a>
<div class="commentcount">155</div>
<p>I visited Zuni a couple of weeks ago, and we
ordered the chicken. It. Was. Insane. I am dying to make it at home. Can&#8217
;t wait to try this version &#8211; thanks, Deb!</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-389357">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-389357" title="">M
ay 30, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">156</div>
<p>I finally made this with a kosher chicken, an
d it turned out beautifully, though it was ALMOST too salty. I put dried lavende
r and lemon slices under the skin, as a side effect of my chronic lack of ingred
ients; the lavender added a lovely, subtle floral flavour to the chicken. It too
k a little longer to cook than usual, just because it was a slightly larger bird
, but overall, it went together well. I think I&#8217;ll stick to using regular
chickens for my future roasting endeavours.</p>

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<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-406789" title="">J
uly 18, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">157</div>
<p>Okay, I&#8217;ve made this three times and it
is the best roast chicken I&#8217;ve ever had. The first two times it filled m
y entire apartment with smoke. By the third time, I finally took your advice an
d used a smaller pan. It made all the difference in the world! I switched from
my cast iron skillet to a slightly smaller stainless steel pan from IKEA (<a hr
ef="" rel="nofollow">http://w</a>). There was still some smoke, b
ut nowhere near the amount of smoke as before.</p>

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<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-416702" title="">A
ugust 20, 2010</a>
<div class="commentcount">158</div>
<p>One little mistake in your recipe &#8211; Zun
i uses 3/4 teaspoon sea salt PER POUND of chicken. You really need the salt to g
et the affect of the &#8220;dry brine&#8221;.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-419379">

<cite><a href=
rel= external nofollow class= url >Karen</a></cite>
<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-419379" title="">A
ugust 30, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">159</div>
<p>For me, the problem with too much smoke was s
olved by lining the rack below the chicken with foil. This prevented the fat fro
m splattering the bottom of the oven, where it was burning and where the smoke u
ltimately came from. It makes for MUCH easier clean up as well.</p>

<li class="commentbody" id="comment-424961">

<a class="commentlink" href="#comment-424961" title="">S
eptember 14, 2010</a>

<div class="commentcount">160</div>
<p>Going to make this on Friday &#8211; thanks f
or simplifying the recipe, Deb! So excited!</p>


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