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 In math there are sets of numbers,

equations, and other factors that can be
used in daily life for calculations whether it
is to calculate the cost of something, income
earnings, or other calculations based on
Math 1
circumstances in one's life.
General Education
Institute of Mathematics, CS, UPD

 In science there are 'sets' of  Chinese medicine uses 'sets' to

data. Data sets are a series of complete things they believe
numbers obtained through an to be out of balance. One of
experiment. They are just a the most important things to
series of numbers recorded be balanced in Chinese
culture is the body. If one
based on the experiment and
part of the body is off
then later used to interpret balance, it will cause an
the results of the experiment. illness; therefore, there is a
They may also be calculated 'set' of two things that
using mathematical sets to provides this equality. It can
obtain relevant statistics such be considered Yin and Yang in
as the median. Asian cultures.


 There are school sets like flashcards, study  Venn diagram can be
tools, etc. That provide one with helpful used to solve problems
tools to learn. These 'sets' are used in daily in surveying groups of
life to fulfill one's need for knowledge. people.

 Supposeseveral UP students are questioned

about their favorite noontime TV shows:

 22 like Eat Bulaga

 25 like Showtime
 39 like Wowowillie 11 14
 9 like both Showtime and Eat Bulaga 6
 17 like both Eat Bulaga and Wowowillie
 20 like both Showtime and Wowowillie 3
2 2
 6 like all three
 4 like none of the three shows U


 Beki Mon is a section chief for an electric utility

company. The employees in her section cut down
tall trees, climb poles and splice wire. Beki
 Usingthe data from the survey on student recently reported the ff. information to the
preferences for noontime TV shows, answer management of the utility
the following questions. 45 can cut tall trees
50 can climb poles
57 can splice wire
 1. How many students like Showtime only? 28 can cut trees and climb poles
20 can climb poles and splice wire
 2.How many students like exactly two 25 can cut trees and splice wire
noontime shows? 11 can do all three
9 can’t do any of the three
 Use Venn diagram to illustrate all this information
for the employees of Beki. How many employees
does Beki have?