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Tasmon Bullard

4664 Tolarsville Rd. NC 28384

Phone Number (910)-384-5881

I consider myself very hard working and energetic. I’m very social able and great at working
with people. I will go the extra mile to make sure my job is complete and always provide the best
service possible. I strongly believe in making people feel appreciated and that they leave me
satisfied even through conflict. Overall, I consider myself a talented individual, that is skilled
with balancing personal needs and company demands.

Career Objective
I’m very passionate about the field of Social Work. I’m a college student working towards a
BSW degree at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I have studied the NASW Code
of Ethics, by knowing these I have confidence in succeeding throughout my future journey as a
Social Worker. After I receive my bachelor’s degree my desire is to pursue a career in helping
people overcome obstacles and cope with the demands of everyday life. I then plan to further my
education by obtaining my MSW degree.

 Effective Team Player
 Flexible Scheduling
 Cheerful and Energetic
 Dependable and Reliable

High School Diploma 2011
Purnell Swett High Pembroke, N.C USA
UNCP- Bachelor’s Of Science/ Social Work (BSW) Graduate 2018


Southeastern Family Violence Center

Volunteered/Internship January 5th, 2018
While achieving my BSW degree I completed my internship with Southeastern Family Violence
Center (SFVC). There I helped aid battered women and children who have experienced domestic
violence. While working at SFVC I used my personal experience and NASW code of ethics to
guide me to direct others. I provided one on one counseling with clients and their children.
Through working with SFVC I helped coordinate monthly events and organize donations
received by the community.
CresCom Bank
Customer Service Representative July 5th, 2017
I am currently employed with Crescom Bank as a Customer Service Representative. There I help
provide account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments; cashing checks;
issuing savings withdrawals; recording night and mail deposits; selling official checks; opening
and closing accounts; assist with stop payments; answering questions in person or on the
telephone; referring to other bank services. I also record transactions by logging official checks,
and other special services; preparing currency transaction reports. As a CSR, I must comply
with bank operations and security procedures by participating in all dual-control functions. I also
maintain customer confidence and protect bank operations by keeping information confidential.
Boy and Girls Club 03/2016-04/2016
Volunteered Pembroke NC
I volunteered for the boys and girls club for a month and still plan to do so in the summer. As a
volunteer I planned daily objectives and goals for the kids and met with them one on one to help
in areas that they are struggling with such as reading, math, and science. I was also a mentor and
would provide them information on peer pressure and bullying. I absolutely loved working with
them. While volunteering I felt as if I provided the role of a Social Worker by being a care giver,
group coordinator, counselor, educator, and mediator. It was a great experience.

Aaron’s Sales & Lease 06/2012 to 07/2016

Customer Sales Representative & Sales Manager Lumberton NC
I started at Aaron’s as a Customer Sales Representative & Sales Manager. Duties and
responsibilities insisted of monthly sales, provide excellent customer service, perform service
calls, assist with store inventory, manage delivery schedules, and other employees. Lastly
provide a fun but stern work environment.