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Lapine (Rabbitfolk) Lapine Names

Lapine are quick to establish friendships and slow to accept A Lapine has a given name, a family name, and possibly a
change. They form tight-knit communities within their warren nickname. Lapish nicknames are often just a shortened given
and sometimes alongside peaceful neighboring civilizations. name. A Lapine named Buckley may frequently be addressed
A Lapine's commitment to their trade is second only to their as "Buck" whereas Amelia may be called "Amy."
dedication to kindred. Although only a scarce number Male names. Arrin, Brinell, Buckley, Harley, Kippur,
consider themselves to be adventurers, a Lapine will leave Lisken, Nimmin, Ottley, Rissen, Tokkip
the comfort of home to aid those they hold dear. Female names. Antella, Amelia, Bernett, Ferrina, Harriet,
Nyreem, Perrin, Remilia, Roserah, Sephorah
Family names. Atherton, Barrett, Euler, Hayward,
Cotton Tailed Hopkins, Northwood, Morley, Ringwell, Sutton, Walmsley,
Small and lithe, a fully grown Lapine will stand just short of 4 Wellington, Wilde
feet tall and weigh around 40 pounds. Often nicknamed
"Rabbitfolk", Lapines use their powerful legs to leap far, jump A Friend Indeed
high, and keep pace with larger races. Lapines are not commonly adventurers. They tend to identify
Their fur is commonly white, brown, or a shade of gray. as artisans or entertainers, and many are fretful about
Hues of red and blue are possible and a small number grow substantial change. A great purpose is often required for a
black fur. Females' coats are likely to contain patterns or Lapine to travel the adventurer's path. Knowing a friend in
spots, while male coats consist of solid colors. great need or learning of a threat to their community would
Lapine have large, slender ears and a small cotton tail. coax a Lapine into the uncertain world.
Even the most daft Lapine possess a keen sense of hearing.
Their ears tend to be sensitive, so they prefer temporary
decorations such as bows or headdresses over piercings.
Gnomish Affinity
Cheery Commitment Due to their similar dispositions and habitats,
Lapines and Gnomes often intermingle. The two
It is said that a Lapine's hands are rarely idle. They take great have long found themselves as fellow craftsmen,
pride in their tasks, no matter how small. Remote Lapine enjoyable neighbors, or inseperable companions.
communities are self-sustaining, aided in large part by each A Gnome's life generally spans several
member's dedication to their chosen trade. Lapine that live in generations of a Lapine family. In some cases, a
such settlements are usually practictioners of farming, Gnome may become a long-time family friend.
woodworking, or tailoring. Those who settle within or near Although not inherintly adventurous, a Lapine
trade towns may be inclined to pursue alchemy, engineering, would travel to distant, dangerous lands to help
or gemcutting. such a friend.
Though Lapines possess a welcoming and merry
temperament, their fervor may make them appear distant or
distracted if their work is interrupted. For this reason, they
tend to work as an individual unless they are aided by
trusted associates.
Lapine form strong bonds with family and their closest
friends. Entertainers and gift-givers at heart, they are quick to
prepare banquets, craft mementos, or write poems for
companions. Lapine cherish tokens that are hand-made and
scoff at the idea of purchasing gifts to show affection.
Delightful Dens
Lapine commonly make their homes in grassy hillsides.
These homes are built partially underground, often in the
shade of low hills. Lapine tend to rest and keep private work
spaces in well-lit subterranean areas, but otherwise prefer to
remain on the surface.
The main entrance of a Lapine home is adorned with
decorations. Inside resides the main surface room where
Lapine spend their downtime entertaining guests, socializing,
and eating. Communities that are settled near foreign
settlements may build spacious homes to accomodate taller
guests, depending on which races inhabit the area.
Lapine families are large, averaging around 6 children.
When leaving their parents' burrow, many children make
their hearth within the same hillside. The passageways
beneath their homes interconnect, forming a large warren.
Lapine Traits
Your Lapine character has certain characteristics in common
with all other Lapines.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases
by 2.
Age. Lapine mature at age 15 and are expected to settle
into adult life around age 25. They often live 65 to 75 years.
Alignment. Lapines are most often good, and tend to
gravitate towards lawful. They are generally good-hearted,
compassionate, and loyal. Lapine communities pass their
traditions to new generations and gladly aid those who
respect these customs.
Size. Lapines are between 3 and 4 feet tall and average
about 35 to 40 pounds. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Lucky. When you roll a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll,
ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must
use the new roll.
Keen Hearing. You have advantage on any Wisdom
(Perception) roll that relies on hearing.
Graceful Leap. You can use your Dexterity modifier
instead of your Strength modifier to determine how far you
can jump. When you perform a standing jump, your jump
distance is not reduced. The distance you can jump increases
by a number of feet equal to your proficiency modifier.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and  
Subrace. The two types of Lapine, Swiftpaw and Swiftpaw Lapine
Silvertooth, are nearly identical physiologically. Your subrace As a swiftpaw, you are a skilled artisan. You delight in your
is indicative of the type of community you have inhabited, thorough craftsmanship and attentiveness. A keen focus
your role within it, and your natural talents. Choose one of allows you to notice small details that others would overlook.
these subraces. Though swiftpaws practice a wide variety of trades, they are
generally meticulous about their profession and their
personal appearance. Swiftpaws that travel beyond their
The Lapish Language
homestead often earn a living as guild craftsmen or
specialized merchants.
Lapish is the common language of Lapines. This Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases
language uses the Dwarven script and shares by 1.
nuances with the Gnomish language, although the Attention to Detail. You have proficiency in the
two are different enough that Lapines are not
inherently fluent in Gnomish.
Investigation skill.
If the DM or player would prefer to reduce the
Busy Hands. You gain proficiency with an artisan’s tool of
number of unique languages in the world, your choice.
substitute your character's proficiency with Lapish  
for Gnomish.
Using this optional rule, the centuries-old Silvertooth Lapine
relationship between Lapines and Gnomes has
caused the Lapish and Gnomish languages to As a silvertooth, you have learned to communicate effectively
become nearly indistinguishable from one another. with other tribes or civilizations. The spoken word is your
craft. You are capable of fluently articulating ideas and
proposals to a variety of audiences. Silvertooths are fine
linguists and tend to find work as mediators, ambassadors,
and traveling salesmen. A silvertooth often craves attention
and finds enjoyment in entertaining groups of all sizes.
  Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases
by 1.
Cheerful Demeanor. You have proficiency in the
Andrea Radeck's Oath of the Gatehop Persuasion skill.
Akihiko Yoshida's FFXII Moogle Extra Language. You can speak, read, and write one extra
Eleazzaar's Detect Balance language of your choice.
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