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21:56:58 From Deb Matz : I will try that tomorrow.

Thanks Jayne
21:57:12 From Jayne Judkins : YW
21:57:14 From JohnnyBs Red Road : The article was about over a thousand
"burners" ejecting particulates to cause rain
21:57:24 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Trees are the key!!!!
21:58:31 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Low tech is more compatible with Earth
21:59:19 From Star Walker : Yeah Ann !
21:59:24 From Deb Matz : you are making sensse Dani. That is not acceptable
with "them"
21:59:25 From mkdude mk : haha
21:59:58 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Our names come with the topic of discussion
22:00:04 From Blair Bier : I mean the only reason I'd like some piece of high
tech on the human body is to fix my legally blind right eye from birth.. but even
then I'm like *maybe*
22:00:59 From Star Walker : April Fools on the Collective :)
22:01:33 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Same SE Kansas forecasting freezing rain for
2 days!!!!
22:03:40 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Imagine that......electrolytes(salts) Very
22:06:25 From Princess Fred : Absolutely ~~~
22:06:44 From Princess Fred : Especially the "strong" brands
22:08:24 From Blair Bier : I was looking into h2o2 last night (hydrogen
peroxide) I'm gunna give it a go soon
22:09:42 From Deb Matz : dandelion leaves or roots for tea, please?
22:09:55 From Deb Matz : ah. cool
22:10:17 From mkdude mk : lemon
22:11:10 From Princess Fred : Boooliiiix
22:11:23 From Princess Fred : Bollix ass :))))
22:11:34 From Princess Fred : Now things feel normal :)))
22:11:41 From Ann Callaghan : Yep, the Little Bollix is going to act up
22:12:06 From Princess Fred : he's part of these show :)
22:13:49 From Blair Bier : I'm dehydrated :|
22:14:07 From John Anderson : most people are
22:14:08 From Blair Bier : It's the wine lol
22:14:42 From Blair Bier : hehe bollix :)
22:14:55 From Ann Callaghan : Yeah Blair ….
22:14:59 From Princess Fred : Make dandelion wine Blair ! :)))
22:15:22 From Blair Bier : I may try that :o
22:15:27 From Sony : Yes, Dani…we do same with salt here in Guatemala...
22:19:07 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Pineapple too!
22:19:08 From Sony : I like mineral water, salt, and lemon…yum!
22:19:54 From mkdude mk : full of additives
22:20:19 From Princess Fred : For another talk and poinder : what actually
happens, the sun was yellow, now it's white..... What actually made it look yellow
? Wihch components in our atmosphere ? And what change in said components would
make it look so white (and all the other shit that comes with it) ?
22:20:59 From JohnnyBs Red Road : CO2 Fred?
22:21:13 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Errr Milady Fred...
22:21:15 From Sony : Yuck!
22:22:01 From Princess Fred : haha Johnny :) Topic to devellop, I guess
22:22:17 From John Anderson : Hey farmer farmerPut away the D. D. T. NowGive
me spots on my applesBut leave me the birds and the beesPlease!
22:22:49 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Ever heard about DDT actual uses John?
22:22:54 From Moksha : yes John
22:23:31 From Sony : Yes!
22:23:46 From JohnnyBs Red Road : The one place in the world left using, and
making, DDT has no malaria(Bio-weapon?) India
22:23:49 From Sony : “The Mother”
22:24:18 From John Anderson :
22:24:53 From Deb Matz : I make an over-night sponge for "french" yeast bread
22:25:13 From Princess Fred : That onw is shit, tho... full of added sugar etc
22:25:16 From Sony : Hmmm…yes...
22:25:38 From Maury : Kellog, another Michigander.
22:26:11 From Star Walker : Killog aka Kellog
22:26:28 From John Anderson : seed hulls..
22:28:17 From stephanie : all the bread here is sickenly sweet now
22:28:39 From Princess Fred : What eats the lechtins ?
22:29:08 From Maury : Jeebus!!! It sounds as if they don't wnat us to get out
of here alive.
22:29:20 From Ann Callaghan : Right Maury :))))
22:29:26 From Princess Fred : Maury :))))))
22:29:32 From Moksha : It does hmmm
22:29:44 From Jayne Judkins : that's right Phillip
22:31:00 From stephanie : of course they are... sheeesh
22:31:19 From stephanie : GMO everything
22:31:34 From John Anderson : forage if possible.
22:31:50 From Jayne Judkins : paralell
22:32:20 From stephanie : when we lived in WA state we foraged all the time.
then we moved...
22:32:52 From Maury : eaking roses do not smell in the displays anymore and
that is not even food.
22:33:59 From Deb Matz : I have to go about 50 feet at the most once the
gardens start producing. ;) We have locals growing in greenhouses to cover the
other part of the year
22:34:45 From Jayne Judkins : we should learn to eat seasonally'
22:36:02 From Deb Matz : Our season for growing food is about 126 to 130 days.
The rest of the time nothing grows. It is too cold
22:36:10 From Sony : Me too!
22:38:57 From John Anderson : Hmmm.... lately I'm attracted to mass quantities
of tequila... Probably not what Phil is talking about though...
22:39:13 From Sony : In the States you can buy a membership with a farm
collective and they bring the food right to your door…very good
22:39:13 From Ann Callaghan : Lol John
22:39:27 From Maury : A 'weed' is a plant/flower they hqve not figured a way
to make some $$$$ off of.
22:39:37 From Star Walker : Beside, calling it "weed", is insulting ...... a
plant :)
22:39:39 From Sony : John…it counts…it’s a plant…
22:39:45 From John Anderson : LOL
22:40:33 From Pamela C : what was the name of "weed" to chew for pain?
22:40:45 From Princess Fred : Bush Lettuce ?
22:40:48 From Star Walker : In the west is pharmaceuticals ....
22:41:11 From Star Walker : aka poison
22:41:35 From Pamela C : Thha's what I thought I heard---bush
22:41:45 From Deb Matz : I don't think my dinner tonight will qualify- baked
and cheese. It is all organic. laughing
22:43:00 From Deb Matz : pasta went issing
22:43:31 From Deb Matz : everything is fake. I use white willow bark caps, not
22:43:46 From Sony : That is a really good insight, Dani
22:44:02 From John Anderson : here... Take this thalidimide... It will make
you feel better...
22:44:04 From Moksha : if they do, they are killed
22:44:38 From Deb Matz : everything is Control and power over us peasants
22:44:49 From Moksha : yep
22:45:01 From Sony : If you will…it’s obsolete knowledge dressed as a
22:46:01 From Sony : Yes, Ann, well said!
22:46:32 From Dawn : I LOVE IT
22:46:59 From Dawn : I eat much less these days
22:47:30 From Sony : And the unfortunate thing because they keep us on this
hamster wheel is that pharm. medicine works right away…while organics take time
while the body adapts...
22:47:47 From Pamela C : Phillip --I LOVE you!!!!!!!
22:48:24 From Sony : Lol
22:48:35 From mkdude mk : need the sun
22:49:56 From Sony : I go through phases where food, no matter how lovely,
does not appeal at all? Anyone?
22:50:57 From Princess Fred : Yes Sony, it happens to me as well
22:51:24 From Dawn : wow
22:51:26 From d : me too sony
22:51:54 From Sony : Excellent, Dr. Phil! Lol
22:52:39 From Sony : Great insight!
22:53:18 From Princess Fred : Now I see why I eat only once a day (eveing,
during the day I don't even think of it) . and mostly for pleasure. Literally
think of what to have with my olive oil :)))))
22:53:20 From Sony : It’s a very social more…and fun
22:54:00 From Sony : Me too, HRH…at noon…
22:54:41 From Maury : OK, there is this thing we all are familiar with we call
an emptly stomach felt as what we call hunger. How does that fit in?
22:54:57 From Princess Fred : Good question Maury !!!!
22:55:23 From Princess Fred : Asks the mother of VERY grumpy sons when they're
22:55:43 From Ann Callaghan : I’ll ask him Maury
22:55:54 From Maury : Thanks Ann.
22:57:00 From Sony : And what if you don’t partake?
22:57:04 From Maury : I anit drinking my own pee and that is that!!!
22:57:30 From Moksha : might be vomiting
22:57:33 From Deb Matz : nope. nope.
22:57:37 From Princess Fred : Ditto
22:58:03 From Sony : How lovely! (NOT)
22:58:17 From Princess Fred : no pee. even smokey
22:58:56 From John Anderson : better your own than someone else's
22:59:03 From Sony : I tried it once…a few drops…hated it!
22:59:04 From Ann Callaghan : Yes John
22:59:11 From Princess Fred : pragmatic John :)))))
22:59:24 From Sony : Agree, John
22:59:43 From John Anderson : but better still to pee in your garden
23:00:07 From Star Walker : Gives new meaning to pee water :)
23:00:31 From Sony : Actually, Phillip…you seem thinner...
23:01:09 From John Anderson : Where I grew up out septic drain field was under
teh garden... Everything I ate till I was 9 was watered that way.
23:01:45 From Sony : John…highly fertilized!
23:01:48 From GATEWOOD : makes sense
23:02:02 From Dawn : so do I put it together or drink them seperately
23:02:29 From Princess Fred : shit.. Now I want to have a Kitekat bar, and I
feel like a turd :)))))))
23:02:36 From Sony : Where’s Ben…now I have to ask him a question? LOL
23:02:46 From Dawn : Ann do we put our pee in the water?
23:02:53 From Star Walker : Haha Sony :)
23:02:55 From Deb Matz : male urine keeps deer, elk and moose from the
23:03:18 From Ann Callaghan : You can Dawn … or put a drop neat under your
23:03:28 From Dawn : gotcha
23:03:46 From Dawn : does it need to be fresh pee everday?
23:03:51 From Dawn : I would think so
23:04:00 From Sony : Dawn…from what I’ve heard…yes
23:04:05 From Ann Callaghan : Yes Dawn
23:04:06 From Dawn : awesome
23:04:10 From d : yes dawn- even several time s a daty
23:04:14 From John Anderson : Aged urine has a definate purpose... Fresh is
not necessary
23:04:15 From d : day
23:04:25 From Dawn : which one is better?
23:04:45 From John Anderson : Ford or chevy? Different pourposes
23:05:01 From Star Walker : ......i meant Princess Fred , the kitkat 'n'
turd haha :)
23:05:03 From Dawn : perfect
23:05:47 From John Anderson : If you thin about adding it to your soil, it
will be aged when the plants access it
23:06:02 From Maury : May I take it thaqt a cup of Kona coffee made with
hydrogen water and a drop of pee would be really, really healthy and still taste
23:06:22 From d : drop in the water- not the coffee maury. nice try
23:06:37 From John Anderson : so there ya go... Pee in the shower.
23:06:41 From Sony : Maury…you’re on your way!
23:06:52 From Maury : Wll, I guess I could deal with topically way better than
23:07:00 From Princess Fred : where/s Gail ? We have to tell her this!
23:07:07 From John Anderson : don't pee in the pool is crap
23:07:13 From Blair Bier : I've wondered if I had a thyroid issues.. as my
throat always feels swollen & tight
23:07:24 From Deb Matz : pee in the shower and let the feet absorb some.
23:07:25 From Blair Bier : externally anyway
23:07:52 From Deb Matz : skin = human shrink wrap. ;D
23:07:58 From Maury : Hell, I am old and sometimes even manage to pee on my
leg now and then. LOL
23:08:13 From Princess Fred : Maury :)))))))))
23:08:16 From Sony : Lol
23:08:22 From Ann Callaghan : Lol Maury
23:08:45 From John Anderson : awesome for athlete's foot.... Kills it almost
23:09:00 From John Anderson : good for jellyfish stings too.
23:09:11 From John Anderson : Oh this could get weird..
23:09:31 From Sony : Yes, John…growing up…those were the two remedies I knew
23:10:07 From Maury : OK, it makes sense to pee in the bath tub then for
absorbtion purposes. Of course we have been 'culturally trained' otherwise.
23:10:14 From Sony : Dani…what is a tissue salt
23:10:18 From Sony : ?
23:10:29 From Star Walker : Chuckle, Maury.. on the leg ...........
23:11:01 From GATEWOOD : Docotrs- pharmacetucals and science act this way to
keep this knowledge hidden from the masses. Sharing the knowlege in this way is a
23:11:15 From Ann Callaghan : Sony … salts found in the tissues. A series of
12 of them were developed in homeopathic potency by a guy called Schussler
23:11:37 From Ann Callaghan : There are more than 12 but these were the first
ones identified
23:11:52 From Sony : Ah, ty, Ann…how is it sourced?
23:12:03 From Star Walker : Yep Olive oil :)
23:12:14 From Ann Callaghan : Any health food store or online, I’ll drop a
23:12:24 From phillip : Hemp oil very good for the skin
23:12:40 From Moksha : need a good shower water filter
23:12:46 From phillip : stays in the dermus for up to 72 hrs
23:12:52 From Sony : Ty, Ann! What I meant, though, is how do they source it
from the tissue?
23:12:53 From phillip : protecting
23:12:54 From Maury : I have heard that magnesium oil is also very good
topically speaking of course.
23:12:55 From Deb Matz : i detest olive oil, even organic. IT all stinks here
in the States. IT is not what I had as a child
23:13:00 From Ann Callaghan : Tissue salts
23:13:15 From Sony : Ty, Ann! Will look!
23:13:17 From Blair Bier : true
23:13:36 From Star Walker : Yeah Deb
23:13:37 From Dawn : It will kill tumours dead
23:13:40 From Dawn : and Herpes
23:13:46 From Dawn : topically
23:14:01 From Sony : Dawn…hemp oil?
23:14:06 From Dawn : cannabis oil
23:14:11 From Sony : Ty!
23:14:19 From Dawn : Hemp and Cannabis are different
23:14:23 From Dawn : cousins
23:14:27 From Moksha : vaccines
23:15:02 From Dawn : Hemp has its benefits for things outside of cancer
23:15:14 From Dawn : other skin conditions
23:15:21 From Princess Fred : We difinitely need to create our communities !
Putting drops of pee on ourselves all day, and smelling of rotten eggs... We're
fucked for societal lifestyle !
23:15:23 From Dawn : Cannabis is much strongrt
23:15:25 From Deb Matz : hemp smells like a rotting lake to me. Cannabis
smells herby, ok. Smells really get to me
23:15:31 From Jayne Judkins : wow! That's great info Dani
23:15:43 From Maury : Coconut oil smells really good.
23:16:10 From Sony : Deb…I am the same…I very sensitive to all the senses…but,
smell/taste is a big one...
23:16:15 From Deb Matz : I use coconut oil and sometimes jojoba. Like almond
and apricot too
23:16:30 From Deb Matz : cook with coconut oil too
23:16:33 From Blair Bier : 125
23:17:02 From Dawn : coconut oil with cannabis is awesom
23:17:13 From Blair Bier : the sun is like 300x hotter than it was 10 yrs ago,
for sure
23:17:14 From Dawn : Nangalese causes this in the vaccines Dani
23:17:18 From Deb Matz : on skin, eat or both Dawn?
23:17:21 From Dawn : Vit D deficiency
23:17:34 From Dawn : this is why doctors are dying
23:17:41 From Jayne Judkins : could that be bc the sun is hidden by something
23:17:44 From Jenny Thomas : It's a hormone
23:18:20 From Maury : Tourist boards should love that, bleached beaches equals
'white beaches'.
23:18:20 From Jayne Judkins : lol, the sun is white, not yellow any more, and
Olsen and others talk about a sun simulator and it's even got a gov patend
23:18:30 From Dawn : wow
23:18:40 From Dawn : that is horrible
23:18:55 From stephanie : doesn't austrailia have like the highest skin cancer
rate and the highest use of sunscreen?
23:19:08 From Blair Bier : lmao
23:19:15 From Sony : Yes, the sun is extremely weird these days!
23:19:16 From phillip : Plant Paradox shopping list
23:19:32 From phillip : anyone can download a list of some of these
23:19:40 From phillip : from my docs
23:20:09 From Sony : Ty, Phillip!
23:20:25 From phillip : read the foods you CAN eat first
23:22:49 From Sony : Interesting…I love apples…yet, yes, they can upset my
23:22:51 From Deb Matz : gluten allergy is being found to be an allergy to the
poisons applied and bred in to plants by monsanto etc, from what I have been
23:23:07 From Dawn : this is just incredible
23:23:14 From stephanie : i was just reading about that Deb
23:23:23 From Dawn : everything is ass backwards on this planet
23:23:35 From Ann Callaghan : Yes Dawn ……
23:23:48 From Sony : Dawn…yes…inversion is the name of the game!
23:23:54 From Maury : Mirror mirror---everywhere we look Dawn. (reverse
23:24:24 From Blair Bier : Life needs an edit undo function :|
23:24:46 From Dawn : Ann ask him what the best thing to do for hot flashes is
and if he can explain what is happening with the body
23:24:51 From Sony : We are that function!
23:25:14 From Maury : Not a woman but I am interested in that as well, the hot
flashe thing.
23:25:16 From Dawn : It is for me LOL
23:25:19 From Ann Callaghan : Do you mean generally or during the menopause ?
23:25:22 From Jayne Judkins : At least I'm doing THAT right lol, I only buy
grass fed meat
23:25:24 From Dawn : yes
23:25:35 From stephanie : yes yes dawn!! i've had hot flashes since i was 29
and hate them!
23:25:42 From Sony : Good question, Dawn
23:25:54 From Jayne Judkins : the "No" list for vegies makes me sad :( Lot's
to give up there
23:26:12 From Sony : Jayne, right?!
23:26:17 From stephanie : i'm afraid to look at it yet, Jayne :(
23:26:27 From Jayne Judkins : bummer
23:26:29 From Jayne Judkins : lol
23:26:30 From Sony : A rock
23:26:48 From Princess Fred : a 2 day old baguette is a fucking weapon :)))))

23:26:56 From John Anderson : LOL

23:26:57 From Sony : No! For breadcrumbs!
23:27:00 From Maury : QUESTION DANI: Asked earlier by Dawn and a few others,
what is going on with hot flashes and is there ia dietary response worth a damn????
23:27:19 From stephanie : we have a loaf of bread that the neighbor gave us.
i've had it for 3 WEEKS and not a speck of mold.... scary!!!
23:27:20 From Ann Callaghan : I’ll ask him when he pauses for breath
Maury :)))))
23:27:25 From Sony : Her Royal Highness…LOL
23:27:30 From Dawn : hahaha Maury he knows I sweat my ass off with hot flashes
23:27:31 From Deb Matz : xlyitol
23:27:33 From Maury : Thanks Ann.
23:27:55 From Deb Matz : x-whatever is not allowed in our house. It kills
23:28:06 From Jayne Judkins : I do buy organic milk and all my veggies are
organic too. Even the red wine I've been buiying is organic
23:28:18 From stephanie : sounds like a toilet cleaner Deb
23:28:21 From Deb Matz : our dog does not eat sugar, but still not allowed
23:28:37 From Dawn : menopause
23:28:45 From Jayne Judkins : I'm hot then cold conmstantly :(
23:28:49 From Jenny Thomas : Iodine
23:29:00 From Dawn : so the pee thing should work right?
23:29:04 From Jayne Judkins : 7 years after going thru menopause
23:29:19 From Jayne Judkins : Iodine Jenny?
23:29:36 From Dawn : specifically menopause for me
23:29:41 From Jenny Thomas : Yes top up your iodine
23:29:47 From Maury : Ssalts? How to balance those??
23:30:24 From Sony : Healthy pee, Dani
23:30:26 From Jayne Judkins : I just ran out and ws looking at Lugal iodine to
get next
23:30:30 From Maury : Sea salts or maybe pink rock salts.
23:30:47 From Jenny Thomas : That's the one I use
23:30:48 From Dawn : but what is going on with menopause?
23:31:12 From Jayne Judkins : Celtic, it's grey and wet in appearance
23:31:33 From Jayne Judkins : vital mineral blend
23:31:41 From Deb Matz : I like mixing the different kinds of salts
23:31:50 From Maury : Celtic Sea Salt--the wet stuff not the dried ground up
23:31:55 From Sony : Jayne…where do you buy it in the US?
23:31:59 From stephanie : funny, i was just talking to somebody about a pink
salt lamp i had years ago, and i caught a neighbor kid licking it once
23:32:02 From Ann Callaghan : Dawn … problems with menopause are to do with
difficulty adjusting to different hormonal levels
23:32:03 From Sony : OMG…plastic rice!
23:32:16 From Dawn : but what is the solution? Pee
23:32:21 From Jayne Judkins : yes maury, I put it in my grinder, which is
tricky lol
23:32:23 From Dawn : that is what I am looking for
23:32:27 From Sony : So…it just fills you up then goes out the other end?!
23:32:41 From John Anderson : Basmati rice in burlap from India.... non GMO
and best rice you can get.
23:32:49 From Jayne Judkins : lol phillip
23:32:52 From Maury : I cant' find a grinder that work on the wet celtic sea
salt. Hasve to use a mortar and pestal.
23:32:59 From Dawn : there is no way any disease lives in my body with the
temp levels during the blasts
23:33:00 From Sony : Basmati is great, John
23:33:10 From Jayne Judkins : I was doing that, but I ordered one online
23:33:19 From Dawn : that is what we spoke about Cancer patients not being
able to get a fever remember?
23:33:35 From Jayne Judkins : oh wait, mine came from Ikea
23:33:41 From Ann Callaghan : Dawn lol … from his perspective I’d reckon pee
might be good. There are lots of herbal and homeopathic products depending on the
23:33:54 From John Anderson : so, hot tub till you're loopy.... artificial
23:33:58 From mkdude mk : most of it unileaver
23:34:02 From Dawn : symptoms are hot flashes LOL
23:34:18 From Jayne Judkins : lol John
23:34:19 From Dawn : no worries I will try the pee
23:34:28 From Jayne Judkins : been there done that
23:34:31 From John Anderson : The Finns knew stuff we totally forget here.
23:34:32 From Jayne Judkins : hehehe
23:34:56 From Dawn : can we treat our animals with their own pee too Ann?
23:35:18 From Dawn : like a dropper full a day
23:35:26 From Ann Callaghan : I’d imagine so … should work the same way
23:35:39 From Maury : You would have an almost unlimited supply of that stuff
23:35:51 From Ann Callaghan : Dawn .. a couple of drops
23:35:52 From Sony : Beautiful!
23:37:12 From Dawn : haha Maury
23:37:22 From Dawn : I have to find a way to capture Rosco pee
23:37:29 From Dawn : that will be the challenge
23:37:38 From Sony : Yes, Phillip!
23:37:39 From Ann Callaghan : Lol Dawn …
23:37:50 From Dawn : you might have to film me so everyone can get a good
23:38:01 From Ann Callaghan : Yes :)))
23:38:10 From stephanie : lol i'd watch that
23:38:23 From John Anderson : It's not either/or... It's actually combining
cooked and raw.
23:38:36 From Sony : That reminds me Lorenzo’s Oil...
23:38:38 From Dawn : I am already living and existing for them LOL what he
hell right ;)
23:38:59 From Dawn : It is their house i just live here
23:39:35 From stephanie : roscoe's peee seems a lot harder to get LOL
23:39:47 From John Anderson : tickle him over a bowl?
23:39:50 From Deb Matz : I want the film of Roscoe being chased around
23:40:02 From GATEWOOD : LOL
23:40:10 From Star Walker : Pee yourself to health :)
23:40:40 From Maury : He just said C-60 is really good too. For animals.
23:40:57 From Sony : Star using the slang term is funnier!
23:41:05 From stephanie : i can't even afford C-60 for us yet LOL
23:41:38 From Star Walker : Piss yourself to health :) .... Sony
23:41:46 From John Anderson : for those that can't aford refined C60, would
charred food offer at least some?
23:41:54 From Sony : Star…ba, ha, ha!!!
23:42:03 From Star Walker : :) !
23:42:06 From stephanie : John, that's a good question!
23:42:08 From Ann Callaghan : John …. yes … activated charcoal
23:42:14 From Ann Callaghan : Let’s ask him
23:42:15 From Sony : John…just burn your white bread toast to death…lol
23:42:29 From Jayne Judkins : GREAT question John!
23:42:46 From Jayne Judkins : no Sony, carcenigens in that method
23:42:49 From Maury : Hospitals are known as death palaces in the States.
23:42:57 From John Anderson : I don't think Phil is monitoring chat.
23:43:07 From Sony : Jayne…you are right!
23:43:11 From phillip : hard to monitor everything sorry
23:43:17 From John Anderson : no worries
23:43:57 From Sony : Dani…I also think it is because people are not educated
on it…
23:44:03 From phillip : Yes John any carbon will have small traces of C60 for
instance the carbon from a candle flame
23:44:33 From Deb Matz : honey? why are you sucking on the candles?
23:44:34 From John Anderson : Alright.... Back to Barbecue... WOOHOO!
23:44:42 From phillip : pure black from high heat if possible
23:44:43 From stephanie : LOL
23:44:57 From Sony : And again…many like a quick fix…humans can be lazy...
23:45:14 From Star Walker : Exactly Sony
23:45:33 From Jayne Judkins : you know what's really fucked up? IAs a child, I
used to find burnt matches and bite off the ends! My mother scolded me over and
over againb, but I LOVED it
23:45:34 From Sony : Deb…ba, ha, ha…while you have a black ring around your
23:45:52 From Deb Matz : new lipstick, right? ;D
23:46:02 From Jayne Judkins : lol, one little childhood secrest revealed
23:46:05 From Sony : Deb…right!
23:46:16 From Star Walker : Woow Jayne :) col
23:46:30 From Jayne Judkins : crazy right!
23:46:37 From stephanie : anyone ever fallen asleep with a ton of candles
burning after a romantic night??? LMFAO we woke up with black all around our
mouthes and noses :))))
23:46:39 From Star Walker : Yep !
23:46:41 From Jayne Judkins : I did that for years
23:46:48 From Jayne Judkins : no idea why
23:46:52 From Jayne Judkins : lol
23:46:57 From Star Walker : Hmm :)
23:47:03 From John Anderson : Yeah, I'm thinking long term
23:47:05 From Deb Matz : laughing Steph
23:47:07 From Sony : Stephanie…lol…that’s the price for romanticism!
23:47:12 From Dawn : Ann another question- A person that gets mono in their
lifetime ends up having their blood cells change shape. Why does this happen and
would C60 correct this?
23:47:13 From stephanie : LOL
23:47:35 From Ann Callaghan : Good question … will ask
23:47:40 From Sony : Activated charcoal?
23:47:40 From Deb Matz : there is charcoal in my tooth powder I make
23:48:37 From Dawn : I was told my blood cells would never be round again due
to this
23:48:50 From Sony : Stephanie…could have been worse if you woke up with wax
ON you…LOL!
23:49:34 From stephanie : LMFAO i'll take the black any day over that
23:49:42 From Sony : Ty!
23:49:59 From Ann Callaghan : Dawn … I’ve never looked into the shape of the
cells … we do have homeopathic remedies which deal with the observable symptoms of
Mono … they may deal with the cell shape but I’d have to look at that
23:50:11 From Deb Matz : organic coconut charcoal is all I can find that seems
23:50:26 From Sony : Deb, where?
23:50:27 From phillip : Make your own Vitamin C
23:50:31 From Dawn : sounds good Ann as many dont know this about mono
23:50:37 From Jayne Judkins : I make mine phillip
23:51:01 From Sony : Well said, Phillip!
23:51:20 From Deb Matz : organic grocery/health food store find
23:51:31 From Sony : Like Brie and potato chips!
23:51:41 From stephanie : i can't use toothpaste so i didn't know what to use,
(this was years ago) so i just use sea salt and baking soda in a paste. is that OK?
23:52:28 From Sony : Deb…ty!
23:52:40 From Deb Matz : my tooth powder has salt, baking soda, charcoal,
cinnamon, clove, ginger, touch of kaolin and a few drops of peppermint and cinnamon
23:52:56 From Sony : Listen…if we can talk about using “pee”…we can talk about
anything, at this point!
23:53:04 From Deb Matz : Will post my recipe sometime, after I get the stupid
23:53:09 From Deb Matz : PP stuff fixed
23:53:11 From Star Walker : Yep Dani........exactly Nick
23:53:16 From Jayne Judkins : sounds more like dinner Deb! lmao
23:53:23 From Jayne Judkins : ;)
23:53:24 From stephanie : i've used clove oil for tooth pain before... that
sounds way tastier than mine Deb :))))
23:53:59 From Deb Matz : I use ground spices, not the oil, except for the last
two mentioned
23:54:13 From phillip : empowers people
23:54:44 From stephanie : Deb, that sounds delicious... you may have just
solved my dessert issue LOL
23:55:10 From Jayne Judkins : thank you Phillip! Don't hold back!
23:55:13 From Blair Bier : thank, Phillip :)
23:55:13 From Sony : Me too, Phillip! Same to Ann and Dani!
23:55:26 From Deb Matz : it is not dessert like in taste, but not awful
either. I do not add stevia to mine, which one can add
23:55:51 From Jayne Judkins : tghank you ladies too! ;)
23:55:55 From Star Walker : Yep , thanks Ann, philip , 'n' Dani............
John :)
23:56:09 From GATEWOOD : Great show
23:56:16 From stephanie : all i know is that commercial toothpaaste gives me
like a chemical burn in my mouth... anything is better than that feeling
23:56:17 From Deb Matz : thanks all. interesting and good info to expand upon
23:56:22 From Sherry Lotito : Thanks Phillip, Dani and Ann.
23:56:28 From Jayne Judkins : oh yes John! We couldn't do it without you babe!
23:56:35 From phillip : and I learn every week so every one can
23:56:48 From Sony : Agree, Jayne…yes, big thanks, John!
23:56:58 From phillip : cheers John
23:57:01 From stephanie : thanks Philip, that was an amazing wealth of
info :))
23:57:19 From Deb Matz : if I am not learning, questioning and all that, I
figure I am dead and don't know it
23:57:46 From Jayne Judkins : awwww Dani!!!! That's wonderful!
23:58:07 From Deb Matz : My invoice didn't work, but they asked for me to
change my password from the changes. If it doesn't work by morn, I am calling them
Dani. ;D
23:58:19 From Star Walker : ..........and all :) <3
23:58:23 From Sony : Thank you, for all your effort, Dani and John!
23:58:34 From Blair Bier : bye :)
23:58:41 From mkdude mk : yay
23:58:48 From stephanie : LOL save it Dani
23:59:02 From Dawn : me tooooooooooooooo
23:59:19 From Deb Matz : I have such a gag response, I doubt I can even do the
drop thing
23:59:36 From stephanie : same here Deb, i'm not sure i can do it
23:59:46 From Sony : Deb…again…same! I did try a few drops…sooo yuck!
00:00:20 From Dawn : I use highly alkaline water so that is okay to add to
00:01:02 From Sony : Exactly
00:01:50 From Moksha : savages
00:01:56 From Dawn : OMFGF
00:01:57 From stephanie : we moved from louisiana to ohio in big part because
of the vaccine laws. you can opt out for philsophical resons here. in louisiana,
they can cancel your medicaid coverge for your kids if you refuse any vaccines
00:02:02 From Sony : WOW
00:02:13 From Jayne Judkins : WOW Phillip!!!!
00:02:26 From Deb Matz : brb. so much talk of peeing has worked
00:02:31 From stephanie : LOL
00:02:33 From GATEWOOD : the crap i wnet through, wow!
00:02:41 From John Anderson : you would be better off Stephanie... Western
medicine is based on killing the patient
00:02:56 From stephanie : i know .... it pisses me off
00:03:16 From Star Walker : Yep stephanie
00:03:30 From stephanie : if you get your coverage cancelled then you have to
pay fines and the IRS collects them
00:03:30 From Jayne Judkins : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
00:03:32 From Dawn : I am feeling very upset right now :(
00:03:37 From Dawn : angry
00:03:47 From Jayne Judkins : Yes Dawn, me too
00:03:51 From Star Walker : ........they're basically pissing on us all.....
00:04:03 From stephanie : right, star?
00:04:04 From Moksha : yep
00:04:07 From Jayne Judkins : "they" want us dead
00:04:09 From Jayne Judkins : period
00:04:13 From Sony : Again…WOW
00:04:22 From Star Walker : :) stephanie
00:04:34 From Deb Matz : I thought the irs penalty was stopped in time for
this year's extortion taxes...
00:04:36 From Dawn : I need to breathe
00:05:00 From Deb Matz : "they" are committing geo-genocide
00:05:14 From Sony : That is young!
00:05:31 From Star Walker : Yeah Deb
00:05:34 From Sony : NLP
00:05:56 From Sony : Yikes!
00:06:10 From stephanie : Deb, i can't figure it out from what i've read. it's
kinda "blurry" about what is going to happen, i need to look into it more. i do
know that because of the mandates, premiums are going up again :/
00:07:06 From Deb Matz : I don't have baloney care, insurance actually went
down this year, not that I use it
00:07:09 From Sony : As “game-changers”
00:07:27 From Sony : LOL
00:07:40 From stephanie : i have medicare from my disability... the premiums
went up this year
00:08:22 From Deb Matz : my husband and I refuse to believe we will get wht
our parents have, after I got endo from belief-induced problems for me. So far,
stubbornness is winning
00:08:40 From Deb Matz : that sucks Steph. not on that yet
00:08:56 From stephanie : your not missing anything LOL
00:09:02 From stephanie : it's shit coverage
00:09:18 From Sony : Agree, Stephanie…so crap!
00:09:58 From stephanie : Deb, me and my husband have the same beliefs LOL
every woman in my family has diabetes... i refuse to believe in getting it!! so far
so good ;)
00:09:59 From Deb Matz : I don't use it because we don't use western crap.
homeopathic is not covered. I am paying into a service I don't want. It sucks
00:10:02 From Star Walker : We're all here 'n' forced to play psycho
Monopoly , or the game Life ........
00:10:26 From Sony : Deb…yes! Doing same…so unfair!
00:10:28 From Star Walker : Opt out :)
00:10:50 From stephanie : i haven't used any medical coverage in years...
still forced to pay for it tho...
00:10:52 From Deb Matz : can't or if I break a bone, no coverage
00:10:54 From mkdude mk : and not one satalite
00:10:57 From Star Walker : " Fake, fake, fake, fake "
00:11:03 From mkdude mk : not one
00:11:11 From Sony : LOL
00:12:10 From JohnnyBs Red Road : What a ride........ We're baccckkkk!!!!
00:12:15 From Sony : I’m not a baby! (In my best little girl voice)
00:12:18 From Deb Matz : laughing Earl!
00:13:05 From Sony : Wow…great!
00:13:27 From Star Walker : :) Sony
00:14:08 From Dawn : Ann what is "looping" is that taking the pee like we
talked about everyday or is she drinking straight pee
00:14:08 From Sony : That is truly appalling, Dani!
00:14:37 From Ann Callaghan : I think it’s taking the piss like we talked
00:14:43 From Sony : Precisely, Dani!
00:15:11 From Star Walker : Yep...... Dani
00:15:24 From Sony : Dawn…straight “pee” everyday...
00:15:38 From Blair Bier : looping is when you have the routine down of
drinking your pee and then peeing what you drank & drinking again.
00:16:11 From Sony : Sad…
00:16:17 From Deb Matz : the CDC guy who pointed out the flu vaccine caused
the flu has been disappeared
00:16:19 From Dawn : Oh I see Sony
00:16:37 From Dawn : thank you Blaire
00:16:43 From Moksha : :((((
00:16:50 From stephanie : that's pure madness that they would go to such
extremes to destroy anyone that talks out :((
00:17:04 From Moksha : insane
00:17:30 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Joyce Riley grieved over her application of
electro-shock before she got knocked awake by the US DoD, anthrax vaccine in 1990
00:17:54 From Moksha : sky write it all
00:18:06 From Star Walker : ..... if you speak out the truth(too much), you
conveinently die off.....
00:18:25 From Sherry Lotito : Any suggestions for curing hypertension?
00:18:59 From Blair Bier : I've been having bad hypertension headaches and
pain in my occiptal lobe
00:19:08 From JohnnyBs Red Road : She was never in country during war, only an
USAF flight nurse, suffered paralysis of her legs for 18 months. THAT woke her up!
00:19:12 From phillip : Urine informationArmstrong you can down;load from my
00:19:37 From JohnnyBs Red Road : I burnt every year, how I learned to tell
when summer was around the corner
00:19:52 From stephanie : thanks for the links
00:20:00 From Dawn : if someone is on alot of meds is it okay to do urine
00:20:01 From JohnnyBs Red Road : and poison ivy was on its way to the woods
00:20:12 From Star Walker : .....col
00:20:16 From Sony : Thank you, again, Dani, Ann, Phillip, and all!
00:20:46 From Star Walker : Ditto that, Sony !
00:20:58 From Sony : Star…;)
00:21:03 From stephanie : then wouldn't that be proof that the "meds" are a
toxin? just thinking out loud.
00:21:15 From Star Walker : :) Sony
00:21:48 From Blair Bier : I was watching vids of people doing water fasts
last night
00:21:59 From Blair Bier : it's pretty interesting
00:22:08 From JohnnyBs Red Road : That's what scares THEM so bad
00:22:18 From stephanie : if we didn't need food.... then there woulld be no
control over us... hhmmm
00:22:25 From Dawn : Thank you so much
00:22:30 From Deb Matz : thank you all
00:22:36 From mkdude mk : nighty night
00:22:38 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Why they fall back to the drug btraffickers
to scare the public....
00:22:38 From Blair Bier : thank you, Dani, Ann & Phillip :)
00:22:40 From Star Walker : Cheers ======~~~~~~~~~~
00:22:43 From Moksha : thank you all
00:22:44 From stephanie : thanks Dani and everyone!! :))))
00:23:14 From JohnnyBs Red Road : Blessings All, thanks guests for your
willingness to share with the ignorant
00:23:15 From Sheila Sampson : thanks everyone

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