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Online Gaming

¾ of the world play online

Generates $60billion a year

World of Warcraft has 6.8 million subscribers

Most played game is League of Legends with 27 million players

47% of women in America play mobile games

Online Gaming- the action or practice of playing video games or role-playing games online, with
other people

Maze wars- 1973- One of the first-person shooter games

Simple problem solver set up by NASA

First just walked around maze, got bored, added danger

Multi-access dungeon- 1984- first massively multiplayer game ran on the Bitnet

MAD was the first online game to go worldwide

Doom was the next big hit for multiplayer gaming. It has been named one of the best online games

Popular because of the seamless online play. It allowed people to play cooperatively n an endless
wave game.

Some newer online games – Counter strike, Call of Duty, Mario Kart WII, Minecraft, Grand Theft

Gone from a couple people connecting together, to 14mill around the world connected together

Someone has setup a server somewhere that hosts a game and others are allowed to connect to it in
order to play.

Demand for improvements is always on the rise so companies have to keep trying to create the next
bigger and better advancement.

2009- First made

Had a unique look

What you do is up to you

World building game

Several modes – survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode

Invented by Markus Persson

By 2011 – surpassed 1 million purchases with no advertising

Sold from Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 billion

2014- One of the most popular games,

100,000,000 users, and 60 million copies sold

Started licensing it out

Popular play throughs on YouTube and Twitch

Has a convention in London called MInecon

Soon to be available in VR in Microsoft


It’s like a sandbox environment, an open world where you

a free to interact in anyway breaking or building

ESRB Rating guide-

 EC – Early childhood
 E – Everyone, for all ages
 E10+ - everyone 10+, for ages 10 and up
 T – teen, for ages 13 and up
 M – mature, for ages 17 and up
 AO – adults only, for ages 18 and up
 RP – rating pending, not yet assigned a final rating
Gaming Slang

 Noob – newbie
 Git Gud – get good
 Nerf – changed something to make it worse
 Cheese – using a method that’s difficult to overcome but doesn’t require much effort
 Spam – use same item/action/ move repeatedly
 Tea bagging- crouching over killed body
 RNG- random number generator
 PWN – comes from own. When you defeat someone
 Salty – mean you’re upset and bitter

Importance of social media in online gaming

Majority of people that play games are also on social media.

Nearly every gamer is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat

Normal for people to become part of groups to do with the games they are playing to help
themselves out

Gaming companies have long realised that social media sites are very effective as a medium to
distribute details on new promotions, bonuses, game releases and interesting facts; which not only
keep their audiences in the know, but also help attract new players.

Social media is a great way of getting feedback

Feedback can be used to enhance products and services, and in doing so, improve the overall gaming

UK Gaming Industry
Global games audience between 2.2 and 2.6 billion
Global software market expected to grow from $116 billion in 2017 to $143.5 billion.
2175 games companies in the UK
Recent successes are Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games, fastest selling entertainment
product of all time, grossing $1bn worldwide in just 3 days. Top selling game of all time.
The Uk is the 5th largest video game market in 2017 in the world after China, USA, Japan and
Approximately 32.4 million people in the UK play games
The UK consumer spend on games was valued at a record £4.33 billion in 2016, up 1.2%
from 2015 (£4.28bm)
2016 was the biggest ever year for games software, exceeding £3bn in sales for the first
The games industry’s impact on broader sectors also showed a record year, with increased
sales across game related toys, merchandise, books, movie and soundtracks, as well as
game-based events around the UK, contributing to £100.5m in revenues across these