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Personal Dictionary

By Alan Vargas
Table of Context

● Denounce ● Hope
● Endorse ● American Dream
● Advocate ● La Bestia
● Alien ● Removal
● MS-13 ● Illegal
● Abroad ● Asylum
● Cynical ● Poignant
● Articulate

● Zest: Condemn
● Context: Other denounce the inhumane
conditions and systematic mistreatment
the children must endure in detention
facilities near the border. (14)
● Guess: I felt like it had something with
● Definition: Publicly declare to be wrong
or evil.
● Why it matters: I felt like it matter
because it's true and staggering what
these kids have to go through, we need
understand and get to know there

● Zest: uphold
● Context: “And a few others endorse the
spontaneous civilian protest against
● Guess: I felt like it was to help out to
● Definition:Declare one's public approval
or support of
● Why it matters: It matters in my options
because we need to support and approve
of these children arriving to the U.S
seeking for asylum.

● Zest: supporter
● Context:”Thought others will advocate for
the more accurate term “refugee crisis”
● Guess: Helping or being holy
● Definition: A person who publicly support
or recommends a particular cause or
● Why it matters: It is important because
we need to have more of a Advocate mind
than an egotistical one that doesn't want
to help others.

● Zest: foreigner
● Context:Because immigration court is a
civil court, these child “aliens” are not
entitled to the free legal counsel that
American Law guarantees to persons
accused of crimes. (68)Luiselli
● Guess: I always thought of like E.T the
movie or like Alien vs Predator
● Definition: Belonging to a foreign country
or nation.
● Why it matters: This matters because
people used it to disempower other
individuals not knowing that we are all
“Aliens” we migrate its a human right.

● Zest: Gang
● Context: “ MS-13 and Barrios 18.. Both
gangs originated in Los Angeles in the
● Guess: At first the first time i heard of this
i thought it was a gang because of the 13.
● Definition: is an international criminal
gang that originated in Los
Angeles,California,US in the 1980’s
● Why it matters: This matters because
what turned to a couple of Salvadoran
immigrants coming together to protect
each other turned into a world wide

● Zest: Overseas
● Context: “Those are always robed in a
cloak of invisibility or impunity,especially
if they are committed abroad, and
especially if “abroad” is a tiny little
country in the Hispanic Americans”(47)
● Guess: I thought it meant like simple.
● Definition: In or to a foreign country or
● Why it matters: This matters because we
have to be able to welcome every person
that come from Abroad and support each
other, change the way we treat each

● Zest: doubtful
● Context: “The subtext of this is somewhat
cynical and the terms of the barter a little
● Guess: I thought it was something scary
or Insidious”(47)
● Definition: believing that people are
motivated by self-interest; distrustful of
human sincerity or integrity.
● Why it matters: The way the system is set
up is wrong and thats whats is being
treated as or is acting like very cynical
and that's a reason why it
important,giving people visas or asylum

● Zest: Desire
● Context: “When the map zooms in on a
red dot in the desert,or continue to wait
and Hope” (30)
● Guess: Having faith that things will go the
way you expect them to go.
● Definition:a feeling of expectation and
desire for a certain thing to happen
● Why it matters: This word is important to
me because Hope is everything when the
world is against you and the odds are
against you. Hope is the only thing you
American Dream

● Zest: Determination
● Context: “Who would have known that a
song partly about the post -Vietnam
War”Amerasian” children and their
exclusion from the American Dream
would become, forty years later, a song
about central American children in the
American Nightmare”(25)
● Guess: Riches,success
● Definition: The idea that every US citizen
should have an equal opportunity to
achieve success and prosperity through
hard work, initiative.
● Why it matters: This is important to me
La Bestia

● Zest: Train
● Context:”They journey a top la Bestia
freight trains ends at the U.S. Mexico
● Guess: A monster
● Definition: “El tren de la muerte” refers to
a network of mexican freight trains that
utilized by U.S-bound migrants to more
quickly traverse the length of mexico.
● Why it matters: This matters because kids
arrive here in this train and kids die
everyday striving to reach asylum.

● Zest: Elimination
● Context: “That the word”removal” is still
used to refer to the deportations of
“illegal” immigrants”(17)
● Guess: getting rid of
● Definition: the action of taking away or
abolishing something unwanted.
● Why it matters:This matters for me
because, at one time i felt removed or
unwanted just like these kids.

● Zest: criminal
● Context: “illegal is a crime” and “return
to senders”(14)
● Guess: something that's a crime like
something wrong.
● Definition: contrary to or forbidden by
● Why it matters: this matters because
people get treated like they were criminal
because all they are doing is trying to
provide for their families.

● Zest: house
● Context: “In no-man-land, there ain't no
asylum here”(25)
● Guess: protection
● Definition: the protection granted by a
nation to someone who has left their
native country as a political refugee.
● Why it matters: This matters to me
because i feel like people seek asylum and
that's something we as a nation take for
granted. Spoke out to me because don't
know the true meaning as to why these
migrant children flee, their purpose.

● Zest: sadness
● Context:”Writer and former border patrol
officer francisco cantu has written
poignantly about these death maps and
all the “clearly marked ghost” (30)
● Guess: Your better than people
● Definition: evoking a keen sense of
sadness or regret.
● Why it matters: This matters because
people don't even get the opportunity to
taste freedom and protection and it's sad
because we in america have that and don't
take advantage of it .

● Zest: seeker
● Context:”Refugees welcome here” (104)
● Guess: a person who need help
● Definition: a person who has been forced
to leave their country in order to escape
● Why it matters: This matter because in
this political climate the language used
against immigrants is harsh and