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Template for Task 3(Week 10) Observing a Maths Lesson

Teacher (activity and Student (activity and actual Purpose / objective of the
Activity Time Interaction
actual language used) language used) activity

Revision 10 min T-S T writes questions on the S answers the question on the Revise the prior lesson and

board. board. preface for the new lesson.


T asked the student answer. S checks their answers.

Presentation 10 min T-SS T explains the lesson for the SS listen to the teacher to Explain the lesson and test the

students. understand the lesson. students understanding level for

the new and prior knowledge.
T brings one student on the S comes to the teacher and
board and model the activity. tries t answer on the board.

Practice 7 min T-S T writes some questions and S solves the mathematical Check the students understanding

asks the students to answer problems and picks up the and help the students to practice
in their small board. board so all the students can what they learned.

see the answers.