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Communication Management Plan

Project Name:
Project Manager:
Communication Communicaton Target
ID Description/Purpose Frequency Owner Distribution Comments
Mode Vehicle Audience

eg Breifing Weekly Catchup Meeting Project Team Brief catchup to discuss Weekly (Every Project Internal Soft copy stored in project web site, email
progress and targets. Monday) Manager distributing to project staff.
Project Name:
Identify Hazards and subsequent Risks Analyse Risks Evaluate Risks Identify the risk control measures Evaluate of the risk control measure (if occurs)

Risk ID Hazard/Issue/Risk Description Likelihood (1-5) Consequence (1-5) Risk level Priority Rating Risk Type Internal / External Risk control measures to be used when required Date Effectiveness of the Control Measure New risk controls to be used if required New risk level
Issue Management Plan
Project Name:
Project Manager:
Issues ID Type Date Raised Raised by Description Priority (1-5) Severity (1-5) Priority Rating (1-5) Action taken Outcome Outcome Date

Resource Project manageer Data servers will be down for the weekend 5 1 5 N/A No weekend work
due to scheduled upgrades
Consequence (1-5)
1 – Insignificant 2 – Minor 3 – Moderate 4 – Major 5 – Catastrophic
May occur but only in rare and
1 exceptional circumstances Low (L) Low (L) Moderate (M) High (H) High (H)

Unlikely to occur but could

2 happen Low (L) Low (L) Moderate (M) High (H) Extreme (E)
Likelihood (1-5)

Possible and likely to occur at

3 some time Low (L) Moderate (M) High (H) Extreme (E) Extreme (E)

Likely to occur frequently

4 Moderate (M) High (H) High (H) Extreme (E) Extreme (E)

Almost certain to occur in most

5 circumstances High (H) High (H) Extreme (E) Extreme (E) Extreme (E)