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of Carbon
in the Carbon Cycle
Vocabulary and Definitions
Physical Process
• Surface mixing with
water currents
– CO2 mixes and dissolves
in ocean water
• Settling to the ocean
– Exchange of cold to
warm water
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Respiration
– Exchange of gases
through breathing
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Photosynthesis
– Use of sunlight as a
source of energy for
plants to produce food
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Combustion
– The process or act of
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Dissolving gaseous
carbon dioxide into
water (Carbonic acid)
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Coming out of solution
of carbonic acid to
become carbon dioxide
in air (like opening a
Chemical and Biological Processes
• Death and
– Breakdown or decay of
organic material
The Role of Carbon in the…
• Carbon makes up one of
the greenhouse gases
– Carbon circulates and
moves through the
• This can happen as
humans pump fuel from
the ground and use it to
power cars and the car
exhaust is released into
the atmosphere
• Plants contain carbon as
a nutrient in
photosynthesis and
– Can be found
• Tree trunks
• Leaves
• Roots
• Branches
• Carbon is one of the key
elements found in the
nutrients animals take
in through:
– Consumption
– Respiration
• Where much of carbon
is stored
– Trees shedding leaves
transfer carbon back to
the ground as they
Surface Ocean and Deep Ocean
• As marine animals die,
“they” sink to bottom
of the ocean and
decompose where
carbon “sinks” into the
ocean sediment and is
– Marine organisms can
also take in carbon as
Fossil Fuels
• Are a rich source of
energy that have been
created from carbon
that has been stored for
many millions of years