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ASSIGNMENT 1 SEM 2 2016/17 (A162)

Department of Logistics and Transport

School of Technology and Logistics Management
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Lecturer: Dr Rohafiz binti Sabar

Room: 2055, Block C, STML
Tel: 04-928 7048
Subject: BPMG3093: Air Transport Management (ATM)

No Topic Group
1 Impact of Deregulation: 1,2
2 Airline Economics 3, 4
3 Airline Strategy, Management and Operations; 5, 6
4 Airline Network Development 7, 8
5 Air Cargo Forecasting, Management, Logistics and 8, 10
6 Air Traffic Control 11, 12
7 Air Transport Demand 13, 14
8 Airport and Airline Performance 15, 16
9 Airport Demand Management 17, 18
10 Airport-Airline Relation 19, 20
11 Air Transport Policy and Regulation 21, 22
12 Aviation and Tourism 23, 24
13 Aviation and Economics Development 25, 26
14 Aviation Case Study 27, 28
15 Aviation Infrastructure 29, 30
16 Aviation Safety and Security 31, 32
17 Environmental Issues in Air Transport Industry 33, 34
18 E-procurement; E-distribution and IT applications 35, 36
19 Human Factors and Safety Issues 37, 38
20 Human Resources, Labor and Air Law issues 39, 40
21 Impact of Low Cost Carriers on Regional Economy 41, 42,
22 Inter-Modal and Air Travel Alternatives 43, 44
23 Low Cost Carriers and Airline Competition 45, 46
24 Marketing in Air Transport 47, 48
25 Market Outlook & Future Development of Air 49, 50
26 Merger and Alliance in Air Transport 51, 52

Abstract Format: (10 marks)

The research article decisions will be based solely on the evaluation of abstracts, which
should be 150-200 words (1 page) in length, and should contain the title; purpose of the
paper; methodology; anticipated results or contributions to literature, industry or society.

Please use Abstract Template (attached). Abstracts must contain enough information to
evaluate your contributions (theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical). Please make sure
to provide names of authors, affiliations, e-mail address, mailing address, phone and fax
number, etc.


Your Name, Matric No, Your Affiliation, Address Phone and Fax E-mail

Text of your abstract should be in 1.5 line spaces in 12 Times New Roman font (or

Your abstract should be 150-200 words, and should include purpose of the paper;
methodology; anticipated results or contributions to literature, industry or society.

Abstracts must contain enough information for the referees to evaluate your contributions
(theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical).

KEYWORDS: Please list 3-5 keywords

Example of Abstract:



Author : Rohafiz Sabar

Affiliation: Universiti Utara Malaysia
Address: Transport and Logistics Department, School of Technology and Logistics
Management, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010,
Telephone: +604 9287048
Fax: +604 9287021

The purpose of this Paper is to evaluate the importance of airport access pedestrian
safety based on the specific experiences, supported by an extensive survey, of
passengers at Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Airport Terminal (KLIA LCT). The survey
will allow a ranking and prioritisation to be made, supported by the selected safety
preferences of business and leisure passengers, of the most important pedestrian
facilities that should be provided for future airport surface access development. To
allow a meaningful interpretation of the survey results, the ANOVA (Analyses of
Variance) Test to compare the mean of variances or differences between the factors
was used to evaluate the relative safety importance of different pedestrian access
facilities according to the varying viewpoints of low cost passengers. It is hoped that
the results of this Paper will useful both as theoretical guidelines and also as an
example of best practise for airport planners who are engaged in the design of safety
airport access pedestrian facilities.

Keywords: Airport, Pedestrian Facilities, Surface Access Development


Module: BPMG3093: Air Transport Management

Lecturer: Dr. Rohafiz Sabar

Assignment Title: Issues in Air Transport Management

Student Name:

Date Issued: Thursday 23 February 2017

Latest Submission Date: Thursday 9 March 2017

This assignment constitutes 10% of the overall BPMG3093 ATM Mark.

A softcopy of your work should be submitted to Dr. Rohafiz Sabar, no later than 1530hrs on the above submission date.
You will be issued with an email receipt for your work which will show the date
that your work was received.

Any work that is not issued with a receipt will not be marked.

You are reminded that in the absence of exceptional circumstances,

overdue work will be penalised. The marks will be deducted at a rate of 5%
per working day for each day that the work is overdue.