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Show questions one by one

1. All my life I ______ that honesty is the best policy.

A. have been believing

B. believe

C. believed

D. had believed

E. have believed XXX

2. This is the first time I ...... to Japan. I think you also last summer.

A. have been / came XXX

B. was / have come

C. have been / have come

D. was / came

3. Murat _______ very rude these days. In fact he is not such a person.

A. wil have been

B. was

C. is being XXX

D. had been

E. will have

4. The City Tunnel ........ 2 years ago, but some problems delayed it anyway.

A. has been completed

B. is going to be completed

C. will be completed

D. was completed
E. was to be completed XXX

5. When I am 30, I ................... in Ankara for 15 years.

A. will be living

B. will have living

C. will have been living XXXX

D. had been living

E. have been living

6. Our university ...... 30 students to study in other countries last year.In total, they ......
250 students over the last five years

A. sent / have sent XXX

B. sent / sent

C. have sent / sent

D. had sent / sent

E. sent / had sent

7. The company ........... through a hard time at the moment.

A. has gone

B. was going

C. is going XXX

D. went

E. has been going

8. I've never seen my boss so angry like this; he looks as if he ______

A. explodes

B. is going to explode XXX

C. is exploding

D. was exploding

E. exploded

9. The members______ the main issues right now.

A. discuss

B. were discussing

C. have discussed

D. had discussed

E. are discussing XXX

10. I ________ do a parachute jump but I decided not to do at the last minute as I was too

A. was going to XXX

B. will

C. can

D. am going to

E. must

11. While the students ______ in Antalya, they _____ many historic towns.

A. were traveling, had visited

B. are traveling, visited

C. had been traveling, visited

D. were traveling, have visited

E. were traveling, visited XXX

12. I _____ him so many times but I still can't remember his name!
A. meet

B. have met XXX

C. met

D. will meet

E. had met

13. That's the third plate you ........ this week, - you're so clumsy.

A. will break

B. broke

C. have broken XXXX

D. had broken

E. break

14. Taner _______ call a repairman for the car , but in the end he repaired it himself

A. must

B. can

C. was going to XXXX

D. is going to

E. will

15. Since the end of the protest over fifty protestors _________

A. are released

B. will be released

C. was released

D. had been released

E. have been released XXX

16. Complaints about the new cell phone ______ by 70% last year.

A. had risen

B. rise

C. will rise

D. rose XXX

E. has risen

17. When you called me, I _____________ the movie for 1 hour.

A. was watching

B. have watched

C. will have been watching

D. had been watching XXX

E. have been watching

18. Science and technology ....... many advances this century.

A. made

B. has made XXX

C. are making

D. make

19. By the time he turns 50, the artist ____________ in the entertainment business for 32

A. was working

B. had been working

C. will be working

D. will have been working XXX

E. has been working

20. She _______ many reports on immigration this year.

A. has written XXX

B. wrote

C. written

D. writes

E. had written

21. What important changes ......... in your life since you ..... ten years old?

A. have happened / have been

B. have happened / were XXX

C. have happened / are

D. had happened / are

E. happened / were

22. He_____the manager of the apartment block for seven years until his death last year.

A. would have been

B. will have been

C. had been XXX

D. has been

E. is

23. I _______ that dessert before but I'll try it.

A. never ate

B. have never eaten XXX

C. had never eaten

D. never eat
E. will have never eaten

24. My father_____for the factory for six years before he _____

A. worked / had retired

B. had worked / was retiring

C. worked / retires

D. has worked / retired

E. had worked / retired XXX

25. We ...... for over four hours when we reached Venezia.

A. had been driving XXXX

B. were driving

C. are driving

D. have been driving

E. will have been driving

26. Sooner or later Teddy .......... what a mistake he's made.

A. is going to realice XXXX

B. would realize

C. had realized

D. was going to realize

E. realized

27. What _______ at the time of the earthquake?

A. do you do

B. have you been doing

C. were you doing XXXX

D. are you doing

E. did you do

28. Tell him I _____ him until I have spoken with the manager.

A. didn't call

B. don't call

C. won't call XXX

D. haven't called

E. hadn't called

29. Carole ________ a shower every day before breakfast

A. has XXX

B. have

C. was having

D. has had

E. is having

30. I ......... by June.

A. had graduated

B. have graduated

C. will have been graduating

D. will be graduating

E. will have graduated XXX

31. Don’t call me at 6 00 because I won’t be at home. I________ at the library.

A. am going to be studying XXXX

B. have studied
C. study

D. was studying

E. am atudying

32. Relations between the two countries ......... better since they ........ an agreement.

A. were / had

B. have been / have had

C. has been / had

D. have been / will have had

E. have been / had XXXX

33. We are going to Marmaris. Three days from now I ______ on the beach.

A. will be lying XXX

B. was lying

C. have been lying

D. am lying

E. had been lying

34. Push something under the door to keep it open while we ______ the boxes in.

A. have carried

B. carry

C. carried

D. were carrying

E. are carrying XXX

35. He is a really experienced footballer. He ______ in many European teams.

A. has played XXX

B. is playing

C. played

D. plays

E. had played

36. Can you give me that book when you ......... reading it?

A. finished

B. had finished

C. will have finished

D. have finished XXX

E. will finish

37. I can't believe how much she ..... since the last time I ...... him.

A. has changed / saw XXX

B. changed / saw

C. had changed / has seen

D. has changed / has seen

38. The hurricane _______ most of its force by the time it reaches the centre cities of the

A. spent

B. has spent

C. had spent

D. will spend

E. will probably have spent XXX

39. Mel Gibson’s interpretation of Hamlet was one of the best performances I _______
A. had ever seen

B. ever saw

C. have ever seen XXX

D. ever see

E. ever have seen

40. A: You've just missed the last bus....

B: Never mind, I_____.

A. will have walked

B. am walking

C. will be walking

D. was walking

E. will walk XXX

41. By next week she .................. in our house for 6 weeks.

A. have stayed

B. will have been staying XXXX

C. is going to stay

D. will be staying

E. will stay

42. He lost his parents last year. He ______ with his uncle for the time being until he starts

A. was living

B. had been living

C. has been living

D. has lived

E. is living XXXX
43. What have you been doing? You ...... to be very exhausted.

A. appear XXXX

B. are appearing

C. were appearing

D. appeared

E. will appear

44. Your feet ........ very bad .Please wash them.

A. smells

B. is smelling

C. smell XXXX

D. are smelling

E. have been smelling

45. Mehmet_____for over three hours when he finished the report.

A. had been typing XXXX

B. has been typing

C. is typing

D. will have typed

E. was typing

46. Vegetarians _____ meat for health or religious reasons or because they want to avoid
cruelty to animals

A. haven't consumed

B. didn't consume

C. aren't consuming

D. won't consume
E. don't consume XXX

47. When you called me, I ______ such a good time I didn’t want to leave early last night.

A. had

B. was having XXXX

C. am having

D. has had

E. had had

48. In his autobiography the writer occasionally _____ to his plans for the future.

A. has been referring

B. is going to refer

C. is referring

D. refers XXXX

E. was referring

49. The gang ______ stolen cars for years before the police arrested them

A. was selling

B. has been selling

C. had been selling XXX

D. is selling

E. has sold

50. As soon as we ........ them, we knew there ....... something wrong

A. see / was

B. saw / was XXX

C. had seen / was

D. saw / is

51. I asked him to see the Spiderman 3 with us, but he .......... it.

A. will have already seen

B. has already seen

C. already saw

D. had already seen XXXX

52. By the time the rebel troops arrived, the village _______

A. had already been abandoned XXXX

B. were already abandoned

C. have already been abandoned

D. will have already been abandoned

E. will be abondened

53. According to the weather report, it _____ snowy tomorrow.

A. will have been

B. will be XXX

C. has been

D. was

54. My six year old son sometimes _____ the bed at night

A. has wetted

B. wets XXXX

C. wet

D. will wet
E. is wetting

55. This is the first time in my life that I ......... her.

A. have seen XXX

B. were seeing

C. saw

D. had seen

56. Once you ........ the final exams, you will be able to be more relaxed.

A. have taken XXX

B. took

C. will have taken

D. had taken

E. will take

57. The government ______ a warning about the dangers of global warming today.

A. has issued XXX

B. will have been issued

C. had issued

D. have been issued

E. issued

58. How many candidates _______ for elections next week?

A. has your party offered XXX

B. did your party offer

C. had your party offered

D. will your party be offering

59. Kate Blanchett ........... for many years in Australia before she became an international

A. has been acting

B. were acting

C. is acting

D. had been acting XXX

E. will have been acting

60. Some people ....... that uncontrolled economic growth and environmental stability .......
possible at the same time.

A. think / hadn't been

B. think / haven't been

C. is thinking / hadn't been

D. think / is not

E. think / are not XXX

61. I suddenly ........ that I ....... my wallet at home.

A. remembered / have left

B. remember / left

C. had remembered / had left

D. had remembered / left

E. remembered / had left XXX

62. The university ........ late applications, but in this case they ........ an exception.

A. doesn't usually accept / would make

B. hasn't usually accepted / will make

C. doesn't usually accept / will make XXX

D. doesn't usually accept / had made

E. didn't usually accept / will make

63. She blushes whenever she ....... about him.

A. has been talking

B. was talking

C. talks XXX

D. talked

64. When you come back home, I ................... painting your room

A. will have been finishing

B. : will have finished XXX

C. am going to finish

D. will finish

E. will be finishing

65. By the time the police____, the bank robbers___

A. arrived / have already gone away

B. arrived / had already gone away XXX

C. has arrived / had already gone away

D. had arrived / have already gone away

E. had arrived / had already gone away

66. How many English questions ______ by the time you finish the book?

A. are you going to answer

B. have you answered

C. will you have answered XXX

D. will you be answering

E. do you answer

67. Soldiers often _____ bullet proof vests to protect their bodies.

A. wore

B. will have worn

C. wear XXX

D. have worn

E. are wearing

68. The company's new model car ____ into production early next year

A. went

B. has gone

C. will be going XXX

D. goes

E. had gone

69. I don’t think ghosts ______ .

A. exist XXX

B. are existing

C. existed

D. will be existing

E. have been existing

70. Taner is without doubt the best student I _______ .

A. had ever taught

B. ever teach

C. have ever taught XXX

D. ever taught

E. have been teaching

71. My father ______ to work when he ____ his wallet.

A. went / lost

B. was going / was losing

C. went / was losing

D. was going / lost XXX

E. went / had lost

72. You must hope and pray that everything ........ well.

A. went

B. go

C. has gone

D. will go XXX

E. had gone

73. How much liquid do you think this bottle _____?

A. is containing

B. was containing

C. contains XXX

D. had contained

E. contain

74. They still ...... in the small house they ......20 years ago.
A. have lived / have bought

B. lived / had bought

C. live / bought XXX

D. lived / bought

E. live / have bought

75. My house is not far from home. It ....... me thirty minutes to go to work.

A. took

B. had taken

C. will take

D. takes XXX

E. has taken

76. Many people _______ by police yesterday about the theft.

A. will be questioned

B. are questioned

C. had been questioned

D. has been questioned

E. were questioned XXX

77. The education system _______ worse by the time the government ______hold of it.

A. had already got / took XXX

B. already got / took

C. had already got / had taken

D. has already got / took

78. What I ______ to find out first was how long it was going to take
A. wanted XXX

B. was wanting

C. want

D. will find

E. had wanted

79. Everybody hates Suat in the neighborhood because he _______ about people.

A. was always gossiping

B. has been going

C. is always gossiping XXX

D. has always been gossiping

E. always gossiped

80. Mel Gibson _______ as Hamlet in the Arts Theatre's production tonight.

A. had appeared

B. appears

C. has been appearing

D. was appearing

E. is appearing XXX

81. Restorations _________ and we expect the museum to be fully ready again within five

A. already begins

B. did already begin

C. will already begin

D. have already begun XXX

E. had already begun

82. When we went to İstanbul, we had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant where you
........... us earlier.

A. are recommending

B. had recommended XXX

C. had been recommending

D. have recommended

E. will have recommended

83. Until now the Prime Minister ______ his eyes to the unemployment problem.

A. has shut XXXX

B. have shut

C. shut

D. had shut

E. shuts

84. More than 400 dead dolphins _______ ashore when we came to the shore.

A. had been washed XXX

B. are washed

C. were washing

D. will be washed

E. have been washed

85. We _______ any complaints about the new software up to now.

A. haven’t received XXX

B. hadn’t received

C. won’t receive

D. don't receive
E. didn’t receive

86. The government _______ severe criticism.

A. has currently faced

B. was currently facing

C. will currently have faced

D. currently faces

E. is currently facing XXX

87. We really _____ all the help you gave us for the preparation of the meeting.

A. will have been appreciating

B. were appreciating

C. appreciate XXX

D. had appreciated

E. are appreciating

88. The bus driver........ for 12 hours when he arrived İstanbul.

A. had been driving XXX

B. will have been driving

C. are driving

D. was driving

E. drove

89. When I am 30, I ................... in Ankara for 15 years.

A. will live

B. will be living

C. am going to live
D. will have been living XXX

E. have lived

90. People _______ that water mustn't be wasted.

A. aren’t realizing

B. don’t realize XXX

C. haven't been realizing

D. weren’t realizing

E. hadn't realized

91. She _____ in London in 2006

A. will be

B. has been

C. is

D. had been

E. was XXX

92. At the moment Aysun ......... a lot of dissatisfaction with her new flat.

A. is going to experience

B. experience

C. is experiencing XXX

D. will be experiencing

E. will experience

93. We ....... to reach an agreement which ....... the several interests of the parties

A. are striving / satisfied

B. are striving / will satisfy XXX

C. are striving / would satisfy

D. were striving / will satisfy

94. Nowadays, I _______ my son do his homework to teach him his responsibilities.

A. am not helping XXX

B. hadn't helped

C. don't help

D. won't have helped

E. didn't help

95. They...... in front of the embassy when the explosion......

A. were waiting / had happened

B. were waiting / happened XXX

C. are waiting / happened

D. waited / happened

96. Liquid nitrogen ....... at a very low temperature

A. has boiled

B. is boiling

C. boils XXX

D. boiled

97. The audience .......... for 5 minutes when the actors finally left the stage.

A. had applauded

B. has been applauding

C. will have been applauding

D. had been applauding XXX

E. is applauding

98. Turkiye _______ up a trade agreement with Russia. They are still working on the

A. will have just drawn

B. just drew

C. has just drawn XXX

D. doesn’t just draw

E. had just drawn

99. How many people _____ at the hands of terrorist organizations since 1984?

A. have died XXX

B. are dying

C. died

D. were dying

E. have been dying

100. This pack _____ two kilos of sugar.

A. was holding

B. had been holding

C. holds XXXX

D. has been holding

E. is holding