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According to the National League for Nursing (NLN, 2017), nurse educator competency

VII is to “engage in scholarship” (p. 1). This competency closely aligns with Ferris State

University’s, Master of Nursing program outcome of professionalism, which is defined as

“advance the culture of excellence through lifelong learning and the design of innovative nursing

practices.” (Ferris State University, 2013, p. 1). To be an effective nurse educator requires an

understanding of learning theories, content delivery, evidence-based practice, and leadership

theories. Without participating in scholarship or a commitment to lifelong learning, the nurse

educator would lack exposure and knowledge related to these foundational nurse educator


The first artifact, “Using Simulation to Impact Staff Confidence and Response Time in

Code Blue Situations,” is a paper created in my capstone course. This project was used to learn

how to implement a quality and safety project within an organization. With the guidance of a

preceptor and through the feedback of the course instructor the nurse educator was able to learn

how to effectively implement a quality improvement project.

The second artifact, “Professional Transition,” is a self-reflection paper on how to be

successful in my transition from novice nurse educator to a more experienced nurse educator.

Using the QSEN competencies I was able to reflect on the knowledge, skills, and attitude it

requires to be a successful nurse educator. This paper works as a framework for how I will be

successful in completing my goal of becoming a master’s degree prepared nurse educator.

The third artifact, “Self-Assessment of Goals,” is a self-reflection of my goals related to

health-care policy and legislation. Prior to me starting this course I had little to no knowledge of

healthcare policy or legislation. Through this self-reflection I was able to identify personal goals

and direct my learning towards an area of study I was passionate about. This course taught me

the importance of advocating for nurses and becoming involved in issues that affect nursing.


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