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1.0 Background of the Study

This study is conducted on an enterprise type of business. The company chosen is Advance Mind Car Rental, which provide car rental service. Our group has approached and contacted the owner of the company to collect information. The owner had given good responses regarding the questions that were asked. Information such as the organizational structure, history and services provided by the company are collected. Besides, the business problems found in the company are also discussed.

It is the process between the customer and the company where the data recording and

booking method is considered as old-fashioned way. It has been assumed that the company still did not manage to solve the problems. The theory is by providing a more systematic and innovative method, the business problems can be solved.

1.1 Problem Statement

The car rental service provided by the company is the business that deals with

a lot of customer every day. The booking system used by the company is manual,

which is through contact number. The owner and the staff fully rely on their phone

using WhatsApp, messaging and call made by the customer. Thus, it is very difficult for them to sort out and keep track of the customer bookings since a lot of customers want to rent the car every day. Besides, the staff has to record data of the car rental manually into the computer. This consumes time since the data collected is too many including the customer’s detail, booking date, booking period and their transaction. The management and arrangement of the data has become difficult for the staff to produce

a monthly report or an annual report to the owner.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

There are several purposes of the study conducted which are:

To provide good searching speed for all car rental information such as customer’s detail and booking dates.

To provide direct access to clients by giving them notification through a web application.

To ease the record and analyse process of the car rental data monthly and annually.


Advance Mind Car Rental is a company that provides professional car rental service. Advanced Mind Car Rental is owned by Advanced Mind Enterprise. This company has been set up on 2011 but never been used until 2015. The company provides car rental services to all community members from student to families. The company is owned by Mohd Khairul Anam bin Ujud. The owner set up this company because he felt the possibility in doing business someday.

The company that owned by En Khairul Anam started with 4 cars until now have 15 cars. The cars that are available at this company for rent are Perodua Axia, Myvi, Alza and Toyota Hiace. All cars provided by the company for rent are new and comfortable cars. The company is located at Section 7, Shah Alam.

The company have 10 part times runner to deliver the car to the customer. The operation hour for this company is from 7.00 am until 11.00 pm. Additional charge will be given to the customer if the customer book car for rent after 11.00 pm. For weekdays, mostly the customer come from university students while for any celebration days or long holiday the customer of this company is from families.

The organization structure of this company is shown below.

Owner Account Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner Runner

Figure 1: The Organization Structure

Type of cars and rate that provided by Advance Mind Car Rental are shown in the table below. The booking deposit are excluded from the price listed below. The booking deposit are depending on the type of the car. The customers can choose whether to self-pick the booked car from the base of this company or want the company deliver the booked car to them. The

delivery is free from Section 7 until Section13 otherwise additional charge for the delivery will be given to the customer.

Table 1: Type of Car and the rate of for rent

Type of Car




Perodua Axia



1~3 days = RM 100/day



4~5 days = RM 90/day


6~7 days = RM 80/day

30 days = RM 60/day

Perodua Myvi



1~3 days = RM 120/day



4~5 days = RM 110/day


6~7 days = RM 100/day

30 days = RM 60/day

Perodua Alza



1 day = RM 180


2 days = RM 350

3 days = RM 500

4~7 days = RM 150/day

30 days = RM 80/day

Toyota Hiace



1~3 days = RM 350/day



4~5 days = RM 300/day


6~7 days = RM 250/day

30 days = RM 150/day

This company can be contact through social media such facebook, Instagram and whatsapp. The customers also can contact this company through email.

The technology issues that faced by this company are the company do not have online booking system for customer. Next, the company also have difficulty in managing and recording the data of the clients.



3.1 Introduction

SWOT analysis is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and is a structured planning method that evaluates those four elements of an organization, project or business venture. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a company, product, place, industry, or person. It involves specifying the objectives of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. Besides that, this analysis is vital technique for better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses while determining the opportunities that can be grabbed and the threats that we may be faced.

3.2 Strengths

Strength is the characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over other competitors. There are several strengths that been detected for Advance Mind Car Rental Enterprise which will be favorable in attracting the customers. The first strength is free car delivery for those who want to rent the car around the area of Seksyen 7 and Seksyen 13. This strength will give the advantage for this car rental service hence will attract more customer to use this service. Besides that, this service provides many staffs which is about 10 staffs to ensure the car delivery reach at the exact time. Next, the service and maintenance of the car that used for rental is been doing regularly to ensure the quality and the safety of the car. By doing this, the customer will be feel secured with this service and then will consider to use this service again in the future. Lastly, the strength of this service is the owner of company always emphasize the aspect hygiene and neatness of the car. For example, whenever the car is returned from rental by customer, the car will be sent to the carwash to be cleaned inside the car. Mostly other car rental company does not provide this thing which make Advance Mind is leading prospect of the car rental service. Besides that, after the return also the owner will check whether the car has any casualties. If there any, the car will be sent for repaint and body taps.

3.3 Weaknesses

Weaknesses is the characteristics of the business that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others. There only two weaknesses that stated in this company. The first one is the shortage of car during Friday until Sunday because very high demand during that particular days. The company cannot provide sufficient car parallel with the demand during that day and sometimes will make the customers become frustrated. The next weakness is the company cannot control the customer’s attitude. For instance, the customer

extends the duration of rental without notifying the company first. This will cause the next customer on the waiting list to rent the car will not get the car and they will need to pay extra charge.

3.4 Opportunities

Opportunities is the elements in the environment that the business or project could exploit to its advantage. The first opportunity of this service the operation is near with campus of UITM Shah Alam and Unisel in Seksyen 7 in Shah Alam while in Sekyen 13 there is Multimedia and Science University (MSU). As we know, car rental service is mostly used by students from university and that is why it will be quite an opportunity for this company to operate in this area. Another opportunity is the economic crisis that happened around Malaysia right now. Citizen sometimes are not afforded to buy their own car yet tend to use a rental car to travel somewhere.

3.5 Threats

Threats are the elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project. The owner must take the precaution about the threat because it can affect the service or business. The first threat to this service is the competition among other car rental service. Many competitors rise in this business lately and sometimes they just not care about the profit made and that’s make abundantly amount of car rental car in the future. This is not a good thing since the market share will be reduced and can affect the business in the future. Another threat is the car rented will be used for crime purpose such as drugs and weapons deal. This is quite terrifying because if get caught, it also will affect the owner of the car rental also. Lastly, the raise of fuel prices also will become one of threat too. This is because the customer will tend to use the public transportation or even lighter vehicle such as motorcycle.



4.1 Problems

From the interviewed session with the owner of the company, it found that the company have some problems related to technology. The problem that faced by this company are:

1. The company do not have online booking system for customer to book the car for rent.

2. Manually recording data of the customer.

According to Li (2013), when the car rental agencies using the old fashioned system in managing, it found that the agencies have difficulty to deal with the large number of data processing.

4.1.1 Manual booking system

The company is still practicing the old fashion system which is manual booking. Manual booking system is a system that customers need to contact the owner personally in order to book a car for rent. Manual booking system is very difficult and there are chances of errors to occur. The customers need to booking for the car through message, whatsapp and call. This make the owner hard to handle the booking since there are so many customer contact him at a single time. Sometimes, when the owner is not using his phone or his phone is in silent or airplane mode, he will missed the deal for car rental.

4.1.2 Manual recording data

For the car rental process for the customer, the owner is still using rental form in the form of paper media (Waspodo, Qurrotul & Syamsuri, 2011). When the deal is closed, that means the customer is already booking the car and agree to rent the car. The runner need to send the car to the customers according to the booking date and the customer need to fill a form that contain some personal information and term and regulation for rent the car. The customer also have to give the copy of their identification card, driving license, working card or student card and witness’s identification card. The form and the required document will be collected by the runner. The customer’s data gathering that rented the vehicles from car rental agencies use the bookkeeping system first and then input into the computer (Waspodo, Qurrotul & Syamsuri, 2011). The owner need to key in the customer information to the computer by himself. Managing and keeping all the details of customers is very tedious task. According to En Anam, he will have difficulty to produce a monthly report or an annual report by manual method. When using manual recording data, the process of searching customers’ details become slow. The owner cannot record the customer details if the runner misplaced the filled form.

Figure 2 : Manually car booking by the customer Figure 3: Customers' Data Recording 7

Figure 2: Manually car booking by the customer

Figure 2 : Manually car booking by the customer Figure 3: Customers' Data Recording 7

Figure 3: Customers' Data Recording



As discussed in the problem section, two major problems exist which is manual booking system and manual recording data. To solve the problems, we have provide a few solutions.

4.2.1 Car rental booking application

A web based application system can be built to replace the manual booking method provided by the company to the customer. It is a user-friendly application system which can be accessed by the customer through their mobile phone or computer. This application can be downloaded by anyone and it can update the current available car for rent. The customer can register, login, view the car rental information and can book easily by filling an online form on the application interface. The company can view and manage upcoming reservations by the customer easily. This method saves a lot of time as there is no need to do a long conversation to deal with the company. It also saves cost because the customer don’t need to call the owner. The company also can attract and impress customer with an-easy to use booking experience to them. However, the disadvantage of this solution is the customer need to have an internet connection to access. Besides, the customer that use a low phone specification cannot download the application. There is also possibility that the customer have the application, but they did not know how to use it.

4.2.2 Car rental management application

This application can be built specialty for the use of the staff in the car rental company. The features include information of the customer, booking date, their payment and car condition. The application will store all of the business record data and can be accessed anytime. The staff can manage the tremendous data easier and can prepare their weekly or monthly report faster. Besides, the maintenance service schedule of the car can be arranged in the application. Any rental car that has achieve certain mileage appear as alert on the application and need attention for the staff to send them for service. This can prevent the staff from overlooked the maintenance schedule as there are many cars used by the customer. This process is important to ensure the safety of the customer. The disadvantages exist as this solution requires an internet connection too. Besides, since the application stores the money transaction record of the customer, thus the possibility of the record to be hacked is exist.



In conclusion, Advanced Mind Car Rental Enterprise are facing two major problems. The problems found is manual booking system and manual booking data which gives difficulties to both the customer and the staff of the company. However, with creative and innovative thinking, the problems can be eliminated or reduced by building a car rental booking application and car rental management application. These solution ease the business flow process and is believed can give good impact to the company market. However, some disadvantages may still exist.


In order to have better service for car rental business, the company should have better management system first. With better management system, the owner can manage the customer’s data and the rental details smoothly. From the findings, to improve the car rental business, we recommend that the owner should built a car rental online booking and car rental management application. It is much recommended to build this application since the world now is moving quickly towards the better use of technology. In addition, some improvements can be made. The application can provide a direct link to Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) for road tax and summons checking. Moreover, to have better application, the company must go for the maintenance update to fix bug and increase performance of the application.


















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