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The devices in switching equipments are Device Definition Device Definition

referred to by numbers. with appropriate Number and Function Number and Function
suffix letters when necessary, according to
the functions they perform. 5 Stopping device is a control 13 Synchronous-speed device.
device used primarily to shut such as a centrifugai-speed
These numbers are based on a system down an equipment and hold it switch, a siip-frequency relay, a
adopted as standard for automatic out of operation. [This device voltage relay, an undercurrent
switchgear by IEEE. and incorporated in may be manually or electrically relay or any type of device,
American Standard C37.2-1970. This actuated, but excludes the operates at approximately syn-
system is used in connection diagrams. in function of electrical lockout chronous speed of a machine.
instruction books, and in specifications. (see device function 86) on
Under-speed device functions
Device Definition abnormal conditions].
when the speed of a machine
- and Function Starting circuit breaker is a falls below a predetermined
device whose principal function value.
Master Elernent is the initiating
is to connect a machine to its
device, such as a control Speed or frequency,
source of starting voltage.
switch, voltage relay. float matching device functions to
switch, etc., which serves either Anode circuit breaker is one match and hold the speed or
directly, or through such permis- used in the anode circuits of a the frequency of a machine or
sive devices as protec!ive and power rectifier for the primary of a systern equal to, or approxi-
time-delay relays to place an purpose of interrupting the mately equal lo. that of another
equipment in or out of operation. rectifier circuit if an arc back machine. source or system.
should occur.
Time-delay starting, or Reserved for future application.
closing relay is a device which Control power disconnecting
functions to give a desired Shunting or discharge switch
device is a disconnective
serves to open or to close a
amount of time delay before or device - such as a knife
shunting circuit around any
after any point of operation in a switch, circuit breaker or pullout
piece of apparatus (except a
switching sequence or pro- fuse block, used for the
resistor). such as a machine
tective relay system. except as purpose of connecting and
field. a machine armature, a
specificilly provided by device disconnecting the source of
capacitor or a reactor.
functions 48, 62, and 79 control power to and from the
described later. control bus or equipment. Note: This excludes devices which
performsuch shunting operations as
Checking or interlocking Note: Control power is considered to may be necessary in the process o1
inct~ideauxilian/ power whicti supplies starting a machine by devices 6 or 42. or
relay is a device which such apparatus as small motors and their equivalent. and atso excludes
operates in response to the heaters. device 73 function which serves lor the
position of a number of other switching of resistors.
devices, (oi' to a number of Reversing device is used for
predetermined conditions), in the purpose of reversing a Accelerating or decelerating
machine field or for performing device is used to close or to
an equipment, to ellow an
any other reversing functions: cause the closing of circuits
operating sequence to proceed,
which are used to increase or
to stop, or to provide a check of Unit sequence switch is used to decrease the speed of a
the position of these devices or to change the sequence in machine.
of these conditions for any which units may be placed in
purpose. and out of service in multiple- Starting~to-runningtransition
unit equipments. contactor is a device which
4 Master contactor is a device.
operates to initiate or cause the
generally controlled by device 11 Reserved for future application. automatic transfer of a machine
No. 1 or equivalent, and the
required permissive and pro- 12 Over-speed device is usually a from the starting to the running
direct-connected speed switch power connection.
tective devices that serve to
make andbreak the necessary which functions on machine
control circuits to place an . over-speed.
equipment into operation under . .
the desired conditions and to
take it out of operation under
other or abnormal conditions.

Publication 1500-210C - July, 1983

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Device Definition Device Definition Device Definition

Number ajd.cunction ' .',d.*":; * Number and Function Number and Function
20 Electrically operated valve is 28 Flame detector is a device that 36 Polarity or polarizing voltage
an electrically operated. monitors the presence of the device operates or permits the
controller or monitored valve in pilot or main flame in such operation of another device on
a fluid Iine. apparatus as a gas turbine or a a predetermined polarity only or
Note: The tunction of the valve may be steam boiler. verifies the presence of a polari-
tndicated by the use of the sutfixes. see zing voltage in an equipment.
Page 5. 29 Isolating contactor is used
expressly for disconnecting one Undercurrent or underpower
21 Distance relay is a device circuit from another for the relay functions when the cur-
which functions when the purposes of emergency opera- rent or power flow decreases
circuit admittance. impedance tion, maintenance, or test. below a predetermined value.
or reactance increases or
decreases beyond pre- 30 Annunciator relay is a non- Bearing protective device
determined limits. automatically reset device that functions on excessive bearing
gives a number of separate temperature, or on other
22 Equalizer circuit breaker is a visual indications upon the abnormal mechanical condi-
breaker which serves to control functioning of protective tions, such as undue wear,
or to make and break the devices, and which may also be which may eventually result in
equalize: or the current- arranged to perform a lockout excessive bearing temperature.
balancing connections for a function.
machine field, or for regulating Mechanical condition
equipment, in a multiple-unit 31 Separate excitation device monitor is adevice that
Icstallation. connects a circuit such as the functions upon the occurrence
shunt field of a synchronous of an abnormal mechanical
23 Temperature control device converter, to a source of sepa- condition (except that asso-
functions to rase orto lower rate excitation during the ciated with bearings as covered
the temperature of a machine starting sequence: or one which under device function 38),such
or other apparatus, or of any energizes the excitation and as excessive vibration. eccen-
medium, when its temperature ignitioncRcuits of a power tricity. expansion. shock, tilting,
falls below, or rises above. a rectifier. or seal failure.
predetermined value.
Note: An cxainple is a thermostat which
32 Directional power relay is one Field relay functions on a given
switches on a space heater in a switch- which functions on a desired or abnormally low value or
gear assembiy when the temperature value of power flow in a given failure of machine field current.
falls lo a desired value as distinguished direction, or upon reverse or on an excessive value of the
from a device which is ;sed to provide power resulting from arc back reactive component of arma-
automalic lemperature regulation
beiween close limits and would be in the anode or cathode circuits ture current in an ac machine
designated as 90T. of a power rectifier. indicating abnormally low field
24 Reserved for future application. 33 Position switch makes or
breaks contact when the main Field circuit breaker is a
25 Synchronizing o r synchro- device or piece of apparatus, device which functions to apply,
nism-check device operates which has no device function orto remove, the field excitation
when two ac circuits are within number, reaches a given of a machine.
the desired limits of frequency, position.
phase angle or voltage, to Running circuit breaker is a
permit or to cause the 34 Master sequence device is a device whose principal function
paralleling of these two circuits. device such as á motor- is to connect a machine to its
operated multi-contact switch, source of running or operating
26 Apparatus thermal device or the equivalent. or a program- voltage. This function may also
functions when the temperature ming device such as a com- be used for a device. such as a
of the shunt field or the armor- puter. that establishes or contactor. that is used in series
iisseur winding of a machine. or determines the operating with a circuit breaker or other
that of a load limiting or load sequence of the major devices fault protecting means,.primarily
shifting resistor or of a liquid or in an equipment during starting for frequent opening and
other medium exceeds a pre- and stopping or during other closing of the circuit.
determined value; or if the sequential switching operations.
temperature of the protected anual tiansfer or selector
apparatus, such as a power 35 Brush-operating, or slip-ring- device transfers the control
rectifier, or of any medium short-circuiting, device is circuits so as to modify the plan
decreases below a pre- used for raising. lowering, or of operation of the switching
s,hifti?gthe brushes of a . equipment or of some of the r
determined value.
machine, or for short-circuiting devices. , , -.'
27 Undemltage-celay is a device its slip ringr, or for engaging or
-=- which functions on a given
disengaging the contacts of a
value of undervoltage. mechanical rectifier.
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Device Definition Device Definition Device Definition

Number and Function Number and Function Number and Function
44 Unit sequence starting relay 51 Ac time overcurrent relay is a 63 Pressure switch is a switch
is a device which functions to relay with either a definite or which operates on yiven values
start the next available unit in a inverse time characteristic that or on a given rate of change of
multiple-unit equipmerit on !he functions when the current in pressure.
failure or on the non-availability an ac circuit exceeds a pre- 64 Ground protective relay is a
of the normally preceding unit. determined value. relay that functions on failure of
45 Atmospheric condition 52 Ac circuit breaker is a device the insulation of a machine,
monitor is a device that that is used to close and inter- transforrner or of other appara-
functions upon the occurrence rupt an ac power circuit under tus to ground, or on flashover of
oi an abnormal atmospheric normal conditions or to interrupt a dc machine to ground.
condition, such as damaging this circuit under fault or Note: This function is assigned only to a
fumes. explosive mixtures, emergency conditions. relay which detects the flow of current
smoke, or fire. frorn the frame of a machine or enclos-
53 Exciter or dc generator relay ing case or structure of a piece of
46 , Reverse-phase, or phase- is a relay that forces the dc apparatus to ground. or detects a ground
machine field excitation to build on a normally ungrounded winding or
balance. current relay is a
circuil. It is not applied to a device
relay which functions when the up during starting or which func- connected in the secondary circuit or
poly-phase currents are of tions when the machine voltage secondary neutral of a current trans-
reverse-phase sequence, or has built up to a given value. former. or in the secondary neutral of
when the polyphase currents current transformers. connected in the
are unbalanced or contain
54 Reserved for future application. power circuit of a normally grounded
negative phase-sequence 55 Power factor relay is a relay
components above a given that operates when the power 65 Governor is the assembly of
amount. factor in an ac circuit rises fluid, electrical, or mechanical
above or below a predeter- control equipment used for regu-
Phase-sequence voltage relay mined value. lating the flow of water, steam,
functions upon a predetermined Gr other medium to 11;- prime
value of polyphase voltage in Field application relay is a mover for such purposes as
the desired phase sequence. .relay that automatically controls starting, holding speed or load.
the application of the field or stopping.
lncomplete sequence relay is excitation to an ac motor at
a relay that generally returns Notching or jogging device
some predetermined point in
the equipment to the normal, or the slip cycle. functions to allow only a
off, position and locks it out if specified number of operations
the normal starting, operating or Short-circuiting or grounding of a given device, or equipment,
stopping sequence is not device is a primary circuit or a specified number of suc-
properly completed within a pre- switching device that functions cessive operations within a
determined time. If the device is to short-circuit or to ground a given time of each other. It also
used for alarm purposes only, it circuit in response to automatic functions to energize a circuit
should preferably be desig- or manual means. periodically or for fractions of
nated as 48A (alarm). specified time intervals, or that
Rectification failure relay is a
Machine, or transformer, device that functions if one or is used to perrnit intermittent
thermal relay is a relay that more anodes of a power recti- acceleration or jogging of a
functions when the temperature fier fail to fire, or to detect an machine at low speeds for
of a machine armature, or other arc-back or on failure of a diode mrchanical positioning.
load carrying winding or to conduct or block properly. Ac directional overcurrent
element of a machine or the relay is a relay that functions
Overvoltage relzy is a relay
temperature of a power rectifier on a desired value of ac over-
that functions on a given value
or power transformer (including current flowing in a pre-
of overvoltage.
a power rectifier transformer) determined direction.
exceeds a predetermined value. Voltage or Current balance
relay is a relay that operates on Blocking relay is a relay that
Instantaneous overcurrent. or initiates a pilot signal for
a given difference in voltage. or
rate-of-rise-relay is a relay blocking of tripping on externa1
current input or output of iwo
that functions instantaneously faults in a transmission line or
on an excessive value of cur- in other apparatus under pre-
rent, or on an excessive rate of Reserved for future application. determined conditions, or
current rise, thus indicating a cooperates with other devices
Time-delay stopping or open-
fault in the apparatus of circuit to block tripping orto block
ing relay is a time-delay relay
being protected. reclosing on an out-of-step
that serves in conjunction with
the device that initiates the shut- condition or on power swings.
dawn, stopping. or opening oper-
a!ion in an automatic sequence.
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Device Definition Device Definition Device Definition

Number and Function Number and Function Number and Function -
69 Permissive control device is 78 Phase angle measuring, or 87 Differential protective relay
generally a two-position. out-of-step protective relay is a protective relay that functior
manually operated switch that a relay that functions at a pre- on a percentage or phase anc
in one position permits the determined phase angle be- or other quantitative differenct
closing of a circuit breaker. or tween two voltages or between of two currents or of some otk
the placing of an equipment two currents or between volr- electrical quantities.
into operation, and in the other age and current. 88 Auxiliary motor or motor
position prevents the circuit
breaker or the equipment from
79 Ac reclosing relay is a relay generator is one used for
that controls the automatic operating auxiliary equipment
being operated. reclosing and locking out of an ;uch as pumps. blowers.
70 Rheostat is a variable ac circuit interrupter. exciters, rotating magnetic
resistance device used in an amplifiers, etc.
electric circuit, which is elec-
80 F ~ O Switch
W is a switch which 89 Line switch is used as a
operates on given values, or on
trically operated or has other disconnecting load-interrupte
a given rate of change, of flow.
electrical accessories, such as or isolating switch in an ac or
auxiliary, position, or limit 81 Frequency relay is a relay that dc pcwer circuit, when ";s
switches. functions on a predetermined device is electrically c 'e(
value of frequency - either or has electrical accesdu4les.
71 Level switch is a switch which under or over or on normal such as an auxiliary switch,
operates on given values, or on system frequency - or rate of magnetic lock. etC.
a given rate of change. of level. change of frequency. 90 Regulating device functions
72 Dc circuit breaker is used to
82 DCreclosing reiay is a reiay regulate a quantity. or quanti-
close and interrupt a dc power that controls the automatic ties. such as voltage. current.
circuit under normal conditions closing and reclosing of a dc power. speed. frequency. t e r
orto interrupt this circuit under circuit interrupter, generally eraturr, and load. at a certair
fault or emergency conditions. in response lo load circuit value or between certain (gel
73 Load-resistor contactor is conditions. erally close) limits for ..
machines, tie lines or other
used to shunt or insert a step of Automatic selective control
load limiting, shifting. or indi- apparatus.
or transfer relay is a relay that Voltage directional rela,
cating resistance in a power operates to select automatically
circuit, or io switch a space relay that operates when the
between certain sources or voltage across an open circc
heater in circuit, orto switch a conditions in an equipment, or
light, or regenerative load resis- breaker or contactor exceed:
performs a transfer operation given value in a given directil
tor of a power rectifier or other automatically.
machine in and out of circuit. Voltage and power direc-
Operating mechanism is the tional relay is a relay tnat
Alarm relay is a device other complete electrical mechanism permits or causes the .come
than an annunciator, as or servo-mechanism, including tion of two circuits when the
covered under device No. 30, the operating motor. solenoids, voltage difference bet 7
which is used to operate, orto
operate in connection with, a
position switches, etc., for a tap them exceeds a givei . -e
changer, induction regulator or a predetermined direction ar
visual or audible alarm. any similar piece of apparatlis causes these two circuits to
Fcsition changing mech- which kas no device function disconnected from each othc
anism is a mechanism that is number. when the power flowing be-
used for moving a main device tween them exceeds a given
from one position to another in
85 carrier or piiot-wire receiver value in !he opposite directio
reiay is a relay that is operated
afl equipmeflt; as f0r example, or restrained by a signal used in 93 Fieid changing contactor
shifting a removable circuit connection with carrier-current functions to increase or
breaker unit to and from the or dc pilot-wire fault directional decrease in one step the val
connected. disconnected. and of field excitation on a mach
test positions. 94 Tripping o r trip-free relay
86 Locking-out relay is an functions to trip a circuit
76 DC overcurrent relay is a relay electrically operated hand. or
that functions when the current breaker. contactar. or equip-
electrically, reset relay that. ment. orto permit immediatc
in a dc circuit exceeds a given functions to shut down and hold
value. tripping by other devices; or
an equipment out of service on prevent immediate reclosurc
77 Pulse transmitter is used to the occurrence of abnormal a circuit interrupter. in case
generate and transmit pulses conditions. should open automatically e
over a telemetering or pilot-wire though its closing circuit '

circuit to the remote indicating maintained closed. \,

or receiving device.
Device Definition or publications applying lo ihe equipment. Actuating Quantities
Number and Function ln cases where the same suffix (consistirig These letters indicate the condition or
95 Used only for specific of one letter or a conbination of letters) electricai quantity to which the device
has different meanings in the same responds. or the medium in which it is
96 . applications on individual instal-
lations where none of the eq.uipment. depending upon the device located. such as:
97 assigned numbered functions function numbe: with which it is used. then A - Air, or Amperes or Alternating
98 from 1 to 94 is suitable. the complete device function number with C - Current
its suffix letter or letters and its D - Direct or Discharge
99 corresponding function name should be E - Eiectrolyte
listed in the legend in each case. as F - Frequency, or Flow or Fault
Supewisory Control and follows: 90V. Voltage Regulator. H - Explosive
J - Differential
Indication. A similar series of Lower case (small) suffix letters are used
numbers prefixed by the letters in practically al1 instantes on electrical
L - Level, or Liquid
RE (for "remote") shall be used diagrams for the auxiliary, position. and
P - Power, or Pressure
for the interposing relays limit switches. Capital letters are generally
PF - Power Factor
performing functions that are used for al1 other suHix letters.
Q - Oil
controlled directly from the
S - Speed or Suction or Smoke
supervisory system. Typical
The letters should generally form part of T - Temperature
examples of such device the device function designation. are V - Voltage, Volts. or Vacuum
usually written directly after the device VAR - Reactive Power
functions are: RE1. RE5, and
function number. as for example. 52CS, VB - Vibration
Note: The use of the "RE" prelix for lhis
71 W. or 4913. When it is necessary to use W -
Water, or Watts
two types of suffix letters in connection Main Devices
purpose in place of Ihe former 200 series
o1 numbers now makes it possible lo with one function number, it is often
These letters denote the location of the
obtain increased Ilexibilily of the device desirable for clarity to separate them by a main device in the circuit, or the type of
lunction numbering system. For example. slanted line or dash, as for example.
in pipeline pump stations, the nurnbers 1 circuit in which the device is used or the
20DlCS or 20D-CS.
through 99 are applied to device lunc- type of circuit or apparatus with which it is
tions that are associated with Ihe over-al1 The suffix letters which denote parts of the associated. when this is necessary,
slation operation. A similar series of
numbers, starting with 101 instead of l .
main device. and those which cznnot or such as:
are used for those device lunctions that need not form part of the device function A - Alarm or Auxiliary Power
are associated with unit 2: and so on. for designation, are generally written directly AN - Anode
each unit in ihese installations. - . below the device function number on B - Battery, or Blower, or Bus
drawings. as for example, BK - Brake
BL - Block (Valve)
Devices Performing More Than One BP - Bypass
Function BT - Bus Tie
If one device performs two relatively Auxiliary Devices
Separate Auxiliary Devices
C. -Capacitor. or Condenser.
importan1 functions in an equipment so Compensator, or Carrier Current or
that it is desirable to identify both of these X Case or Compressor
functions. this may be done by using a Y - Auxiliary rela@ CA - Cathode
double function number and name such z CH - Check (Valve)
as: R - Raising relay D -Discharge (Valve)
50151 Instantaneous and Time L - Lowering relay E - Exciter
Overcurrent Relay. O - Opening relay or contactor F - Feeder. or Field, or Filament. or
C - Closing relay or contactor Filter, or Fan
Suffix Numbers CS - Control switch
If two or more devices with the same - Auxiliary Relay. open (energized G - Generator, or Grounda
CL H - Heater, or Housing
function number and suffix letter (if used) when main device is in open
are present in the same equipment, they L - Line or Logic
position) M - Motor, or Meiering
may be distinguished by numbered OP - Auxiliary Relay, Open (energized
suffixes as for example. 52X-1 52X-2 and when main device is in open
N - Network, or Neutral0
52X-3, when necessary. P - Pump or Phase Comparison
- "Up" position-switch relay
R -Reactor, or Rectifier,or Room
Suffix Letters S - Synchronizing or Secondary or
Suffix letters are used with device function D - "Down" position-switch relay Strainer or Sump or Suction (Valve)
numbers for various purposes. In order to PB - Push button T - Transformer, or Thyratron
prevmt possible conflict each suffix letter Qln the control of a circuil breaker with so-called X-Y TH - Transformer (high-voltage side)
should have only one meaning in an relay coniroi scheme. the X relay IS the device whose
main conlacts are used lo energize the closing coi1 o(
TL - Transformer (low-voltage side)
individtial equipment. Al1 other words the device which in come oiher rnanner. such as by TM - Telemeter
should use the abbreviations as contained the release o1 stored energy. causes the oreaker to U - Unit
in American Standard 232.13-1950. or ,
close. The conlacts ol the Y relay provide the anti-
OSuffix "N" is generally used in prelerence lo "G" for
latest revision thereof, or should use some pump feature for the circuit breaker.
devices connected ~n the secondary neutral of current
other distinctive abbreviation, or be written transformers. or in the secondary of a current
out in full each time they are used. The transformer whose primary wiqding is located in Ihe
neuiral sl a machine or power transformer. except in
meaning of each single suffix letter. or- Ihe case of transrnission line relaying. where the suffix
combiriation 0i letters. should De ciearly "G" is more ccmmonly useb fa!!?oso re!i)frwhich
designated in the legend on the drawings operate on ground faults.